Michael Jackson – The King of Light and Love 10 Years Later

Michael Jackson fans from all over the World contemplate #10YearsWithoutMichaelJackson and How he Changed the World https://hannahkozak.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/michael-jackson-the-king-of-light-and-love-10-years-later/

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Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller Dolls.

Entrance to Forest Lawn – Glendale.

Forest Lawn Glendale.

June 25, 2009.  I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died as I was driving from the San Fernando Valley to Downtown Los Angeles for work. I was hired to be one of the stunt people to work in a scene on Iron Man Two.  At that point, I had been a stunt woman for 27 years.  As I drove, I tried to make sense of what I had heard yet I couldn’t make sense of it. Michael Jackson dead? I had been a fan since I was ten years old and his music was the soundtrack to my life.

The scene called for myself and two other stunt women to run away from the giant robots that were chasing the pedestrians.  The director yelled “action”.  As we were running away, one of the…

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Gonna Change The World- #HonorMJ

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.26.59 PMGonna Change The World

There were no barriers Michael would not have been able to cross… His music appealed to people on all continents, from all cultural backgrounds–speaking many different languages.

Michael changed the minds, the hearts and the lives of people. Not on a superficial level–he was able to make that change by touching people with his music and performance. You can see people discovering and experiencing deep emotions while listening to him and watching him performing on stage. In fact, he communicated with them. With his art, Michael was crossing the barrier of language and space.

Humans also communicate by art. Neolithic cave paintings going back 30,000 years show a desire to express ourselves, to depict our world, to make statements as to how we perceive our world–and these paintings still talk to us across the millennia. Another means for our ancestors to express themselves was music. The oldest musical instrument known, a flute, dates back about 35,000 years. With his art, Michael was crossing the barrier of time.

But Michael did not just imagine crossing the barriers of time and space, but also boundaries between good and evil, light and dark. In Captain EO, he overcomes the terrifying Supreme Leader with his music and performance–the key to unlock her inner beauty:

“Why have you come here?” –

“To bring a gift to Your Highness, to someone as beautiful as you.” –

“You think me beautiful?” –

“Very beautiful within, Your Highness, but without a key to unlock it. And that is my gift to you.”

And with this, he starts singing and dancing and finally turns the Supreme Leader into a beautiful woman and a dark, desolate and desperate place into a serene scenery.

Michael truly believed in his heart that his music crosses the barrier of evil and changes the world for the better.

So do surrender
‘Cause the power’s deep inside my soul
Sing it
Gonna change the world, sing it
(We are here to change the world)
Gonna change the world

Blanaid X Lives

Video: Captain EO

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Lies Run Sprints, Truth Runs Marathons

Lies Run Sprints, Truth Runs Marathons

June 13, 2019 -By Deboleena Aich

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 11.29.13 AM

Fourteen years ago, on this day Michael Jackson was rightfully vindicated in a court of law after being falsely accused of sexually abusing Gavin Arvizo, along with other charges of false imprisonment and intoxicating a minor, all of which were examined by the jury in a court room that lead to a unanimous not guilty verdict on all 14 counts, after a four month trial.

Gavin was introduced to Michael Jackson on June 2000 when the boy was ailing with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy treatment, through comedian Jamie Masada. Jackson, who always made efforts to comfort and help children in distress contacted Gavin and his family to support them during that difficult phase. After a month or two, the Arvizo family visited Neverland Ranch for the first time. It is important to be aware of the fact that Michael never shared a bed with either Gavin or his brother Star. It thus, undermines the ‘bed-sharing’ logic of the detractors. On their very first visit to the ranch, the brothers requested Jackson to let them sleep in his bedroom. According to Frank Cascio, his personal assistant at that time too was present with him and recalled the mother being too insisting and seemed to push his sons onto Michael Jackson. Out of kindness, Jackson allowed the boys to stay in his room despite being reluctant to do so, in the presence of Frank Cascio and his own children, Both men slept on the floor while the kids fell asleep on the bed.

The Arvizos made no assertions of molestation that night in any of their versions. ( They repeatedly changed the timeline of alleged abuse and the details. This is a common trait associated with all of MJ’s accusers, isn’t it?) According to Gavin’s own testimony, Jackson wasn’t in much contact with him or his family during the years, before the shooting of the Bashir documentary in 2002 titled ‘Living With Michael Jackson’. Under direct cross examination of Gavin by Thomas Mesereau during the trial, his main wrath over Jackson was that he didn’t maintain any touch with him, despite the fact that it was Michael Jackson who arranged for the boy blood donation camps and helped him with his battle with cancer.‘There’s no reason he should have stopped calling me”, lamented Gavin on the stand after being asked by Thomas Mesereau what made him angry towards Jackson. You don’t expect this answer from an alleged abuse victim, do you? He was bitter because he didn’t think that Michael Jackson served enough favors to him rather than the abuse that he had allegedly suffered. (Again, a common trait related to MJ’s accusers).

It all started after the documentary ‘Living With Michael Jackson’ that aired in the US and the UK in 2003 where Jackson was seen holding hands with Gavin and the boy resting his head on Jackson’s shoulder which resulted in an array of negative publicity and speculations. However, what’s deliberately ignored is the fact that it was Martin Bashir who had directed Gavin to initiate this stunt and also intentionally manipulated his narration to cast a misleading light on the audience and to paint a gloomy prospect of him and his relationship with Gavin.

On March 2003, Janet Arvizo had already hired a lawyer named William Dickerman who later claimed that Jackson’s associates were harassing the Arvizo family. Dickerman contacted Larry Feldman to represent them, the same attorney who had represented the Chandlers in 1993 and had negotiated the civil settlement of 1994! More surprisingly, Feldman decided to send the Arvizos to Dr. Stanley Katz, again the same psychologist who was involved in the Jordan Chandler case in 1993! Why is it so that even before the family made allegations of sexual abuse, they were referred to the same lawyer and the psychologist who were associated with the 1993 case? Apparently, the Arvizos couldn’t pursue for a civil settlement because DA Tom Sneddon had changed the law that prevented the civil case from going ahead of the criminal trial to satiate his desire to convict Michael Jackson, when in 1993 he was unable to even sought for an indictment.
Gavin made allegations of sexual abuse against Jackson for the first time in June 2003, to Dr. Katz. Till the time, the case made it to trial in 2005 the timeline of the alleged abuse and the details such as the number of times the molestation had allegedly occurred, changed on numerous occasions. The details of the conflicting accounts of abuse can also be observed in the difference of the versions between the prosecution’s initial complaint and that of the indictment. Star also alleged to have been inappropriately touched by Jackson in a golf cart, but Sneddon somehow never charged him for abusing Star.
The Arvizos had claimed that the first incident of molestation took place before the recording of the rebuttal video, in order to deal with the backlash after the Bashir documentary. The problem is- the entire family were still praising Jackson as clearly seen in the video. They however, asserted that they were being forced to take part in the making of the video but the outtakes proved otherwise. They looked more than happy and at one instance the mother surprisingly exclaimed, “Oh! We’re on camera!” The story changed later, altering the claim that Jackson had started molesting Gavin after the video was taped and the family had already given several interviews to the Child Right Services.

The prosecution charged Jackson for allegedly conspiring against the Arvizos, for holding them captive in Neverland against their will. This charge was brought in 2005 after the Grand Jury proceedings so as to come up with an explanation that the family was forced to participate in the rebuttal tape. It was claimed by the prosecution that Michael Jackson abducted the family with the help of other co-conspirators, but none of them except for Jackson was indicted and so none of them could testify for the defense! Janet Arvizo claimed that she had been held hostage at Neveralnd, but receipts proved that during the period of her alleged imprisonment, she had left the ranch and was enjoying shopping sprees and cozy beauty parlor treatments. She was also caught scamming celebrities and journalists in the name of Gavin’s illness, even though his medical bills were already being covered by insurance. She also accused the JC Penny guards of sexually abusing her and reached a financial settlement in 2001. She admitted that the allegations were fabricated and absolutely false.

