“Have You Seen My Childhood?”

Thought provoking read – Have you seen my childhood? Michael asks.. Yes we have …”and we totally understand” should be the answer.

Confessions of a Crazy MJ Fan

“Child stars have to live out adult mythologies. They work for adults. They perform “youth” as scripted by adults and they work adult hours to do so.”~ Margo Jefferson (“On Michael Jackson”, 2006)

Michael Jackson’s career is like a 40-year-long epic journey. His career spanned a lifetime. Whenever you mention his name, especially in the presence of the casual fan, you might hear that they have a particular era of his career that is their favorite. Usually, a person’s favorite MJ Era is based on the music he produced during the time. Other times, a person chooses a particular era because they love his style choices for the period. Personally, I love each MJ era for a variety of reasons, but MJ from the ages of 10 to 18 is hands-down the most fascinating to me.

I think it may have to do in part with the idea of a…

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