Wade Robson’s Fake Story of HOME ALONE AT NEVERLAND

Part 2 in Helena expose on Wade Robson lies ..

Vindicating Michael

Robson Chantal and Joy Chantal and Joy Robson in 2005

This post will be a further comparison of Wade Robson’s complaint with the testimonies of all Robsons at the 2005 trial – Wade Robson, his mother Joy and sister Chantal. The purpose of it is to pinpoint Robson’s lies (which are many) and restore the real events the way they really happened and not fantasized by this guy.

All this is purely restoration work, same as in arts, so let it be the way it should be – thorough, methodical and true to the original in its every detail. In slander cases like Robson’s, especially when the defamed person cannot speak for himself, no detail can be regarded as ‘unimportant’. Every fraction matters as these are the fragments of the original canvas, helping us to restore the whole picture to its true self.

Those who are set on Michael Jackson’s character assassination have tried…

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