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For decades, the media has given the public a false narrative that is biased against Michael Jackson. They have told half-truths wrapped up in semi-factual information to brainwash an unsuspecting public into believing Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation. We wanted to share with our subscribers a great blog that focuses solely on the Allegations made against Michael. We think it’s a great research that cites sources and allows the reader to come to logical conclusion based solely on factual information regarding the 1993 allegations, the 2005 trial and the failed attempt of Wade Robson to bring a case against Michael’s Estate & companies.

We have posted just a snippet of the blog section entitled “The 1993 Allegations” with a link to the full article. The site was created December of 2016 and we’d like you to promote it on all MJfan sites as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts. Please be sure to read it and visit the site often – We must arm ourselves with facts if we wish to push back against the media’s desire to keep the false narrative in place-

This is the ultimate mission of MJJJusticeProject.

We will from time to time be reblogging other articles from this site . We find it to be the most succinct collection of factual information and it focuses solely on the allegations. We want to promote it because it’s important to understand the complexity of all the players involved in the false narrative about Michael Jackson. We consider it a vital bookmark.

The Michael Jackson Allegations

The 1993 Allegations

On August 17, 1993 the Los Angeles police department opened an investigation against Michael Jackson based on an allegation that he sexually molested a 13-year-old boy called Jordan Chandler.  In this section of our website we will discuss the Chandler case in-depth. We decided to go along a timeline which hopefully will make it easier to follow the events as they unfolded and to put them into a context.

While you go along with the timeline you will find links to longer articles. These articles explain the events listed in the timeline in-depth and they are essential for understanding the Chandler allegations against Michael Jackson. In the timeline we may cite one article several times if it is deemed relevant to several events. Our sources are listed at the end of each article.


May 1992 – Michael Jackson meets his later accuser Jordan Chandler and his family at a car rental agency owned by the boy’s stepfather David Schwartz, after the singer’s car breaks down on Wilshire Boulvard, Los Angeles. Schwartz offers Jackson a deal: he would rent him a car for free if Jackson promises to call Jordan who was a big fan of the star. Jackson accepts the deal and calls Jordan a couple of days later. He and the boy’s family become friends.

For details about this encounter and an introduction to the Chandler family see: Michael Jackson’s first accuser – meet the Chandler family!

May 1992-January 1993 – Jackson keeps a telephone contact with Jordan and the boy’s mother June Chandler. According to the Chandlers’ recollections Jackson called them about 8-10 times during this period, so approximately once a month. According to June Chandler she was present throughout all of the phone calls.

February 1993 – Jordan Chandler, his mother and his younger sister visit Neverland for the first time.

March 1993 – June and Jordan Chandler again visit the ranch in March. According to June, on several occasions Jordan asked her if he could sleep in Michael Jackson’s bedroom, because all the other kids were there. She described Jordan as being very pushy about this on a number of occasions but she did not allow him. Jordan did, however, play up in Jackson’s room until 2:00am before returning to his guest room.

March 28-April 1993 – Jackson invites June, Jordan and Jordan’s sister to Las Vegas where they stay at the Mirage Hotel. From then on the family frequently visits Neverland, Jackson’s Century City condo and goes with him on trips in and outside of the USA. The Chandlers claim Jordan and Jackson began sharing a bedroom at this Las Vegas trip, although they do not claim any abuse right away.





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  1. Melanie says:

    I’ll post everywhere

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  2. Keely says:

    Thank you for the enormous amount of effort that went into creating this incredible resource. I’ll be posting it on my blog and adding it to any blog posts related to allegations…

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  3. I got so deeply mired in the exhausting documenting and debunking of the allegations on the website I felt thoroughly sickened – by the very calculated lies and deceit of Michael Jackson’s accusers, and by the thought of how much harm they did to him, and (in Robson’s case) attempted to do to his legacy after his passing. These people are the ‘monsters’, the manipulators and fabricators, all in the cause of personal (financial) gain. One is inclined to shudder at the bad karma they are accruing for themselves… though I have to admit to wishing (unchaitably) that it all comes home to haunt them real soon. Not very nice of me, I know. Not very MJ-like. But I’m not Michael. I can only thing about and get a mere sense of his pain at such ugly betrayal, and feel no sympathy or remorse at all for those responsible for it. Thank you MJJJustice for referring us to this invaluable and exhustive collection of information and examination of the false allegations.

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  4. Mj wouldn’t abuse any child! He build neverland because he was a big kid at heart! An there’s nothing wrong w/ that. And the understand I get that from public records after mj supposed death, that they came forward and said it never happened. That their parents know mj had $ and convinced the their them child to do so they’d never need money again. So against their wish they did what their parents told them promising that mj would pay out before it when any further in court. Their parents should be sued by the Jackson family and crimal charges brought against their for child abuse. Falsifying a police report. An grown men now they came out after mj supposed death and admitted what their parents forced them to do. The understanding I get they even return the money back to the Jackson family. This Michael child molester say need to stop! An many more rude says need to stop! The record needs to be fixed asap and a public apologize made by the young men and their parents. Then put all in jail! I back mj 100% always knew he was innocent… I wish if mj is in hinding he’d return so many fans miss him.


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  6. Steven Wayne Rhea says:

    to all the new Allegations that are cropping up on the Tenth Anniversary of his death, shame on you the release of information Act provided that any of that material could have been accessed at any time. you implying it just became available is nothing but a petty ploy at gaining much needed attention that you think you need. back the hell off.


  7. Judy Lyn Villan says:

    I always believe in Michael. He soft and sweet personality. He good heart and great human beings on Earth. His purity personality can always feel and heart touching with out speak a word. Truly love some body truly sometimes no need to speak but truly can feel there purity energy and purity honesty heart forever speak it truths. Michael sufferings to much from mean people. But purity angel heart like you Michael will be forever live in good people heart who truly love you.


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