Michael Jackson, Captain EO and the business of conquering the world- Part 8b- “This Is It”

The Complex Relationship between Sony and Michael Jackson cannot be explained in a pithy 140 character tweet … It’s too important a factor in the continuing Legacy of this Great Man to form an opinion without thorough research – This is a great blog to educate ourselves.

Nonlocal Universe

By The Last Tear (Lou)

Section 2

Section 2 or Jackson and Sony or perhaps Jackson and Japan! As we know Japan loved and still loves Michael Jackson. During his career, MJ had business partnerships with the Japanese companies. For example, in 1982, MJ did several commercials for Suzuki. 


Besides his huge fan base in this country that has always supported him, Jackson hoped to launch different projects in Japan; in 1998, when he was thinking about theme parks in different countries, he had an especial plan for Japan. The following paragraph is from the site The Silenced Truth:

July 31, 1998:

Michael announced Tuesday (July 28) that he has created a new company, Michael Jackson Japan Co Ltd. which will build theme parks and sell toys throughout the world [] “The first project of the company will be the creation of a unique concept of large theme parks…

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