The Infographics War

Currently, it seems there are more, Michael Jackson advocacy groups and blogs all over the internet, than ever before.  Most of them include a plethora of documents, trial evidence, letters, old testimonies from 1993 Grand Juries, the 2005 criminal trial, as well as newly filed cases of Wade Robson and James Safechuck that were dismissed because perjurious statements made by both men.  There is no reason for anyone in this world to be ill informed or uninformed or still assume that Michael Jackson was guilty.

MJJJP has been given permission to post some of the excellent graphics being put together by teams or individuals who are fully informed and quite loquacious Michael Jackson researchers.  Since Twitter and Facebook tend to be constant flux and motion this particular blog post will be updated periodically as more graphics become available because they need a static place for easy accessibility. We will also be updating pertinent urls listed in certain graphics, as well to ease the sharing of facts.

Dr. Andrew Greene is one such MJAdvocate, who specifically working on easy to read graphics with a dedicated and energetic team.  While the information, at times can seem overly intrusive into personal Michael Jackson topics, it’s utterly necessary. We are dealing with trolls who’ve got some sort of long term obsession with continuing the false narrative about Michael and will not stop at anything to convince others of his guilt. The troll MJFact site, originally known as “Desiree Speaks So Listen”, has been reworked to appear as a neutral informative site.  However, it regularly denegrates Michael Jackson, misleads with downright lies and/or omissions of fact, so that the unsuspecting reader has no clue the information is disingenious. It’s important that we counter with these lies with facts. Most blogs like VindicateMJ, VindicateMJ2.0 and MichaelJacksonAllegations do that quite nicely. But sometimes, just a quick handy graphic can catch the eye, curiosity and give the points succinctly-

The Evan Chandler 1993 Extortion Case –

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 7.28.55 AM.png

Below are sources referenced: 1)… 2) …… 3)… 4) USA Today, January 28, 1994 5) Reuter’s 27, 1994 6)… 7) 2. (CBS NEWS) and 1.…

Chandler’s Inaccurate Description of Jackson’s Penis-  1993 Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.56.22 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.59.37 PM1. and )

2. ( and )

3. (


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 4.04.38 PM.png

  5. ()  

6. ( and )  

7. () and ()  

8. ( and )

The 2005 Trial of Michael Jackson-








7. and 8. “Michael Jackson Conspiracy: Special Edition,” 2018, Aphrodite Jones ()

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “The Virtuous Spoke Out” is yet Another great graphic posted on Twitter May 30th 2019 – by @NanRaghav

The Virtuous Spoke Out



Feel free to use these graphics when trying to explain issues in the very complex and information laden Michael Jackson Innocent saga- to people who just want more information.

We have seen with an marked increase in MJJJP twitter mentions and that indicates to us, that there are many people out there clicking for information and SHARING information. The MJGlobal family is the largest social network in world and in a position to make sure the correct factual information gets deciminated.

NOTE: This particular blog post with be adding in more graphics as they become available- If any MJAdvocates have other INFORMATIONAL graphics, they’d like to display in this space- Please be sure to credit the originator if possible -Contact us at  -Use Subject line “Infographics  War”


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