Fan in India Considers Michael Jackson Her “Angel”

Recently MJJJP was contacted by a young Michael Jackson fan from India via Twitter. She shared with us a beautiful video of love for Michael and asked that we share it. We discovered after a brief conversation with that her life story is one of amazing resilience, fortitude of spirit and a great inspiration.  We asked her to write it out so that we could share that with the MJGlobal family as well.

Our MJJJP team try very hard to promote the ideals of Michael Jackson. While we share his musical accomplishments often, we most like to focus on his ideals and philosophy of love and brotherhood of man and his humanitarian goals and successes.

Michael had a great love of India that he expressed several occasions and maybe most notably in his handwritten not of love on a pillowcase, while visiting Mumbai in 1996. Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 11.29.28 AM.png

We feel Divya’s story is so beautiful and she is the kind of spiritual person Michael would have wanted to meet in his visits to other countries.   Her love for Michael is one that we can all relate to and our MJJJP team hopes you will feel as inspired by it as we have been.    We are so blessed that through our vocational work for Michael, we have met Divya. We have not edited her story, because we want to show how much determination Divya has to write such a beautiful story of love with one hand on a cell phone, in prone position, due to her health issues. –

This is Divya’s story:

Hello, my dearest mj family.
Today I would like to tell you little bit of my story how i became mjfan and why he is my most cherished angel.
My name is Divyajyoti or divya you may call. I was born and grew up in very small village of india.
Although my name means divine light but my fate have been overshadowed by   darkness and loneliness until angel mj came in my life   i am only child to my parents and unfortunately born with a genetic muscle disease which limited my mobility and made me disabled but luckily I was still able to walk with support . Yet i had no friends because i wasn’t like them it was quite lonely and troublesome childhood.  Later i was molested by a therapist who was supposed to heal me.. which just added more to my misery .
In 5th grade i was harassed by a classmate which made my dad paranoid about my safety so he quit sending me to school and i had suffered really bad lung infection which forced me to stay at home and my dad wasn’t ready to send me to school although I wanted to complete my education but i had to quit my studies after 6 grade and stayed at home.  struggling loneliness
I attempted to learn English like others but never achieved success because of circumstances.
So because of these reasons i didn’t knew about Michael.  I mean i knew that he’s a famous  dancer in America but that’s it i never  paid more attention my mom would make sure i don’t watch anything related to Hollywood because she thought it’s vulgarity. I have still seen Michael’s influence on bollywood but i always laughed it off like “eh! What i have to do with him” surprisingly my dad once brought me a book which had Michael’s biography in hindi but at that time i fought with my dad that why he wasted money on some stupid book.
“You could have brought me bangles but you wasted money on stupid book. I don’t care about no Michael jackson.  What do i have to do with him” i threw that book in trash.. but my dad had kept it safe.
He said “You will understand when you will grow up . This book includes biographies of all great people who will inspire you in future.” i didn’t bothered to listen to him and moved on with my life.
we were having family issues my mom planning to move over to my grandma’s home in one of the metro city of india for my better future and better health and education facilities.  She was trying to convince my dad for years but he wouldn’t agree because he was too attached to the village life and his hometown he didn’t liked the idea of being in the big city which created conflict in their married life.  By destiny’s wish in 2008 we received a call that my grandfather was on his death bed.
So me and mom came to the city to visit grandpa while dad stayed back. Unfortunately grandpa passed away
And then my mom decided to permanently live here . We never went back.  I had to choose between mom and dad i loved my dad to death but i chose mom .. i couldn’t live without her i was very deeply attached to my mom .
I was furious with my dad for misbehaving with my mom and being so Stubborn but i missed him dearly it was traumatic experience. No child must ever have to choose between parents.
In the beginning all was good i was more than happy being part of joint family with my siblings uncle aunt and grandma.  But then i started feeling very lonely and sad because all my siblings and their friends were well educated and spoke fluent English but i couldn’t.  I attempted to learn but didn’t succeeded.
There was this one younger cousin sister of mine i was close with i would always try to copy her because I thought she was so cool one day she hurt herself trying to imitate mj moves. Because of her i first saw Michael doing the moonwalk on her phone it was the dangerous live performance at the vma.
