Mr. President, I want to talk to you about the Jackson 5

“No musical group from an underrepresented population in the history of the United States uplifted a population and nation like the Jackson 5. The way the audience responded to the scenes with the Jackson 5 during the Motown Musical, based on the backdrop of civil rights, the Vietnam war, and the urban riots, demonstrates that in our collective thought the Jackson 5, if only for a brief moment, brought communities together for the common good.”

New Pittsburgh Courier

Jackson at jackson 5Michael Jackson (AP Photo/File)

(–My wife and I recently saw the Broadway Musical “Motown.” Motown wasn’t just a musical, however, it connected to the history of America through the sounds of Motown. We loved the show, all the acts and all the songs. However, we were pleasantly surprised that the greatest and loudest applause both during and after the show was given to the performers performing as the Jackson 5.

As I looked around, the audience was a mix of 50ish folks like my wife and I and 20 somethings. As we drove home my wife and I started reminiscing about “growing up with the Jackson 5.” What we discovered is that history has not really given the Jackson 5 their just due as it relates to the impact they had on African-Americans as well as the rest of the nation in the early 1970’s. In this article I want…

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