MJGlobal Family Wants Michael Jackson Avenue in Detroit

In mid May 2018, the MJGlobal family celebrated the announcement that the City of Detroit was planning to dedicate a portion of Randolph Street, in the theatre district, by renaming it  Michael Jackson Avenue. However, quite unexpectedly, by mid June 2018,we were heartbroken  when according to Detroit Free Press city announced the plans were suddenly scrapped. Seems it was his own siblings that threw a wrench into these plans to honor Michael, their own brother. A sad and shameful display of shortsightedness and ego. See MJVibe article.

The brothers may not want to honor the little brother that brought them great success with his naturally gifted talent but WE DO .

We urge the MJGlobal family to be actively involved in a massive world wide Twitter/email/letter campaign- 

Michael’s brothers should have no say in whether or not Detroit names a street after Michael. After all that he has endured in our country, when a major city like Detroit wishes to honor him there should be no hesitation in making it happen. His influnece across the globe is undeniable. With every video we see of children emulating his dance, every choir, graduation class or symphony celebrating his music, fashion designers copying his way of dress. It is only right that Detroid honor him as HE is a cultrual ICON and should be treated as such.

A brief history for people who don’t know the Jackson 5 to solo artist Michael Jackson saga. [Skip this if you’re well versed in Michael Jackson and his J5 history and go directly to Campaign Goal section]

Michael the youngest and most talented of the group was lead vocal and he mesmerized Berry Gordy, with his voice and dancing skill. Jermaine stated  “without Jackson 5, Michael Jackson wouldn’t exist” but WE and millions of other Michael Jackson advocates will tell you “Without Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 would not exist”  Berry Gordy, already had signed Stevie Wonder and he wasn’t keen on dealing with more young stars. However, despite these misgivings he finally relented to the pleadings of Suzanne DePasse and met with Jackson 5. After watching little dynamo Michael, Berry Gordy, signed them Motown Records. The hits poured forth, one after another – A list of Top Ten Jackson 5 songs –

With Michael as leader and front man, the Jackson 5 broke records and made many hits for Motown— but Michael Jackson also had that extra oomph, and Berry wanted to explore his chances as a solo artist. Please read, Classic Motown article that explores Michael’s early years as member of Jackson 5 and also his prominence as a solo performer under tutelage of Berry Gordy. Motown Label link

Campaign Goal

Our goal is to have the MJGlobal family impress upon the Detroit City Council the need to continue with their plans to honor Michael Jackson with Michael Jackson Avenue. Michael not only deserves this honor because he was part of the Jackson 5 but because he had his own solo career at Motown and was a mega talented young boy who developed into a world wide Mega Star- There is no other artist that can measure up to Michael Jackson’s status as an entertainer, or any other celebrity who has done as much for humanity all over the planet through his impressive philanthropy.

What To Do

Use contact informaiton of Detroit City Council members below:

LIST of City Council Members names, districts, phone numbers, emails and twitter accounts if available

EMAIL and CALL EACH ONE and Tweet to the ones with Twitter Accounts

Hell even FAX them if you feel so inclined !!

Make is crystal clear that Michael Jackson fans are ready to visit Detroit as a destination just to have our picture taken with his street sign. Every year, Michael Jackson fans visit the United States from all over the world, for the Michael Weeks that include June 25h and August 29th. This destination in Detroit would be a possible MJfan draw, along with the Hitsville Museum, and it could potentially boost Detroit’s tourism numbers substantially.

This August 29th 2018 is also Michael Jackson 60th Birthday and it would be a wonderful day to appropriately honor him for all that he has done, not only for Motown, Detroit but for the world in general. Making a day to celebrate and presenting Michael Jackson Ave to his children Prince, Paris and Blanket would also bring Michael Jackson fans to the city. Don’t forget Motown 25th Anniversary was Michael’s coronaiton.

Implore and Insist that they reinstate the plan to rename part of Randoph St to Michael Jackson Avenue –


Detroit City Council members on Twitter
Tweet to each one  @CouncilmnSpivey, @MsMarySheffield, @Raquel4Detroit, @Scottinthe3rd, @CouncilmanTate, @gcush, @Ayers4Detroit, and @gabeleland

At Large – Council President Brenda Jones (313) 224-1245 (office), (313) 224-4095 (fax),TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777


Contact Person: Stephen Grady, Chief of Staff (313) 224-1245
Scheduling Appointments: Jerline Simmons, Executive Assistant (313) 224-1245, JSimmons@detroitmi.gov

At Large – Janee Ayers (313) 224-4248 (office) (313) 224-1524 (fax)

