Global Love to Michael Jackson – LADaily News- June 25, 2014

LA Daily News – June 25th, 2014 Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.29.11 AM

The Michael Jackson facebook page ForeverLovingandMissingMichael  led by Jody La has once again completed their mission of publishing an Ad in LADaily News in honor of our beloved brother.

The Ad Reads

-Our message for Michael:
“5 years, 1827 days, time goes on and we carry you in our hearts every day. No one will ever replace you. Your caring and concern for others is unmatched and something for us to continue to learn from. Thank you for the LOVE, the music, the dance and the inspiration. Your gifts changed and united us. We are, therefore, united in your memory.

We ARE the world.

Missing YOU and Loving YOU FOR ALL TIME,
Your Global Family”

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.41.32 AM

Also included in the ad at bottom is the word LOVE – written at in the languages spoken across our World, as Michael is indeed honored, respected and loved throughout our world.  Along with this glorious Ad,  1828 Roses will be delivered  INSIDE Holly Terrace with messages of love from Michael’s fans from all over the world. 

Pictures of Roses being delivered and set up on June 25th, 2014

Jody LA roses arrive

Flags representing the countries of Michael’s fans who participated in this years Rose & Newspaper Ad campaign along with  personal messages of love and gratitude to Michael Jackson for being an example of genteel compassion on a worldwide basis.

flags messaees JLA

NOTE: Be sure to join the group  and participate in ANOTHER  beautiful AUGUST 2014 tribute that allows the World Wide family of Michael Jackson to truly demonstrate the continued dedication to a man who was truly the epitome of LOVE.

Contact Jody La at Forever Loving and Missing Michael on facebook-



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One Response to Global Love to Michael Jackson – LADaily News- June 25, 2014

  1. Sally R says:

    Mere words alone cannot express the love and appreciation I feel for all that you do on behalf of us Michael Jackson fans the world over. Every year, it seems that your hard work and dedication increases as you come up with even more amazing ways for us to express our LOVE for the Gentle Giant otherwise known as THE KING OF POP. I have to stop now…all of the beautiful pictures and words have my eyes and my heart overflowing with emotion. Thank you so much, and God Bless each one of you who helps make it all possible.


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