Black or White: A Jacksonian Dream – Review by Armond White, National Review

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Kevin Costner’s Black or White is sentimental in a good way. After all, it works in the spirit of Michael Jackson’s 1991 single “Black or White,” the most uncompromised of all uplifting pop songs. Jackson declared “I’m not gonna spend my life being a color!” And when he sang “I ain’t scared of your brother / I ain’t scared of no sheets,” he opposed the antinomies of either ethnic solidarity (Afrocentric “blackness”) or ethnic hostility (Ku Klux Klan–style white supremacy).

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— Armond White, a film critic, writes about movies for National Review Online and received the American Book Award’s Anti-Censorship prize. He is the author of The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook the World and the forthcoming What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about the Movies.



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4 Responses to Black or White: A Jacksonian Dream – Review by Armond White, National Review

  1. corlista1 says:

    As always, White is brilliant. His book Keep on Moving is one of my favorite books on Michael. Kudo to him for this article.

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    • Thanks, I am new to Armond White! I just saw him, as a round table guest, on the individualist social round table of the Fox News offshoot of Libertarian Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye! It is in a rotating new host line up! A lady named Kennedy, was hosting Red Eye tonight ,with Armond White as one of the guests! I am always interested in anybody at national Review, especially Black writers! National Review is not going for cheap, Politically correct cover or political cover or political insurance, affirmative action, packing their social community, to look cool! National Review would expect, super great social quality, from all their individual social value contributors! I am the host of several wordpress pages! My newest is the link to this,! My oldest is! is current also!


      • Thanks,Your site is very interesting! I am a super fan of Quincy Jones! I am a quarter century mixed marriage pale faced man with a great dynamite USA Black woman! She is a super Michael fan! I love his Kung fu steppin. I was in love with all his sisters! But I was super sorry to see the way the world did him wrong! Beat it was one of my Jazz fanatic theme dance classics! Your site is inspiring, thanks! I cannot wait to show my lady!


      • We appreciate your following and kind words –

        There are many wonderful blogs to read that explore Michael Jackson in ways never before by biased media – Please click this link .. it will take you to a myriad of wonderful discoveries courtesy of Joe Vogel - – much love an light – Buds


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