Michael Jackson Fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD – #MJInnocent Project

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There is no more ardent a population of people than Michael Jackson fans.

Trying to estimate the sheer number is impossible-

In EVERY country on the planet they reside.

Many are not online, but some are –

Some congregate on Fan Forums, Facebook groups and on Twitter –

Some use Youtube, some use Vevo-

None of us can be the Voice of Michael’s fanbase because WE are the largest and most diverse social network group ON THE PLANET-

But whatever social venue they use, they all bring with them a deep and abiding love for the MAN.

This month, MJJJP team asked fans to send us selfies and post their country of origin.

MJGlobal family is coming together now — All over the world in support of Michael Jackson. We Are the #MJTruthSquad


We  have collected almost 200 photos from Michael Jackson fans all over the world and we expect MORE photos to be forthcoming  – So MORE videos will be coming too!!

“Do you see what’s going down?  Do you feel it in your bones?”

We Appreciate All the Lovers, Warriors, Researchers and Advocates for our beloved Brother, Uncle, Son, and Father – Michael Jackson – 💖

PART 2 .. Michael Jackson World Wide Fans STAND Up for MJ’s Innocence

PART 3 .. The MJGlobal family Defending our beloved Michael Jackson

Much Love and Light –
Mel, Buds, Lovelight, Christine, Jam


Please Note- The producers of the defaming Leaving Neverland documentary would not be able to create such a salacious, baseless story IF we had laws to protect the reputation of the departed.

We encourage all fans in the United States to sign this petition to change the laws statutes in all states to protect the deceased from slander, libel and defamation-

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 6.57.51 AM  GET BEHIND THIS PETITION — SHARE IT —


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