District 2 – Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr. (313) 224-4535 (office), (313) 224-1524 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, cushingberryg@detroitmi.gov

District 1 – James Tate (313) 224-1027 (office), (313) 224-0372 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, councilmembertate@detroitmi.gov

District 3 – Scott Benson (313) 224-1198 (office), (313) 224-1684 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, BensonS@detroitmi.gov

District 4 – André L. Spivey (313) 224-4841 (office), (313) 224-0369 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, CouncilmanSpivey@detroitmi.gov

District 5 – Mary Sheffield (313) 224-4505 (office), (313) 224-0367 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, CouncilMemberSheffield@detroitmi.gov

District 6 – Raquel Castaneda-Lopez (313) 224-2450 (office), (313) 224-1189 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, councilmemberraquel@detroitmi.gov

District 7 – Gabe Leland (313) 224-2151 (office), (313) 224-2155 (fax), TTY 711 or (800) 649-3777, LelandG@detroitmi.gov


The Michael Jackson Social Network is the LARGEST ON EARTH, bar none. Let’s use our collective power as we did before, when his name was restored to Garner School Auditortium after a massive  year long letter writing campaign and  our  petition against  and MJEstate letter of condemnation the Discovery program did not air.   The Michael Jackson Global family is strong and each year, infused with a new generation of young people who understand that his musical genius is only eclipsed by his humanitarian legacy – He deserves this recognition. 


MJ Advocates.. it’s just not enough for us to email, call and Tweet incessantly-  We must notify other fan groups on Twitter, facebook or instagram to also get involved-

Below is a draft list of Michael Jackson Accounts – Some are groups and some are individuals with large followings and on Twitter/Facebook  –

We would appreciate any instagram accounts you can supply and other Twitter and Facebook acounts that we have overlooked. If you know of some to add PLEASE tell us the names and links in he comment section bekiw. However, pls be sure that the groups you suggest are active – we found many that haven’t been active from one year to up to 7 yrs ..

If you are a member of ANY Michael Jackson Twitter or facebook group listed or unlisted below, please post share this article link and/or the Twitlonger with a short blurb about the Campaign. 

Urge others to get involved by tweeting about the campaign. Translate this article and post it in the comment section ..We will create another link for it –

MJFRANCE -2100+ facebook (twitter is inactive)

MJslegacy, Twitter @MJsLegay 1500+followers
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/michaeljacksonslegacy/
website – https://t.co/oqHobk1qYZ

MJBackstage – Twitter – @MJBackstage 7300+ Followers
website http://www.mjbackstage.be/

MJFanSquare – Twitter @mjfansquare 411 Followers

MJJSite Twitter @MJJSite 14K+ Followers

SWIFT Twitter @GMJHDvideos – 4400+ Followers

MJ Memorial Germany — @MJJMemorial 787 Followers

FunkyMoondancer – @GastonFranco 745 Followers
(organizes the NYC art exhibit MJ Party Night every year)

MJinArabic Twitter @MJinArabic 7200+ Followers

Michael Jackson Innocent Facebook

All For The Love Blog — Prof. Raven Woods- Twitter @emailraven

LA Corte del ray Pop http://www.lacortedelreydelpop.com\
MJVibe Twitter @Mjvibe 674 Followers
(Pez Dan coordinates Mjvibe KingVention — @Pezdann 981 Followers

Genius Michael Jackson http://www.geniusmichaeljackson.com/en/news.html Polish

MJ Venezuela – Twitter @MJJFansVnzla 1600+Followers

MJBeats – Brazil TWitter @MjBeats 14K+followers

MJFans Espana @MJFansEspana 900 Followers

MJJLegion @MJJLegion 79K followers(Backup for MJJLegion Twitter @MJJ_Legion 14.5K)

MJJCommunity Twitter @MJJCommuntiy – 49K+followers
Website http://t.co/3LWMgbPfNa

Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Community .
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MJJCNchina/

MichaelJackson Filipino Fanclub Worldwide
facebook -https://www.facebook.com/mjfcworldwide/

MJfanclub Israel – @MJISRL 50Followers

Egypt Michael Jackson — Cairo Egypt Group
https://www.facebook.com/MJ.Childhood/ MJ FanClub Italy,

VindcateMJ @vindicatemj https://vindicatemj.wordpress.com

VindicateMJ2.0 – @sanemjfan 4900Followers
blog- https://michaeljacksonvindication2.wordpress.com

As always MJJJP appreciates being a small cog in the HUGE Michael Jackson Global Machine … Let’s Come Together over Michael

Much love to you all.





http://classic.motown.com/artist/michael-jackson/ photo

Click to access MJEstateLetterToDiscovery12_29.pdf

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