What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?

Reblog of MJ Allegations – Michael Jackson’s “Bedroom” Bigger than Most US two story Townhomes and WHY that matters —

The Michael Jackson Allegations

Some people base their own “guilty” verdict about Michael Jackson on his own statement of seeing nothing wrong with sharing a bed with unrelated children. To be sure, we do not advocate this behavior (that directly led to The 2005 Allegations) and it definitely was not Jackson’s wisest decision to share his bedroom with unrelated children. It is understandable why this makes people feel uncomfortable. Accompanied with his wealth, fame, naivety and eccentricities, it also made him a vulnerable target to these kind of allegations. Here we would like to offer some context to this topic.

Possibly the biggest publicity backlash that Jackson has received because of this “sharing bed” issue was after the airing of the 2003 Martin Bashir documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. In that interview the star talked about “sharing bed” with children. The infamous scene featured Jackson and his later accuser Gavin Arvizo holding hands…

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Anaylsis of CBS This Morning Interview with Leaving Neverland’s Dan Reed

The MJGlobal family is the single largest social network on earth. MJJJP is pleased to be able to over a platform for some of them to contribute to the discussion regarding the fictional movie produced by HBO, coming this weekend.

A thorough analysis of Dan Reed’s February 26, 2019 interview on CBS This Morning   reveals that he doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  —  All information Compiled and explained by @Keb_187 

Director of Leaving Neverland Dan Reed gave his first TV interview on CBS This Morning ahead of the documentary airing early next month.

Reed again isn’t challenged on the specifics of the allegations, but once again comes out with many sound bites that don’t make a lot of sense.

The interview begins with Reed being asked about how he addresses the fact that the documentary focuses only on Wade Robson and James Safechuck’s allegations, with no response from either the Jackson family or others speaking on the late star’s behalf. Reed’s answer to this is the documentary features video of Jackson denying prior abuse allegations and lawyers speaking on his behalf.

In no way can a few clips of Jackson denying prior abuse allegations and lawyers speaking for him compare to hours of slandering Jackson. Add to this the fact the allegations made by Wade and James came after Jackson’s passing. Therefore, obviously, there isn’t a response from Jackson to these specific allegations.

When asked further if he didn’t think it necessary to ask for the view of Jackson’s family or his lawyers, Reed responds with something we’ve heard before. ‘This isn’t about Michael Jackson. It’s a film about Wade Robson and James Safechuck.’

Except it is about Michael Jackson. The documentary has garnered a lot of attention because of who the allegations are made against. The media have been rehashing the same, false, stories from years ago in the build up to this documentary. Who are those stories slandering? Michael Jackson.

While the documentary may well focus on two men coming to terms with the alleged abuse they suffered, with input from their families, the documentary still centres on claims made against Michael Jackson.

When asked about why the two men have changed their stories, Reed puts this down to a deep attachment between the abuser and their victim, that Wade and James were in love with Jackson, and even after the abuse ended they continued to love him and remained close friends, particularly with Wade. Reed also mentions that Jackson told the pair he too was in love with them.

The big issue here is this explanation from Reed once again showcases his lack of research in to the pair’s cases.

The claim that Wade and James were in love with Jackson is one we’ve heard a lot building up to the showing of this documentary. In the case of Wade, Jackson’s niece Brandi revealed that she dated Wade for seven years during the time he was supposed being abused. She also revealed it was Michael Jackson that set the pair up.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 7.57.48 PM

Brandi would also reveal that Wade had cheated on her with ‘multiple women’.

So, if Jackson told Wade he loved him, and then set him up with his niece, why didn’t Wade doubt Jackson’s supposed love for him?

Also, if Wade was in love with Jackson, why would he want a relationship with Brandi and then cheat with multiple other women?

In the case of James, his declaration contradicts the ‘in love with Jackson’ angle completely.Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.00.33 PM
The above image is from his declaration. He describes Jackson as having intimidated and threatened him and told him his life would be over should he ever tell anybody what happened. He also says he lived his entire life ‘in fear and dread’ of what Jackson would do to him.

