Tale Of A Train Station – James Safechuck’s Abuse Story, in Leaving Neverland, Doesn’t Add Up

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๐Ÿ‘‘While the TALE OF A TRAIN STATION has been told many times now on social media, including on this very page (and meanwhile by Mike Smallcombe in mass media as well, http://bit.ly/SMALLCOMBE-TRAIN-STATION), we thought it should get its own note in order to collect the bits and pieces and put some dates on them.
๐Ÿ‘‘Document History
๐Ÿ‘‘First published: March 29 (late).
๐Ÿ‘‘Update March 30: According to http://bit.ly/TRAIN-STATION-REMOVED-FRANCE, the Train Station segment was not in the documentary as shown by M6 in France.
๐Ÿ‘‘Update March 30: Added a Land Use Permit dated September 2, 1993 (credit: http://bit.ly/MJJREPOSITORY-LAND-USE-PERMIT).
๐Ÿ‘‘March 31: Added a Dan Reed quote (http://bit.ly/REED-BUZZFEED) below HOMEADVERTS photo.
๐Ÿ‘‘March 31: Added a screenshot of a Mike Smallcombe tweet below paragraph beginning โ€œWe seize this opportunity…โ€.
๐Ÿ‘‘March 31: Added a Mike Smallcombe quote (http://bit.ly/SMALLCOMBE-NME-GRAND-CANYON) at the end.
๐Ÿ‘‘March 31: Added an extended Addendum at the end regarding Dan Reed trying to salvage whatโ€™s left by claiming the alleged abuse in the Train Station took place after it was built, i.e. in 1994.
๐Ÿ‘‘March 31: Added 60 Minutes video with Thomas Mesereau defending MJ at the end.
“We didnโ€™t come across anything that would undermine or challenge Jamesโ€™ account.โ€
Dan Reed, in: Inside The Controversial Michael Jackson Documentary โ€œLeaving Neverlandโ€, Buzzfeed, March 3, 2019 –

๐Ÿ‘‘James Safechuck states the following in Leaving Neverland:

โ€œAt the train station, there is a room upstairs, and we would have sex up there, too. It would happen every day. It sounds sick but it’s kind of like when you are first dating somebody, right, and you do a lot of it. So, it was very much like that.โ€ย 

๐Ÿ‘‘ You can verify the quote using this video (http://bit.ly/RN-TRAIN-STATION):
Always Verify.
๐Ÿ‘‘In fact, you should always verify what is said on social media as sometimes, itโ€™s not quite correct and repeating and spreading it might discredit fans and supporters.
๐Ÿ‘‘As you can see in the video clip (http://bit.ly/RN-TRAIN-STATION), Leaving Neverland shows pictures of the interior of the train station to support James Safechuckโ€™s claims visually. Visuals – as well as music – help getting a message across and appeal to the imagination of oneโ€™s audience.
๐Ÿ‘‘And since James Safechuck states that the alleged abuse happened in the upstairs room of the train station, a picture of the staircase is shown which proves there is a room upstairs – where there is a staircase, there is a room upstairs – right?
๐Ÿ‘‘Remember that according to its creator, Leaving Neverland is a well researched documentary – so since that thing with the room upstairs seems right as diligent research has shown there is a staircase – CORROBORATION1! PROOF! – The rest of the story must be right, too! – Not so fast, though…
๐Ÿ‘‘While this is not the photo used in Leaving Neverland, in no way do we wish to be less diligent and thus show you some proof as well – there is indeed an upstairs room. But what exactly does this prove? If we had told you previously that Michael was storing office supplies in the room upstairs, by the same mechanism, that staircase proves that, too!

The Existence Of A Staircase Proves Just About EVERYTHING.
๐Ÿ‘‘This just serves to show how the audience is manipulated by Leaving Neverland. Itโ€™s like, yes, James Safechuckโ€™s story is corroborated – there is a room upstairs, so… – and the imagination of the audience, led by the director, takes precedence over their critical thinking.
๐Ÿ‘‘In order to find an answer to our question – what exactly does this prove – you need to do more than providing proof the Train Station had an upstairs room: You need to get into numbers, math, legal matters and official documents.
๐Ÿ‘‘James Safechuck states in Leaving Neverland that the alleged abuse ended when he was 14. Now letโ€™s do some calculations here: James Safechuck was born on February 28, 1978 so he turned 14 on February 28, 1992 and 15 on February 28, 1993.
๐Ÿ‘‘Also, in his lawsuit, James Safechuck states that the alleged ongoing abuse occurred between 1988 and 1992.

James Safechuck, Second Amended Complaint, Filed September 19, 2016.
๐Ÿ‘‘In Leaving Neverland, James Safechuck appears to place the alleged abuse in the room upstairs towards the beginning of the abuse (โ€œwhen you are first datingโ€, credit: http://bit.ly/MJJREPOSITORY-EARLY).
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 12.47.22 PM.png
๐Ÿ‘‘Moreover, James Safechuck appears to refer to the abuse being ongoing (โ€œevery dayโ€) so that should place the alleged abuse inside the Train Station within the time frame 1988 to 1992 as well – if we are allowed to correlate this with what he states in his lawsuit (in these matters, sometimes, I think we are not supposed to consider lawsuit material as real).
๐Ÿ‘‘The train station, however, was still under construction on December 13, 1993 as you can see in this AP image; the picture was taken the day before the article appeared (see the text below the picture; credit: http://bit.ly/MJJREPOSITORY-TRAIN-STATION).

