Michael Jackson Japan 1996 Interview – partial transcript

Michael Jackson Interview in Japan 1996

This was a Japanese Interview in 1996. The interviewer is speaking and asking questions in his native language, it’s translated to Michael Jackson and then Michael answers. Only Michael’s answers  are being transcribed here … If there are any Japanese fans that would be willing to take the time necessary to listen to the video and translate the interviewer’s questions we would be very grateful and pleased to include them.

UPDATE:  A huge thank you to Aki@fangirling4MJ  who quickly answered our call to translate the interviewer’s questions.  Thank you Aki!

Int:  How did you feel about the Philippines’ enthusiastic welcome?

MJ: Oh I have been in the business all my life and you think I’d be used to it but there’s that kind of rush, that love, you can feel their love and you can feel it more in different countries than others and here (Japan) was such a high level and it was great.

MJ: Um, it was a great experience I mean the love like I said before, it’s amazing from the fans all over the world. I don’t think I can ever get used to that, I mean they really appreciated it and I love LOVE! I love that, it’s a great feeling it is really is. I get a high, a natural high.

Int:  It’s been 3 months since the HIStory tour started. And we hear that you are touring many new countries. Of those new countries, which left you the biggest impression and why is that?

MJ: Well, we put our hearts in performing and every night I give my all on stage. I don’t put one country over the other, I mean everyone is as important as the next place. Some shows I just don’t feel like going out because my maybe my back hurts or I haven’t slept the night before but as soon as the lights hit you and hear the roar from a hundred thousand people it’s just magic, totally magic and I never get used to that and I’ve done it all my life.

Int:  Before the tour you made the SF Ghosts. What made you want to make it? And how did your fans react?

MJ: Oh the reaction has been wonderful, I mean it’s been exceptional, like overwhelming in Australia where we premiered it. It first premiered in Los Angeles but I didn’t get to go to that one so I went to Australia and they loved it so much I could hardly hear what was going on on the screen. It was really exciting and it’s a great feeling because we really worked hard on it. It’s a short film with state of the art effects and high level entertainment and it’s fun. It’s really fun.

Int:  It’s going to be your 5th visit in Japan. Are there anything you are especially looking forward to doing during your stay?

MJ: I think the loyalty of the fans and the love is very high too. I love them and they’ve been great for thirty years. Very loyal and loving…

Int:  Your first (solo) tour in Japan was the Bad tour in 1987. Do you find any changes in Japan?

MJ: In Japan? I always notice the technology. I’m always interesting in what you’re going to do next. It’s like there is a digital craze going on now – make it smaller and it becomes bigger you know, clearer and the children, you know with their little round faces and the babies.. I love them.

Int:  When we listen to your music, your consistent messages are love and peace. But these days, the world situation doesn’t match your messages. What are the things you are concerned about the situation nowadays?

MJ: I try to be very positive in my songs when I write them and look at the bright side of things and I’m not totally happy with the situation in the world (looks right at the camera) but I always try to write songs with a positive message in it to convey hope for people to make things better and not look at the down side all the time or promote something negative or bad. Even though I did an album called “BAD” but I meant “bad” in a good way (laughs).

Int:  We hear you are welcoming a baby soon. With your new adventure, are there any things that you feel differently about?

MJ: I think it would be the most joyous occasion of my life and I hope it is everything people talk about you know, because it is something I have always wanted. I would like to have 12 kids or more, I love kids, babies and I think that’s what keeps me holding on and having faith in the world. That’s our only hope I think and what inspires me the most.

Int:  Do you think your music will be different / changed?

MJ: I would like, that would be great I mean for the better.

Int:  At last, could you give some messages to the Japanese fans who have been longing for your arrival?

MJ: I look forward to the concert and I look forward to feeling that great rush of love. I want the Japanese fans to know that I love them very much and I can’t wait to see you. (Smiles)

Int: Thank you

MJ: Thank you, thank you.

At 6:22 of this interview, an alarm keeps going off on someone’s watch and Michael finds that terrible distracting and extremely funny. He cannot keep it together and they must repeatedly attempt to ask the question as he continues to giggle unrepressively. Watch and enjoy!!


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One Response to Michael Jackson Japan 1996 Interview – partial transcript

  1. Cinzia says:

    Thank you so much, Without the transcript would not have understood a lot. Thank you for your immense work.
    I love you Michael.


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