Does the above sound like he was in love with Jackson?

Another thing to note is that both men are heterosexual. In a blog post titled ‘Be A Man’ Wade said, ‘I became quite sexually promiscuous in my teenage years, recklessly racking up female conquests as if they were points in a video game.’

Reed is again asked if he has an obligation to ask the Jacksons for their perspective. His response is rather bizarre. He says, ‘Well, what – what does the family know about the sexual abuse that happened? Do you think they know about the sexual abuse?’

Given that the only three parties that were privy to the supposed abuse were Jackson, Wade and James the same questions can be posed to Reed himself.

When pressed again about hearing from the Jacksons Reed says, ‘Well we know – we know the family and the estates and Jackson in his life time and his lawyers all denied that any sexual abuse took place. And those views are strongly represented in the film. We give those views a lot of time in the film on screen, and we have people casting doubt on Wade’s change of heart.’

Like it was said at the start of this article, Jackson denying prior allegations and doubts from people regarding Wade’s change of heart is hardly going to compare to hours of slandering Jackson with graphic descriptions of the alleged sexual acts.

Another reason for not consulting the Jackson family is, ‘I – I – what was important to me was to have eye witnesses or people who could add something to the story. Err – I don’t know if the Jackson family has any direct knowledge of what happened to Wade and James. If they do then they should come –‘ (Reed gets cut off)

Reed never even bothered to reach out to the Jackson family to see if they had anything to add to the story. For example, is it not important that Brandi Jackson dated Wade during the time he was being abused by Jackson and ‘in love’ with him. Add to this, another claim in the documentary is that Jackson tried to make Wade and James hate girls/women. How does Jackson setting Brandi and Wade up make sense going by this claim?

When asked how he vetted the claims, Reed says he did a deep dive into the prior allegations made against Jackson, read witness statements and spoke to investigators and he ‘didn’t find anything that contradicted or cast any doubt whatsoever on Wade or James’s accounts’.

Given the fact that court documents relating to prior allegations against Jackson are freely available to find on the internet, these men could have looked at these allegations and built a story from what they found. However, in the case of Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizo it’s alleged that Jackson groomed the boys. James also claims to have been groomed. However, Wade claims he was abused from the second night he stayed at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Although it should be noted Wade’s claim of when the abuse began has differed, there was still no grooming process.

Another factor is that Wade and James describe two very different molesters in their court documents. Whilst James basically makes Jackson out to be paranoid at being caught, even roughing up the bed sheets in another bed to make out James had slept there, Wade said Jackson abused him constantly and even did so in a trailer during the shooting of a commercial and a room next to a recording studio with numerous people outside in both circumstances

Reed was asked why he made it so graphic and he stated, ‘I think for many years Jackson got away with this image of being a bit of a child himself’ and ‘I wanted to make sure that people understood that this wasn’t over- enthusiastic kissing or cuddling, this was sex.’

Given Jackson was accused of molesting children in his lifetime claiming Jackson got ‘away’ with an image of ‘being a bit of a child himself’ doesn’t make sense. Jackson was investigated for 12 years and faced a criminal trial.

When asked if he had a preconceived notion about Jackson, Reed says he didn’t. He says he didn’t want to stake his reputation on something that didn’t have a strong factual basis and was untrue. He says during the two years of filming he looked for anything that could cast doubt and undermine Wade and James’s stories and he found nothing at all. He found the men’s stories to be consistent. Likewise their families.

Clearly Reed didn’t look deep enough. Both men have contradicted the entire premise of why they didn’t come forward sooner.

Wade claimed he didn’t realise he’d been sexually abused in his court documents. He says this was why he defended Jackson at his 2005 trial. Yet in a blog post titled ‘F.E.A.R’ he contradicts this by claiming he was ‘petrified’ at what would happen should he tell and truth and that he was ‘drenched in shame.’

