A Call To Arms UK MJ Fans… The Felon is set to be on a UK Reality Show!

We are asking you to write, tweet, and make phone calls to stop this murderer from appearing on this show

Stop Global Airwave Abuse

A call to arms to all our UK MJ Fam and fans from across the world.   Conrad Murray The Murderer has come out of the woodwork and is set to appear on “I’m A celebrity, get me out of here!” in the UK. The felon will be compensated for being on this show you can be sure and his “celebrity” status is purely based on the fact that he murdered the most famous man on the planet, Michael Jackson.Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.49.36 PM

He will receive blood money from his new book about Michael and from his appearances on television promoting this fictitious book full of disgusting lies. His new publicist and manager Australian Max Markson, is  being glib in his conversations about the felon’s book and this TV show.  He is being promoted not only the UK, but around the world.  This murderer also wants to get his Physician’s license back, please read MJ Justice P’roject’s post

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6 Responses to A Call To Arms UK MJ Fans… The Felon is set to be on a UK Reality Show!

  1. Kathy Payne says:

    The only thing good that could come from this is if the show confronts Murray as to why he feels the need to exploit Michael’s death, which he has been prosecuted for. And expose his lies and violations of HIPAA. They could actually redeem themselves.


    • That’s a big “IF” and it doesn’t seem to be the way this story is being skewed – We just saw a flurry of tweets from the acccount KIIS 106.5 Kyle and Jackie O … and they are repeating the tabloid falsehoods that Murray is using in all of these Australian interviews and media exposure opportunities .. Just like most observers it’s pretty clear to us, that the Australian media has been given the RED light perhaps even a PUSH to go ahead to put up the most salacious stories & false allegations as possible. The fact that this is seems to be happening with impunity and is an attempt to support their native son, Wade Robson in his last “Hail Mary” pass. His new attorney Mr. Manly- a pit bull, who doesn’t shy away from using media to intimidate his opponents seems to have very little scruples. It’s pretty ugly stuff .. but it is our belief that no matter how much of this old garbage they fling around it will do nothing to mar Michael Jackson’s popularity and relevance in our world. It might actually increase his popularity as sometimes people begin to actually investigate and find the plethora or FACTUAL blogs and thoughtful research done by MJAdvocates .. and most importantly, Manly and Robson’s despeate attempts at using old disproved stories will fail in the attempt to force the Estate to settle.

      There will be NO pay out to Wade Robson.. He will have to get a job. …

      The Michael Jackson Gravy Train is OFF the rails permanently ..


  2. Doris Sousa says:

    How Can This Be , Murray is A Murderer , OH MY GOD ,We Need to Stop This Insanity .


  3. Carol Selva says:

    That one murdered patient happens to be Michael Joseph Jackson whose sad loss has sent the world into severe grief!
    I doubt Murray even understands the expanse of just how much pain he has inflicted on those who daily feel this loss!!!


  4. cristinuja bruneta says:

    Thanks for all the messages, we will Defend Michael Jackson! Thank you so much, dear friends!

    Pe 26.07.2016 01:18, “mjjjusticeproject” a scris:

    > MJJJusticeProject posted: “We are asking you to write, tweet, and make > phone calls to stop this murderer from appearing on this show” >


  5. Valerie Brown says:

    Come on all you Michael jackson fans in the UK and around the world and I know there are millions of you. We have to defend Michael against this evil man and stop him from appearing on this show to be able to tell more liars about Michael and making any money from Michael. And as go’s for that max markson he is just had bad as Murray
    Maybe all us UK fans could do a protest march and lobby itv studio and let them know how strong we fell about this murder.


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