Why would Michael Jackson be tempted to molest Gavin Arvizo only when the authorities and child protective services had already started their investigation after the airing of Bashir’s documentary? Why would he feel the need to imprison the Arvizos for taking part in the tape when nothing inappropriate had occurred until then and they themselves were willing participants for it?

It was also claimed that Michael Jackson intoxicated Gavin to be able to molest him and made him and his brother drink alcohol. It was however, debunked during the trial that the Arvizo kids themselves were caught in the wine cellar in Jackson’s absence multiple times.

Star Arvizo claimed to have witnessed Jackson molest Gavin in his bedroom while he stood near the stairs and peeped through the room’s door which was left open. The alarm that haters love to use as a plausible argument to prove his guilt cannot explain how come the alarm didn’t save Jackson from being supposedly caught. A test was carried out to disprove Star’s claims and it was being proven that Jackson would have been alerted about his presence and Star’s account of witnessing abuse was simply impossible.

Seeing his case on the verge of being in shambles, Sneddon urged to introduce ‘evidences of prior bad acts’ in an attempt to further prejudice the jury because the credibility of the Arvizos had already been ripped to shreds due to no evidence even after vigorous investigation and extensive searches of Jackson’s property by more than 70 sheriffs in an unannounced raid in 2003. June Chandler, Jason Francia, Blanca Francia and the disgruntled employees of the infamous ‘Neverland 5’ were called in by the prosecution but to no avail as each one of them had immense credibility issues and an obvious financial motive behind the allegations. Hence, Michael Jackson was not only exonerated of the 2005 allegations but also of the 1993 allegations as well and every accusation hurled against him were proven to be absolute lies.

The prosecution failed miserably to prove their arguments. Till date, there exists no evidence that proves Michael Jackson harmed anyone, let alone a child. No accuser of his was devoid of an evident money driven agenda, with full support of the press and the mass media. The district attorney was fully aware of the sheer ridiculousness of the case but nevertheless, took it court just to humiliate Jackson in the most abominable way and to be successful in convicting him;that would have been the most defining achievement of his as a district attorney.

The media made use of every tactic to convict Michael Jackson in the court of public opinion but had incurred a heavy loss as a result of the final verdict. News channels had already started reporting about the cells and the treatment that would have been meted out to Jackson if faced with an conviction, the type of clothes he would have been made to wear in jail or the food they would offer him in prison. See, how they talk about keeping an eye on Jackson 24 x 7. What a sumptuous treat for the media it would have been to broadcast a daily segment of the footage straight away from jail!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.25.51 PM

It’s conceivable why the salivating media and the tabloids never accepted the verdict. The dream of a billion dollar industry crumbled and came crashing down. There’s hardly anyone who accept their defeat in this world, specially when the efforts to prejudice the jury and the public was carried out with such great intensity with not a shred of decency. The defense case was given little airtime and attention while the prosecution’s claims were treated as ‘gospel’. The media was more interested as to why Jackson arrived at court in pajamas, when he was summoned by the judge to appear for the hearing directly from the hospital after he had injured himself due to a sudden fall. Jackson had bruised his spine and coughed blood. Such was the magnitude of the sufferings that he was made to go through. Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.25.18 PM.png

A desperate Tom Sneddon didn’t shy away from using the most salacious practices to prosecute Jackson. He went as low as to fabricate false fingerprint evidence of Gavin Arvizo on an adult magazine. It didn’t work well for him as the magazine he argued had Gavin’s fingerprints was published 5 months after the Arvizos had finally left the ranch. It was him who allowed the boy to handle the magazine without making him wear gloves during the Grand Jury proceedings and later sent it for fingerprint analysis!

Faux experts like Jim Clemente, who often uses his connection to the FBI as a card to verify his credibility but in reality possesses no factual knowledge about the case whatsoever. Clemente took to Twitter claiming that Gavin had accurately described Jackson’s genitalia. When challenged with the fact that why the prosecution failed to introduce this bombshell evidence in court, his comeback was a lame response that all evidences cannot be presented before the jury.Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.27.19 PM

As laughable as it sounds, Sneddon had even made a last minute attempt to introduce the description of Jordan Chandler in court even though he w as aware that in Jordan’s absence (he had refused to testify in the trial), Judge Melville would never allow it to be used as an evidence. We, by now know that Jordan did not describe Michael’s private parts accurately and is the reason why Sneddon struggled to bring charges against him in 1993. It’s impossible that he would afford to leave out such an important testimony from being used in the trial. Gavin didn’t even know that Jackson had brown patches all over his body when asked under cross examination. He responded saying,” I didn’t know about patches. I thought he was just white”.

There’s no doubt about Michael Jackson’s innocence and the whole case was a travesty of justice. The whole course of the trial had taken a heavy toll on his physical and emotional health. He was fragile and broken. He never really coped up with the trauma of being accused of such a heinous crime of hurting children and the abashed nature of media’s bigotry. Michael Jackson was the victim of the twisted court of the public and the trial by media for which ‘Ignorance is Bliss’.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.28.07 PM.png

The vindication day is of more significance than ever before for our community, so as to give a befitting answer to the media and their concentrated efforts to rehearse the debunked allegations against Michael Jackson, in the wake of Leaving Neverland. It is to prove to people like Dan Reed that he’s not to hail himself as the dictator of Jackson’s legacy and that he’s fooling himself with his own delusions and ego. He should have been the first one to investigate the allegations of the two subjects of his film, given that one of the prime accusers of Leaving Neverland is apparently responsible for obscuring justice to Gavin Arvizo and never bothered to reach out to him if Reed sternly believes in his claims. Dan Reed made a recent statement that the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s passing must be recognized as a day to contemplate child abuse. That’s a pretty good suggestion when it’s actually him who with his erotic film has contributed in giving incentives to child predators and the dangerous illusion that children find physical acts with adults as ‘sexually fulfilling’ and doesn’t think twice before referring to child sexual abuse as ‘romantic’ or ‘period of honeymoon’.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.29.00 PM

Let’s contemplate the downfall of journalism and the demise of critical thinking among the people instead.

Advocates of social media label anyone who are knowledgeable regarding the absurdity of the cases as apologists or cultists. We refuse to jump on the MeToo bandwagon and follow the footsteps of advocates like Jim Clemente and Dan Reed- fabricating myths and rumours, putting on the lens of perversion and the lust of being relevant,exploiting the emotions of the gullible masses. Who can be a more better example other that Oprah Winfrey or Ava Duvernay who use the MeToo lynchmob or promote the importance of ‘presumption of innocence’ whenever it’s profitable for their image and brand? So, who’s the cultist here? Guess, these people are in dire need of an Oxford dictionary!

But, what they cannot change is the fact that MICHAEL JACKSON WAS AND IS INNOCENT!

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 12.32.30 PM

Source: Lies Runs Sprints Truth Runs Marathon


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MJJJP is honored to present the “In Justice”,  a project from “Rasheed”, a determined MJAdvocate for truth, who has a desire to unite the Michael Jackson fanbase thru inspiration and cooperation- Together we can make change.

 “Truth Runs Marathons”


Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 7.21.20 PM

The Robson & Safechuck files

Note: This post originally appeared in a thread on MJJCommunity.com.

By Rasheed

In the past couple months, there have been many rumors, salacious stories, and reactive business decisions by various companies and individuals resulting from the ‘Leaving Neverland’ film. It has been a topic of debate on television, online, and in homes. There has been much information uncovered since the original airing of the film. This is a resource of collective information that goes in-depth into what people have been talking about all around the world.

Walk with me as we take a journey uncovering lies, cover-ups, and bringing many rumors to end.

‘Leaving Neverland’ Contradictions: Wade Robson

In the documentary, Wade’s wife (Amanda) expresses the difficulty tending to Wade Robson’s issues with abuse because she had no experience with abuse.

Their Charity website said “… Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse,..” The website removed all mention of his wife and changed the name of the charity after people started to comment on the contradiction.

The heavily edited ‘Happy Birthday’ message from the film was recorded February 1990, 7 months before Wade Robson’s birthday, and within days that Jackson and Wade first spent any time together [outside their first encounters 2 years’ prior in Australia, where they met.]

In the Documentary Wade claims, it was after his family left to the Grand Canyon that the sexual experiences began. He made mention that none of his family was there to be reached.