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.02.47 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.03.08 PM

James too claimed he didn’t realize he’d been sexually abused. This in spite of claiming throughout his declaration that Jackson intimidated him into never telling the truth and that he’d told his Mother about the abuse in 2005.

Safechuck also claimed that he didn’t realise he’d been abused before seeking therapy in May 2013.


Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.05.41 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.05.49 PM

From Opposition to Demurrer.Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.07.03 PM

Reed says the pair weren’t paid and have ‘no financial interest whatsoever, and no future, past or present interest.’ While the pair may not have been paid for the documentary they do have lawsuits pending in the appeals court.

Reed finishes the interview with saying the documentary came about as he sat down with a Channel 4 executive to look at possible future documentaries and were thinking about the ‘big stories out there that people think they know but don’t know’. He says Jackson was one of these type of stories. He had somebody research and it led to discovering Wade and James’s lawsuits.

Reed says there’s a divide between ‘before watching the film and after watching it.’

Unless this documentary explains the numerous lies under oath and different stories, I doubt many well versed fans will have a change in opinion after watching the documentary.

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Michael Jackson Fans ALL AROUND THE WORLD – #MJInnocent Project

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 6.11.54 PM

There is no more ardent a population of people than Michael Jackson fans.

Trying to estimate the sheer number is impossible-

In EVERY country on the planet they reside.

Many are not online, but some are –

Some congregate on Fan Forums, Facebook groups and on Twitter –

Some use Youtube, some use Vevo-

None of us can be the Voice of Michael’s fanbase because WE are the largest and most diverse social network group ON THE PLANET-

But whatever social venue they use, they all bring with them a deep and abiding love for the MAN.

This month, MJJJP team asked fans to send us selfies and post their country of origin.

MJGlobal family is coming together now — All over the world in support of Michael Jackson. We Are the #MJTruthSquad


We  have collected almost 200 photos from Michael Jackson fans all over the world and we expect MORE photos to be forthcoming  – So MORE videos will be coming too!!

“Do you see what’s going down?  Do you feel it in your bones?”

We Appreciate All the Lovers, Warriors, Researchers and Advocates for our beloved Brother, Uncle, Son, and Father – Michael Jackson – 💖

PART 2 .. Michael Jackson World Wide Fans STAND Up for MJ’s Innocence

PART 3 .. The MJGlobal family Defending our beloved Michael Jackson

Much Love and Light –
Mel, Buds, Lovelight, Christine, Jam


Please Note- The producers of the defaming Leaving Neverland documentary would not be able to create such a salacious, baseless story IF we had laws to protect the reputation of the departed.

We encourage all fans in the United States to sign this petition to change the laws statutes in all states to protect the deceased from slander, libel and defamation-

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 6.57.51 AM  GET BEHIND THIS PETITION — SHARE IT —


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Debunking James Safechuck’s Leaving Neverland Fiction –


“Lies run sprints, but the Truth runs marathons.”  

Michael Jackson 


A thorough analysis of James Safechuck’s sworn testimony and how it just DOES NOT add up to reality —  All informatoin listed below Compiled and explained by @Keb_187 

A look at James Safechuck’s declaration:

Just days after the release of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album Xscape, James Safechuck’s lawsuit became public knowledge.

Safechuck would claim one of his fears was public exposure. Yet he leaked his document to seasoned Jackson reporter Diane Dimond.

Safechuck would also file his lawsuit with the same law firm as Wade Robson. He too would claim he didn’t realise he’d been sexually abused. He says Jackson threatened him to keep quiet otherwise James’s life would be over. James never elaborates on what he means by his life being over.

At the beginning of the document we see his claim of not realising. .

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.07.13 AM

As we’ll see later there are numerous instances of Safechuck contradicting this.

Safechuck says he both believed Jackson when he told him the abuse was loving, but also found it confusing that he had to keep it secret. Whilst this could work on a child, James was also an adult when he held this thinking. Given Jackson was very publicly accused of child molestation would he still be confused?

