Will the Modern Day Lynching of Michael Jackson Ever End?

On June 13th, 2005-Michael Jackson was found NOT Guilty on EVERY count in a 14 count indictment brought by DA Tom Sneddon- Afterwards, very few journalist explored the reasons why – or had any self-reflection in regards to their foregone conclusions of guilt nor their slanted reportng.

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The presumption of innocence in America is a right of all citizens. One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged.  Before a trial begins any allegations must be validated by investigation, evidence evaluated and charges brought.  What happens when charges are not brought but the media decides to promote the idea that a person is guilty ?  This is the reality of what happened to Michael Jackson.

Why is the presumption of innocence denied to Michael Jackson?

Revisiting – 1993 Allegations

On August 17, 1993 the Los Angeles police department opened an investigation against Michael Jackson based on an allegation that he sexually molested a 13-year-old boy called Jordan Chandler- The complete timeline and details of these false allegations, the investigation that ensued and the inability of TWO Grand Juries to bring an indictment are outlined in depth on Michael Jackson Allegations website.

Why was the media/press so keen on dragging Michael Jackson through the proverbial coals?

Why did Tom Sneddon’s put-off his retirement to bring a case that wasn’t supported by viable evidence, honest witnesses or substantiated facts, against Michael Jackson?

*On November 22, 2015,  Vindicate MJ presented an extremely well detailed and documented acconting of how Michael was a victim of malicious prosecution and it is very well worth time to read it at length.

More disturbing questions arise-

What other case of this kind, during investigative process has a man been DEMANDED to do a strip search?  Was Michael Jackson, a very successful, influential black luminary targeted by over zealous authorities steeped in traditions of white supermacy?

Was this a modern day lynching of Michael Jackson ? —

December 1993 – After allegations are made by Evan Chandler that Michael Jackson had molested his son, Jordan,  Michael Jackson was legally forced to allow the authorities to  stripsearch his body. Michael Jackson released a video statement, and spoke of the dehumanizing experience but stated if it was needed to prove his “total innocence, then so be it” – 

January 1994- Michael addresses the NAACP Image Award Audience- He is met with applause and acceptance by the full house.

“Thank you for your warm and generous support – I love you very much.

For decades the NAACP has stood at the forefront of struggle for equal justice under the law for all people in our land. They have fought in the lunch rooms of the South, in the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court and the board rooms of America, for justice, equality and the very dignity of all mankind. Members of the NAACP have been jailed and killed in noble pursuit of those ideals, upon which our country was founded. None of these goals is more meaningful to me at this time in my life, than the notion that everyone is presumed to be innocent, and totally innocent until they are charged with a crime, and then convicted by a jury of their peers. I never really took the time to understand the importance of that ideal until now, until I became the victim of false allegations, and the willingness of others to believe and exploit the worst before they have a chance to hear the truth.

Because -Not only am I presumed to be innocent, I am innocent! –

And I know the truth will be my salvation.

You have been there to support me when others weren’t around, and I thank you for that. I have been strengthened in my fight to prove my innocence by my faith in God, and by my knowledge that I am not fighting this battle alone. Together, we will see this thing through- and I’m very proud to be here.”

Then after a year long investigation and TWO grand juries convening – no substantive evidence was found to bring an indictment against Michael Jackson –

September 21, 1994 – Santa Barbara District Attorney Thomas Sneddon and Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti make an official statement regarding the status of the Michael Jackson investigation. They inform the public that Jordan Chandler is unwilling to testify therefore they are unable to file charges. Gil Garcetti admits that the 18-month investigation did not lead to anything incriminating. He also states: “Michael Jackson is presumed to be innocent as any citizen in this room is if they are not convicted with a crime. We are not charging Michael Jackson with a crime”.

After Garcetti’s announcement -Rush Limbaugh, who is no fan of Michael Jackson, made a televised opinion-

”For the whole year since this thing came up the American people have assumed that Michael Jackson is guilty – because the press has assumed he’s guilty ..”

“because the PRESS has assumed he’s guilty – and no truer a statement has ever been made-  The sheer volume of biased reporting on these allegtions against Michael Jackson permeated the American psyche even before it was determined that a trial was warranted.

Limbaugh continues:

They have NO evidence.. there is NO corroborating evidence – they empanelled a Grand Jury in Santa Barbara.. Now a Grand Jury can indict this remote control unit if it wants to – you don’t hardly need anything to indict, they can indict a ham sandwich for crying out loud.

There was NO evidence but all the press reports were that there were countless people who saw and witnessed and could testify that Michael Jackson had committed the dastardly deed.

But how many of you were believing Michael Jackson was guilty because the press had all these people?

It’s an accusation which there is no defense- the minute the accusation is leveled- you are guilty – the press has all these people saying all these things.

There’s a great lesson here folks, about not believing — this a sensation oriented lazy press who cared more about the highlights and pizzazz of the story itself rather than the serious content of the story –

The great thing to keep in mind when you watch other fabulous court cases is……. the nature of the evidence is what matters. NOT the seriousness of the allegations-

Until then.

