An Open Letter To The Michael Jackson Fan Community-

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An Open Letter To The Michael Jackson Fan Community

Please forgive me for not being as thorough as I would like in the content below. Like many of you, I am having to ‘fight the fight’ during working hours, and time is of the essence. The lengths we will go to for the big man, eh?

Firstly, please note, that I am simply a fan like you, this message comes from a good place and it’s only my advice, please do not mistake it as dictating or trying to lead. I fear some fans will use this as a means to twist it’s content and start bickering, but there really is not any need. It’s all for L.O.V.E.

I know, this is a testing time for all of us. It feels like 1993’ and 2003 combined and on steroids! The huge difference this time however, is that Michael Jackson is not here to defend himself and as his Army, it’s more important now than ever before, for us to come together and protect his legacy. Friends and family may not understand, and work colleagues may think you’re bonkers, but we have been here before and we can win this battle once again. As Michael famously reminded us, ‘You Are Not Alone.’

I know that the fan community is huge and there are lots of difference groups of us. However, I think it is vital that we present a united front to the extent that we can and try to take a unified approach in how we deal with this latest attack. I’m going to break the following down under separate headings, as there are several issues that I feel need addressing.

Responding To Critics/Haters/Misinformed

It’s very easy to get wound up, angry and defensive when faced with those who will believe the lies and fall for the nonsense and want Michael to be guilty. DO NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL.

Let’s not fight fire with fire and instead extinguish it with Truth, Facts and Logic (think TFL, which will be handy for the Londoners amongst us as it refers to our local travel system). We have truth and evidence on our side and ultimately they cannot refute that. It is a fact that Wade Robson ardently defended Michael many times over the years. All the things they have claimed about Michael are simply that: claims. Furthermore, those claims are not supported in any way whatsoever by the evidence available.

If you are struggling to answer questions in a hurry – DON’T. Instead, locate the answers from another fan who you consider to be more knowledgeable, or copy easy-to-understand responses from other Tweets etc – I’ve done it loads of times before. It’s better to do that than come across as a person lacking the correct information as that could just damage our credibility.

Not having the answers is OK.

Why did he settle in 1993?

Why did he allow children to sleep in his room?

What role does Bubbles have in all of this? 🤭

The entire subject matter is a minefield and you’d need a PhD in Michael Jackson to fully grasp the entire backstory. So, spare a thought for the misinformed and uneducated; it’s easier for them to decide MJ was guilty, because having to explore the research and truth is complicated and time-consuming.

So, let’s respond with snappy straightforward facts – this includes Links, here are a couple of good ones:

My other suggestion is to replace photos of Michael from your Social Media (unless it’s a necessity to the name/group). I know some of you will be conflicted with this, but trust me, from being a long-time supporter, you are taken much more seriously from the ‘other side’ when you have a picture of yourself or a neutral image, rather than that of MJ. You’re more likely to viewed as obsessive, blinded or non-objective if they think you’re a big fan. My experience has been that being genuine and using a measured and friendly tone has a lasting impact and encourages people to listen, giving you the chance to explain the truth. Do not forget, there are future Moonwalkers out there waiting to join us, but we MUST be relatable.

AND REMEMBER, not everyone can be convinced nor wants to be. It’s easy to spot those keyboard warriors early on. Block them and channel your energies elsewhere. Michael DOES NOT need those people as his fans. It’s definitely a case of picking your battles wisely.

Is There A Larger Force At Work Here?

So I have read on many forums about a ‘conspiracy’ against MJ .We know they exist and the latest one has been in refence to Sundance/Harvey Weinstein/Oprah/David Geffen/HBO etc etc, let’s not go there right now – It’s complicated and can take us down a very deep rabbit hole, distracting from the necessary action that’s required in retaliating against the #LyingAboutNeverland MOCKumentary.

We can deal with the ‘bigger picture’ when the time is right. The general public do not care, or rather have the time to listen about conspiracy theories involving Michael Jackson. On top of that because of the nature of such things, conspiracy theorists are widely viewed as a bit outrageous and those that promote them are often seen as bonkers. We have to deal with being seen as crazy just because we are Michael fans. Let’s not add to that and give them any further ammunition!

Channel 4

The executives at Channel 4 are rubbing their hands with glee at the reaction to Leaving Neverland. From what I gather from the inside, they are loving the attention the fans are giving to the show. Remember, these networks are expected to create controversial subject matters, regardless of the truth, as long as it generates hysteria. You know in the Kanye West and Jay-Z song ‘N*ggers in Paris’, there’s a part where it comes to a crescendo and you can hear the actor Will Ferrell say the words “its provocative it gets people going” – Well that’s what they are hoping for.

For us as fans it poses a complicated dilemma, on one hand do we stay silent and not give it any attention for fear of indirectly promoting it to people? Might that seem as though MJ’s supporters are small due to his declining popularity? Or, do we stand up and beat our drums so loudly in response, and in doing so, cause waves of free promotion for the network?

