Wade Robson – When things don’t add up …

Keep the truth churning out- This time we ain’t takin’ no shit

Michael Jackson - Fact or Fiction


“Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?” -Tom Messereau

Wade Robson made a name for himself (of course with the help of Michael Jackson) within the entertainment industry. His association with Michael Jackson allowed him to take advantage of opportunities that might have otherwise been closed. He won quite a bit of awards, appeared on a few shows, worked with artists such as NSYNC and Britney Spears, and even had a chance to have a show named after him. Every chance he got to talk about who and what influenced his decision to enter the entertainment industry, he always named Michael Jackson as his biggest influence.

In May 2013, AEG was hit with a lawsuit by Katherine Jackson and MJ’s kids for the wrongful death of the late pop star King of Pop, Michael Jackson. AEG warned us that “some ugly” were going to come out in this lawsuit…

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8 Responses to Wade Robson – When things don’t add up …

  1. naisha says:

    I have a question for you, why Wade Robson did have his memory back in 2005 when he heard the so called victims saying what Michael Jackson supposedly did to him? The reason I ask that question is because if I been abuse like he say was abuse and I always no that in me I will be trigger by what heard the victims say he did to him. Also, I will understand he was not love but abuse. I will told him about it and I will change my testimony and tell court or the judge that I say something it was not the true because I didn’t understand what he did to me it was abusing not love. Please tell me your opinion about that?


    • the answer to your question is obvious and even the media is not believing Wade Robson. It makes NO sense and is logically impossible for Wade to have sat in the witness stand during the trial and still maintain Michael innocence when Gavin Arvizo & Co the “so called victim” was making their claims .. As you say, IF Wade had also been a victim .. that is the time his “repressed memory” would have been jarred. Recently Wade Robson has asked the Judge not to allow his “therapist” to be questioned by MJEstate attorneys… Wade doesnt want to be exposed as a liar … His case has always been about one thing… MONEY… He did not get hired by MJEstate to work Circe du Soliel shows .. and he felt that as a lifetime friend of Michael he should have been chosen over Jamie King … … it wasnt until he missed this opportunity that he REMEMBERED he was “Abused” … Its ridiculous and no one is buying it.


  2. naisha says:

    Another thing in 1993 when michael jackson friend come to defend him in the Oprah’s show you can see a little girl name Amy who say that she go to Michael Jackson trailer and she sit on his lap. Nobody say he molested her but it always boys like they want him to be gay and I will like to know why


    • Because the MJtrolls in the Media have tried very hard to make the lie the truth .. They want to protray Michael as gay and deviant … he said himself .. “As soon as I started breaking the all time sales records of Elvis, Beatles.. etc.. OVERNIGHT they called me a freak, weird, child molester … they said I bleached my skin……” Michael knew what was happening.. He understood why they tried to break him down… He IS the most WELL KNOWN and respected entertainer in the world….he was “squeaky clean” Christian entertaine .. but he Was BLACK …. and we all know what happens to Black mane who become infulential ..


  3. naisha says:

    I really think they want to destroy Michael Jackson leglacy and his family. Also, they will succeed if nobody put a stop to it.specialy with that mans name Wade Robson and Jimmy I don’t remember is last name. I think in life like Michael Jackson if you hearing a lie many time you stard to believe it even though it’s not true and that medias doing. They want people to believe Michael Jackson is a child molester even is not true. They will succeed and that make me sad. No one is big enough to defend him againt that AEG who control the media. These really sad


    • WE, the MJGlobal fanbase IS BIG ENOUGH TO DEFEND MICHAEL JACKSON.. Believe that !!! We are the largest social media group in the world … AND – The MJEstate attorneys ARE putting a stop to it.. One part of Wades case has already been thrown out .. and now this second phase where he is suing MJJProductions etal … all of Michael’s companies .. should be thrown out as well. We must be patient and let the legal system run its course.. Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck will be shown to be who they really are … Time is friend of Justice .. Justice will be served …


      • naisha says:

        thank you to help me believe at the american justice system because I believe is easy to sue in usa than in canada


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