Two months before filming, Wade stated in court that the sexual interaction began the day before the Robson’s left Neverland for the Grand Canyon and his sister was nearby in the room. Joy was asked in her 1993 deposition, if her entire family toured the Grand Canyon, she responds “yes”. When further asked if Wade has stayed at Neverland alone, she replied, “Never, my son has never been to the ranch without me up until this year.” Later in her 2016 deposition she confirmed ‘the whole family’, including Wade went.

In the documentary, Wade paints a narrative that he spent hundreds of nights with Michael Jackson, which every time they were together, sexual acts would occur.

This is disproven by Joy Robson’s 2005 testimony where she stated ‘My memory is in the entire time we’ve lived here since 1991, we’ve only been at the ranch with Michael on four occasions in 14 years.” … “Every other time we’ve been here without him”. In Joy’s 2016 testimony, she did share details of a few occasions in which the Robson’s would visit Michael in either his Westwood or Century City Apartments. Within those occasions, she would see a group of other people such as Michael Jackson’s nephews, Emmanuel Lewis, and others. She also commented on a single occasion where Wade and Chantel [sister] stayed two nights with Michael at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, along with a mention of an occasion in 1995 that Jackson stayed two nights at the Robson’s apartment after an argument Michael had with his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley. She stated that MJ and Wade slept in the open living room where anyone could walk through any time.

Wade Robson told a story of being at Neverland, seeing Michael’s children, which gave him the incentive to testify on Michael Jackson’s behalf.

That visit to Neverland took place after Wade Robson’s May 5, 2005 sworn testimony on.

In the Documentary Wade tells a story of attempted anal penetration, followed with another, claiming Michael Jackson called him, asking him to come to the location Michael Jackson was rehearsing for his HIStory tour. Once Wade arrives, Michael Jackson asks Wade to go back home and throw it out his underwear. Wade claims to go home, sees his blood in the underwear, and rids of it in a dumpster.

Wade never entered the ‘underwear story’ into any legal proceeding. 1. If Michael was worried about soiled underwear being found, it would be counterintuitive for him to ask Wade to drive over to the rehearsal location (leaving the underwear open for discovery in his home by his mother or sister) just to drive back to throw it out. 2. This story would suggest that Michael was aware that Wade’s anus bled, did not mention or ask him to clean up, and later erratically react.

Court: Wade Robson

The court asked Wade to release his emails, he claimed emails relating to the subject did not exist. On June 3, 2016, he presented a single email that was sent to 30 individuals. The Estate challenged the idea that only a single email exists. Wade attempted to hide emails under ‘attorney client privileges’ however the emails were between him and his mother. July 2016, Wade (along with his new lawyers) presented 100 carefully selected pages of emails – with no explanation to why he originally claimed there was only a single email. After much analysis and pressure, Wade was obligated to present around 4000 pages of emails.

In those emails, it was discovered that Wade Robson sent himself a link from a leading propaganda website that paints Michael Jackson as a pedophile.

Emails between Wade Robson and his mother on February 15, 2016 showed Robson sending her a tabloid article with claims from a former security guard of Michael’s. He asked if there was any truth to the story. Wade’s mother responded “Wow. None of that is true.” In September of 2016, Wade Robson included that story in his amended complaint as factual.

Emails also show Wade asking his mother about the sequence of events, his mother responds letting him know she would have to check her notes and that she has ‘many versions’.

Wade was ordered to present his journals to the court. April 13, 2015, his notes revealed, “My story of abuse and its effects will make me relatable/relevant.”, along with this statement, “it’s time for me to get mine”. When questioned about the quotes, he said that he did not know what he meant by his words.

Wade wrote 2 drafts of a ‘tell all’ book that was shopped around in the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. The court ordered Wade to produce both drafts. Stories of his abuse were significantly different.

Wade claimed that he was unaware of the administration of The Michael Jackson Estate prior to March 6, 2013. However, he was in contact with the administration about the Cirque De Soleil show through 2012.

The trial judge found Wade’s lies so baffling that he disregarded his sworn declaration stating that “no rational trier of fact could possibly believe Robson’s sworn statements.’”

Noteworthy details & comments: Wade Robson

September 15, 2016, in an interview with a local LA radio station, Wade’s lawyer claimed that Pellicano coached the Robson’s into defending Jackson in a televised interview.

Wade’s complaint states that his mother contacted Staikos, from there Pellicano – after the interview took place. In a 1995 interview Joy said that “it was Wade’s decision to `go public’ on television and proclaim Michael’s innocence.”  Wade selfishly asked Jackson’s Nanny, Ms. Rwaramba, if she could get approval to have his wedding at Neverland Ranch during the 2005 trial. According to the nanny, Wade stated, “‘Michael has been like a father to me, and it would mean the world to us if Amanda and I could get married at Neverland.’” She informed him that she would not ask Michael about the wedding at the ranch due to the stressful nature of the trial. (Jackson was in the room with the Nanny, listening on speaker)

Wade claims he is speaking out for victims, established a charity in Hawaii (Where the laws around proving where donations come from are very lax), yet he has overlooked speaking about the charity within the multiple interviews after establishing the charity.

‘Leaving Neverland’ Contradictions – James Safechuck

James describes an elaborate story of a mock wedding where Michael Jackson and James exchanged vows and ‘wedding’ rings.

While telling the story he showed the jewelry he claimed to been given by Michael Jackson. He stated that they would tell the jewelers that they were shopping for a woman. The jewelry he presented were male rings that could arguably fit his adult ring finger. There has not been any other accuser aside from James, which has claimed this ‘ring’ narrative. This claim [aside from James accounts] has only been made in Victor Gutierrez’s book ‘Michael Jackson Was My Lover’, the author claims to have received Jordan Chandlers personal diaries. When questioned in a legal proceeding about the diaries, he could not provide the document – nor any correspondence regarding it. [More information on Gutiérrez in the ‘Collective Notes & Comment’ section of this document. |tab 2|] It is also worth noting that he provided rings as ‘evidence’ yet the vows he claims were made, he did not have. One would have to wonder what would be the purpose.

After this claimed mock wedding, James tells a story of a ‘Honeymoon’ in Paris, France. James paints a narrative of this special trip to Paris.

While they did travel to Paris in June of 1988, and stayed at L’Hotel de Crillon, suite 335. It was for Jacksons Bad World Tour, where James – along with a group of youngsters would join Jackson on stage. James mother [Stephanie] traveled along side.

Within the documentary, the Safechucks describe this encounter where Michael and James were locked in a room overlooking the theater at Neverland. The story goes into detail, explaining where Stephanie Safechuck tried opening the door but was locked. After some time, Michael opened the door, both Michael and James were dressed.

The falsehood with this claim is found in the fact that the doors to the room described are locked from the outside. If the door was locked, it would be Stephanie [not Michael] that would have control over the lock to the room. Neither Michael nor James would have the capability to open the door, while Stephanie would.

In the Documentary James tells a story of multiple occurrences in which Michael Jackson and James would go into the Train Station at Neverland Ranch and perform sexual acts on each other.

James claims that his abuse lasted four years. [1988-1992 / ages 10-14] Construction of the ‘Katherine Jackson’ Train Station began November 1993, and was not completed until 1994. James would be 16 years old.

James claimed that Michael Jackson called him towards the end of the 2005 trial [regarding the Arvizo case] and asked James to testify on his behalf. He went into detail stating that it was the last conversation they had.

The evidence and individuals that would enter the case was carefully selected and approved months prior to the trial began. James was considered a ‘non entity’ in the case; neither James nor Michael Jackson had any authority to pull James into the trial. Any mention of James Safechuck was irrelevant to the case.

Stephanie Safechuck [mother] stated in the documentary that she ‘jumped out of bed’ and ‘danced’ when she heard Michael Jackson died in 2009. Expressed the feeling of thankfulness that Michael Jackson could not harm any more children.

