Michael Jackson Was Right — – But WHO are the conspirators?

NOTE from MJJJP- We all know that Michael did speak of a “conspiracy” prior to his demise but just who was/is involved in it, is still a mystery. Michael Jackson was surounded by wheeler dealers his whole life and had many people, with their own self-aggrandizing agendas whispering in his ears. Who could he really trust? Who was protecting him and who was using him? The information, quotes, comments, opinons and clarifications below have been sent to MJJJP from a MJ fan Twitter Account – ItsBlackItsWhite– Their wish is to present this information and let the Michael Jackson fanbase come to their own conclusions and we are willing to oblige this request.

This is Research and presented in one installment but in Two parts – A Toy Story and Where’s There’s A Will There’s A Way ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Part one- A  Toy Story

by ItsBlackItsWhite

Comments in [ ] are mine, regular parentheses are used as they appear in the source.

From “Untouchable” by Randall Sullivan

Schaffel had been popping up in Jackson’s life since August 1984. Just eighteen back then, Schaffel was a freelance cameraman for ABC television…
The two ran into each other again in the mid-1990s at a fund raiser for the AIDS research foundation amfAR in Beverly Hills…

He and Jackson didn’t have their first real conversation, though, until the year 2000, when they met at the home of a famous dermatologist they shared, Arnold Klein…

Boasting of his background in film production and flashing a bank account that approached eight figures, Schaffel pledged to organize Michael’s various film and video projects through a company the two formed, called Neverland Valley Entertainment.

Pg. 21
The attorney [John Branca] imagined that Marc Schaffel might be part of a growing problem with his prize client. Branca, as well connected as anyone in the entertainment industry, needed only a few days to determine that Schaffel had made most of his fortune as a gay pornographer, producing and directing films with titles like “Cock Tales” and “The Man With The Golden Rod”, as well as operating several pornographic Internet sites. The attorney promptly phoned Jackson and set up a meeting at which he showed him a tape of Schaffel directing a gay sex scene. Soon after, Schaffel received a letter informing him that his contract with Michael Jackson was being terminated because “information about Mr. Schaffel’s background, previously unknown to Mr. Jackson, has just been discovered.”

“That was all complete bullshit,” Schaffel said. “Everybody knew about my past, including Michael. At Arnie Klein’s house, Arnie and Carrie Fisher and Michael all made jokes about it, in front of many people. Tommy Mottola knew, too. He brought Usher to the studio to sing on ‘What More Can I Give?’ and Tommy was sitting there joking with me about some girl in the porn business he knew, to see if I knew her, too. But now they’re suddenly acting like they’re shocked.”

Jackson, who had almost no one else defending him publicly at that moment [re: his “devilish” comments about Mottola] was so grateful that he immediately brought Schaffel back on board. In what for Schaffel was a delicious bit of irony (and for John Branca no mere coincidence), Marc’s return to the fold would coincide precisely with Michael’s decision that he was done with his longtime attorney. Branca’s animus toward Schaffel afterward was considerable, but this bit of palace intrigue had actually been wrought by Michael’s new German managers, Ronald Konitzer and Dieter Wiesner.

Pg. 25
“Michael hated all lawyers anyway, including his own, and he made the decision that Branca should be fired,” recalled Schaffel, who was assigned to facilitate Branca’s dismissal, and then to replace Jackson’s longtime attorney with David LeGrand, the same Las Vegas lawyer who had contracted the Interfor report.

Pg. 37 – 38
[re: MJs deposition for the Schaffel trial] Schaffel grew especially glum when Jackson answered a question about his “discovery” that Marc had directed and produced gay porn films. “I was shown a videotape by the lawyer (Branca) and I was shocked,” Michael said. “He was in that whole circle and I didn’t know.”

“I saw Marc was hurt” King remembered [Schaffel’s lawyer, Howard King] and told him, ‘It’s war, baby.’ “

Pg. 104
[re: MJs purchase of the ATV catalog] …he [MJ] was as shrewd a businessman as any artist who had ever lived. “Part of him may be a ten-year-old, with all the enthusiasm that implies,” Branca told a London news paper, “but the other part is a sixty-year-old genius.”

