JOIN -Thriller40 Streaming Parties on STATIONHEAD

It’s time to promote Michael Jackson’s #Thriller40 with MORE streaming parties on Stationhead –

Will YOU be there?

Last month, the Michael Jackson Global Family attempted to garner a number one spot on Billboard100 for the Thriller single, using streaming parties on Station Head. The campaign was called the #ThrillerChallenge.

Although our goal was not accomplished, our gathering together in a cause for MJ created an extremely wonderful experience in a loving environment. New relationships between MJFam were formed and old relationships were strengthened by this bonding experience.  

Michael formed his world-wide community through his deep love of humanity and his desire to see peace among all people, and it was gratifying to see his vision alive and thriving in the streaming party chat. 

Fans joined in from Brazil, Greece, Japan, UK. Australia to mention a few. They joined the US fans in this US focused charting campaign for Michael out of a deep dedication to him. It was joyful to see people write out the names of the countries they represented.  

“It’s Was All For Love”

It was a major funfest to get acquainted and chat while listening to all the amazing Michael Jackson tracks and ADD to his streaming numbers at the same time. We were also blessed to have Taj Jackson call in one night, during Mellie4Justice party, and then the next night,  Prince Jackson called in.  Although, he was clearly ill, he came to support the fans in this #ThrillerChallenge and share stories of his dad, chat with fans, and then hung out for hours with us.

Prince Jackson graciously posted this screenshot of th StationHead streaming party up in his Instagram account.

StationHead also gave a shoutout to Mellie4Justice for trending!

WE NEED MORE PEOPLE moving’ and groovin’ in these upcoming StationHead streaming parties.

And would love to add other DJ from other countries on the itinerary –

If you are interested in hosting a Thriller40 streaming party during the week of Nov 18th thru Nov 24th on StationHead please leave your information in the comment section below. If we garner enough MJfans from all over the world the StationHead might add a Fanbase Link for MJFam on their website.


It’s so easy to set up an account on their platform. 

Download the App here:

Create your Account:

You will need Spotify or Apple streaming app and if you are not currently using them, you can sign up on a 1 month trial basis to participate. 

You will be prompted to sign up with a streaming app after you create your StationHead account and if you don’t have one, they offer an easy link and give you an option for FREE-trials –

To get more details and information about StationHead please check this link:

Get Ready to Party!!

Let’s Scream and Stream for #Thriller40!!

Check details and information on times of #Thriller40 Streaming Parties

Click -

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