The Remix Manifesto: Part 2

A Wandering Mind

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Part 2 of 3: Things you might like to know about remixes in general

Just what IS a remix, anyway?

The simplest answer is: someone’s reinterpretation of someone else’s idea that came before, using the original ingredients in some other way.

One can remix nearly anything: scientific theories, recipes, automobiles, the written word, and famously, music…

Musical remixes cover the whole spectrum, from simple efforts to slip a faster or stronger tempo or more bass or beat under the existing song, to really musically complex and carefully thought-out manipulations, to interesting and thought-provoking “mash-ups” (that is, combining two or more of MJ’s own songs or combining his with somebody else’s). Some sound incredibly polished, some have their rocky moments.

Frankly, I have not heard a remix done on Michael Jackson yet (official or not) that wasn’t done respectfully.


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