Hollywood, Sundance and Makers of Leaving Neverland Blowing Smoke for Harvey Weinstein or Someone Else?


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Media manipulation currently shapes everything read, heard and watched-

Everyday – Everything

It exploits the difference between perception and reality, by playing the volume game and generating enough buzz, public opinion can be molded….  the unreal becomes real.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the minds” Jim Morrison

Who are the Media Manipulators?

OCTOBER 2017, an explosive New York Times expose, broke with startling allegations against Hollywood’s, Harvey Weinstein.  These allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power opened an avenue for women to relate their own private terrors creating the #MeToo Movement on Twitter.  The article revealed that 30 years Weinstein repeatedly paid off many accusers who claimed  he sexually assaulted  them and to make matters worse, it was a well-known “secret”. It is important to note, included in details of this sexual aggression was the Rose McGowan allegation that the influential mogul, had raped her at Sundance Film Festival in 1997. 

DECEMBER 2017 – The breaking of the Harvey Weinstein became a story unto itself, as Variety continued to delve into the allegations and the possibility of the accused “facing criminal investigations and possible jail time.”

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DECEMBER 2017 – New York Times article  detailing  how Harvey Weinstein used media, for years, especially the tabloid variety, like Radar Online, run by Dylan Howard, who in the same month had  his own bit of sexual harassment picadillos at Celebuzz.  Details on how  gossip reporters like AJ Benza supplied salacious smokescreen stories about Michael Jackson and others to cover up Weinstein’s indiscretions and legal wranglings quickly became known. It’s seems that  the good old boys club was always always trading “favors” and taking care of each other.

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MARCH 2018 The BBC’s –Panorama One —  aired  documentary “Weinstein:The Inside Story” (still available for online viewing) without much fanfare or media buzz.Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.37.52 AM

DECEMBER 2018 CNN reports on Harvey Weinstein legal problems – Trial set for MARCH 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.15.25 AM


JANUARY 10, 2019, BBC  with renewed vigor, stirs the pot, updates  the Harvey Weinstein saga and the plethora of women who have now accused him include big name Hollywood actresses.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.17.44 PM

It seemed that even with Harvey Weinsteim  money and influence in court he couldn’t  get his charges dismissed –

Weinstein could NOT catch break in the media either.

But then, something quite remarkable occurred – as if someone had pulled a switch.

The very same day as the Harvey Weinstein BBC article a Fox article appeared-

JANUARY 10, 2019 FoxNews  reports the Sundance Film Festival announced two last minute entrys for 2019 lineup – one was Leaving Neverland.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.30.07 AM

Coincidentally, “Untouchable: The Harvey Weinstein Story” was also to be aired on Jan 25th at Sundance. In fact it had several showing but the media was already in full blitzkreig Michael Jackson mode.

Understandably, the Michael Jackson world-wide fanbase went into  overdrive, each  providing a litany of facts, proving how illogical it is, that these “two accusers” have now suddenly become “victims” – They took to Twitter to challenge the director, Dan Reed, motives and began a #BoycottSundance campaign. They created Youtube videos debunking the lies in the one-sided representation. They tweeted and threatened Boycotts of HBO and Channel 4 and tweeted to Sundance Film Festival with factual history of Robson’s 1993 statements and his under oath statements in 2005 criminal trial,  that Michael Jackson did nothing to him.

Even non-MJ fans podcasted LIVE — Defaming The Dead 

The director Dan Reed deluged by Michael Jackson fans with their encydiopedic facts honed from years of research, panicked and told media he was being “harassed”

Sundance and Utah legal authorities promoted and hyped the DANGER and “violence” factor before the January 25th and January 26th screening of the documentary by feeding information to outlets like Deadline.


“There have been direct threats against The Paedophile Hunter, Dan Reed over the 236-minute Neverland, I hear….

“Tensions are higher for this movie than anything I’ve ever seen at Sundance before,” says a law enforcement source. “No one is going to be prevented from exercising their Constitutional rights, but we are not going to allow this to get out of hand, in any way,” he added, noting that the checks and other security measures already in place for SFF will be heightened inside the venue also.

“We are aware of the possibility of protests and our job will be to monitor any protests that may occur and give people the ability to let their voices be heard safely,” Sergeant Brandon Shearer of the SLC Police says. In fact, law enforcement in the city are planning for a full force turnout with the bomb squad on scene in SLC a possibility.”

In reality, the remote location and inhospitable weather at the Park City, Utah screening made attendance of Leaving Neverland difficult. In addition, tickets for the Q&A screening were impossible to obtain by fans. Seemingly the audience was stacked and packed with media only too willing to swallow the documentary that focused ONLY on these “two accusers” stories. In a photo from  Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP, File-   two women had been able to defeat the sub-zero weather conditions to protest –

So what was all of the media hullabaloo about  “threats” and “aggressive fans” all about, really? 

