One Billion Views For Michael Jackson Campaign – #1Billion4MJ


edited Dec 2, 2021 UPDATE!! We Did it AGAIN – This time ONE BILLION streams on SPOTIFY for Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean — These One Billion Campaigns are running simultaneously. .Let’s make sure we reach these milestone on both platforms – We’re sending out a Major Love to Michael ✊🏼 – Spotify has a only a few songs that have hit the One Billion mark, this is a great achievement for the MJ Global family. ❤️

Read MJ Vibe for details

MJ Vibe

WE were so proud and happy when Whitney Houston’s signature song “I Will Always Love You” and theme song to her movie “Bodyguard” garnered over one billion views on Youtube in 2020. This is an amazing feat for an artist who is no longer here to promote her music and we respect this wonderful artist and her fanbase.

This was very encouraging for Michael Jackson Global Family who implemented a #1Billion4MJ campaign initiated by a steadfast fan  @TudoPeloMichael in May of 2020, focusing primarily on Billie Jean YT video. See original post. 

We would of course want all of Michael’s video to hit One Billion and with time, many will achieve that designation, but it is important for us to prioritize our attention on achievable goals.  We are focusing on the top viewed FOUR Michael Jackson Youtube videos, for the Phase I, of this #1Billion4MJ campaign. 

Billie Jean hit the 900,000,000 mark on Jan 2nd, 2021 and as serendipty would have it   “Billie Jean” was released as the Thriller’s second single on January 2, 1983.  The World Music Awards tweeted about this accomplishment and we are thrilled, to say the least, but it will take a continued effort by dedicated Global fans to reach ONE BILLION by August 2021. 

UPDATE!! WE DID IT !! Billie Jean has Over ONE BILLION VIEWS as of June 10th 2021

1- Billie Jean

Now We Move On To Number two — Let’s Do It AGAIN !!

2. They Don’t Care About Us –

3. Thriller –

4. Beat It –

We encourage all fans to develop a daily routine of searching on Youtube ALL Four of Phase I Titles and watching EACH video all the way through. As we continue to build the views on these four topped viewed Michael Jackson Youtube videos we suggest you watch some of the titles in Phase II in between viewing these four:

Smooth Criminal, Remember The Time, The Way You Make Me Feel, Black or White and Bad have views that range from 349Mil to 776Mil and as time passes their individual views will increase and our focus will shift and be concentrated on them as ALL FOUR in Phase I, will have already reached One Billion or are nearing it. This is a continous campaign as we want MULTIPLE Youtube videos of Michael Jackson to reach ONE BILLION. 

Smooth Criminal views are moving at a fast pace – 

Updated view counts –  ( graphics Dec 2 2022 and Jan 2, 2023 tally)

As always we appreciate the love and respect for Michael Jackson and your concerted efforts to give him the designation of MOST Youtube videos with One Billion Views of any deceased artist. It’s within our hands to make it a reality –

Much love and light to you all –


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5 Responses to One Billion Views For Michael Jackson Campaign – #1Billion4MJ

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  2. Mary says:

    Michael jackson the greatest ever, ofcourse I am watching the songs and in a daily basis.
    Hail the king..
    1B views for Michael jackson .
    Live long michael jackson

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  3. Nils Manke says:

    Bin dabei MJ für immer. Er fehlt mir und dieser Welt. Seid er weg ist ist die Welt kälter geworden.


  4. samyuktabanthia050426 says:

    Hey, I would really like to write some articles and share some of my research on Michael. Can you help me with how I can post it here?


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