And i thought : “wow! How he do that??? That’s magical!” But then we both got busy with other stuff and forgot about it.  Because well my cousin liked mj but she wasn’t a die hard obsessed moonwalker.
Then on the tragic dark day of june 25th 2009.
It was afternoon time 2: 20pm to be exact when i turned on tv and went to pick my lunch from kitchen .
When I came back in living room
 * i could walk with support that time  *
 instead of my favourite bollywood  gossip show they were showing clip from earth song and at the bottom there was breaking news that king of pop is no more ” i had no idea what happened to me that moment i dropped my food and started crying hard. I don’t know why it made me so heartbroken as if loss of a family member although he was complete stranger to me.
It was the earth song which made me fall in love with a stranger .. i didn’t understand the song lyrics fully back then but i fell in love with an angel in rugged clothes weeping for mother Earth .
That shook the very core of my soul. I remember locking myself in the bedroom and cry for hours. It happened naturally. .. it was a tragic beginning of a beautiful journey of divine love.. although i was 16..but
I was like a…baby.. a Little lost girl in Michael’s extra ordinary and bizarre world where media even  at time of his death tried to prove him as a monster, weird alien guy.
There were SO many crazy stories about Michael on indian news channels too .
Accusing him of being a molester which made me feel angry.  Although my English wasn’t good and i knew nothing about Michael but still i refused to believe he could be a molester. There was so much innocence and divinity in his eyes.. the footage of him crying in the earth song was deeply imprinted on my mind.. i used to tell myself no way a person who can make such touching song about earth can be a molester. Molesters are wicked and cruel i knew because i been a victim twice.  they don’t cry for others..
Like Michael does.
I have seen footage of Michael being with children it was so beautiful pure and divine.. his innocence was visible in his eyes.  .i felt i could trust him
I wonder if a uneducated village girl like myself could see the innocence in Michael’s eyes and his body language and trust him even though he was stranger to me
Why people who get such expensive education let media fool them why they lack basic common sense and believe lies about Michael? It wasn’t a rocket science to understand he loved children and he had skin disease which changed his skin colour but not his soul
Such people drive me crazy.  I consider them brainless robot.
Since that very moment i decided to dedicate my whole life to Michael.
He awakened a new passion within me. He gave my life a meaning and a purpose to live..
My first relationship with Michael was that of a teacher and nursery  student . My dad had finally came to live with us.  I had made my mind that i want to continue my studies my uncle tried to get  an admission for me  in a special school made for special people  like me  but my uncle couldn’t do it because he didn’t had needed legal and medical  documents and my dad didn’t let them send me to school so they just got annoyed and gave up.  It created a rift in my relationship with my dad.. i started to hate him for being too obsessed and paranoid.
I had quit talking to him because I was so angry.
That time Michael was my only comfort. I would just stay in my room for hours looking at his pictures reading his biography again and again.
Then my dad brought me a dictionary and few books to learn English at home in 2 months.  And my uncle had gifted  me smartphone that was it!
I used to lock myself in my room for hours and hours religiously and passionately learning English by listening to Michael’s songs for hours and try to understand the meaning in hindi. I used to mirror practice of English speaking with Michael’s pictures on the top of my mirror.  First lesson in English speaking course was introduction.
My first conversation with Michael on my toy cellphone was like: “hi! I am divya.. i am from India.  It’s nice to meet you ..”
I realised i couldn’t call him Michael Because i was 16 and he was 50! An elder nearly age of my daddy. in india we don’t call elders by their name it’s very disrespectful
I respected  him immensely.
So i just told Imaginary Michael that i would call him my “Angel”
And thanks to my Angel dearest i learned fluent English in less than a month and shocked everyone. Today when people ask me “div! From where you learned such English?”
“I proudly say i learned from Michael jackson.”
Then i joined social media and met such wonderful people from mj global family.  I found so many friends in mjfam who helped me become a better person.  I felt so loved and happy with my mjfam. Another one of the greatest gift angel mj has given me is my fairy mother Elizabeth Mam and her husband sir Elijah i love to call him daddy .  Just like Angel had a precious Elizabeth Taylor in his life who helped him though everything
