Dear Hollywood: Michael Jackson Was Black (and Proud)

Michael Jackson: Say it out loud – He was black and PROUD

A. K. Staggers

As submitted to the Huffington Post Blog


The casting of a white man as Michael Jackson in a TV series set in 2001 is more than unnerving. It is actually a complete contradiction of who MJ was in 2001 and throughout his life. The year 2001 was a year, that if you look and listen to Jackson himself, he was nothing but a black man ringing the alarm about racism in the music industry. The industry was shaken by his outing of racist practices pertaining to black artists and, in a way, retaliated with MJ once again being portrayed as a druggie whose accusations were the rantings indicative of an addict and by 2003, an accused child molester. The latter, if you research the charges, the district attorney’s office, the witnesses and the testimony of others, was nothing more than an aberration of his character and a clear attempt to…

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2 Responses to Dear Hollywood: Michael Jackson Was Black (and Proud)

  1. Thank you for sharing my work! It was a pleasure to write this. I saw it not only as justice for a man who was unjustly crucified, but also as a labor of love. I love writing as much as MJ loved making music. To have the privilege of writing about him, Marvin Gaye and a few other of my favorite artist has been a wonderful experience.

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    • WE were so pleased to see your excellent article on Michael Jackson and it brought us much joy to be able to share it with our wordpress followers, as well as, our facebook and Twitter following. We try to stay connected to Michael’s fans all over the world so that we can run across jewels such as yours. God bless you – much love and light

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