‘Dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t’ springs to mind. It’s not up to me to tell you what your decision should be; that’s your prerogative. Just don’t forget the silent majority of MJ supporters that do exist amongst us.

Although there is no definite date as to when the show will air, it’s likely to be in two parts at the beginning of March (in the UK). In my opinion, it will be catastrophic, and we must expect the worst outcomes imaginable. I’m sorry, but it will be a difficult time and we will be challenged. I know there are many of you who are divided on this matter, ranging from ‘it will blow over, we have experienced worse’ to ‘this is the end of Michael Jackson.’ Whatever your view, we should all prepare for the worst and formulate a plan of action so we are ready to go once this thing airs. If it turns out that it is not as bad as I fear then great but let’s be prepared for all eventualities.

Peaceful Protest

There is currently a peaceful protest scheduled for outside the Channel 4 headquarters on Wednesday 6th March from 8am onwards.

We need MASSIVE numbers! I’ve already booked the day off work. Please no MJ costumes or anything that they can use to label us as crazy fans blind to the truth.  The protest will be at:

124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX

Please do all you can to attend; it will be shambles if only a couple hundred turn up. Although that is a fairly decent amount, the reality is that just like Michael’s album sales, if the numbers are not record breaking, we are seen as pitiful. Let’s unite in abundance and show these bastards we are not messing.

Social Media Groups

Like many of you, I am part of various social media groups on Facebook and Whatsapp. I struggle to keep up.

This means that some great information can get lost easily and it can become a technological minefield with information overload. My advice is to take a break from it all often! Since the news broke about the MOCKumentary I have not slept properly, I feel angry, my fitness has slipped and I am eating crap – this isn’t me. I have had to take a step back to reflect on my mental health throughout this and recalibrate everything.

We cannot go to war on this if we are out-of-shape (emotionally, mentally, physically), forgetful, angry, vengeful, tired. We need to be refreshed, focused and happy within ourselves that ‘WE HAVE GOT THIS.’

I have written up a specific Tweet that you can copy and paste below. I’ve left just enough characters so that it will give you room to ‘@’ someone at the beginning, or simply just Tweet or Pin to your profile/share on Facebook etc:

*EXCLUSIVE* hidden details from the #MichaelJackson doc!







#TheTruthToo #TheRightSideOfHIStory

What Else Can We Do?

Right now, MJ’s legacy is at risk. BUY HIS MUSIC!I personally recommend that we purchase the song ‘SCREAM’ and make it go to number one all over the world. To anyone reading, feel free to set up a group encouraging this. I will strongly back the cause.

I have seen today that the MJ Number Ones album is increasing in the UK charts. Brilliant.

Sadly though, I have seen Michael Jacksons place on Spotify fall sharply. He was 58th in the world last week and has slipped to 63rd as of today (31 Jan 2019).

Get MJ on repeat via Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

More importantly, REQUEST HIS MUSIC on radio – I know this seems like a full-time job, but every little does help. Maybe once a day send in a request via Twitter or radio stations’ Facebook pages. Michael’s music is a powerful entity and the best response to the hate. Remind people why they fell in love with his magic in the first place.

Put Aside Our Differences

I know that rivalry within the MJ community exists and I’ve experienced it myself unfortunately. Whether it’s fans supporting the Estate or believing the Cascio tracks are genuine or having some kind of superiority complex, whatever it is – NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DIVIDED. Put your differences aside and let’s be united; do not underestimate how much strength there is in numbers and that there’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.

We are dealing with a serious matter here on a global scale. There are talks that Michael’s music and the impact he has had on society will eventually diminish and he will ‘fade away’ – WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

Simply put, we need one another now as much as Michael does.

Let’s Not Forget

Yes, our concern and loyalty are to Michael Jackson and the risk to his legacy, but we CANNOT forget about the genuine victims of childhood sexual trauma – It’s imperative that we drive that message in our retaliation. We must demonstrate that we are compassionate and serious about this matter because Michael did not abuse anyone. Michael was a huge advocate in the fight against child abuse and he dedicated his entire life to helping others. If any one of us thought there was even a tiny bit of truth to any of these allegations, we would not be supporting Michael at all and we need the public and media to understand this. As a father myself, I ensure I drive this message across in every debate and rebuttal.

Of course, in relation to the MOCKumentary involving Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, feel free to also let people know that Michael is the REAL victim in all of this.

Furthermore, don’t forget to mention the impact this is likely to have on his three children and their futures. That too is important.

What Is Happening Behind The Scenes?

I am sure you are all aware that Michael’s nephew Taj is working on a documentary in response to all of this. I’m not privy to the full details. I hope that this write up is provided to him so he is aware of the blanket message that I hope the fans will embrace as we move forward. When the news of this disgusting film was announced, Taj was settling into fatherhood and had planned to start 2019 changing diapers and being the best dad he could be. He should not be denied the joys of fatherhood and caring for his young child, by having to invest in fighting this project by Channel 4 and HBO.

