Part 3- Bogus DNA- Brandon Howard – Behavior Speaks Louder than Words

brandon howard trying too damned hard

Please note, at every turn when asked point blank about the rumors Brandon Howard stated – “I never said I was Michael Jackson’s son…..” (paraphrasing) However, a gander at on his facebook will demonstrate there are plenty of subtle poses and some slap in your face attempts to inbed the idea that he is Michael Jackson’s son.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.37.17 AM

“Sounds like fraud to me”  Howard Weitzman

Part 3 and our last post regarding Brandon Howard – This post concentrates on the words and behavior of Brandon Howard, some Jackson family members and the people who are fronting this ruse surrounding his sudden “mystery” paternity. We will examine how he evolved from “just a family friend of the Jacksons” to suddenly this news bursting forth and the dubious claim that he is Michael Jackson’s son.

A little history – In her 2006 Wendy Williams interview,  although she doesn’t name him,  Miki Howard states that she has 2 kids with her “early lover”- August Johnson – transcribed on Lipstick Alley page 1, by “factor” 3-12-2014

Wendy: Are all 3 of your kids… speaking of relationships, all with the same man?

Miki: No, I have 2 fathers, a husband and a very early lover from 16-25; have 2 kids with him.

Starts at 3:15 

And later from 2009,  Miki Howard’s Unsung interview it’s stated “Even though she and Johnson ended up having two kids together, he wouldn’t marry her.” 

Then recently after the March 6th and 7th Bogus DNA story goes all over the internet Miki discusses “non-disclosures”  with Essence March 14, 2014 :

We have those. So do a lot of people. Because in this business as a family, you create a family of artists, you know. Like most people do, you have your pretend aunts and stuff, and most of these people are famous. And we have nondisclosures because if you start talking about people’s personal business, it starts this kind of stuff. The Jacksons are good people. I’ve known them for many, many years. You just have [non-disclosure agreements] when kids are around and you’re intermingling with each other’s lives personally. And you may see something that they don’t want disclosed or they may see something that you don’t want disclosed. That’s all that is. I mean, you can’t even visit Jada [Pinkett Smith] and her husband without one.

When asked if non-disclosure was drawn up during her business relationship with Joe Jackson, Miki responds-

From then, from recently. Not that long ago, because Brandon started to put out music and people were always asking questions. So we did that then, like maybe two years ago because I don’t want to be talking about this. One day maybe things will go over and maybe people will feel differently or whatever. Everybody will sit down and we’ll say what’s happening. And then maybe there’ll be a time when you could find out. But what is really good to find out is that those are good people. Mr. Jackson did a great job.

We find it interesting that in 2006 and 2009 Miki Howard had no issue with speaking openly regarding August Johnson being Brandon’s father, but recently is quoting the restrictions of a “non-disclosure.”

Questions, questions, questions. When did Brandon start putting out his own music? Around the time Miki Howard signed the current NDA? We can’t be sure but he was already presenting comparable MJ imagery, imitating Michael’s mannerisms, clothing and style for a while now.  Perfecting it and making sure there was an amibigouity and dubious demeanor when giving non-answer answers, after being asked anything about his parentage in recent interviews makes us wonder if it could have possibly been signed between her and Brandon.

Let’s consider some behavior and words of Jackson family members –

After the TMZ “reveal” and subsequent reporting that the DNA report was bogus Genievieve Jackson retweeted Rodney Jerkin’s tweet: rodney jerkins to brandon howard

By retweeting Rodney Jerkins she has voiced her displeasure with Brandon loud and clear and don’t forget she was very good friends with him.  There’s video posted Dec 2010 evidence of Brandon and Genivieve singing and dancing together at her 21st birthday celebration.  Clearly Brandon was already into the Michael Jackson “crotch grab” and other mannerisms.Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 7.42.05 PM

Genivieve didn’t seem to have issue with this MJ mimicing behavior of Brandon’s  until he seemingly attempts to make a public grab at the Jackson name via this Bogus DNA stunt.

Also, Dealz Jackson, the son of Jackie Jackson speaks about a “rumor” in an interview way back in 2011  – Question starts at 2:25 – 

Transcrpted part 2:25 – 3:51

Int: There’s other media outlets out there that are spreading these rumors about one of your friends — I know he’s a friend of yours because you’ve done a great song with him that’s going to be coming out soon — B. Howard, there’s rumors that he’s really Michael’s kid (Dealz laughs) I mean, I’ve met him he does have a lot of similarities to Michael in his mannerisms, the way he talks and things like that — a great singer and all of the above but immediately people wanna say “He must be Michael’s kid” and things like that. What do you — how do you respond?