James has stated in multiple interviews and in court, of his ignorance regarding his understanding of the ‘abuse’. He claims seeing Wade Robson’s interview with Matt Lauer in May 2013 was a pivotal awakening moment. He has stated that he told his mother that Michael ‘wasn’t a good man’ and was ‘an evil man’. Mind you, he has stated on several occasions that at the time he did not see what they did together as ‘good or bad’. This would mean from the conversation with his mother, she had a full understanding of what James went through before James himself came to the realization it was abuse years later. This would also indicate that all the news reports through the 90s and 00s regarding Michael Jackson and sexual abuse never triggered this realization – but Wade’s interview did. Note that there was one occasion in a court proceeding in 2016, that he [for a short term] changed his narrative and stated he did tell him mother that he was abused in 2005; he went back to the original account afterwards, never to reiterate that sentiment again.

Court: James Safechuck

In James’ original complaint against the Jackson Estate, he never claimed to have had any working relationship with the Estate, thus had no ‘Duty of Care’. James later amended his complaint adding an allegation against MJJ Ventures in respect to the alleged abuse in the 1980s.

MJJ Ventures was not established until 1991 and James did not have any working relationship that would be under MJJ Ventures until 1994, two years after his alleged abuse ended.

In James’ complaint, he tells an elaborate story of the Safechucks spending Thanksgiving Day 1987 with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson was in Australia on Thanksgiving Day 1987 at a ‘meet and greet’ which he met Wade Robson that day. He was traveling for his Bad tour where he was set to perform in Brisbane Australia the following day.

With James failed attempt to incriminate The Michael Jackson Estate, he amended his complaint once again adding in a story of a ‘youth program’ where Michael Jackson would be a mentor. He claimed that these companies were the ‘most sophisticated child abuse procurement & Facilitation organization’

A youth program under MJJ companies never existed.

At this point James’ case came to a dead end, and became even more desperate to make The Jackson Estate hold ‘ownership’ for alleged abuse. James and his lawyers made the argument since Michael Jackson was the sole shareholder and owner of MJJ companies – that Michael Jackson should have been obligated to ‘supervise himself’, knowing he had ‘criminal tendencies’ and should not allow himself to work in his own company.

This would entail that he would need to fire himself and warm others about his ‘abusive tendencies’.

James alleged to have flown to New York City shortly after the 1989 Grammys to visit Michael where he claims more sexual encounters occurred.

The Grammy Awards took place February 22 in Los Angeles, CA in 1989. Michael Jackson did not attend the event nor is there any record of Michael Jackson being outside of California in this timeframe – with multiple public sightings in the Los Angeles area. (Stockton, CA | Santa Barbara, CA | Century City, CA)

Noteworthy details & comments: James Safechuck

When chronologically looking at James amended complaints, you can see the story evolving specifically to work around the ‘Duty of Care’ issues he ran into. The details of involvement with MJJ companies became increasingly elaborate with each amendment. True stories do not vary outside of perception; the terms of the amendments show direct intent to incriminate The Michael Jackson Estate, putting liability in the Estates hands.

James has stated in multiple interviews that he was not of the understanding that what happened to him was abuse until he saw Wade Robson on Television in 2013. He claims it was that moment he thought that he should address what ‘happened’ between him and Michael Jackson.

Collective Details & Comments

Wade Robson and James Safechuck have been in contact since 2013 and legally working together since 2014 against The Jackson Estate. They worked together with Wade’s original legal team until both cases were thrown out. Together, they switched law firms where their complaints were amended multiple times. With this, you can see the narratives of the allegations change. (The details around Wade’s emails / both stories becoming more elaborate / James including involvement of MJJ Ventures etc.)

It is important to be familiar with Victor Gutiérrez [Author of Michael Jackson Was My Lover] due to his deep ties to allegations surrounding Michael Jackson. He [Victor] is a freelance writer with deep ties to NAMBLA. (A pro pedophilic organization that works to abolish age consent laws and assists felons convicted for pedophilia). Public record shows that Victor attended a NAMBLA conference in 1986 that discussed using Michael Jackson as the name for their goal of social acceptance. It is worth noting that conferences within the organization generally require individuals to be a member for 3 years, and a sponsorship by a fellow seasoned NAMBLA member. Within the Authors notes, he declares his respect for the organization and his belief that Pedophilia is not harmful to children but misunderstood by society.

Victor is the lead source for several journalists that have built careers off Michael Jackson stories. He’s also participated in several documentaries as well as being a driving force behind false alleged stories sold to tabloids by Jacksons terminated employees. (Blanca Francia, Adrian McManus, and Ralph Chacon) All of which have lost civil cases against Michael Jackson for false allegations. These lost cases resulted in financial compensation, all of which have gone unpaid

Ralph testified in 2005 that he, along with other ex-employees of Jackson have spoken with Gutiérrez, in 2005 McManus testified that Gutiérrez helped their lawsuits against Michael Jackson. It is important to note every lawsuit tied with Victor was lost in court, resulting in financial damages in favor of Michael Jackson. All have fallen short of payment.

To speak on Gutiérrez credibility issues, he has claimed to work undercover for the LAPD. The LAPD has publicly stated they have no ties with Gutiérrez. In a lawsuit surrounding his book, when questioned about the diaries he claimed existed, he could not explain how he received the diaries, its current location, or what may have happened to these diaries. Jordan Chandler’s uncle [the only family member that has publicly spoken about the book] denounced Gutiérrez writings and stated the diaries never existed.

Accounts and Narratives

Sexually Satisfying Relationship

Both Wade and James express a ‘sexually satisfying relationship’ at a pre-teen age with Michael Jackson yet no mention of the conflicting feelings coming from two straight boys/now men. We are to overlook not only the discomfort of a minor with an adult but to look past the natural discomfort of a sexual relationship that opposes their true sexuality (heterosexuals)

Given the culture in the late 80s & 90s regarding homosexuality, it is very unlikely that the duality of the sexual acts would not leave an impact worth mentioning in therapy, court, or in the film. It is also notable that allegations of ‘improper conduct’ by Michael Jackson was heavily publicized within this time.

‘Trading’ Out Boys

Both accusers paint a narrative that Jackson would ‘trade out boys’ every 12 months, yet each of their claimed sexual experience lasted several years. Taking a deeper look at this idea, let us consider James claims are between 1988-1992; Wade’s claims are between 1990-1996. This not only makes their stories overlap, but in that timeframe, there were three other boys that were In Michael Jackson’s life. Macaulay Culkin met Jackson in (1990), Brett Barnes (1991), Jordan Chandler (1992). This would contradict the narrative that Jackson was ‘trading’ boys out one after the next, totaling 5 boys in 1992. It is worth noting that 1992 was an extremely busy year for Jackson [promotion, video shoots, planning, rehearsing, and touring for much of the year]. To coordinate the type of grooming that they claim – would be a massive undertaking that would be very unlikely to ‘pull off’.

Parallels with Victor Gutierrez’s book

In 1997, Victor Gutierrez released a book claimed to be based on Jordan Chandlers ‘secret diaries’. Within that book, there are narratives that have never matched up to any other accuser’s story aside from James Safechuck – yet used as a way of showing a ‘pattern of abuse’.

Pg. 21-22: Jordan Chandler was jealous of Brett Barnes relationship with Michael. In James claim, he was jealous of Brett Barnes.

Pg. 37-38: States Jackson would put tape on his nose to hold it in place before going to sleep. James lawsuit states that he saw Jackson putting on a bandage to cover his nose before bed.

Pg. 40: Describes Jackson being jealous of a crush Jordan Chandler had. James lawsuit claims Michael got jealous over a crush he had on Sheryl Crow.

Pg. 57-58: mentions Jackson watching films with ‘foreign themes’ that features minors participating in sexual acts. James lawsuit states that Jackson showed him ‘foreign’ films that minors were participants in sexual acts. There are also striking parallels within the claimed sexual acts [kept out of this document due to the lewd nature of the content.]