Then midway through first screening comes  tweets from media who HAD gotten tickets for the Q&A screening. Each one more emotional that the next  — “gut-wrenching” “sickening” “stomach churning” — “will change the way you feel about Michael Jackson” – John Cooper, the festival director, informed that audience that there would be mental health professionals on hand in the lobby during the film’s interval to assist anyone in the audience who might be triggered by the presentation of these detailed sexual child abuse stories.

“devastation” “shellshocked” “sexually explicit”  just the thing to get audiences interest perked up.

Interestingly enough not one person during the Q&A, queried about how “investigative” this documentary could possibly be IF the director ONLY focused on these two men. Dan Reed came into this project with a built-in bias, as he had already been involved in “The Paedophile Hunter” –  It would seem prudent of him to seek another veiwpoint, to investigate these men’s court petitions and repeated changes in their allegations . Roger Friedman, Showbiz411, wondered whether or not they used a fabricated Man/Boy love book by Victor Gutierrez as an outline for their lurid and salacious stories about Michael Jackson.

But instead of  being “investigative” Dan Reed  fell hook, line and sinker into the stories–

“And that’s one of the moments when I really hit the level of belief. Because obviously, as a journalist, I approached the interviews and reserved judgment until I heard more. I was looking for credibility and coherence. Things I could identify as the way people behave, which I already knew in my 30 years of making films. And when Wade, and then James, said, “I loved Michael and Michael loved me and we were going to be together forever,” they spoke the way a loving adult speaks about their partner.” Dan Reed – Rolling Stone interview 

Man/boy LOVE replete with “loving couples” “honymoon” “wedding” “long term commitment”?

Again all the suggestions that come from Victor Guiterrez’s NAMBLA fantasy book.

 — So it seems that we  have the Sundance Film Festival, HBO and Channel 4 supporting and promoting  NAMBLA  propaganda —  

How utterly astonishing and disgusting is this present state of affairs!

And further along in the conversation Dan Reed talking to Rolling Stone Mag about how he began his interviews with Robson/Safechuck FEBRUARY 2017 and how the #metoo movement which was ignited by the Harvey Weinstein revelation has been interwoven and conflated with this new documentary about Michael Jackson – 

Coincidently – Wade Robson case that he reconfigured with differeing allegations to accuse Michael Jackson’s companies of being a sophisticated child sex ring that facilitated Michael’s molestation of children, was set to begin MARCH 2017.  Vince Finaldi, Robson/Safechuck attorney is quoted in UPI- 

Connecting of  Dots

Let’s examine how the #MeToo hashtag got derailed suddenly.

Alysso Milano used, Tanara Burke’s Me Too movement when asking women to come forward and STARTED the hashtag #MeToo using Harvey Weinstein as the impetus allowing women to freely express their personal horrors.  But it seems as if the #Metoo movement has been hi-jacked to change the face of sexual aggression from White male celebrities, to black male celebrities- with just the right about of Media Magic applied and reapplied.

This interesting redirection of the #MeToo movement  has not been lost on Tariq Nasheed,  American film producer, author and founder of the First Them movement –

“While the white media is trying to make any Black entertainer the face of sexual abuse, they are putting accused serial abusers like Charlie Sheen on magazine covers……There is a wave of corporate sponsored movements that were created under the narrative of addressing sexual misconduct particularly within the entertainment industry. Many organizations behind these movements have racially tailored their agenda and our mission is to counter the racial targeting from these organizations,”  Tariq Nasheed

FEBRUARY 4, 2019, Tariq Nasheed tweets the KUTV article revealing that Co-founder of Sundance Film Festival, Sterling Van Wagenen, admitted to child molestation in 1993 – (curiously same year of the first, Michael Jackson MEDIA BLITZ with accussations of  “child molestation” by Evan Chandler after a failed  20Million dollar business transaction with MJ didn’t pan out.)   Article states Van Wagenen confessed to police, provides copies of police report and gives further details, with transcripts, a conversation he had years later with his victim. Not much media covered this story then and it’s rather surprising that no other media feels like copy-pasting this item ad nauseum either. Good old boys still covering for Good old boys?

Again, Sterling Van Wagenen confessed to police in 1993 and was NOT arrested, nor was he hounded by media or called a pedophile repeatedly for DECADES. Perhaps thats kind of media treatment is reserved only for Black luminaries, like Michael Jackson..

So many Questons .. So few answers —

WHO is controlling the media ?

Is there a broad conspiracy to create smoke and mirrors by media reporting the stories of these “two accusers” of Michael Jackson as nauseum, without even vetting  one allegation they’ve made to a director, who has a biased predisposition to believe them?

What is the truth ?and Who is telling it?  Or should the question be:

Who is SELLING it?

Two men who lost a bid to sue the Michael Jackson Estate for what has been alleged to have been  1.5Billion dollars ?

Who is bankrolling the appeals process  Vinaldi is waging for Wade Robson and James Safechuck in court?

Who bankrolled the “Leaving Neverland” documentary?

Who is derailing the #MeToo movement and deflecting it’s focus from predominantly white sexually deviant men to the most celebrated and beloved BLACK man on earth ?