I witnessed Jermaine Jackson on British Television this week. I’ll be honest; I think he could have responded in a more forthright way. Right now, what we need from the Jackson family is a no-nonsense approach and real evidence that they are fighting this. We, the fans, can only do so much. They are the big machine in all of this.

I worry that they do not know the facts in the way that we do and I hope that we see more measured intelligent fans and supporters on radio stations and TV screens in response to the show rather than Jackson family members who might be ill-equipped to deal with the questions.  They are grieving and hurting right now. Placing them in front of TV screens with no deep understanding or energy to FIGHT is suicide. KOWLEDGE IS POWER and I am in awe of the amount of rebuttal information that I read from the fan community. Let’s use our skills to speak up in a way that will make doubters listen.


A few other fans and I have come up with the idea of having adverts placed in the press screenshot2019-01-31at4.30.28pmand on the sides of British buses, both in London and around the country.It will feature an image of Michael, kind of like the one in the flyer here. It was originally created by fan Nastyspaghetti7- To use as leaflet content given out at Sundance. It was very symbolic to the fight, so are going to use it for this too.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please go to:

The Michael Jackson fan community is incredible. The knowledge and dedication we have individually and as a collective is truly spectacular and I am so proud and blessed to be part of this magical and diverse community. The above are just my thoughts on how we can deal with the current crisis effectively and not intended to offend anyone so please don’t take it that way. I truly feel that if we conduct ourselves in a professional, polite and intelligent manner and present a unified front we can really influence others and get the truth out there,

Thank You.


Seány O’Kane (just a regular fan like yourself)


InstaGram: SeanyOkane

Facebook: Seány O’Kane

LinkedIn:  Sean O’Kane





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11 Responses to An Open Letter To The Michael Jackson Fan Community-

  1. Irina says:

    Thank u for supporting MJ innocence. U right MJ is a VICTIM here & all those who were involved in the making “ Leaving Neverland “ are classic financial predators and five star psychopaths! They are fully psychologically, emotionally, intellectually in every possible way bankrupts. They don’t feel anything! If it’s not about them- it doesn’t matter! MJ legacy as a greatest entertainer that ever walked this earth will never fade- he is a King & always will be. They taken his life but they will never be able to take away his crown. I will seek Justice for MJ till the day I die

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Happy to share this around. I really don’t like that leaflet/poster image, as it comes from a period that predates the time the false accusers knew Michael, I believe using an ‘out of context’ image weakens our arguement. We should not be afraid to show Michael in all his glory from the Bad years onwards as he is so well known by the international community, and as relevant in this situation. However, this is a minor matter compared to the importance and intent of the fan campaign. I just think we can do better in how we present the matter. Brenda and Siren’s leaflet was excellent, providing links and information to educate those really willing to find out the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. However, I must stress how strongly I support the importance on focusing on the matter at hand, and not getting side-tracked into conspiracy theories, real or imagined (I don’t profess to know!) They have been a major distraction and the cause of such divisiveness in the fan community. To win the war we have to tackle each battle as it comes and meet the ‘enemy’ with a united front and armed with the facts. This is what you are prosing, and this I certainly support 100%.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Deborah Cecola says:

    Thank you for all the info on MJ. We all know he is totally Innocent and they have no proof of these allegations against him by Wade and Safechuck, I will stand up for MJ 1000% there should be some reprocusion for them LIARS, Perjury is a serious violation !!


  5. Helena says:

    Thank you very much for this open letter.
    I’d like to reprint it on vindicatemj blog if I may – to give it more circulation.
    Will it be ok?

    Liked by 2 people

  6. says:

    Thank you for that positive advice you are appreciated so much. I believe our community is amazing because we have a people like you all over the world, we all truly love Michael Jackson❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Seany I agree with you and I have been doing just so on social media,informing and counter attack others with facts supported by strong evidences!I followed the trial very carefully and I was at SM to search for truth and support MJ!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Dalia Burgos says:

    We are a community incredibly full of love, the love that even prevails as remnant of the energy of Michaels love. This love moves us like to no other community of fans, We are an alive entity own and sadly studied and predictable for those who orchestrate all that vileness. We must be more intelligent than them and not to leave ourselves going by the emotion and the festering. We have the task difficult to be taken seriously, even when we are objective and serene they try to discredit as crazy fanatics. When Michael is “profaned” they put the finger in a very painful sore for us and because of it it is that I understand the pain and the frustration we feel. They will not win. Love is more powerful than hatred. Michael will continue being loved and admired per centuries. I will love him and defend him till my last breath.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Maxine Bailey says:

    Love your piece. Hope we the fans do what you’ve said.


  10. PK Lee says:

    You wrote everything perfectly. Thank you so much. I now don’t feel so alone… I too lost sleep after viewing the “documentary” trailer. I was prepared to say that I still loved this amazing man, despite his serious failings, but I have dropped the second half since. Thank you again. Peace.


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