What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?

Reblog of MJ Allegations – Michael Jackson’s “Bedroom” Bigger than Most US two story Townhomes and WHY that matters —

The Michael Jackson Allegations

Some people base their own “guilty” verdict about Michael Jackson on his own statement of seeing nothing wrong with sharing a bed with unrelated children. To be sure, we do not advocate this behavior (that directly led to The 2005 Allegations) and it definitely was not Jackson’s wisest decision to share his bedroom with unrelated children. It is understandable why this makes people feel uncomfortable. Accompanied with his wealth, fame, naivety and eccentricities, it also made him a vulnerable target to these kind of allegations. Here we would like to offer some context to this topic.

Possibly the biggest publicity backlash that Jackson has received because of this “sharing bed” issue was after the airing of the 2003 Martin Bashir documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. In that interview the star talked about “sharing bed” with children. The infamous scene featured Jackson and his later accuser Gavin Arvizo holding hands…

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