Michael Jackson, Shiva and the Cosmic Dance

via Michael Jackson, Shiva and the Cosmic Dance

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3 Responses to Michael Jackson, Shiva and the Cosmic Dance

  1. Thank you for sharing!!!

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  2. A response came thru to our Twitter DM from Divya @lightinwhisper– so we will add it here –

    I HAVE BEEN SCREAMING SAME THING FROM YEARS!!! thank you thank you thank you millions times thank you for finding similarities between my papa shivay and my angel! You my friend have NO idea how many times i have witnessed my papa shivay’s natraj form in my angel. W-when my angel dances the universe stands still to witness. Universe was born out of the cosmic dance of shiva.. like our mjfam was formed out of angels dance. Shiva is also called bolenath the innocent one the one who is pleased very easily pure intention and unconditional love only these two things matter for him.. like our angel only love mattered for him. And my papa shivay doesn’t care about race he accepts all he is so loving but unfortunately very misunderstood by humans. Who use his name for personal profit. When the natraj does the aanand tandav dance of joy it brings happiness and becomes source of creation. Like angel danced in man in the mirror or htw .
    But when the natraj dances out of anger or sorrow it brings destruction like in earth song.

    Nat means entertainer
    Raja means king. My papa shivay in his natraj form is the King of entertainment. He has special mercy on artists dancers and entertainers who seek his blessings.
    I was searching for your blog on Google out of curiosity and found this on top result and screamed little too loud from happiness. Indeed its a sign from papa shivay that yes my angel is my destiny and mjfam my family.. please thank the writer of this blog post.. bless them . My spiritual guru taught me to see shiva within everyone but i can see him in angel mj only.. bowing to divinity Within angel mj and mjfam.. namah shivay! Bless you all


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