Dealz: Whoa, he’s not Michael’s kid but to be honest which artist out there isn’t Michael’s child. Who hasn’t Michael inspired yeah you know I mean, but as far as he sounds like him, he sings like him, I mean he is a very good friend of the family — a talented artist but to me I just hear Brandon. Anyone that has a voice that is a little bit pitch higher they say sounds like a Michael or a certain person. To me, a talented producer, he’s a talented cat, he’s a good friend but as to answer to that No, he’s not Michael’s child because Michael never would have shied away from him. 

The fact that the media picked up on the “rumor” and Dealz was making comment on it back in 2011 is indicative of how deep this manipulation is and how long it’s been going on.

Mellie Jackson. Michael’s Aunt just recently called into a blog talk where Augie Johnson was speaking on the issue and said, “I don’t know him, and I don’t know you. What I want to know do I have another nephew I don’t know about?”  Augie confirmed that he was Brandon’s father to her and she said, “Well, if he’s your child, he’s not my nephew.” 

We have consternation and anger from Genivieve, the confident denial of Dealz, and the confusion of Aunt Mellie- all three real Jackson family members.

Some more words from the family members of Brandon.

We have Nicholas Howard interviewed May 21, 2012  saying Brandon  emulated Michael Jackson –   

2:13  “Me and my brother used to always watch “Moonwalker” .. my brother used to emulate Michael and I was always Tito.. .. ”

August Johnson and his son B. Howard.

split screen augie

Augie Johnson speaks with Mike Tee on blogtalk radio and it is really worth a listen to clear some things up. Although one of the instigators of this ruse, PearlJr, a fast talking front woman for Brandon is giving more time than Augie to speak on a matter she has NO intimate information regarding this issue. Yet,PearlJr is allowed to spin the facts as she believes them to be, prior to Augie being allowed to join the conversation –   Talk begins at 50:47  but Augie does not speak until 65:54

However, Augie does check her on the facts she tries to skew even if he does it very politely. Just a few of the issues Augie clears up.

As Miki has previously said she was never known as Billie or Billie Jean that is an embellishment by the media –

Brandon was born 1981 as he birth record shows so he is not 31 as news reports kept incorrectly stating: he actually will be 33 next month.

“Brandon went through school using his surname  Johnson.” He was known as Brandon Alexander Johnson and only changed it to BHoward for his musical identity way before this Michael Jackson issue appeared. Augie honestly admits that he was a bit perturbed about the change of Brandon’s name but he understood the reasons behind it. Miki Howard was well known and Augie Johnson was old school. His brother Nicholas still goes by their surname Johnson but “he’s not in show business”.

Augie is ready to do paternity test but said “it’s not up to me, I’m the low man on the totem pole”  (if it’s not up to him who is preventing it?)

“listening to you (PearlJr) right now, everybody lyin’ .. I ain’t lyin'”

“Brandon is my son.”

Augie said Brandon called him prior to the airing of  DNA “reveal” and said – “they believe certain things, this that and the other, saying this and that but, dad don’t be hurt” …”he (Brandon) wasn’t trying to perpetrate anybody ..he just loves Michael … but that’s just the way he is.”

92:32 “Brandon’s been like that since highschool ..he always had that little talk, now its a little more animated now that he’s in entertainment but he’s always been soft like that.”

Last thing in the interview Augie promotes his new music endeavor.

PearlJr tries to hard to make the fact that since Brandon was around Hayvenhurst on weekends, has similar mannerisms that he must be Michael’s child. When Augie brings up the Jamie Fox portrayal and studying his mannerisms thing for the Ray Charles biopic she quickly talks over him and dismisses his analogy, which is a very astute one, we might add.  She likes to repeats it was the “Jacksons” who introduced Brandon Howard to Japan. She uses Jackson instead of Alejandra and her children’s names imply the WHOLE family gave a stamp of approval to their family member – Not to say they are not Jacksons, as they most certainly are but PearlJr knows how to turn a phrase and let speculations run rampant.

Much like, Corey Feldman, when he made comments on Sway radio, ” He’s gonna be on the new LaToya show, right? and the reason now that the family is letting it be known he is family cuz this guy is so talented you can’t keep him down.”

Now for an interesting discovery – On the BHoward’s Official website at the very bottom is the logo of Ja-Tail which is LaToya’s company that she co-owns with her business partner Jeffre Phillips – Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.25.30 AMa closer look

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.25.44 AMLatoya’s company is listed under the BOOKING INQUIRIES so she’s promoting Brandon Howard so her recent photo ops with Brandon make total sense. Doesn’t necessarily mean he is her nephew as others are trying to insinuate, he is simply her client.

