MJGlobal – Campaign to Contact Medical Boards RE: Prevent Conrad Murray’s Medical License Reinstatement

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Conrad Muray has raised his ugly lying head again-  this time with the support of the media in Australia –  Yep .. No surprise there.

It’s a given he’d get support from the down under media, – which prides itself in the lowest common denominator, sensationalism for “Inquiring Minds”  There is a distinct relationship between Rubert Murdoch, Dylan Howard and of course, Wade Robson.

Although most of the tabloid trash stories regarding Michael Jackson coming out of Australia are the usual incredible and easily disproved brazen lies – there is one concern.

Conrad Murray has stated he is seeking to have his Medical license(s) reinstated so he can resume practicing medicine.

Let’s recall a Judge Pastor quote

“Murray repeatedly LIED, engaged in DECEITFUL MISCONDUCT & endeavored to COVER UP his TRANSGRESSIONS.”

Conrad Murray actually had the temerity to state in interview:

“I am highly skilled and have an unblemished medical record. My career has been impeccable.”

To get his medical license back, Murray is trying to assert that Michael Jackson killed himself by administering drugs to himself. He wishes to rewrite history,  but this ridiculous assertion did not hold under evidence and deliberance in court.

“During Murray’s six week trial, the prosecution – LA deputy district attorneys David Walgren and Deborah Brazil – successfully exposed the defenses’ theory that Jackson had either self-administered propofol and/or ingested drugs without Murray knowing – as baseless” 

For more detailed information of Murray’s 2011 trial – California vs Conrad Murray

To imagine Conrad Murray would be given any kind of support by ANY media is truly a sad demonstration that money has been and will always be the driving force behind tabloidesque media groups- but alas, it is current state of media as we know it.

Through these interviews he clearly demonstrats, he still has no remorse for killing another human being. NONE

His callous disregard for Michael Jackson’s children, who through his actions, left them orphaned doesn’t concern him.

He doesn’t consider the jury finding him solely responsible for Michael Jackson’s death to be of any concern  or relevant.-

He believes he is above HIPAA laws which are enforced to protect the medical history of patients and are enforced even if the person is deceased for 50 years after their death.

In 2013, Murray was served a “cease and desist” by the Estate of Michael Jackson when he began interviewing and talking about Michael Jackson, and to avoid this push back,  he’s gone outside the United States to evade HIPAA violations concerns.

Since Conrad Murray has expressed a desire to request Medical Boards to reinstate his license – We urge the MJGlobal family to take a few moments to call, email or send ground letters to the three entities who control Murray’s future.

In no way should Conrad Murray  be allowed to practice medicine and put another human being’s life at risk by his total disregard for standard medical practices.

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We encourage a relisten of Judge Pastor’s full admonishment to Conrad Murray at his sentencing in 2011-

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Please use the information below.. If any of this information is lacking or other information needs to be added – Please do not hesitate to alert MJJJP in the comment section.

Texas Medical Board:                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 2018 Austin, TX 78768-2018
e-mail: verifcic@tmb.state.tx.us
Main Phone: (512) 305-7010
Customer Service Phone: (512) 305-7030 (Outside Texas)Customer Service Phone: (800) 248-4062 (Texas only)Customer Service E-mail: verifcic@tmb.state.tx.us

Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners
1105 Terminal Way, Suite 301
Reno, NV 89502-2144
Phone: (775) 688-2559
Toll Free: (888) 890-8210 (in state)
Fax: (775) 688-2321
Email: nsbme@medboard.nv.gov


REMEMBER Judge Pastor’s words –

“Murray violated the trust of the medical community, of his colleagues, & of his patient. he IS & REMAINS dangerous.” 

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STAND up for our brother, Michael –

STAND up for other  potential  victims of Conrad Murray’s calloused neglect, medical malfeasance and boundless hubris.



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10 Responses to MJGlobal – Campaign to Contact Medical Boards RE: Prevent Conrad Murray’s Medical License Reinstatement

  1. cristinuja bruneta says:

    Thank you for all the messages

    Pe 24.07.2016 09:01, “mjjjusticeproject” a scris:

    > MJJJusticeProject posted: ” Conrad Muray has raised his ugly lying head > again- this time with the support of the media in Australia – Yep .. No > surprise there. It’s a given he’d get support from the down under media, – > which prides itself in the lowest common denominator, sensa” >

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  2. Valerie Brown says:

    Why aren’t Michael Jackson estate doing anything to stop him.


    • We don’t know that they aren’t, do we? The Estate of Michael Jackson is not going to publicly discuss what, if any, legal actions they are, or will in the future take against any individual or entity. Michael Jackson fans are not privy to what happens behind the scenes, nor should we be. Michael Jackson selected the executors to run his Estate and it has always been our firm belief that he did due diligence in selecting these people based on his knowledge of how they conducted themselves as attorneys and men with integrity.


      • Valerie Brown says:

        Thankyou for that information I understand why now.
        But I just hope and pray that Murray never practice medicine again he murdered Michael and now he’s got a book coming out on sale not sure when in UK and just full of liers.


  3. Annabelle Benoit says:

    Murray should never be allowed to practice medicine again he murdered Michael Jackson and that’s only 1 that we know off if I murdered 1 person I would get life in prison that’s what Murray should have got when will they ever leave MJ and his children alone

  4. Angel Borman says:

    We have to take a stand against the slander of Michael Jackson & the incredible injustice he suffered during his life and now in his death. Conrad Murry has violated the HIIPA law by writing a book & releasing the private medical information of Michael Jackson.

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  5. Viviana SG says:

    Steven Shafer(*) appeared as an expert witness in the Michael Jackson manslaughter trial

    Dr. Safer found seventeen separate and distinct egregious violations of the standard of care.
    Four of them were at the level of “unconscionable, immoraland unacceptable”.

    1 – The lack of the basic emergency airway equipment.
    2 – The lack of the advanced emergency airway equipment.
    3 – The lack of suction apparatus.
    4 – The lack of an IV infusion pump.
    5 – The lack of alarmed pulse oximetry.
    6 – The failure to use a blood pressure cuff.
    7 – The lack of an electrocardiogram.
    8 – The lack of capnography
    9 – The failure to maintain a doctor-patient relationship.
    10 – The failure to continuously monitor the mental status of the patient.
    11 – The failure to continuously monitor the breathing of the patient.
    12 – The failure to continuously monitor blood pressure and pulse oximetry and to have a heart monitor on hand.
    13 – The failure to call 911 immediately.
    14 – The failure to maintain a chart at the outset of the procedure (egregious and unconscionable).
    15 – The failure to maintain written informed consent (egregious and unconscionable).
    16 – The failure to document treatment throughout the course of sedation (egregious and unconscionable).
    17 – The failure to disclose to both the paramedics and UCLA the use of Propofol and what Murray witnessed at the time of the respiratory arrest.

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  6. Angel Borman says:

    Conrad Murray is a criminal & should be treated as one!!!!!


  7. Denise Evans says:

    This man should never be able to ever practice medicine again as far as I’m concerned he is a murderer he knew what he was doing and it will happen again if he’s allowed to practice again this man needs to be stopped befor there is another fatality .de


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