By loving and supporting him unconditionally.. i also met my fairy mother Elizabeth on twitter.. she is also a devoted mjfan  i was astonished and very much inspired by her poetry and stories for angel mj  that’s how we become friends and turned into  a family in past nine years.. Elizabeth mam and sir Elijah love me and treat me just like their daughter it was them who inspired me start writing about Michael and improve my English and writing skills .
I was 20 when I realised I started love him romantically too.. while writing some fanfics. But not in a Sexually explicit way or the billie jean or dirty Diana kind of way though.. the love i feel for him is divine i feel as he’s part of my soul.  Like if someone has to drift me from apart from Michael they will have to kill me.. but even then my soul will love my Angel.. people tease me and feel pity that I can’t get married.  I tell them i have my Angel he’s all i need.. this is the way Michael continues to  save many lives being a mjfan is a sacred blessing fortunate people experience.
9 years and my love and passion for Michael continues to grow everyday.
In the beginning he was a teacher and an inspiration to me whom’s Oxford speech helped me sort out daddy issues and forgive him.
Then he was like a father whom’s voice would put me to sleep and comfort me when my daddy decided to leave again cause he couldn’t adjust living in city.
Michael was and still is  a true friend i can trust with anything and who had been my only  comfort when i had to witness multiple deaths in my family in 9 years.  My grandparents, my eldest uncle.. then my father..  and then mother too..
When daddy was alive he had always supported and encouraged my love for Angel mj. He gifted me moonwalk book on my 18th  birthday.  It’s my holy bible.
I would always keep him awake talking about Michael all night  . Many times he got worried when i would break in tears cry scream laugh sometimes even faint while watching Michael on tv but he accepted that it’s normal for a moonwalker.
My mom had issues with Michael thanks to his crotch grab  but eventually she accepted him when i was admitted in hospital and she couldn’t be there with me because of her own health issues.
i told her “mom don’t worry i have my Angel with whenever i fell extremely sick she would tell me to listen to Michael. She realised he is my strength and my happiness.
In the last conversation with my dad when he was on his death bed he told me to stay strong and take care of my mom..
I asked him “who will take care of me?”
He said “you have your Angel mj i will tell him to watch over my princess.
 Today I am 25 and unfortunately  bedridden due to some health issues i wouldn’t dicuss in detail but still i am very positive satisfied and happy with my life.. people ask me the secret of my strength because after my parents death i used to live with my cousin sis but she had to focus on her studies and career so i would always stay home alone most of the day bounded to bed with lot of pain, bedsores, stress due to family issues .. which is more than enough to drive anyone crazy.  But people often  find me smiling to myself and being the happiest girl on earth when i talk about my Angel.. my close friends do tease me about it
What Michael is to me i can’t describe in words.. 9 years and i don’t remember a time when I needed him and he wasn’t there for me..
My teacher , my, Angel, my friend and.. the love of my life too when I fell in love with him romantically too when i started writing for him.
This connection we share is so pure divine and timeless bond of unconditional love..Michael is the savior of my soul.. my inspiration my motivation and my strength .. my purpose to live.. i am alive for Michael only.. otherwise i would have given up on life long ago..
So this was my journey from an uneducated  village girl to Angelmjsdivya.
He is an angel and life savior for many Including me.  He has saved me in many ways i owe my life to him. He’s not just an entertainer but as sacred as god to me
Divya’s Twiter account  @lightinwhisper
Divya’s Instagram  Angelmjsdivya
Photos she wanted to share:
“Wearing M pendant because Michael defines me.”
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.58.39 PM
“Caught on camera while smiling like idiot because i was thinking of Michael”
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 3.02.49 PM
“Michael in red was first picture that i had seen in newspaper and fell in love with his smile”
 Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 2.58.57 PM
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3 Responses to Fan in India Considers Michael Jackson Her “Angel”

  1. Ashima says:

    Trully awesome ! I hv no words to comment on this beautiful soul Divya.
    Never heard such a true love story which gives life n divine happiness
    Bless you Divya


  2. DIVYAJYOTI vd says:

    Thank you so much.. i have no words.. to express my gratitude and happiness.. it’s such a big honor for me


  3. so, so, touching… love like this cannot be defined, just accepted for what it is… so special.

    Liked by 2 people

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