A Sixteen Yr Old Writes About and To her Role Model- Michael Jackson

a thousand yrs from now..By Michael-Marie Marley Jackson

Even though there are many people in my life the one person who changed my life was Michael Jackson. He was truly a great person and a great influence of the youth of my generation. He cared so much about the earth and the humanity of all man kind. He was a beautiful man even though he had his ups and downs. He was never selfish he put others needs first before his very own needs . He treated his fans like his own children.

He wanted to heal the world and spread his message about peace, love and humanity. His music spread that message to his humanity works down here on earth and donate thousands and thousands of dollars of his own money to charities that he cared for. He also started his own charity Heal The World Foundation to help kids. The foundation was named after his song. He is the kind of person as a perfect role model for kids just like me.

I love Michael since the day I was born on June twenty five 1998. At the tender age of five I was listening to Heal the world and coloring in my coloring book with crayons and I asked my mom if me and a couple of our friends to clean up a neighborhood parks to plant trees and fixing up playground equipment. We also help to feed the homeless and play with the children’s home in my home town of Denver Colorado. Michael had a HUGE impact on my life and now that I am sixteen years old he is still making an impact on my life after his death on June 24, 2009, he was like a father figure to me.

His music can heal me in ways that no one else can. When I am having a bad day at school I would play Michael’s music. It was like therapy to me. I will still spread MJ’s message of peace love and humanity to people around me and to help to heal the world so MJ’S kids and his second family kids “kids” can have a beautiful world to live in. Now that a voice that sold over a MILLION records is silenced FOREVER!

I miss him so much and I love you more than the heavens in the sky above us. I wish you were here with me back in telling your stories with your wonderful angelic voice of song. You will always be in my heart and thank you for making my childhood so innocent with your music and message of peace and love. I will also spread your message around. May God have mercy on your soul and I also pray that your kids and the rest of your family will be safe. And also may your soul be with your personal family and your second family of ALL nations of race be with me and all of your fans FOREVER! May you rest in peace.

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Source: http://werdsmith.com/p/TKmUbTG6x

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