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Michael Jackson – the Most Famous Man to Walk the Earth – posted on Quora by Marina Gkane

Quora question: Is there confirmation that Michael Jackson has 4.8 billion fans?

No, there isn’t. It could be more or less. Either way Michael Jackson was certainly one of the most popular artists to have ever lived and no one can argue that. He is the only celebrity who was literally mobbed by fans all over the world and he needed at least three bodyguards with him at all times. All celebrities need security but at least they can walk down the street if they want with just one bodyguard. Michael on the other hand could not. Not just in the USA but all over the world. And unlike the Beatles, who had a similar effect on people , he never grew out of it.

To understand Michael’s popularity and effect on people:

  • He was so popular that he became the first western artist to ever appear on a commercial in Russia
  • He was invited to Donald Trump’s casino Taj Mahal in New Jersey in 1990. Trump invited Michael because he knew he was a crowd puller. However, Trump got very scared with the pandemonium Michael caused even with 20 bodyguards around him.
  • In 1983 a teenager killed himself because his parents did not let him have plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson.
  • He literally put MTV on the map. When Thriller aired on Mtv the network had 3 or 4 times higher ratings than usual. Mtv aired thriller at least twice an hour to meet with the demand.
  • His fans camped outside his hotel room in every city he toured and chanted his name all night long.
  • In 1997 he was voted the most famous person in the world.
  • When he visited Japan in 1988 the mayor of Osaka gave him the key of the town. Thousands of screaming fans welcomed him at the airport and then they ran to the airport to welcome his pet chimp Bubbles, which arrived later. Both Michael and his chimp pet were welcomed like royalty and the mayor even invited Bubbles to have tea with him.
  • An island in the Carribean once created Michael Jackson stamps.
  • He was crowned King Sani by the residents of a village in the Ivory Coast. When he arrived to Gabon 125000 people arrived to greet him.
  • His interview with Oprah Winphrey in 1993 was watched by 62 million people . It was the highest rated entertainment show in 6 years. It had the 20th largest audience in television history.
  • His Super Bowl performance in 1993 was voted on January 28 2015 as the Best Super Bowl Halftime show ever. Michael’s performance sent tv ratings to the moon. The game’s second highest rated half hour occured at half time. Ever since the biggest stars in every popular music genre have been featured in the show.
  • Michael Jackson’s music video ‘’ Black or White’’ premiered simultaneously in 27 countries with an audience of 500 million viewers , the most ever for a music video.
  • Three of the largest selling albums ever are his: thriller, bad and dangerous.
  • Michael Jackson at 50 sold out almost 1 million tickets within a few hours.
  • Upon the news of his death on 25th June 2009 Wikipedia, Twitter and AOL simultaneously reported a crash at 03.15 pm.
  • Michael Jackson’s memorial service on 7th July 2009 was watched by over 1 billion people all over the world. They held a special Memorial Service in the Ivory Coast, where he had been crowned King Sani in 1992.
  • This is it, the documentary of his rehearsals from his comeback tour , grossed 327 millions world wide. It is the highest grossing concert documentary ever.
  • The Cirque du Soleil Immortal tour, based on Michael Jackson’s songs, amassed 371 millions in revenue in 2014. It is the 8th highest grossing World tour of all time.
  • Michael Jackson’s songs top iTunes charts across the world.
  • He is the top earning dead celebrity every single year since his death.
  • People in Russia and Germany hold memorial services on his birthday every single year.
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