The Remix Manifesto: Part 3

A Wandering Mind

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Part 3 of 3: Conclusions about remixes and Michael Jackson

So – it’s down to That Question.

Even if they are done respectfully and well, do remixes necessarily hurt or cheat Michael Jackson’s legacy?

If you think that they do, then philosophically, the last 400 years of eager, inventive, mind-boggling and thought-provoking remounts of works by William Shakespeare done all around the world have just become essentially meaningless… or worse, even criminal.

Even more relevant, all the thousands of orchestral conductors who’ve spent endless hours pouring over Mozart’s works to add their interpretation to his, because the works are inspiring and grand and stellar examples of the best efforts of a gifted creator who floored audiences and inspired millions… are quaking in their tailcoats and spinning in their graves.

Unlike words printed and published in a book or painting…

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