Wade Robson’s case – Looking For a Black Cat In a Dark Room When It Is Not There

Vindicating Michael

“Don’t look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there…”


This short post was first made as a reply to a reader’s comment, but since the subject is top important I decided to place it here as a point for a separate discussion.

RobsonThe comment came from Judy and concerned Wade Robson (and Jimmy Safechuck) who decided to get some $1,62 billion from Michael Jackson’s Estate on the charges they suddenly thought of several years after Michael’s death:

 “I believe them when they went to court and testified that Michael did nothing to them. No matter what their reasoning is, Wade and Safechuck are, committing a crime, lies, fraud, defamation of character. They aren’t even credible.” 

Of course they are not.

Just  to clarify one point – as far as I remember Safechuck wasn’t summoned by the prosecution or the defense in 2005…

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