Striking Similar Revelations

Both, Wade and James tell a strikingly similar story of the moments they came to terms with their ‘abuse’. Both claim it involves having their first born child decades after the abuse, imagining them [the child] be ‘abused’ the way they were, and express a strong reactive emotion because of this. They both also claim that through their teen years and 20s, there was no real perspective in regards to the abuse. While it is a very practical narrative for an individual to have this reaction, it is highly unlikely that both individuals filing lawsuits with the same lawyers, regarding the same ‘abuser’ have the same revelation in the such similar sequence of events. Neither one of them, prior to their children being born did they grasp the concept of what happened was abuse despite the public attention sexual allegations have surrounded Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson the instigator of relationships

Both the Safechucks and the Robsons paint a picture describing Michael Jackson as this individual that sought after the children, yet the parents own words discredits that claim.

From the first initial visit the Robson’s made to the United States, Joy went through many lengths to find a way to contact Michael Jackson. She openly talked about calling around, trying to get his number. She has also expressed disappointment on lack of involvement Michael had in her kids’ lives. In ‘Variety Today’, she stated, “The first 18 months in LA was really tough going. We had taken six suitcases and little money and knew no-one in LA, only Michael who spent much of the time away.” It is likely that an abuser with the means of doing so – would expedite the process of them moving near, making sure the ‘victim’ is under supervision. This ‘too busy’ narrative goes against the ‘grooming’ nature narrative that they describe.

Emotional contradiction

Wade Robson claims two set of emotions that contradict each other. 1. That he did not see anything wrong with the abuse because he felt that he was in a ‘fulfilling sexual relationship’ at the age of 7, which he expresses as the reason he did not speak out. 2. That he did not speak out due to fear after being coached and threatened to go to prison and their lives essentially being ‘over’.

They both claim that they had full mental awareness [remembered everything] of the events yet no emotional comprehension that child abuse is wrong until they reached their 30s. This would need a high level of naivety to the law, and basic morality. Considering the high profile nature of the allegations that surrounded Michael Jackson, along with the fact that they both testified in regards to allegations [Wade going through an extensive cross examination while defending Michael] it is extremely unlikely possible.

Grooming process

Wade describes an elaborate grooming process Michael Jackson ‘did’ yet claims to have been abused within hours of being left alone. (which contradicts his own statement in court that his family was still at Neverland and sister in the room) Considering the fact that the Robson’s were not US citizens and were to leave the country shortly after – this would give an abuser very little time to influence an individual (minor or adult) to protect such a crime and would be vastly risky, especially considering the high profile of the individual accused of the crime.

In Wade’s complaint against the Jackson Estate, he describes this grooming/coaching experience and quotes Michael Jackson to have said. “They are making up all these lies about you and me, saying that we did all this disgusting sexual stuff…”

If the sexual abuse was true, and both individuals would know the truth; there would no reason for Michael Jackson state that ‘they are making up all these lies.’

Wade’s father’s suicide due to Michael Jackson’s abuse

In Wade’s legal complaint, he insinuates that his father [who suffered from bipolar disorder] committed suicide in 2002 due to anxiety and fear that Jackson might have abused his son Wade.

Up to that point – Wade, his mother, and Chantal [The Robsons] have only expressed fond opinions of Jackson. Wade repeatedly claimed [in court and interviews] to have had ‘no perspective’ of the abuse and thought of Michael Jackson as a good person and mentor. It was not until 2012 that Wade showed any notable signs or made comment of any sort of abuse.

Robsons supporting Michael Jackson After Wade Came Forward

Both Joy and Chantal Robson were pro-actively on message boards, joining Michael Jackson fan groups, ‘liking’ various pro Jackson material between 2012-2016. Wade Robson went public with his claims of abuse in 2013. Note that after the airing of Leaving Neverland, they have been deleting interviews, posts, and various recorded moves that supported Michael Jackson within this time period.

Michael drilling & pushing Wade into entertainment

Wade has described this grueling pressure from Michael Jackson to be successful within the Entertainment industry.

This is opposed in several interviews and testimonies by statements made from Wade’s mother. In a 2011 podcast, she states the following:

“I realized very early on that if we were gonna make it here it is gonna be up to me. I couldn’t really rely… Michael had a… he lived in a bubble…I was the one who had to find agents..”

“[Wade and Chantal] have always been busy and I think boredom breeds trouble. […] My kids worked every weekend, every school vacation, their birthday parties were backstage, their Christmas parties were backstage. No regrets.”

Excerpts of a 1995 ‘Variety Today’ article she stated:

Joy said her kids developed an American accent almost immediately. As a result, Wade was doing three or four auditions between 3-7 pm each day. While Wade worked hard, attending audition after audition, learning lines, practicing and rehearsing his dance movements. She went on saying “The first 18 months in LA was really tough going. We had taken six suitcases and little money and knew no-one in LA, only Michael who spent much of the time away.”

In Joy Robson’s 2016 Deposition she stated the following:

“And to think that this man who used to call me and ask — and beg me not to make Wade work all the time, to let him have his childhood, what a hypocrite.”

Note that on May 8th, 2012, [the day he claims he finally ‘confessed’ his abuse] Wade [according to a selfmade blog] listened to a TED Talk by Brené Brown titled “The Power of Vulnerability” on his way to therapy. The speech is about having the understanding of being worthy of love without being perfect. The narrative is built around the mistakes parents make while raising their children with pressure of being ‘perfect’.

The above echoes deeper into the dynamic of Wade’s life in correlation to the relationship between him and his mother.

It is also worth mentioning that the therapist that he saw, Dr. Larry Shaw – is a therapist whose focus is on individuals in high pressure jobs, more specifically people that are in a particular career because of parent’s expectations.

It is highly likely that the driving force into the entertainment industry was Joy Robson [mother] and the relationship with Michael Jackson [the largest entertainer in the world] & ‘mentor’ – made him develop high expectations of himself. [which in his first breakdown, it was under the terms that he fell short of expectations and felt like a ‘failure’]. Dr. Larry Shaw has been quoted saying. “The guys I’ve worked with recently have father issues, which means they had very powerful fathers, so there’s an aspect of living under the father’s shadow.”

Potential Motives

The Safechuck family have been in the middle of a legal dispute regarding the ‘Trashing’ company they have been a part of for decades. The family was sued for $1 million dollars – two days after James Safechuck filed paper work, joining a multi-million-dollar civil complaint against Michael Jackson.

It is quite telling while chronologically looking at Wade’s actions after the passing of Michael Jackson. After the failed attempts to take part in a tribute in Jackson’s memorial, he [in 2011] anonymously sold two items of Jackson memorabilia for $81,170.00. In May 2011, Wade emailed the creative team at Cirque De Soleil saying, “I always wanted to do this show badly” and expressed how he is ‘meant to do this show’. Before a choreographer was officially selected, in July 2011 Wade publicly claimed that he was putting together the ‘MJ Cirque show’. While Wade and the Estate were in communication, there was another choreographer in the running for that same position. Shortly after this, it was announced that Jamie King would be chosen for the role as Wade Robson was rejected. Late 2012, Wade shopped a tell-all book claiming sexual abuse by the hands of Michael Jackson. There was no publisher interested in picking up the book. In May of 2013, Wade files his civil lawsuit for hundreds of millions of dollars against The Michael Jackson Estate. ‘Michael Jackson One’ Cirque show debuted that same month.

Thank you for reading!


Source: MJJCommunity

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The Infographics War

Currently, it seems there are more, Michael Jackson advocacy groups and blogs all over the internet, than ever before.  Most of them include a plethora of documents, trial evidence, letters, old testimonies from 1993 Grand Juries, the 2005 criminal trial, as well as newly filed cases of Wade Robson and James Safechuck that were dismissed because perjurious statements made by both men.  There is no reason for anyone in this world to be ill informed or uninformed or still assume that Michael Jackson was guilty.

MJJJP has been given permission to post some of the excellent graphics being put together by teams or individuals who are fully informed and quite loquacious Michael Jackson researchers.  Since Twitter and Facebook tend to be constant flux and motion this particular blog post will be updated periodically as more graphics become available because they need a static place for easy accessibility. We will also be updating pertinent urls listed in certain graphics, as well to ease the sharing of facts.