Pg. 116
“The bookkeeper we hired during ‘Invincible’ was the same bookkeeper Michael used back in the ‘Thriller’ days,” said Marc Schaffel, “and she told me that back then Michael would check the complete balance down to the dollar in his bank account, every day. That she would write the checks and deliver them to Michael and he would sign each one personally. She said there were times he would see a bill and he wouldn’t sign the check, that he would call the vendor and ask them, ‘Why is your bill $50,000.00? You’re charging me too much.’ And then he would go back and tell her to make the check for $40,000.00. She said he knew every dollar that was going in and out. It amazed me because he was so far removed from that when I met him.”

Pg. 119
“There was no planning in terms of allocations,” [Al] Malnik would explain in a deposition connected to one of the many lawsuits filed against Jackson. … Jackson seemed “bewildered” whenever he tried to discuss money matters, said Malnik….

Pg. 606
[re: this article about Katherine, Howard Mann and “a particular item” tabloids would pay “seven figures” for: http://www.popmatters.com/article/134824-rival-takes-on-jackson-estate-with-help-from-michaels-mother/ ]

“I told Mrs. Jackson I didn’t think it would be right or smart to sell this stuff to a tabloid that would trash her son’s reputation,” Mann explained to me [Sullivan], “and that I was giving it to her to do with as she saw fit.”…

Mann told me that the box of “materials” had been packed by Marc Schaffel and delivered to Michael Jackson back in 2002. “Michael asked me to send some of the movies I’d made,” Schaffel explained when I asked him about this. The “exotic” sex toys in the box, more than the gay porn films, were what the tabloids had coveted. “I threw that stuff in to make him laugh,” said Schaffel. No, he didn’t believe Michael was gay, Marc said, “At least I never saw any sign of it.”… “He was curious,” Schaffel said. “Michael was interested in everything…”

From “Hollywood Interrupted” by Andrew Breitbart & Mark Ebner

Pg. 174
He [MJ] was very vulnerable to blackmail, having already paid out millions to settle one case. A gay pornographer had infiltrated his entourage with the possible goal of setting up the star and then blackmailing him. [Paul] Barresi says he tipped off the star’s lawyers and the Feds, knowing that not only would the lawyers make bank and the Feds make a bust, but that he would have done the right thing – for a fee.

Pg. 175 – 176
Fred Schaffel was a name Barresi knew well. He was a known sex industry scumbag. His cinematic specialty was gay porn with titles like ‘Cocktales’ and ‘Man With The Golden Rod’, and he had a predilection for young-looking performers…

…one Sunday [friend of Barresi’s and porn producer Vaughn] Kincey called again, and, according to Barresi, told him that after a lot of casually asking around, he had found out that Fred Schaffel was working for Jackson under the name Marc Schaffel, but he wasn’t sure in what capacity. Marc Schaffel, Fred Schaffel, it certainly made sense, because Schaffel had used the name Marc Fredricks on the porn movies he made. [He’s ‘F. Marc Schaffel’ at his lawyer’s website
http://www.khpblaw.com/Important-Cases/F-Marc-Schaffel-v-Michael-Jackson.shtml ]

Pg. 176 – 179
[Barresi called MJs publicist’s office re: Schaffel & left a message. He then contacted an associate who was a licensed P.I. & thru’ him was able to get more info on Schaffel. A few days later Barresi got a call from Barry Siegel, MJs personal accountant & business manager, who’d been referred to Barresi by the publicist. According to Barresi, he and Siegel agreed to a $1,500.00 fee for Barresi’s “help”.]