With that said, he contradicts this anyway by later saying he told his Mother in 2005 that Jackson had abused him.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.08.18 AM

Speaking of contradictions, his declaration contradicts his complaint file when it comes to the length of time he spent with Jackson. In his declaration he claims he spent a lot of time with the star even as he became a preteen and then a teenager. He says he saw and spoke to Jackson all the time. In the years after 1995 contact began to taper off.

However, in his complaint a different claim is put forward. It says that when he reached puberty he’d speak less frequently to Jackson.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.09.16 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.09.28 AM

Safechuck began to have panic attacks. He says that until seeking therapy in 2013 he didn’t realise that at the core of his being was the constant fear he lived in of the truth coming out and what Jackson would do.

Given throughout his declaration he reiterates these points, surely the link between the two would be made. Note also how fearing the ‘truth’ coming out contradicts not realising he’d been sexually abused.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.10.41 AM.png

Jackson would call him once or twice a year to, as James describes, ‘check in’. James was 25 years of age at the time and says how he felt the calls from Jackson were a way of keeping him quiet.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.11.41 AMScreen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.11.52 AM

When he first heard about the criminal investigation into Jackson in 2003 he became extremely panicked and scared at the prospect of the truth coming out and his life being over.

Safechuck was a 23-24 year old adult at the time of hearing about the investigation. He had seen nothing happen to Jordan Chandler (the 1993 accuser) and would see Gavin Arvizo (2005 accuser) also have nothing done to him, yet still feared his life would be over should the truth come out. As previously stated, James never elaborates on what it is Jackson could do to him.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.13.17 AM

Possibly the most ridiculous claim in the entire declaration is that when Jackson phoned him to ask if he’d testify, and he refused, Jackson became angry and threatened to report him for perjury in the 1993/94 case.

This makes absolutely no sense. If Jackson were to report James to the police he’d be incriminating himself! He would be telling the police that when James denied he’d been abused in the 1993/94 case that actually James was lying and he had in fact abused him! Why would Jackson do such a thing?

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.14.04 AM

After Safechuck refused to testify he says Jackson said he was going to ring his parents. He says he was terrified that Jackson would perceive him to be a threat and that he’d speak to his parents. Quite what he thought Jackson could say that would be so terrifying is a mystery.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.14.40 AM

Safechuck says that after Jackson spoke to his parents his Mother called him to ask if something had happened between him and Jackson. He said he was ‘okay’. His Mother kept ringing and he says he decided to go over to his parents’ home.

In an encounter that lasted just a few minutes, James told his Mother Jackson was a ‘bad man’ and ‘something had happened’. He says he then begged her not say anything or his life ‘would be over’. He then left having not told his Father.

There are many questions here. If a son told their Mother they’d been sexually abused, how could such a conversation last just a few minutes? Surely a parent would want answers? Add to this if we go along with James, as an adult, believing his life would be over should the truth come out, why didn’t his Mother reassure him that nothing would happen to him? Jackson was on trial. He was hardly in a position to hurt James in any way.

The biggest question of all however is James says he didn’t realise he’d been sexually abused until 2013, but yet told his Mother he had been eight years earlier.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.15.20 AM

We see this contradiction in his Opposition to Demurrer. It’s alleged he couldn’t file a lawsuit any earlier than he did as he didn’t realise he’d been abused. This is clearly a lie.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.16.13 AM

A day or so after he had told his Mother he’d been abused he says Jackson rung his Mother to ask her to testify. He told his Mother to please not say anything. His Mother refused to testify. Could a parent really avoid not exploding at her son’s abuser, though? Especially when he is ringing to ask you to defend him.