Dr. Andrew Greene is one such MJAdvocate, who specifically working on easy to read graphics with a dedicated and energetic team.  While the information, at times can seem overly intrusive into personal Michael Jackson topics, it’s utterly necessary. We are dealing with trolls who’ve got some sort of long term obsession with continuing the false narrative about Michael and will not stop at anything to convince others of his guilt. The troll MJFact site, originally known as “Desiree Speaks So Listen”, has been reworked to appear as a neutral informative site.  However, it regularly denegrates Michael Jackson, misleads with downright lies and/or omissions of fact, so that the unsuspecting reader has no clue the information is disingenious. It’s important that we counter with these lies with facts. Most blogs like VindicateMJ, VindicateMJ2.0 and MichaelJacksonAllegations do that quite nicely. But sometimes, just a quick handy graphic can catch the eye, curiosity and give the points succinctly-

The Evan Chandler 1993 Extortion Case –

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 7.28.55 AM.png

Below are sources referenced: 1) themichaeljacksonallegations.com/2016/12/26/the… 2) …onallegationsblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/1993ci… 3) themichaeljacksonallegations.com/2016/12/26/the… 4) USA Today, January 28, 1994 5) Reuter’s 27, 1994 6) nytimes.com/1994/01/26/us/… 7) 2. youtu.be/0NlhDPjEI8I (CBS NEWS) and 1. themichaeljacksonallegations.com/2016/12/26/tap…

Chandler’s Inaccurate Description of Jackson’s Penis-  1993 Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.56.22 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 3.59.37 PM1. and )

2. ( and )

3. (

4. https://themichaeljacksonallegationsblog.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/matress-prosecution-1-013105pltmotrd14itms-1.pdf

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 4.04.38 PM.png

  5. ()  

6. ( and )  

7. () and ()  

8. ( and )

The 2005 Trial of Michael Jackson-








7. and 8. “Michael Jackson Conspiracy: Special Edition,” 2018, Aphrodite Jones ()

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “The Virtuous Spoke Out” is yet Another great graphic posted on Twitter May 30th 2019 – by @NanRaghav

The Virtuous Spoke Out



Feel free to use these graphics when trying to explain issues in the very complex and information laden Michael Jackson Innocent saga- to people who just want more information.

We have seen with an marked increase in MJJJP twitter mentions and that indicates to us, that there are many people out there clicking for information and SHARING information. The MJGlobal family is the largest social network in world and in a position to make sure the correct factual information gets deciminated.

NOTE: This particular blog post with be adding in more graphics as they become available- If any MJAdvocates have other INFORMATIONAL graphics, they’d like to display in this space- Please be sure to credit the originator if possible -Contact us at mjjjusticeproject@gmail.com  -Use Subject line “Infographics  War”


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June 25, 2019 is approaching!

Nonlocal Universe

Did you buy your Rose for Michael? If not, please followOneRose 4MJJ

5650 Roses of Love & Innocence by Sunday May 19th 7:22pm EST

PayPal. onerose4mjj@gmail.com

$3.00 per long stem Rose Love & Innocence is our message this year with Freedom Red & White Dove Roses In honor of Michael on June 25th

Rose’s are donated to various charities in LA.

🌹🌹🌹Will you be in LA on June 25th? Perhaps you wish to join theMJInnocent/LOVE Rally(byMJJJP)

June 25th 2019 MJInnocent/LOVE Rally 

Since the Michael Jackson fanbase is so DIVERSE, MJJJusticeProject  thought it only fitting to have a large gathering while fans from all over the world are visiting Los Angeles in observance of the 10th Commemoration of Michael Jackson’s passing.  Michael Jackson has achieved his goal of immortality and we hope to gather in HONOR of his life and to peacefully demonstrate that we STAND…

View original post 253 more words

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“Believe White People: Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland, the Media and Race”

by Brotha Wolf

First off, I want to say that I am NOT writing this from a liberal or conservative point-of-view, nor am I writing this as an ardent fan of Michael Jackson. I’m not a journalist or author. I’m just a concerned citizen.

I will also say that I have not nor will I plan to watch the “documentary” Leaving Neverland. (I’ll explain why I use that word in quotes later.) I know that this admission alone will render the rest of this essay irrelevant as watching the film is a requirement for critiquing it. This entire essay may not get to be published at all. However, I WON’T critique the film, but I WILL express my thoughts and feelings of the mainstream media and society’s overall positive reaction to it.

Michael Jackson’s legacy as arguably the greatest entertainer the world is well-earned and has remained strong, especially ever after his death. The pedophilic accusations that have dogged him for the latter half of his life seemed like a distant memory for years or at least an insignificant thought. Then, in 2019, the accusations resurfaced in a “documentary” that has caught the world’s – the West at least – attention. Leaving Neverland is a two-part, four hour-long film directed by British filmmaker Dan Reed. It features testimony by two of Jackson’s accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck. The general news media’s responses to the film included words like “harrowing” and “disturbing”. As such, they concluded that the film is the final nail in the coffin. Even Oprah Winfrey decided to air a special featuring Reed, Robson and Safechuck, and it seemed like the special further cemented Jackson as a disgusting pedophile apparently without question or objections.

In almost no time later, cancel or mute culture emerged in the form of removing Jackson’s songs from the playlists of a few radio stations around the world. Statues of him were removed from public places. One way or another, Michael Jackson was erased despite the same media’s sharp advisories against such moves.

Still, with ONE film with apparently nothing other than testimonies from two men, the mainly “liberal” media and those who turn to them for news and information have collectively indicted Michael Jackson as a smooth criminal and believed the testimonies of Robson and Safechuck instantaneously.

And I would’ve too if I didn’t stop and think about a few things.

Ordinarily, I would’ve jumped on and sided with the accusers, even though I never saw nor plan to see the film. But I asked myself, why would, or rather why SHOULD I believe a film that’s considered a “documentary”, especially if the media says so?” It seemed suspicious, especially when the director claimed that the film isn’t about Michael Jackson. Pardon me, but how could it not be when it’s about two men who claim to be victims of the late superstar? Also, why would I watch a film meant to shed light on a terrible crime when the director describes it as more of a “love story”? And due to me being a black man in America, why Michael Jackson, another black man, of all people? It was then I CHOSE to see the massive elephant in the room: race.

As a member of “the other” and given the history and treatment towards non-mainstream populations, I can’t help but suspect and observe how Jackson’s legacy is treated as opposed to other luminaries accused of similar or worse crimes who have a lighter skin hue than mine. Granted, in his later years, Jackson’s skin was brightened, but he was still a black man in America.

Of course, people will vehemently object that the Neverland backlash has any hint of racism, and to suggest otherwise is to – at worst – blame the “victims”. I will most likely be called a ‘stan’ or worse, a rape apologist. But I couldn’t help but feel that the media backlash had something to do with the fact that Jackson was black and his accusers and the director are all white. So, I wonder if the “believing the victim” plea in this case is more like the case of “believing white victims”, a plea that has led to the oppression and murder of black people for ages. A simple rape accusation from a white woman would lead to the death and destruction of African-Americans and even whole black communities whether it happened or not. And even though that’s not likely to happen from this case – this time, it’s white men – there’s an aura of terminating Jackson’s history and legacy by word alone that conjures immediate fears and the notion that white people claiming victimhood status and where the suspect is black are to be believed no questions asked.

Yes, Michael Jackson was wealthy during his time and as the liberal way of thinking suggests, he’s part of the corrupt power structure within the music industry by association. With these allegations levied against him – again – even after his death through a motion picture, he’s considered the “enemy”. We decide that he used his star power to lure little (white) boys to his home to engage in intercourse with them.

Jackson was a black man, and in this country, it doesn’t matter how much money or power you have, you’re still seen as “different” or “less-than” in the eyes of white society. In most cases, you’re guilty of…something. In Jackson’s case, it was pedophilia, and no proof to exonerate him will be admissible.

Believe the victims. Believe the white men. Believe the white-owned media who believe the white men.

