One Blow To The Head Is All You Need

Thank You, MJ Truth Now for this cogent argument and civil approach to the minority opinion re:Michael Jackson’s unreleased music fueled by their vitrolic anti-MJEstate rhethoric.

MJ Truth Now

The release of the latest “contemporized” Michael Jackson album, ‘Xscape,’ has predictably triggered a new round of anti-Sony and anti-Estate rhetoric via tweets and blogs. It is always interesting when people criticize business for doing what business does, which is try to make money. That’s how a business survives. The music industry is no exception.

It goes without saying that any artist under contract to a business, a label, tries their best to keep a handle on his or her own professional standards regarding their art, but there has to be a middle ground that appeases both artistic standards and the pressurized realities of getting product to market. During his unprecedented career Michael Jackson understood this better than anyone and so does his Estate executor, John Branca. Missteps are made no matter how many high-level perfectionists get involved.

But look at it another way. When the Jacksons left Motown, the opportunity to join…

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