Under Construction December 13, 1993
๐Ÿ‘‘This is the Land Use Permit dated September 2, 1993 – it canโ€™t get any more official (credit: http://bit.ly/MJJREPOSITORY-LAND-USE-PERMIT; screenshot added March 30).

A Boring and Aesthetically Unpleasing Land Use Permit Can Very Well Turn Out To Be A Smoking Gun At Some Stage In The Future – Never Underestimate The Power Of Land Use Permits!
๐Ÿ‘‘While it might be possible to argue that tour dates and hotel rooms can be easily confused and wrongly remembered, especially when related to alleged traumatizing events – how can you get confused about something that did not exist the entire time (1988-1992) you claim the alleged abuse took place – โ€œevery dayโ€? This must clearly be a product of imagination – or, put less favorably, fabrication.

๐Ÿ‘‘We have seen the word โ€œfabricationโ€ before, just today – namely, here, when Mike Smallcombe dissects the TALE OF A GRAND CANYON:

โ€œAll of this shows that Wadeโ€™s story about being abused that first time, while the rest of his family had supposedly left the ranch to go to the Grand Canyon, is false. Of course, while this doesnโ€™t categorically rule out that Jackson abused Wade Robson, it does make you wonder if this extremely detailed and key story in the documentary has been fabricated.โ€ http://bit.ly/SMALLCOMBE-MIRROR-GRAND-CANYON

๐Ÿ‘‘We seize this opportunity to point out how important it is that knowledgeable persons like Mike Smallcombe have their pieces published in outlets like the Mirror as these are the places where the actual audience can be found which needs to be reached (incidentally, this particular piece was republished in the Sun).
๐Ÿ‘‘This here shows the audience of these publications is reached and is interested in reading these articles (this tweet refers to the TALE OF A GRAND CANYON):

The General Audience Is Reached.
๐Ÿ‘‘Adding a section on curiosities, we noticed that this tale appears to be quite perplexing for defenders of Leaving Neverland. We base this observation on attempts at explaining it like the following one – please pause and imagine the loft area โ€œin that vaulted roofโ€ for a moment. And does this look like a train station to you?

The Train Depot Is Imagined As Having A Loft Area “In That Vaulted Roof”.
๐Ÿ‘‘Well, there is a lot of fixing to do in the past to make this work. Better get the DeLorean ready, Dan, Wade and James.

Unknown Fan – If You See This, Notify Us So We Can Credit You.

~Always remember: Where there is a staircase,
there is a room upstairs – PROOF!~

๐Ÿ‘‘About the far reaching significance of A TALE OF A TRAIN STATION and A TALE OF A GRAND CANYON (the latter not covered in this note – for this tale, please refer to Mike Smallcombeโ€™s articles quoted throughout this note):
โ€œSpeaking to NME today (March 31), Smallcombe added: โ€œThese are two extremely detailed and key stories in the documentary โ€“ especially in the case of Wade Robson โ€“ which have been provably fabricated. And while this doesnโ€™t categorically rule out that Jackson abused them, it does make you wonder, if theyโ€™ve fabricated these stories, what about the rest?โ€ http://bit.ly/SMALLCOMBE-NME-GRAND-CANYON
๐Ÿ‘‘We concur.
๐Ÿ‘‘ADDENDUM: Dan Reed concedes Train Station dates are correct – but now says the abuse ended only after the train station had been built (1994).

Facts Don’t Lie. People Do.
๐Ÿ‘‘Consider that James Safechuck states in his lawsuit the alleged ongoing abuse began in 1988 and ended in 1992 (for exhibit, see above).
๐Ÿ‘‘James Safechuck was born on February 28, 1978 so he turned 14 on February 28, 1992, 15 on February 28, 1993 and 16 (!) on February 28, 1994.

๐Ÿ‘‘In this radio interview, Dan Reed states that Michael routinely lost interest in boys when they were 14/15:

โ€œYou got to bear in mind that the age, the age that Michael, you know, routinely lost interest in little boys that you saw, the age that he lost interest was around 14, 15 so Aaron was not of an age that Michael would have been interested in anyway.โ€

๐Ÿ‘‘In Leaving Neverland, James Safechuck places the alleged abuse in the Train Station during the time the alleged sexual abuse would happen on an ongoing basis (every day) and even places it towards the beginning of the time frame in question (first dating).
โ€œAt the train station, there is a room upstairs, and we would have sex up there, too. It would happen every day. It sounds sick but it’s kind of like when you are *first dating* somebody, right, and you do a lot of it. So, it was very much like that.โ€
๐Ÿ‘‘James Safechuck in 1994 – watch out for the pink umbrella. – Lisa Marie Presley is there, too.
๐Ÿ‘‘James Safechuck in his Second Amended Complaint expressly states that the alleged abuse ended once he reached puberty (also states that Michael remained active in his life). Please read the entire complaint under http://bit.ly/SAFECHUCK-SECOND-AMENDED-COMPLAINT as we donโ€™t wish to be called out for only providing snippets and thus manipulating the evidence – REMEMBER, ALWAYS VERIFY!

The Alleged Sexual Abuse Stopped Once He Reached Puberty – Says James Safechuck. We Guess It’s Time That Dan And James Sit Down For A Chat.
Thomas Mesereau Now Defends Michael in The Court Of Media.
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