Another bizarre aspect to the story is the fact his Father said he’d testify but later decided not to. While some may see it as harder to tell a Father they’ve been abused, surely you have to say something when the man is willing to defend your abuser whilst also unaware of what you say the man did to you.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.17.32 AMSafechuck says that after this event Jackson’s attorneys and assistant (Evvy Tavasci) phoned him to ask him to testify to refute testimony given by cooks that worked at Neverland. Safechuck says he refused.

This makes little sense. Testimony regarding Safechuck had been excluded by the judge as nobody had seen him be sexually abused. Therefore, there was nothing for him to refute.

To confirm this thinking, I emailed Tom Mesereau’s private investigator in the 2005 case, Scott Ross, to ask about this. He told me it wasn’t true that the attorneys had rung to ask him to testify. Ross said had they wanted Safechuck to testify it would be his job to ring him. He said he never rung James. Add to this that they would never have Tavasci ring somebody to ask them to testify. Ross said that would make her a witness.

Below are the responses Ross sent me.

Safechuck alleges Jackson called him towards the end of the trial and launched into what he believed to be a rehearsed speech. He feared Jackson may be recording the phone call. Why would Jackson do such a thing? There is a high chance the subject of the abuse may come up so why would Jackson record a call that could incriminate him. Another factor is what purpose would Jackson have for recording the call anyway?

Jackson told him he was sorry for not having been there for him and asked if they could meet to discuss him testifying.

The very sound of Jackson’s voice led him to feel uncomfortable. He told Jackson to never call or talk to him again and that he was hanging up.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.19.34 AM

Safechuck reiterates that Jackson’s threats left him in constant fear. He also says ‘if anything came out about what he/we had done – his sexual abuse of me – my life would be over’. This again contradicts not knowing he was abused.

He then claims Jackson’s ‘iconic stature, popularity, wealth, fame and power’ left him in fear of the truth coming out.

During and after the 2005 trial Jackson’s stature was not iconic in the eyes of many. The media and the trial itself had left Jackson a broken man. Jackson didn’t have power after the trial.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.20.11 AM

The Arvizos ‘had become pariahs in the media’. Many well versed Jackson fans will scoff at such a claim, but this is further reason Safechuck says he kept quiet. Anybody who followed the trial, or looks back at footage and reporting

from it, will see the Arvizos were not treated like pariahs. This is a total lie. If anybody was a pariah in the media it was Jackson.

Also, again, he goes down the route of Jackson having power and influence. He had neither after the 2005 trial.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.20.48 AM

Bizarrely, Safechuck was sad upon hearing of Jackson’s death. He felt this way because he realised he’d never have the opportunity of a ‘normal relationship’ with Jackson. Where do we begin? Sad upon hearing your abuser has died is one thing, but given you say he left you in a state of fear with his threats and how you feared your life would be over should the truth come out, surely you would feel a weight has been lifted from you not saddened?

Add to this saying just the sound of his voice made him feel uncomfortable and having told Jackson to never contact him again, it makes feeling sad even harder to believe.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.21.16 AM

In late 2010 Safechuck’s son was born. He continued to live in denial and secrecy. Looking at his son he began to see how innocent children really are and feared he would have pedophilic urges.

Remember how Safechuck says he didn’t realise he was abused? Then why would he fear having pedophilic urges towards his son? Another thing to note

is that he saw a therapist but only about anxiety.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.21.47 AM

In spite of worrying about having pedophilic urges towards his son, he only sought help for his experiences with Jackson after hearing about Robson having filed a lawsuit and appeared on TV.

He says he wanted to share his experiences with Robson as he was somebody who had gone through the same trauma. This, again, goes against not knowing he’d been abused.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.22.18 AM.png

Whilst this piece was titled as being a look at the declaration document, there are two other claims to add. These are from his complaint file.

The aim of both Safechuck and Robson’s lawsuits has been to try and blame Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, for the alleged abuse.

One such way of doing this has been twisting stories. Here is an example.

Under the first law firm Safechuck (and Robson) used, Gradstein and Marzano, Safechuck had this to say about the Pepsi commercial he worked on with Jackson.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.22.57 AM.png

Nothing out of the ordinary is mentioned here.

