Michael Jackson’s Simple Truth Through the Eyes of a Child

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Whenever we watch Michael Jackson accepting the MTV Japan Award its easy to see how emotional he became and completely overwhelmed by the enormous amount of love that poured out to him during this visit in 2006.  He shed tears while accepting the award and describing his appreciation of the Japanese  people. –  (Accepts award at 5:16)

“… but most of all, I’d like to say to the Japanes people, from the bottom of my heart, I love you very,  very much… I promised myself, when I came up here, that I wouldn’t get emotional because I think your very sweet, generous…  (tears) kind people. and from the bottom of my heart I thank you….. “       (7:00-7:37)

The speech below written by a Japanese boy makes viewing the video and Michael’s emotional speech- all more poignant ..

THE SPEECH MY SON GAVE: by EVE (themusiclady)

Michael Jackson Trial

Today, I am going to tell you the truth. It is about Michael Jackson. He is a genius and the world’s biggest superstar. I respect Michael Jackson more than anyone else. For, he has been energetically involved in various charity works. For example, he visits children in hospitals all over the world, donates profits from the concert tours to help underprivileged people, and is the founder of the Heal the World Foundation that works to support the poor children.

Recently, Michael Jackson was involved in a very unfortunate incident. Well, it was not just an incident, but a conspiracy. He was accused of the crime of “child abuse.” Although there was no evidence, he was arrested and brought to court. He was accused by a child he liked very much, and Michael’s heart was broken into pieces. Michael was very sad, but he had to win the trial. He couldn’t lose a trial based on no evidence. And, finally, after months of witnesses’ statements and arguments by the prosecution and the defense, Michael Jackson got a verdict of “Not guilty on all charges, “by a jury of 12 people on June 13, 2005.

Do you believe Michael Jackson’s innocence? If your answer is NO, please tell me the reason. If you think you can explain why you said NO, please answer the next question. Have you followed the whole record and process of the trial? Do you know all that was said at the trial? If so, even a ten-year-old child can tell that Michael Jackson was completely innocent.

You may not believe this, but most of what is reported on TV about Michael Jackson is not true. To get a high viewing rate, they sensationalize everything. “Michael Jackson in trouble” can earn good viewer ratings. Please go and research the facts about Michael Jackson on the Internet and get the truth by yourself.

What is so funny about seeing a person like Michael Jackson being lynched by the media? What is so entertaining about looking at a person like Michael Jackson in distress? Can you answer these questions? I must tell you this. Michael Jackson’s innocence is a fact and the truth.

When you voice your opinion, it should be based on accurate information and proven truth. Otherwise, you would end up giving someone suffering. In this society full of information where the media tends to seek sensationalism, a false rumor is often reported as a fact, and the truth can’t be found so easily. Even so, we should try to be as truthful as possible.  Please give it a thought again today.” Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.31.55 AM

Photo taken during Michael Jackson’s visit to Seibi Gakuen Children’s Home In Tokyo (the day after he received the Award from MTV Japan)

Background information from the mother of this child regarding this speech and trophy he won.

“Hi Friends,
Something very nice happened to my 13-year-old son, and I wanted to share the happiness with you.

My son has been Michael’s fan for 10 years, and Michael is his life. He started learning dance five years ago, because he wanted to dance like Michael. And, some time ago, he became the winner of “Michael Jackson Dance Battle.” You can imagine how proud he was! He received a very nice trophy as a prize.

He also won the second place in the ALL JAPAN JUNIOR ENGLISH SPEECH CONTEST which was held this February this year by his speech on Michael Jackson Trial.

Ms. Raymone Bain was extremely kind and understanding to me, and when I saw her to hand in one of the newspapers with Michael and Ms. Bain’s photo on it on Tuesday, she said that she would try to let Michael sign his autograph on the trophy. Of course, as Michael has many many things to do – it might not be possible. Still, I hoped it would be possible. Separately, I also handed the manuscript of my son’s speech to a Japanese staff.

Then, on Wednesday, one of the staff told me that Michael read the speech. My son was overjoyed to hear this, as you can imagine.

However, the trophy was still not back, and we had absolutely no idea when Michael would leave! Michael might leave any moment. Also, there are thousands of presents Michael was receiving from fans and it could just get lost among all other things. The hotel people also said that they would not keep things for the fans at the concierge. So, how can we retrieve the trophy?

My son said that he would be happy to give the trophy to Michael, but, as a mother, I knew what that trophy meant to my son. It was a proof of his love to Michael.

The security of the hotel was incredibly tight and it was just impossible to have a direct contact with Ms. Bain. They just pretend that there is no person called Ms. Bain in the hotel.

So the drama started. The wonderful member at MJJF, MJDANCER123, kindly offered me help to get through to Ms. Bain. She and I started writing to each other day and night by e-mail, trying to get hold of the situation. It was not easy, as Ms. Bain was very very busy and flooded with all other messages.

I was in total panic, and frantically kept on writing messages to MJDANCER123, “What will I do?” “What can I do?” “Help me, please!!” MJDANCER123 is just an ANGEL, and did everything she could, although she had never met me, she had not known me three days before. She even made a phone call to the hotel from the USA.

There were all sorts of speculations about when Michael would leave, and at one moment, I was sending e-mail messages to MJDANCER123 from the PC room in the hotel in confusion, like, “They say the security people are leaving now, Michael may leave probably any moment!” (It turned out later that it was just a shift-change!)

MJDANCER123 patiently read my messages, and she finally secured a word from the staff that, although it was not clear if Michael would sign it, Michael would not leave without returning the trophy to my son! You simply cannot imagine how relieved I was.

Around the same time, a Japanese fan, who was trying to help me by talking to the staff, wrote to me saying that one of the staff saw my son’s trophy in Michael’s room! Then, last night, when Ms. Bain tried to call me to say that the trophy was signed to be collected, I was with my son in Shibuya, coming across with Michael just by chance. I was getting calls from other Michael fans (who gave me the information about Michael’s visit to Shibuya) and Ms. Bain could not reach me by the phone!

When we got back, still drunk from the excitement of witnessing Michael, MJDANCER123’s mail was waiting for me, telling me about the trophy!!! It was too late to go to the hotel to collect it, so we went to bed. The best night ever!

The trophy is now back, with Michael’s autograph, AND Michael also attached a signed self-portrait photo with my son’s name on it. My son is still at school, but I think he is going to faint as soon as he sees them. They are now treasure of our household.

Although my son did not have any chance to talk to Michael (he just saw him with thousands of other fans from some distance), but his love and respect for Michael, I hope, reached Michael.

My sincere, deepest gratitude goes to MJDANCER123, Ms. Bain, Japanese staff, my fellow Japanese fans, and of course to Michael Jackson, who brought so much happiness to our lives.  ” Eve (theMusicLady)

*Note: Any further infomation on the identification of the child and mother/family’s full name would be greatly appreciated.


Mira Jackson https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205354702293893&set=a.1512701464346.2067710.1438690853&type=1&theater&notif_t=comment_mention



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3 Responses to Michael Jackson’s Simple Truth Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. I have no words that will describe how warm, humane and healing this writing is. I must admit I cried…The love that was shared is so expansive that I could literally feel the child’s heart beating with anticipation, through the page. Thank you Bud’s, This is more than an article, it is an awe-inspiring experience.

    “Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.”
    Michael Jackson

    Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross CPLC

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  2. I was filled with love and admiration for Michael Jackson, but at the same time, sadness that he was such a wonderful man who had such evil and cruel treatment which he did not deserve, and that he is no longer here.


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