Barresi says he struck pay dirt with David Aldorf, a former Schaffel associate he’d known for a while. According to Barresi, Aldorf invited Barresi over for an in-depth chat. “Fred [Schaffel] owed me money, fifty grand on a deal that would have made double that. I called him once I found out what job he has now to demand my money, and I let him know I had a tape of him directing porn with two young boys performing…. He wanted that tape, I’ll tell you that!”…. “Fred [Schaffel] said ‘Be patient, I’m working on this deal and you are going to get your money. Michael Jackson is a billionaire 10 times over. Twenty-five million is nothing to him.’ “

Barresi claims he said, “David, you have to do the right thing. Give me the tape.” According to Barresi, the conversation went down like this:

[the following portion, in italics, is exactly as it appears in the book, including all the ….]

“Aldorf pursed his lip; he was thinking hard. “If those underage boys on that tape….” Aldorf asked suspiciously, “What are you going to do with it?” Everyone knew how Barresi had often played lawyers and stars against the tabloids, which might have been an option before he heard about the young boys. Or maybe he thought Barresi was going to turn the tape over to Schaffel for some bank, cash that maybe he could get himself. Either way he was wrong. The instant Barresi heard that kids were involved, he knew what he was going to do. He was not only going to Jackson’s people, but he was taking it to law enforcement.

Barresi pressed Aldorf. “Okay, let me put all my cards on the table. I am assisting the Michael Jackson people and they would very much like to get a fix on specifically what Fred conveyed to you – how he intended to go about framing Micahel Jackson. Is that clear enough for you?”

Aldorf was relieved. “Oh, good, you are helping Michael…well that makes me feel better, but that wasn’t what you were doing originally was it…when you first called me last summer?” Aldorf was one of the people he had called earlier in the year, hoping he could dredge up information on what Schaffel was up to.

Barresi shook his head, “No, I saw a story somewhere.”

Barresi asked again, just to make sure, “So, you are absolutely certain that Fred intended to do what to Jackson?”

“Plant kiddy porn on him,” was Aldorf’s reply. Barresi had an idea where this was going.

“And let’s say for the sake of argument Jackson said ‘I’m not going to give you twenty-five million.’ Who would Fred go to, to get revenge?”

Without hesitating, Aldorf replied, “The tabloids.”

This was heavier than Barresi had first thought back in July, or even a week ago, heavier that he could have made it. Schaffel might be setting Jackson up for blackmail, and now the fixer saw a chance to be hero both the cops and to Jackson.

“What else did he say?”

Laughing, Aldorf imitated Schaffel. “He said “Girl, when I get that $25 million, I’m going to make Fred Schaffel disappear.”

For clarification, Barresi asked, “He, meaning Fred, is going to make Fred disappear – talking about himself?”

Aldorf nodded and set down his coffee cup. “Right.”

Pg. 179
Armed with the tape from Aldorf and more information on Schaffel’s past dirty dealings…. on November 12, 2001 he [Barresi] called the FBI and the Juvenile Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.

[Barresi had been told by Barry Siegel that he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement before he could get his $1,500.00 fee. MJs attorney Zia Modabber was the lawyer who would draw up the agreement, but their meeting kept getting rescheduled. So Barresi called Modabber’s secretary and told her the porn tape with Schaffel on it was going to law enforcement, thinking that would induce the lawyer to keep his appointment with him. When he finally got a hold of Modabber himself and they set up an appointment for the next day, Barresi decided to give Modabber the tape before he gave it to the LAPD and the FBI. Long story short, Barresi was eventually told by a man he’d met the first time he met with Modabber “we don’t pay for information.” and he never got his $1,500.00 fee. Barresi took Moddaber to small claims court but things didn’t go his way.]

Pg. 184
Thus, the story of Jackson and Schaffel hit the press. Barresi had waited for the right time, and then leaked the Jackson porn connection to the legal division at Sony and then to Sony Music head Tommy Mottola’s office, and the mainstream media (including UAS Today) gratis. Then he slipped the suspect video of Schaffel cajoling young Hungarian dudes on tape to ‘Hollywood Interrupted’. In turn, we dropped the dime on Schaffel and Jackson to NBCs ‘Dateline’.