When Safechuck (and Robson) changed law firms to Manly, Stewart and Finaldi the story differed. Now Jackson’s companies were implicated in this first meeting. Given this was a Pepsi commercial the likelihood is that it was Pepsi who paid for, amongst other things, Safechuck’s travel and lodging.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.23.46 AM.png

Another, much larger, discrepancy is, as pointed out by the Michael Jackson Estate in their letter to HBO regarding the Leaving Neverland documentary, Safechuck claims to have been abused on a New York trip to the 1989 Grammys where Jackson performed.

Jackson performed at the 1988 Grammys. Alleged abuse began in June of 1988.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.24.20 AM

Safechuck wants to claim, as part of his timeline, that he was abused at the 1989 Grammys. This is a lie. Jackson didn’t perform at the 1989 Grammys. He performed at the previous year’s awards show and alleged abuse hadn’t begun at that time.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.24.52 AM

To read the Estate’s full letter click here –

https://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2019/02/09/michael-jackson-estate-l etter-of-facts-debunking-leaving-neverland/

In closing, Safechuck wants to both allege he didn’t realise he was abused but also lived in fear of the abuse being discovered and what Jackson would do to him. He can’t have it both ways.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Anaylsis~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`



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Michael Jackson Estate Letter of FACTS – Debunking “Leaving Neverland”

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 8.43.19 AM

February 7, 2019


Richard Plepler
Chief Executive Officer
Home Box Office, Inc.
1100 Avenue of the Americas – 15th Floor New York, NY 10036
(212) 512-1960
E-Mail: richard.plepler@hbo.com

Re: Michael Jackson Dear Mr. Plepler:

Howard Weitzman

Direct Dial: (310) 566-9811
Direct Fax: (310) 566-9871
E-Mail: hweitzman@kwikalaw.com

We are counsel to the Co-Executors of the Estate of Michael J. Jackson, as well as various wholly-owned entities which own intellectual property and other intangible rights associated with the late Michael Jackson (collectively the “Estate” or the “Jackson Estate”).

We write regarding Leaving Neverland, an admittedly one-sided, sensationalist program—referred to as a “documentary” by HBO and others—that HBO apparently funded and intends to air this Spring. The Estate first learned about this program in early January when its premiere at Sundance was announced in the press. As you must know, contrary to all norms of documentary filmmaking, the Estate was never contacted by the supposed “documentarian,” Dan Reed (or anyone else associated with the program) to provide the Estate’s views on, and responses to, the absolutely false claims that are the subject matter of the program. Likewise, no one else who might offer evidence to contradict the program’s premise was consulted either, as Dan Reed has publicly admitted.

When the program was first announced, HBO and its producing partners did not disclose the identities of the two subjects of the documentary, but referred to them only as “two men.” However, from even the brief descriptions of the “two men” in the announcement, the Estate knew exactly who they were: Wade Robson and James Safechuck. The Estate knew this not because it had any inside “sources” about the documentary—it had none—but because these two men have been peddling their false “story” for years now, most notably in a series of failed legal actions against the Estate. The Estate did not hesitate to advise the media of their identity. The Estate was one-hundred percent confident that there were no other purported “victims” who this documentary could be about (because, contrary to Robson’s and

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 2

Safechuck’s lawyers’ predictions when they first filed their lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars in 2013, no “flood” of further identifiable “victims” ever came forward beyond these two). HBO and its producing partners were then forced to acknowledge that the Estate had “guessed right” and that the two subjects of the film were indeed those two admitted perjurers who had filed lawsuits against the Estate, all of which have now been dismissed with prejudice (but as noted below are pending on appeal).