Upset by many Michael Jackson fans dogging his apparent attempts at making it look as if he were Michael’s child, he contacted MJJJP via DM last August 2013.   In private conversation we reproached him for his PearlJr interviews because his answers to her inquiries regarding his parentage were ambigous and a big problem. He begged  MJJJP to support his music and that this was not about PearlJr. he further stated she ambushed him with those paternity questions and that he was “uncomfortable” with her questions – He then supplied a ustream link where he tells the radio host that he’s “just a friend of the family” – We took him at his word and did no further investigation onto his facebook or past appearances and we posted his ustream link to show others that he was forthright and honest. 

What are we to think now? We were duped by his “it wasn’t me” just like everyone else.

Why? Because Howard says in his denial video that he was “approached last spring to participate in a documentary.” So he knew good and well early part of 2013 that this was all going to go down. He knew that speculation of his paternity was going to be up in the forefront of the media when he spoke to MJJJP later in August.

We don’t like being played.

We’re going to break for a moment from our assessment that Brandon is NOT Michael’s child just so we can make a point regarding his behavior after his posting of  his “denial video.” Remember, he claimed he knew nothing about the DNA test being done OR revealed on TMZ.  He says “I didn’t contact them, nothing” but then if he had no contact – how did he know to warn his father, August Johnson? Words and behavior need to match up for someone to be credible and his don’t.

First and foremost, prior to the story breaking Brandon called Augie Johnson to warn him about the content of the story – and told him not to be concerned – So he showed some respect and love for his father and gave him a heads up.  Accordingly, if he really were thinking that he is a brother to these three children of Michael’s, one would expect Brandon would try his best to protect them and shield them from emotional harm, as well.  

IF Brandon is Michael Jackson eldest child, would he allow scornful, disrespecting terminology to be used against what he must now consider his three siblings?  Perusing the 1800+ comments on the B. Howard facebook, an inordinate amount of comments are snide and derisive against Michael’s three children and even Michael himself.

We could only stomach scrolling down the first 150 to make screenshots to use as example,  but we know that there are many more similar sentiments throughout the thread.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.23.54 PM

Please remember – while reading this sampling of degrading and disrespecting remarks that Michael Jackson has acknowledged ONLY three children in his last two executed will(s) Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 6.33.13 PM

The fans of Brandon Howard use phrases such as “imposter kids” “Michael paid for those kids” “the other three are not biologically related”  “get your rightful share of his estate”  “You deserve to be honored, your dad was an ICON, as his first male HEIR”  and “Biracial children don’t come out straight white”

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.15.44 PM

Perhaps the most hateful and ignorant comment in this particular grouping is  “Michael didn’t want any black DNA, he wanted to look white, why would he give his children his DNA. Those are not his kids biologically. Brandon may be his child but Michael would NEVER claim him. 

Even if we were to believe Brandon Howard’s protestations that he knew nothing of the DNA “reveal” on TMZ orchestrated by Alki David, Corey Feldman and Dr. Goodman, why would he keep silent while these crass, hatefilled remarks are left on his facebook deriding and disrespecting  his supposed “siblings” and also “his father”, Michael?

Because behaviorally he is functioning from the truth, which is – He is not Michael Jackson’s child. Brandon Howard’s fans say “he is a nice person” but is this how a nice person behaves: brother or not?

The fact that he doesn’t defend Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson, by making a comment or deleting these hateful remarks denotes a uncharacteristic carelessness that one would not expect from a older sibling.  Characteristically a sibling would do what they could to negate the negativity brought on these three innocent minors,  even if Brandon had nothing to do with the big PR stunt acted out on March 6, 2014.  He’s had ample time to conduct himself in a manner that is more becoming a much older “brother” or NOT.  As even a unrelated human being he should try to protect Michael’s children, after all he inferred in his video “he’s been well taken care of” by the Jacksons  He claims he was “brought up” with the Jackson family ergo he should be acting as if he has some love in his heart but seemingly demonstrates none.

In many subtle, cleverly layered ways he has manipulated Michael’s own fanbase to the point that some have rejoiced in this bogus news. To think that the fans would first believe that a son of Michael’s would spring such news in a public manner and then not give the slightest consideration to the minor children involved in such a declaration, is inconceivable. Certainly, behavior unbecoming a child of Michael Jackson.

