Macaulay and Brett Barnes do NOT join Wade Robson’s lawsuit. WHAT BRETT REALLY SAYS

Macauley Culkin and Brett Barnes are cyber stalked by MJtrolls who support Wade Robson. Is this Legal? Does Wade support this abuse?

Vindicating Michael

The flood of comments following mentioning Brett Barnes’s reaction to Robson’s complaint made me change plans and demanded a post. First of all it was necessary to collect in one place the tweets from Brett Barnes and other Michael’s friends expressing their attitude to Robson’s lawsuit and secondly, there was also some news to share.

The collection of tweets will be far from full and will contain the things which are just close at hand, but even these will give you the general idea.

But first let me explain the headline of the post.


MJ haters invent a new lie to promote their agenda MJ haters invent a new lie to promote their agenda

The reason for it is a strange discovery I made a few days ago when I came across the following headline:

The discovery was made when I was innocently googling for the names of Brett Barnes and Wade Robson and all of a sudden this…

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