“America’s Greatest TV Dad” vs The King of Pop

And there you have it .. …. beautiful analysis of why no one should lump Michael Jackson into “rape” “molestation” stories of other celebrities

The Dancing Panther

BillRecently, I’ve seen people comparing the late Michael Jackson to the likes of Bill Cosby. You’re probably asking “what do these two have in common?” Well, they were both beloved by America until allegations of abuse surfaced. For Cosby, this has been going on for decades. For Michael Jackson, this happened 10 years ago, in which he was tried and exonerated of all 14 charges with a unanimous jury decision. Also, there are only 2 people who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them. What is confusing to me is, why people are comparing a case in which one man was exonerated and proven to be innocent of these charges (where each accuser was discovered to have created false allegations for money), and the other, a self admitted predator who has evaded the spotlight when it comes to the allegations of having drugged and raped at least 40 women. I went…

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2 Responses to “America’s Greatest TV Dad” vs The King of Pop

  1. Diane Anderson says:

    Bill Cosby is not Cliff Huxtable but Michael Jackson is Michael Jackson.

    How very true. And Michael Jackson was always caring, giving, brilliant & enlightened. How sad so many CHOSE to believe otherwise & broke his beautiful heart.

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  2. Silvily says:

    The only thing the two have in common is the media’s sensationalizing and not giving a balanced picture.


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