From http://articles.latimes.com/2006/jul/11/local/me-jackson11
[According to this it was Zia Modabber who showed MJ the tape of Schaffel directing gay porn.]

Jackson tried to fire Schaffel in 2001 after discovering he had been an adult film producer….

That same night Jackson called Schaffel and told him he was off the charity project, acknowledged Schaffel….

The next day Schaffel wrote and back dated a string of checks drawn on Jackson’s bank accounts and made out to Schffel’s companies, he testified….

Schaffel said he remained involved in a children’s book project with Jackson and was helping the singer try to adopt children from Brazil. The adoptions never happened.

From http://articles.latimes.com/2006/jul/15/local/me-jackson15
Schaffel said he traveled to Argentina to make a $300,000.00 payment to a man he identified only as “Mr. X.”… Schaffel’s lawyer, Howard E. King, asked jurors rhetorically, “Why did Michael Jackson not ask what the money was for?”

“They don’t want you to know, don’t want me to know and they don’t want these people to know.” King said, gesturing to reporters covering the trial.

From Untouchable, Pg. 38
“I saw Marc was hurt” King remembered, and told him, ‘It’s war, baby.’ “

From http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/life/people/2006-06-19-jackson_x.htm
Facts involved in Jackson’s criminal trial last year are likely to be revisited when Schaffel testifies to his role in attending to the family of a boy who claimed he was molested by Jackson….

Conversely, he [Howard King] suggested that Jackson would not want Schaffel to testify “with regard to Jackson’s sexual proclivities or intimate details of their conversations.”

He [King] said Jackson continued to work with Schaffel well into 2004.

From http://site2.mjeol.com/mj-news/forensic-accountant-challenges-plaintiffs-claims-against-jackson.html
[Forensic accountant] Jan Goren, who showed jurors how he traced millions of dollars through the various bank accounts of F. Marc Schaffel, also said he found no substantiation for a $300,000.00 payment Schaffel claimed he provided to a mysterious “Mr. X” in South America on Jackson’s behalf….

On the purported delivering of $300,000.00 to “Mr. X.” in South America, Goren testified that Schaffel never claimed the amount until this year and “there is no check, no monies leaving a bank… no bank statements, no ledgers.”…. “My conclusion on this is that it is not a valid claim,” Goren said.

From http://www.foxnews.com/story/2006/07/06/jacko-big-secret-300000-payoff-to-another-family.html
Similar testimony was given by former Jackson financial adviser Alvin Malnik, who said that Jackson called and asked him to have associate F. Marc Schaffel take care of an “urgent situation” for $300,000.00. [Read the article to see what Malnik’s testimony is supposedly “similar” to.]

From http://www.almalnik.com/friends-private-life-michael-jackson.html
“…which was after I had paid his bail when he was arrested.” [$3M bail would require $300K be paid up front, as I understand it.]

From http://www.nytimes.com/2004/02/12/arts/michael-jackson-faces-cash-crisis.html
[I’m trying to concentrate on Schaffel and Malnik, but readers should note what this article says about the Nation Of Islam and how their involvement with MJ affected potential loan institutions. I urge everyone to read the entire article for that and more info on Mr. Malnik, among other things.]

As part of the terms of the two loans, Mr. Malnik must act as trustee over Mr. Jackson’s spending….

Mr. Malnik was linked to organized crime figures in 1993 by a New Jersey gaming commission. “The evidence establishes that Mr. Malnik associated with persons engaged in organized criminal activities,” the commission said in a report, “and that he himself participated in transactions that were clearly illegitimate and illegal.”