The news media believed the words of Robson and Safechuck and praised Reed for his film. There were NO questions asked as to the validity of the two men’s stories, two men with questionable backgrounds. There was no search to how accurate their testimonies are. No evidence to strengthen their stories, according to those who’ve seen the film. No interviews with other people aside from the men and, according to writer Stereo Williams, “…Someone reacting to what they’ve been told by Robson and Safechuck.” Not even the director is scrutinized. He was mostly placed on a pedestal as a man supposedly exposing a dirty secret. Simultaneously, most opinion writers chastised Jackson’s fans, supporters and critics of Neverland as “stans, truthers, cultists, conspiracy theorists” and even “rape apologists” for thinking that their idol was innocent and that Robson and Safechuck are liars without any investigations or interviews. While some may be, it’s a broad and damaging statement to dish out to all who have questions and doubts about the film and the accusations it presented.

The verdict was clear.

Detractors often cite the Me Too and Time’s Up movements as the reasons why the news media seems largely supportive of the film. The narrative has been about giving victims of sex-based crimes a voice and more credibility. Though, I think it’s unfair to blame the movements for the media’s appreciative response to the film, I think it shows that journalism has fallen off their mission of fact-finding for the sake of agenda pushing. The current atmosphere has largely been anti-Jackson with conversations surrounding the age old mystery of separating the art from the artist, the possibility of rewriting Jackson’s history and the side-effects of hero worship. All the while, the news continues to bury Jackson without much contemplation about the validity of the accusers and the director and how race was possibly a key component in not only the film’s creation but how the media saw it.

The news media grasped reactionary politics as the film’s emotional intensity seems to conclude that it’s true and that it’s a final nail in the coffin for his legacy.

It also seems that the media seems more invested and harsher when crime suspects are black, and black celebrities seem more insatiable to them. Extensive coverage of O.J. Simpson’s ordeal, Bill Cosby’s rape accusations and R. Kelly’s abuse to women seems to garner more attention than Harvey Weinstein, Louis C. K, Kevin Spacey and even Donald Trump. And now, we’re back on Michael Jackson yet again, and more than usual, it seems.

I know I’ll catch flack for some of my points. But I stress that I’m not against any movement against sex-based crimes or any crime for that matter. I also do not think that the aforementioned men are innocent of their crimes. And yes, there are rapists who happen to be black men, but black men are not rapists by design. So, it shouldn’t come to a surprise why I’m wary about this and other cases given this country’s history grappling with the dangerous and destructive myth of the black male rapist. It’s so strong that mere accusations alone are causes for severe punishment not just for the suspect but entire communities, whether there’s evidence or not. And it should surprise NO ONE that black skin is continuously condemned as this country’s undeniable proof of deviance.

As a citizen of the black community, I want to know when the documentary about Weinstein’s accusations will come to network television. I want to know if there will be damning films about David Bowie, John Lennon or even Charles Dickens. Will we remove their works or anything associated with them from our public institutions? Will we defame them even though they’re no longer here to defend themselves, or are there exceptions to the rule we won’t divulge? Well there be documentaries concerning accusations against them? Will we have to rewrite books based on their lives? Will Oprah do a talk show special with the victims of director Bryan Singer or better yet, Harvey Weinstein?

Do the underlying answers to these questions as well as the whole Neverland fiasco have anything to do with this nation’s eternal mission of protecting whiteness?

A friend of mine from high school said that “it’s” not wrong, unless black people do it. “It” could mean literally anything. In this case, It’s apparently “not as bad”, unless black people do it. “It”, in this case is any form of lawbreaking or contemptible sin. So, it should be understandable why it looks like the media is wrapped heavily about Neverland as opposed to the Weinstein trial.

As someone who felt slighted by a media I thought was more progressive than it is, I wonder why are they so convinced about a movie that has been described as “one-sided” and decided to outright believe it even though it’s deemed problematic from various angles, two of which come from two men, one with a history of changing his stories, and discovered inaccuracies of their testimonies.

Yes, trauma victims can get confused, and their memories can be fractured. But it’s unwise to not consider any suspicion in any case and that there are indeed some people who would stoop low enough to hijack a movement for personal gain. Are Robson and Safechuck such people? That would require investigative journalism and not a drone-like assumption that all who claim victimhood are actual victims.

I know this will spark outrage. I know this isn’t a popular opinion. But if this is what “journalism” and “news” has come down to, I want NO part of it. And this isn’t coming from a “fan” or a “stan”, but someone who expected more from a media I thought was more progressive than this. Michael Jackson, to me, is innocent until proven guilty. Leaving Neverland hasn’t really proved anything and it won’t likely spell the end of Jackson’s legacy, and it’s messed up that some people see it their mission to do so if he was truly innocent. All in all, I greatly doubt such a film or kind of treatment would’ve been made or even supported as much as it is had Jackson been born racially white.

Prove me wrong.

-BrothaWolf  is a blogger from a small town.

Brotha Wolf  Twitter

Note: The author of this blog has graciously granted us permission to repost it in full  – MJJJP

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Madame Tussauds Offers Special Admission Price for MJLoveRally Attendees –


Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 7.26.09 PM

We are pleased to announce that due to our MJLoveRally in front of Madame Tussauds Hollywood, scheduled on June 25th 2019, we have been offered a Special discounted rate of $ 18.00 (Regular price is $30.95 walk-up) by their establishment.

Michael Jackson’s relationship with Madame Tussauds spanned some 25 years starting with his first sitting in 1984 and a visit to the London attraction, with his children in 2005. Jackson has been sculpted six different times and is the most widely exhibited figure in the Madame Tussauds worldwide empire.

This worldwide museum has stood firm in the wake of Leaving Neverland fallout with a statement March 21, 2019 that they would NOT remove our beloved Michael’s exhibit.

“The figures on display at Madame Tussauds reflect profiles that have had an impact on popular culture and that visitors expect to see. Michael Jackson has been and is currently a feature of Madame Tussauds attractions around the world.”

If you’re interested in supporting Madame Tussauds for standing by Michael Jackson, then take advantage of the limited Special Admission Price, only available to MJLoveRally participants, thru MJJJP.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.13.17 AM

MJJJP has made a special arrangement with Madame Tussauds and reserved a block of 25 tickets for our MJLoveRally participants. It’s First come, First served.  Don’t miss out on this Special – Order your tickets today !!

To reserve your ticket:

Send $18.00 per ticket – via Paypal- candlemel@aol.com-                                                        IMPORTANT: Use option: “Send Money To A Friend”  and you will receive a confirmation of your purchase, and directions on how to collect your reservation number.

We are so excited to meet and greet all of the MJGlobal family who will be attending our Michael Jackson Love March & Rally.

Much love and light !!


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MJEstate -Update on Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop” Broadway Show

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 7.03.29 PMSTATEMENT FROM THE ESTATE
Last week, John Branca, along with Estate attorneys, were invited to speak at Harvard University. They used the opportunity to raise issues about how Leaving Neverland violates every notion of fairness, while pointing out the gaping lies and holes in its narrative. They also spoke with members of the media, such as Billboard, who were present at some of the events [https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8507510/michael-jackson-estate-hits-back-leaving-neverland]. And you can expect more news from the Estate in the coming weeks.

We also remain focused on long-term projects that we believe will enhance Michael’s legacy moving forward, including the Broadway musical. We can assure you that all those involved in this production, including the Tony Award-winning director, Christopher Wheeldon, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Lynn Nottage, are devoted MJ fans. That’s why they are committed to bringing this show to Broadway.

If we get this right – which we will – theater audiences will have an even deeper appreciation for Michael’s creative genius, just as they did when they watched This Is It nearly 10 years ago. In fact, we believe this will be as poignant an experience, one that connects the audience to Michael in a way in which he is appreciated both as a person and as an artist. The role for Lynn and Chris, among other things, is of course to entertain, but also to depict the events of Michael’s life and his struggles, both internal and external, that molded him into the person, the artist and the creative genius that this musical celebrates. Simply put, if we didn’t trust Lynn and Chris to do justice to Michael, we would not be working with them.

While we appreciate that, on an emotional level, fans want Lynn and Chris to join the public battle against Leaving Neverland, from an intellectual perspective we believe it is important to understand why Lynn and Chris, to protect the integrity of the musical, should not take a public position at this time one way or another about any issues in Michael’s life. They are biographers who at this stage have been assigned to dispassionately observe their subject’s life and craft their story. Their role is to entertain as well to understand how all of the events and unique personal challenges Michael faced throughout his life shaped him, and molded the character they ultimately present on stage. The story is still a work-in-progress, as they have stated.