Who is using the, all too eager media, to once again drag Michael Jackson’s name through the proverbial mud without a scintilla of proof or research?

Questions – Questions and more Questions

Did  Sundance Film Festival reduce itself to becoming the Radar Online for the independent film industry and blow smoke for Harvey Weinstein?

Is this why Robert Redford left this years festival in such haste?

Others were curious as well-  

Yess… or so it seems. Money speaks everywhere, Mr. Redford-

🎶 Money makes the world go around, the world go around 🎶

Money, Greed, Racism <– Powerful combination

Joe Vogel, is a music researcher, teaching at Merrimack College in Massachusettsa, while writing for Forbes, his work has also been featured in The Atlantic, Slate, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and the Boston Review.  On January 29th, after Sundance screened Leaving Neverland on January 25th, he wrote a Forbes article that details the inherent difficulty in believing the sudden turn around of Wade Robson’s and his side-kick James Safechuck’s NEW voices of victimhood, in the light of their failed money-grab and what  the Michael Jackson Estate called
“a veiled attempt at extortion” —



“As someone who has done an enormous amount of research on the artist, interviewed many people who were close to him, and been granted access to a lot of private information, my assessment is that the evidence simply does not point to Michael Jackson’s guilt. In contrast to Robson and Safechuck’s revised accounts, there is a remarkable consistency to the way people who knew the artist speak of him—whether friends, family members, collaborators, fellow artists, recording engineers, attorneys, business associates, security guards, former spouses, his own children—people who knew him in every capacity imaginable. Michael, they say, was gentle, brilliant, sensitive, sometimes naive, sometimes childish, sometimes oblivious to perceptions. But none believe he was a child molester.”

Two days after his Forbes article, Joe Vogel asked a pertinent question.  

Any guesses  AMERICA  ?

JANUARY 31, 2019 – The Observer reports Oprah Winfrey, one of David Geffen’s “most treasured guests”,  celebrated her 65th birthday upon his 454ft yacht, the Rising Sun, “along with her pal Gayle King”. – Gayle King posted  photograph of the light hearted festivities which included a private viewing of the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Don’t know what makes a birthday more memorable and fun-filled and joyous than watching a 4hour presentation of supposed prolonged  “devastating and  gut wrenching” child sexual abuse -but to each her own, as they say. 

Oprah has been a long time “treasured friend” of David Geffen and we’d assume ditto for Oprah. Afterall, it was David Geffen who was able to finagle, through Sandy Gallin,  Oprah’s, Most Watched Interview of Michael Jackson in 1993. With that interview, Oprah was catapulted to the top tier in Talk Show hierarchy. The Queen of talk shows owes it all  to Geffen.

Oprah is friends with a lot of powerful people in Hollywood – as is her “gal pal Gayle King”

Oprah spoke to Harper’s Bazaar  and had  discussed how Harvey Weinstein had “bullied her”, why she allowed it, and how everyone was readied for the #MeToo movement by years of NOTHING happening.

But did anyone dig into WHY  “nothing” happened?

 “It had been coming with [Bill] Cosby and nothing happened, it had been coming with Bill O’Reilly, even with the President of the United States, where people can hear the Access Hollywood tape and yet, nothing happens. It had been coming and [Weinstein] was the moment was where it all crystallised. In order for a phenomenon to be a phenomenon everything has to line up. It means the culture, the zeitgeist, for a particular moment in time to be ready, available and open to hear that message.”


But WILL WE  be hearing the message of women’s empowerment and control over their own bodies, self-fulfillment  and self-direction of their lives,  without the need to succumb to being “bullied” even when you are THE  Oprah Windrey – and/or forced into sexual acts by powerful men like Rose McGowan alleges?  

When the Good old boys continue to protect their own; it’s not likely –

There are some powerful men in Hollywood, they have not only the money but the influence to control others, the media and deflect attention from the real issues of pedophilia –

Who are the ones who keep “NOTHING” from happening?

The FOUR HOUR salacious smokescreen of baseless, one-sided, machinations of two men who’ve found a way to become “relatable and relevant”  is being utilized to gloss over the real sexual deviants in Hollywood. 

“Whoever controls the media, controls the minds”  Jim Morrison

stay tuned….

***  EDITED ***


BREAKING NEWS  — Jeff Bezos exposed David Pecker, head of AMI – Nat’l Enqurier/Radar Online – Dylan Howard et al in blackmail scheme.

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  1. Great piece of work !!
    (You might want to spell check for mis-typing of ‘friend’ in these 2 paras:
    “Oprah has been a long time “treasured freind” of David Geffen and we’d assume ditto for Oprah. Afterall, it was David Geffen who was able to finagle, through Sandy Gallin, Oprah’s, Most Watched Interview of Michael Jackson in 1993. With that interview, Oprah was catapulted to the top tier in Talk Show hierarchy. The Queen of talk shows owes it all to Geffen.
    Oprah is freinds with a lot of powerful people in Hollywood – as is her “gal pal Gayle King””)

    Will be sharing this article for all to read and digest! Thank you!!!

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