Both the “Likes” and people “talking about this” numbers on his facebook have increased substantially.  Akon seems to believe he is the son of Michael Jackson as he stated it in an interview on Larry King Live. Akon now wants to do music with Brandon Howard so all is coming up roses for this Jackson wannabe.  The best part of his ingenious plan is that he maintains deniability because he never said he was Michael’s son in so many words. He just lets other do it for him. All in all, whether or not the initial TMZ story was true or if the revisited TMZ story that DNA is Bogus is true – a tabloid has led us all to this great promotion of Brandon Howard’s latest release- “I Do It”

We say to that.. You Most Certainly Do.

Let’s remember the words of Michael Jackson – Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 2.17.12 PM


Small notice for Brandon Howard’s fanbase-

This is a wordpress devoted to Michael Jackson – no one else – If you are offended by MJJJP using the exact quotes of Brandon, the people he associates with, his family and news links in our  Part 1 and Part 2 posts exposing Brandon Howard’s duplicitous behavior during the whole PR blitz then go post it on a Brandon Howard Justice site – Your claims that he is a “nice person” and “self made success and doesn’t need “to ride Michael Jackson coattails”  are as full of holes as his protestations “I never self-avowed to be Michael’s son”  He is clinging to the coattails with a iron grip to promote his music here in the US –  All he has to say is Michael is NOT my father … but he won’t – he parses words and uses other people to say that he is indeed the “reincarnation of MJ” – Your protestations fall on deaf ears and your comments will NOT be approved so that you may use a blog dedicated to Michael Jackson to promote your idol.

In simpler terms: move along.

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8 Responses to Part 3- Bogus DNA- Brandon Howard – Behavior Speaks Louder than Words

  1. Doris says:

    I knew it was a bogus Claim ,Michael would have been about 23 ,come on now ,I Didn’t believe it at all .


  2. Absynthe Austin says:

    Michael’s always wanted children. Delighted at the birth of each of his. The abuse, hatred leveled toward the kids, venom at the mothers is sickening. Michael’s been a wonderful father.


  3. Nicole says:

    In the screenshots I see a comment by Michaelbestever returns. Even if she is defending Michael’s bio kids, Prince Paris and Blanket, she do think/know that both Omer and Brandon Howard being Michael’s bio children too. She has so many videos to prove this and “knocks” down every person more or less that try to tell her that is not the case. She is all over the internet like some kind of troll.


    • That person is MJMedia and yes she is all over the web trying to convince anyone who will listen to her that Omer and Brandon are Michael’s biological children. Based mostly on supposition and the words and mannerisms of Brandon of all people. Paris has long said she called Omer her “brother” not because he is blood but because he is brother of the heart. IF Brandon has the same affliation with Prince, Paris and Blanket it has not been apparent through any photographs posted by the children of Michael – NONE .. We only see Brandon with the cousins and we do believe those relationships were purposefully nurtured by Brandon so that he could project this ruse.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. jacksonaktak says:

    Michael was truly a mirror to society. And once again society shows its ugly face in that mirror. Ie. those comments on Brandon’s FB. It shows how for those who desperately want to believe in this story deep down it’s about racial hung-ups that THEY personally have. Despite of all the red flags in Brandon’s story they immediately embrace him because he is black and with him finally MJ would have a “black son”. I do believe that a lot of the anti-Estate/anti-Will sentiment comes down to racial hung-ups on certain people’s part as well. That white people are in charge of MJ’s Estate and not Michael’s “black family”. That his “white children” inherit his Estate and not his “black family” etc.

    Whatever one may think about PPBs biological connections to MJ, they are Michael’s only legally acknowledged and claimed children. The ones whom he raised and loved and cared for since they were born until his death. He is their father and they are his children and rightful heirs. Period. No one can dispute that. Brandon has not proven any connection to MJ whether biological or otherwise, so why do these people want to replace PPB with him? I guess it has to do with his brown skin.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The comments on B Howard facebook regarding Michael’s real children are appalling and as we stated, the fact that he leaves them on his facebook speaks volumes. A fan of his sent us a comment that we did not approve and stated “Brandon does not have to defend Prince, Paris and Blanket because they are not small children” Then within the same comment this BHfan goes on and on defending Brandon … so you see the irony of this situation- Innocent minor children are not to be protected when attacked out of spite of Brandon Howard’s fans but a 33 year old man who has created this false story of paternity to garner some media attention for his music is to be defended.. It is to laugh at how ridiculously hypocritical his fans have proven to be.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Brandon fails to care for his OWN 2 baby mammas & 2 babies. He’s the worst kind of hypocrite.

    Liked by 1 person

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