As with the two Cirque du Soleil shows and with Spike Lee’s acclaimed documentaries, we are collaborators. We have significant input and say in the final show. But we believe it is important to give all of our creators the freedom to draw upon Michael’s experiences, in this case, to create a well-rounded and in-depth stage character of Michael Jackson. To that end, we have spent a significant amount of time with them sharing our personal knowledge of Michael and our experiences with him as well as introducing them to others who were an integral part of Michael’s life, so they can fully understand the very complicated and talented artist and man that he was.

Michael was constantly judged throughout his life – as he continues to be in death — by those who never bothered to look below the surface. Lynn and Chris will not do that. They are looking at Michael’s life with the goal of helping audiences understand the challenges and pain he faced away from the spotlight and how it shaped a man who shunned society’s norms to such an extent that 10 years after his passing he still commands the world’s attention. We have asked Lynn and Chris not to give us a superficial Michael, but to delve into his humanity, his goodness and his faults along with the conflicts and difficulties he encountered at different stages of his life, so people can understand what fed the fire of this incredibly unique creative genius. With the benefit of having read drafts of the book, being in the room for readings and being present at labs at which we see the musical coming to life, we see and feel Michael’s presence in a way that we do not think would have been possible with anyone less talented than Lynn and Chris.

A musical of the caliber that we are confident is now taking shape will not only pay tribute to and celebrate Michael Jackson’s genius but take audiences on an emotional journey that will surprise fans and non-fans alike as they witness his magical, complex world. Since we all know it is not possible to judge something that you have not experienced yourself, we hope you will all have the opportunity to sit in the theater and experience this musical for yourselves and we look forward to your reactions once you have that opportunity.


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Michael Jackson Innocent/Love March & Rally – June 25th 2019

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This year “Michael Week” takes on a deeper and more personal meaning for the MJGlobal family. Since January, we’ve all been riveted by the ongoing spectacle and quick demise of the fictitious tales of Wade Robson/James Safechuck in Leaving Neverland. Protests from concerned fans from all over the world commenced the moment of it’s presentation at Sundance Film Festival and subsequent airing on HBO, Channel 4 and Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel.  Currently, it’s reported that ALL three of these entities have prematurely pulled the documentary. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the MJEstate in their lawsuit against HBO. Keep supporting @tajjackson3 in his endeavor to develop a Michael Jackson Docu Series, that will finally put an end to all of the salacious lies surrounding his beloved uncle.

We, also urge support for another issue on Taj Jackson’s agenda, which is the passing of Anti-Defamation law (ADLLaw) proposed by Anti-Defamation Legacy Law Advocates.

June 25th 2019 MJInnocent/LOVE Rally 

Since the Michael Jackson fanbase is so DIVERSE, MJJJusticeProject  thought it only fitting to have a large gathering while fans from all over the world are visiting Los Angeles in observance of the 10th Commemoration of Michael Jackson’s passing.  Michael Jackson has achieved his goal of immortality and we hope to gather in HONOR of his life and to peacefully demonstrate that we STAND with him in LOVE, especially in hours of tribulation.

This is a LOVE March & Rally in honor of our beloved Michael. Our intent is to have a Peaceful gathering of his world-wide fans to demonstrate his message of Peace, Love and Brotherhood.

Please register at MJLoveRally so that we may organize and you may receive a Group Photo. Donate to this endeavor at PayPal candlemel@aol.com

Itinerary June 25, 2019

6:00pm     Meet outside Holiday Inn Express: 1921 N Highland Ave, LosAngeles, CA

6-6:20pm Fans Signing Love Banner entitled “MJ♥️Rally”

6:30pm    Arrange in groups with Team Captains, prepare for walk

6:45pm    Walk from Hotel to Madame Tussauds  – (see map below)

7:00pm    Speech & Intro of  LA Zombies

7:15pm    LAZombies will perform to TWO Michael Jackson’s songs

7:40pm   Speech by Keen Zhang & Intro of MJChinese impersonator Wang Jinguyan 

8:00pm   Group Photo of Attendees & Signing of  “MJ♥️Rally” Banner

8:30pm  Event disassembly


Walk-map from Holiday Inn Express to Madame Tussauds

NOTE: Walk route MAY CHANGE depending on what activities are ongoing at the time of our rally- but any change of route will NOT change the length of the walk. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.38.34 AM.png

NOTICE                                                                                                                               *****SPECIAL -ADMISSION PRICE for Madame Tussauds******

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 7.26.09 PM


We are pleased to announce that due to our MJLoveRally in front of Madame Tussauds Hollywood we have been offered a Special discounted rate of $ 18.00 (regular price is $30.95 walk-up)

Michael Jackson’s relationship with Madame Tussauds spanned some 25 years starting with his first sitting in 1984 and a visit to the London attraction, with his children in 2005. Jackson has been sculpted six different times and is the most widely exhibited figure in the Madame Tussauds worldwide empire.

This worldwide museum has stood firm in the wake of Leaving Neverland fallout with a statement March 21, 2019 that they would NOT remove our beloved Michael’s exhibit.

“The figures on display at Madame Tussauds reflect profiles that have had an impact on popular culture and that visitors expect to see. Michael Jackson has been and is currently a feature of Madame Tussauds attractions around the world.”

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the Special admission price:

Send $18.00 via candlemel@aol.com then collect your tickets at Holiday Inn Express from Melanie Freeman, June 25th, 2019 by 6:20pm before we begin our march.

We’ve reserved a pre-paid block of 25 tickets for our MJLoveRally participants, so it’s a first come first serve.  Don’t miss out on this special – Order your tickets today !!                            Pls NOTE: This is a prepaid special offer made expressly with MJJJP, once purchased there will no refunds available.

*****UPDATE *****

In Honor of Michael Jackson


In keeping with the Michael Jackson Estate campaign #HonorMJ ; to do things with Michael in mind, to help a community, a charity, or an individual- MJJJusticeProject is asking participants of the June 25th 2019, MJ Love Rally to donate children’s books that will be delivered to Ronald McDonald house June 26th.

Books will take up very little space in your luggage and will be a gift that will keep on giving as time passes. The children at Ronald McDonald house will surely appreciate this gift and we will include a label inside each book that it was donated in honor of Michael Jackson from his World-wide community.

We encourage you to tweet out a photo of your book with the hashtag #HonorMJ on June 25th via Twitter- post it on Facebook or any other social media available to you. Be sure to share it with us @MJJJusticePrjct – 💕

There are THREE ways to make sure your books get donated to Ronald McDonald House.

You may bring the children book/books at 6pm- June 25th -to the Holiday Inn Express on Highland Avenue before our MJ Love Rally begins. OR

You may bring the book/books to Forest Lawn June 25th and give them to MJJJP team member, Buds personally-She will be at Forest Lawn from 11:30 -2:00pm

You many bring the book/books to Sizzler at 2920 Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA and give them to MJJJP team member Melanie, who will be there from 1:00 to 3:00pm—

Much love and light

******************************* Please Note *********************************** 

Please wear MJ Innocent Tee-Shirt or ANY other favorite Michael Jackson Tee.

Please bring a small flag of your country for representation during the walk.

If interested in being a Team Captain please indicate when you register.

Los Angeles is Arid- June temperatures vary from 80degree day /62 degrees at night. Dress in layers or bring a jacket if you plan to visit Michael’s Star in the night, after the Love Rally disassembles. Stay hydrated.

Group Photo will be sent to the email used when registering for this event.

The MJ♥️ Rally Banner with the love messages from his fans, will be taken to Neverland in Los Olivos, CA on June 26th for photograph at the Gate and then delivered to Michael’s children afterward.

Donations are appreciated but not mandatory. Monies will be used to buy banners, signs, posters, insurance and permits. Pls use PayPal candlemel@aol.com


  • Itinerary & Info may be updated/changed as we near the date
  • Please keep checking in. 💕
  • Update April 12th -So far we have fans from UK, France, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Germany and USA joining in this GLOBAL Love Fest of support for our beloved Michael – Join us!!  😘                                                   Register at  
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