Part 2- Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

From “Untouchable” by Randall Sullivan

Pg. 504 footnote
…whether Branca was rehired in 2009, first by arranging for a conference call with Michael Kane, who had been hired as Michael Jackson’s business manager shortly before his death and who continued to serve in that capacity for the estate. Kane told me he had personally witnessed the meeting between Branca and Jackson at the Forum [June 17, 2009], and had in fact participated in part of it. Weitzman also arranged a conference call with Joel Katz, who had been hired as Jackson’s entertainment lawyer in the spring of 2009, and Katz told me he was certain that Branca and Jackson had met as claimed, because he had spoken to Michael Jackson about the meeting a short time afterward. … Not long after this, Katz said, he saw a document signed by Michael Jackson that approved a business plan that would be directed by John Branca. Members of the Jackson family and critics of John Branca retorted that Kane and Katz were employees of the estate and allies of Branca. I [Randall Sullivan] see no legitimate basis for insulting Mr. Kane and Mr. Katz with the suggestion that they would lie at John Branca’s behest and I accept that Branca did in fact meet with Michael Jackson at the Forum and likely was rehired as one of Jackson’s entertainment attorneys. For me [Sullivan], that controversy has been settled in Mr. Branca’s favor.

Pg. 505 [Perry] Sanders himself spoke to Jackson’s former accountant, Barry Siegel, [named Trustee on the 2002 will but resigned from that in writing when he was terminated in 2003.] who said that the will had been signed “in California.” Yet Siegel’s friend Dennis Hawk said he understood from Barry that the will was signed in New York.

Pg. 467
News photographs of Michael Jackson had been taken in New York on July 6 [2002], July 8 and July 9, but, oddly, not on July 7. Michael had spent most of that day hiding out in his hotel suit, his bodyguards said, blistered by the backlash against him throughout the recording industry and in the national media. He had, however, attended a meeting in Harlem during the afternoon, according to Al Sharpton.

Pg. 737 Chapter Notes
See ‘New York Times’ on Sony drama… though it is striking that there were pictures of MJ on July 6, 8, and 9, but not on July 7. Marc Schaffel was with MJ on that trip and was one of two people who told me MJ spent July 7 holed up in his hotel room. … One of Mrs. Jackson’s advisers told me Sharpton signed a sworn statement that MJ had been at a meeting with him on the afternoon of July 7, but another said Sharpton was talking about a meeting on July 6.

Pg. 505 footnote
…in February 2003, when he was terminated as Michael Jackson’s attorney, Branca had been ordered to surrender “all” documents in his possession, not just the 2002 will, but the 1997 and 1995 wills as well.

The letter terminating John Branca: http://www.scribd.com/doc/43788480/You-Re-Fired
[Note that it’s dated February 2003 but the day is whited out. The second paragraph instructs Branca to turn over all original documents to David LeGrande’s firm, and copies will be returned to Branca’s firm.]

[This letter, dated July 28, 2003 is on Branca’s firm’s letterhead. Addressed to Charles Koppleman, it is in regard to a proposed Goldman Sachs deal put forth by Koppleman and Malnik. It is signed by John Branca, and he is clearly representing Michael Jackson and Michael’s best interests. It was Branca’s recommendation that Michael pass on this deal, which he did.] Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.39.47 PM

[I recommend everyone read the above letter in it’s entirety, keeping in mind that it is dated 5 months after the termination letter, implying that Branca had been rehired. For more on Malnik and this Goldman Sachs deal, as well as on John Branca, see ‘Michael Was Right, Someone Was After His Catalog – What If It Wasn’t Sony Corp’]

From http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2012/08/17/the-scandalously-boring-truth-about-michael-jacksons-will/

Unfortunately for news hounds, the scandalous truth about Michael Jackson’s will is that there isn’t really much of a scandal, from a legal perspective. Last week FORBES obtained a copy of the latest will from the Los Angeles Superior Court (as others have before) and separately viewed three previous versions of the will, all of which are remarkably consistent and serve to confirm the boring reality: The will is in no real danger of being overturned, and even if it were, it would be replaced by a virtually identical previous version. [See the article for details if you haven’t already.]

From http://mjfancommunity.com/branca.htm
But by 2006 Branca and Jackson’s relationship was troubled….
“He was surrounded and I had to resign. He did not ask me to stay. I resigned amicably.