You shouldn’t believe a darn thing because you don’t know .. and neither did the press .. always a wise lesson to illustrate that the press doesn’t know what it’s talking about. “

So there was Nothing to tie Michael Jackson to the 1993 allegations yet the media had pretty much brainwashed the public into believing he was guilty –

Malcolm X quote:

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.28.48 AM

It is apparent that Rush Limbaugh and Malcolm X could not be more different in their ideology but both men come the same conclusion about the media/press.

“The Michael Jackson cacophony is fascinating in that it is not about Jackson at all. I hope he has the good sense to know it and the good fortune to snatch his life out of the jaws of a carnivorous success. He will not swiftly be forgiven for having turned so many tables, for he damn sure grabbed the brass ring, and the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo has nothing on Michael. All that noise is about America, as the dishonest custodian of black life and wealth; the blacks, especially males, in America; and the burning, buried American guilt; and sex and sexual roles and sexual panic; money, success and despair…”  James Baldwin

From “Freaks and the American Ideal of Manhood.” Originally published in Playboy, 1985. It can now be found in Baldwin: Collected Essays (highly recommended).

“in such artistic expressions, Jackson clearly recognizes what is being done to him. He is being defined by outside forces. He is a phantom they have constructed in their own minds. As he sings in “Is It Scary,” “If you wanna see/ Eccentric oddities I’ll be grotesque before your eyes.” He will be grotesque, in other words, because that is what the public “wants to see.” It is how they have been conditioned to see. Later in the song, he anticipates his audience’s reactions, asking: “Am I amusing you/ Or just confusing you/ Am I the beast you visualized?” Has he become something less than human? Why is this? Is it his physical appearance? His ambiguous identity? His unusual life story? There is no question Michael Jackson was different. The question is why this difference incited such fervent disparagement and abuse.”  Joe Vogel

In November 2003 excerpt from Jermaine Jackson’s CNN interview:

“And what they’re doing is bringing him down with the very thing that he loved, his children and family.

My brother is about peace.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 3.10.06 PMWe will fight, and we will stand up. And everybody that knows this family around the world will support us. Because, at the end of the day, this is nothing but a modern-day lynching.”

This is what they want to see, him in handcuffs.

Again – Was It A Modern Day Lynching ?

In 2004, Mchael again believed he was targeted for being influential and black- When allowed to speak to the American public because unscrupulous people had leaked information from a Grand Jury hearing. The Fox Channel program, At Large with Geraold Rivera, was the medium by which Michael wished to air his statement. When asked how he was handling the stress.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.37.39 AM

When asked about the reports that he was financial empire was failing- Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.40.57 AM

What did he want to tell the American people and his fans? Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.47.44 AM

He stated he felt he’d been dehumanized, degraded by a biased media/press – out to get him due to his celebrity, as a black luminary-  It was done in the past and now it’s being done to him –  His faith in God would see him through.

“I am an innocent person” Michael never stopped declaring his innocence and NO evidence has ever been presented to prove  that he wasn’t innocent – yet the stories persist – 

Limbaugh words ring out loud – “It’s an accusation which there is no defense- the minute the accusation is leveled- you are guilty “

In the 2005 case brought against Michael Jackson, based on allegations made by the Arvizo family, DA Tom Sneddon attempted to bring in the old allegations of 1993- He asked the Judge to allow  1108  evidence or “prior bad act evidence” which means similar prior allegations  can be brought, whether or not the person was ever charged or convicted of anything. Therefore, the 1108 evidence that DA Tom Sneddon insisted on presenting in the 2005 trial did not prove out in court – His efforts failed to persuade a jury that Michael had commited any crime. In essence, it was Sneddons own decision that  totally vindicated Michael Jackson from the old 1993 allegations, as well.

Yet little or no mention of this is ever discussed by media –

The use of 1108 evidence in 2005 and how it failed Sneddon is explained by Tom Mesereua- 

A person is presumed innocent until a charge is brought and a guilty verdict is determined by a jury of peers. Again, Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY on all 14 counts –  He was determined to be an Innocent Man –

When the person on trial is acquited,  their presumtion of innocence  is once again accepted- or it should be. In Michael Jackson’s case however, the media has been bent on keeping the presumption of his guilt going  for over 20 years – irregardless of the outcome of the Two Grand Juries in 1993 and the NOT GUILTY on all 14 counts during the trial in 2005.

For two decades his character has been assasinated, his life, liberty and pursuit of happeness denied – Was it racially motivated? It certainly seems that way – He certainly felt that way.

Now that he is no longer here, authorities cannot continue any legal vendetta but when will the lynching of Michael Jackson by the media end?

“The Man is innocent, he always was”  Tom Mesereau 


Michael Jackson Interviews by Alanis E Leona Kory









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2 Responses to Will the Modern Day Lynching of Michael Jackson Ever End?

  1. Keely says:

    Great article. the Limbaugh quote is pretty astonishing. And the Malcolm X quote is also spot on. I believe this is exactly what was happening…powerful people were making the the innocent (Michael) look guilty and the guilty (them) look innocent.

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  2. Loved this! I will be quoting it in my essay collection.

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