Michael Jackson “A one man rescue team for the record business” NY Times


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On October 14, 2014 – MJJJP tweeted

“A one man rescue team for the record business” New York Times

And what followed was several comments is beautiful prose from @maxxman –

His Comments begin —

“he still is. i mean the man always was good for business, if you were a fan you were buying, and if you weren’t,

then you bought another artist, however you were always aware of his presence and that is Domination, period

he broke down racial walls and also he saved the industry big time. he was to music as the black films of 70s

and yet that racist industry will whitewash things and down play the obvious. MJ was a internet before one

all over the world and folks were feeling it, he lit it. brother man had bootys all over the world dancing

these jive turkeys in the industry trying pimp the mind with lite in the cakes justin timberlake, bieber,etc,

i was there back then and he got laughed at and told you can’t do that as a black artist, but he did it,

the man though sadly been used as a ATM machine for a industry who lacks any tact, however he made you feel it

and it ain’t about selling records because garth brooks done sold a boat load and yet it ain’t hit like MJ

he made a statement that said as a black artist we going for your pop charts, and taken over the world.

mj was a brand way before it became fashionable to say. the man had vision and a plan and worked hard period

you think beyonce got the door she got now without an MJ? i mean he had that work ethic and he wanted

these lame turkeys talking about downloading, bootlegging, etc.. well tape recorders were around back then, dubs

bottom line mj had the songs and gave his all through his song and his dance. he never short changed you

you never had to have mj on no star search or down playing what he was doing. he made you feel what was

he was competitive and he was aware of what was going on, however he battled himself at award shows, etc one man

motown 25 and doing the only non motown song which he wrote and he turned it out period. he made it look easy

funny thing about thriller, just 8 years prior the jackson 5 were doing vegas when that was seen as has been

so to fast forward a almost a decade later and put out a album which would forever change the game, just scary

bottom line you still got albums that sell, however these artists and these labels are of a different mind

32 years later folks still talking about and if that ain’t a statement then i don’t know what is.

forget the j5 era through off the wall or the jacksons era or the bad era till now, just an album that flipped

classic, legend, genius, timeless, gifted are overused today. terms thrown out and looking back at how much talent

back then you had to make a statement and it was no joke.i ndustry was hurting. laying people off, still do

mj is an example that if you have a co worker who makes a difference to you, then you should tell them

sony outta give his estate half of the company for what he did for them globally. yeah half ownership,

smart man he took that thriller money and bought that beatles catelog and made sure he handled the business

he wasn’t just shucking and grinning he was about that business life. he made them get off that cake as well

my thriller tape had no liner notes inside of it, imagine that today on a disc or itune download, it was music

he wanted to take what he learned and flip them into the now. we want the artists of today to do the same

sadly acts of today despite more technology and more ways to communicate just don’t strive for that extra

its not old school talk here, but its a fact previous generation had better overall talent.you got a few now

however these acts are too safe and too happy and a tired industry which wants everybody in the same bed

when you listen to music you want to be moved and feel it. everything else flows. MJ proved that.8 to 88 got it

all age ranges, all races, backgrounds, that is the power of a gift and when used correctly its about love

you felt the love and warmth and it was touched the coe of your soul, it hit the emotions. in all ways period

we gotta ask and demand out artists to do that period. we want that earthy emotion and leave nothing behind

when folks say greatest entertainer i say as doing it all right. singing, writing, dancing and connecting period

he learned from the best and honored them. james brown,
jackie wilson, motown acts were proud of him, much respect

thriller was his reward for also taken care of his whole family. that man also carried a family on his back

i mean he represented big time. that kind of energy and to always connect ain’t easy.in a cut throat business. already for it. JB deserves way more as well

he was 13 years into his career before thriller dropped, now how many artists can drop a game changer so late

he gave so much more than people even know and he was low key with it as well. straight up cat about helping”

End of Wisdom from the Twitter account of Maximillian Muhammad

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