Pg. 468
Randy was the one pushing hardest to take Branca down, but the rest of the family was concerned that Randy also imagined that he might take Branca’s place as a trustee….And in fact the Jacksons themselves viewed Randy as the most selfish and conniving among them. He was a chip off the old block, visitors to the family compound said, far more like Joe than any of his brothers – and no one intended that to be a compliment. His brothers and sisters all remembered that Michael had accused Randy not only of entangling him in dirty deals and mismanaging his affairs during 2004 and 2005, but also of stealing from him. [Referring to the Prescient Capital/Darien Dash case.]

Pg. 506 footnote
…the subject of the 2003 Michael Jackson will that named Al Malnik as executor. Weitzman said he had spoken to Malnik and that Malnik had told him that will “was never filed.” Later Weitzman stated that Malnik had told him the will “never existed.” That was strange. My initial knowledge of the Malnik will had come from Marc Schaffel, who told me he had been one of the two witnesses to Michael Jackson’s signature at Malnik’s home in Florida. [the other witness is not named in the book] I would have been a little shaky if all I’d had to base my belief in the 2003 will on was Schaffel’s statements. But I had discovered that on the day of Michael Jackson’s death, Malnik had given not one but two telephone interviews to journalists in the Miami Beach area in which he stated that, as of 2004, he was the executor of Jackson’s estate, on the basis of a document signed in 2003. The first interview was given to ‘Palm Beach Post’ columnist Jose Lambiet and the second to a reporter at the CBS affiliate in Miami, Lisa Petrillo.

[I’m having trouble finding the original Lambiet article – he moved to Radar Online – but this refers to it. The link to the Lambiet article isn’t working for me. http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/news/updated-reputed-mobster-al-malnik-says-hes-executor-of-michael-jacksons-will-and-blanket-s-new-dad-6452862     * *but a MJforum discussion someone had transcribed the Page2 article and the portion below details Malnik’s talk of a will.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.05.57 AM

I can not find the Malnik/Petrillo interview anywhere, but this article quotes it, Malnik talking about the 2003 will: http://www.miamibeachreflections.com/?p=123

Here’s the Today Show interview done in July 2009 referenced in the article above. No mention of the will, tho’ Malnik maintains that he’s Blanket’s Godfather.

Pg. 506 footnote
The Petrillo interview had been tape-recorded and played on the air during an evening broadcast. When I [Sullivan] sought counsel from attorneys about what could be motivating Malnik to claim there never had been a 2003 will, if he was in fact saying that, two of them did a bit of legal research for me and reported that Malnik, as an attorney, had been obligated by the California Probate Code to produce any Michael Jackson will in his possession within sixty days of Michael’s death. If Malnik had possessed such a will and failed to produce it, he might face some legal consequences. What this all comes to I [Sullivan] have no certain knowledge. I am convinced, though, that the 2003 Michael Jackson will did exist and I told this to Howard Weitzman.
From http://law.justia.com/codes/california/2009/prob/8200-8203.html

2009 California Probate Code

a) Unless a petition for probate of the will is earlier filed, the custodian of a will shall, within 30 days after having knowledge of the death of the testator do both of the following:

Deliver the will to the clerk of the Superior Court…..
Mail a copy of the will to the person named in the will as executor…
b) A custodian of a will who fails to comply with the requirements of this section is liable for all damages sustained by any person injured by the failure.

[The sixty day time frame Sullivan mentions might apply strictly to attorneys. We can see that ANYONE who had a will other than the one Branca presented broke the law by not coming forward with it, and this makes Malnik’s change of tune on that issue strange to say the least.]

Pg. 507 text
Marc Schaffel was one of two witnesses to Michael’s signature, at Malnik’s home in Ocean Ridge. He recalled that this trust agreement was much longer and more elaborate than the one submitted by Branca to Judge Beckloff, Schaffel said. Malnik had in fact acknowledged the existence of such a will in a brief interview with the ‘Palm Beach Post’s Page 2’ columnist Jose Lambiet on the day after Jackson’s death, adding that he also had agreed to be the guardian of MJ’s youngest child, Blanket. “There could always be a superseding document he signed since then,” Malnik told Lambiet. “I haven’t heard anything yet, but it’s probably too early.” After that, though, Malnik had gone silent, refusing to talk to the reporters who called to ask about it. And no 2003 will had surfaced.

