Reminder: Just Say No To Tabloid Garbage

Please read our last post that couples with MJTruth Now very nicely . “It’s All Just a Little Bit of HIstory Repeating

MJ Truth Now

We all know by now about the disgusting allegations being made by Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck. These two men fell on hard times after Michael Jackson’s death, and promptly announced that he had sexually abused them for years. Oh yes, they did wait until it was clear that the Estate had become very, very profitable before deciding they could use a generous share. The same Robson who staunchly and repeatedly defended Michael against the self-same allegations by the Arviso family of grifter-con artists is claiming today that he now realizes he was a poor, hapless, naive, blind victim of a very evil man!

This is the same Robson who was counting on getting the position of director of the massively successful traveling Cirque du Soleil show, “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.” That job instead went to Jamie King who also went on to write and direct the Michael Jackson…

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One Response to Reminder: Just Say No To Tabloid Garbage

  1. Clinarke DILL says:

    WADE ROBSON IS TALKING PURE GARBAGE not interested one in what he has to say a total disrespect to the Michael the man that made his career. how sad this how he repays him. what a slimeball ,SCUMMMMM


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