There had been just two copies of that will and trust agreement, as Schaffel remembered it, one for Malnik’s files and one for Michael’s. If anyone had discovered a copy of the Malnik will in Michael Jackson’s files after his death, though, they weren’t saying. Malnik himself refused to speak on the record but told Schaffel that he wasn’t interested in producing his copy of the will Michael had signed in 2003. “Al is an eighty-year-old billionaire who doesn’t want to be bothered with all this,” Schaffel explained. “He certainly doesn’t need the money, and his feelings were hurt when Michael turned on him back in 2003, when the Muslims came in. [the Nation Of Islam] Plus, he told me he’d probably have hired Branca to run the estate anyway, because he knows more than anybody else about it.”

Pg. 695 Chapter Notes
Malnik declined to speak with me [Sullivan], mainly because, as I understand it, he did not want to answer any questions about MJs 2003 will. He did communicate with me a bit through Schaffel, though, and made it clear that he appreciated my effort to hear his side of things. In the end, I found that the lengthy recollection of MJ he posted on his Web site gave me everything I needed – except an answer to what happened to that will.

Pg. 753 – 754 Chapter Notes
Reporters who called to ask/did not get Malnik to comment: South Florida reporters Bob Norman and Joe Weisenthal. Malnik hasn’t spoken to anyone on the record about the will since June 26, 2009, and wouldn’t talk to me [Sullivan]…. Perry Sanders believed that Malnik should have produced any will in his possession for inspection by the court within sixty days of MJs death.

[Before continuing I think we should wonder why, when Branca’s firm was fired in Feb 2003 and David LeGrande’s was hired – why did MJ have Al Malnik draw up a new will in March 2003?]

Pg. 596 Timeline
October/November 2006 After Michael tells Raymone Bain he has no valid will or trust agreement and needs one, she initiates the creation of the ‘Neverland Trust,’ which appoints Katherine Jackson trustee.

[Raymone Bain on Michael’s will as of 2007. From 6:00 – 7:44, listen as she tells Geraldo that during refinancing negotiations she had to ask MJ if he had a will. He said that he did. Later in the year she asked again, to make sure. Again he said yes and “was so adamant” that she realized he not only had a will in place, but “was very comfortable with the decisions he had made regarding it.”]

Pg. 507
Both [attorney Dennis] Hawk and Tohme saw the ‘Neverland Trust’ agreements (naming Katherine Jackson as the trustee of the estate and making no mention of John Branca) that had been prepared in 2006 during Raymone Bain’s reign as Michael’s manager, and assumed those would be the templates of any new estate documents. [Sulivan doesn’t say how Hawk and Tohme saw these documents; he says they “saw” them, not that they had them.]

Pg. 753 Chapter Notes
2006 ‘Neverland Trust’ agreements: described by Tohme, Hawk, two other sources; eventually I [Sullivan] saw copies myself. [Sullivan doesn’t say who showed him copies or why this 2006 trust was not presented to the court; as we know there is a legal time limit. It’s been explained to me by a trust attorney that both a will and a trust are not necessary unless there are assets held outside the trust. Assets held in the trust are divided among beneficiaries as MJ has done; 40% to the kids, 40% to KJ for the duration of her life then reverting back to the trust and 20% to charity. Specific bequests {like artwork or jewelry, for example} are made with a will for assets not held in trust. I think some people use the terms “will” and “trust” interchangeably. It’s also interesting that in the Geraldo interview above Raymone didn’t say she set up a trust but that MJ said he “had a will in place.”]

Pg. 599 Timeline
February/March 2009 After Michael tells them he has no will and needs one, Tohme and Hawk consult with attorney Sean Najerian about preparing a will and trust agreement for Jackson.

Pg. 506 – 507
[Perry] Sanders was even more interested to learn that in the spring of 2009 Michael had been in conversations about his need for an estate planner, and in the process had convinced his representatives, Dennis Hawk and Tohme Tohme, that there was no valid will or trust agreement in existence. “That was my distinct impression,” said Hawk, who in March 2009, right around the time that the ‘This Is It’ shows were announced, had been asked by Jackson and Tohme to find an attorney who could prepare an estate plan for Michael that included a will and trust agreement….Hawk reportedly had contacted Sean Najerian, a lawyer who had prepared such documents for other clients of his.

Najerian said Dennis had indeed called to ask if he would consider the scope of an estate plan for Michael Jackson…. Tohme followed up, and there were a number of conversations during March and April, Najerian said, but then the calls simply stopped. The reason for that, apparently, was Tohme’s estrangement from Jackson during the Julien Auctions imbroglio. “I can tell you that in 2009 Michael didn’t think he had any will,” Tohme said two years later.

Pg. 753 Chapter Notes
Sanders learned from me [Sullivan] that MJ was actively seeking to create a new will and trust in early 2009. I learned it from Tohme, confirmed it with Hawk, and then confirmed it again with Sean Najerian. “That was my distinct impression.”: Hawk. Tohme was much more blunt and certain, insisting that MJ made it clear he thought he had no will and didn’t think the one naming Branca as an executor still existed. Hawk was much more reluctant to say anything that would sound like an accusation against Branca. 2006 Neverland Trust agreements: described by Tohme, Hawk, two other sources; eventually I saw copies myself. [Even in Chapter Notes Sullivan doesn’t explain who had this 2006 trust and why it wasn’t presented to the court – or why Tohme and Hawk had seen it if MJ thought he needed an estate planner.]

Pg. 385
Tohme made it overwhelmingly clear he did not trust Branca.

[But it isn’t Branca that Michael said he feared and distrusted to June Gatlin. We’re told MJ met Tohme in March 2008 and by September he told June Gatlin he was “deathly” afraid of him, didn’t trust him.]

Pg. 300
What Tohme didn’t know was that Michael had begun voicing suspicions about his new manager within a month of signing the power of attorney that gave the Arab absolute authority over his finances and business affairs. In August 2008, Jackson had assigned Michael Amir Williams to find a private investigator who could “check this guy out.” The P.I., Rick Hippach, filed a report on August 23, 2008, that “Mr. Tohme has been both a defendant and a plaintiff in at least sixteen (16) civil lawsuits filed from 1986 to 2007, many of which involved contractual disputes,” then added his own opinion that “this is not the guy to do business with.”

Pg. 665 Chapter Notes
Tom Mesereau told me [Sullivan] I should talk to Dennis Hawk, who had been Michael’s main attorney during the final year of his life and was a good man.

Pg. 754 Chapter Notes
Joe and Randy accusing Sanders of working for the estate: multiple sources; actually, Joe insisted that I [Sullivan] was the estate’s “plant” and had arranged for Sanders’ introduction at the behest of John Branca, who will no doubt be amused to read about it.


Please note Souces are embedded into text.

Books referenced:

“Untouchable” by Randall Sullivan

“Hollywood Interrupted” by Andrew Brietbart & Mark Ebner

*note re: Al Malnik Page 2 and SS added in by MJJJP

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    • The conclusion is that while there is a small group of anti-Estate people trying their best to convince the fanbase that John Branca is evil, it would appear that John Branca may have been one of the few men in Michael’s life that really tried to protect him and his fortune – Please also read new post by Vindicate MJ -https://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2018/07/19/mj-yetnikoff-geffen-and-the-1990-power-grab/

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  2. We’d like to add a great new blog post by Helena at Vindicate MJ to be read in conjunction with this analysis https://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2018/07/19/mj-yetnikoff-geffen-and-the-1990-power-grab/


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