The Estate spent years litigating with Robson and Safechuck, and had four different lawsuits by these two men dismissed with prejudice. (Today, Robson owes the Estate almost seventy thousand dollars in court costs, and Safechuck owes the Estate several thousand dollars as well.) In those litigations, the Estate discovered troves of information about Robson and Safechuck that made it unequivocally clear that they had no credibility whatsoever. We discuss some of that information below, but the information discussed in this letter is just the tip of the iceberg on these two. Had HBO actually complied with the most basic of journalistic ethics—rather than just accept their salacious allegations at face value—it would have discovered so much more long before it ever got involved in this disgraceful project. Obviously, that is the reason that Dan Reed and HBO’s producing partners initially tried to hide the identities of Robson and Safechuck. This ambush was carried out because Dan Reed knew that Michael Jackson’s family and friends, his Estate, and his millions of fans who are deeply knowledgeable about the case would have discredited Robson and Safechuck before filming began.

HBO Is Being Used As Part of Robson’s and Safechuck’s Litigation Strategy

Robson and Safechuck are pursuing appeals of the judgments against them, appeals that will probably be heard this year. As many other press outlets noted when their lawsuits were still pending in the trial court, Robson, Safechuck, and their shared attorneys have long engaged in a deliberate campaign to try their case in the media, most often through leaks of false information to some of the most salacious online tabloids. Had HBO done any research into this, it would have easily discovered that every year or so while the litigation was pending, before a major issue was to be decided, the tabloids would suddenly be full of false claims being peddled by Robson’s and Safechuck’s attorneys about Michael Jackson. The trial court never let this avalanche of false claims affect it, and we have no doubt that the Court of Appeal will not be affected by it either. That said, Robson’s and Safechuck’s lawyers will continue attempting to try their cases in the media.

As noted, Robson and Safechuck are now appealing the dismissal of their multi- million dollar lawsuits. Not coincidentally, their appeals are likely to be heard later this year. HBO’s “documentary” is simply just another tool in their litigation playbook, which they are obviously using in a (very misguided) effort to somehow affect their appeals. Sadly, it appears that HBO—a once great and respected network—has now been reduced to the pay television version of Hard Copy (with a little mix of The Jerry Springer Show). Most pathetically, HBO has been reduced to a pawn in part of Robson’s and Safechuck’s attorneys’ litigation strategy.

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 3

HBO and Dan Reed Intentionally Chose Not to Interview Anyone Who Would Detract From Their Story

Leaving Neverland rehashes accusations against the late Michael Jackson of committing the most heinous crimes any person can be accused of in modern society. Given the seriousness of those allegations, one would have expected that HBO and its producing partners would contact: (1) the Jackson family; (2) persons who worked with Jackson during the relevant time period; (3) other young men and women who spent time with Jackson as children (including ones mentioned by name in the “documentary”); (4) friends of Michael Jackson who knew him for his whole life; (5) the many persons who know Safechuck and Robson well but do not believe them; (6) Tom Mesereau and his investigator, Scott Ross, who Robson happily met with for hours in 2005 to tell them about his experiences with Michael, with Mesereau finding Robson so credible that he made Robson the first witness for the defense in Jackson’s 2005 trial; and (7) the Estate, who spent years litigating the very claims discussed in the “documentary” by Safechuck and Robson. Yet, shockingly, HBO and its producing partners never attempted to contact any of these people. The fact that HBO and its producing partners did not even deign to reach out to any of these people to explore the credibility of the false stories Robson and Safechuck told violates all norms and ethics in documentary filmmaking and journalism. It is a disgrace.

In fact, Dan Reed admitted in the question and answer session at Sundance that he never even attempted to contact the many, many other young men and women who spent time with Jackson as children, yet continue to defend him to this very day. And at least two of these young men are referenced by name in the film with the implications that they “replaced” Robson and Safechuck as Jackson’s “abuse victims.” Both have gone on record since the documentary was announced to explain that they were never abused by Jackson. One of them, who Robson explicitly claimed in the film “replaced” him, has released several “tweets” denouncing the documentary as a work of fiction. Yet neither of them—among the many others who spent time with Jackson as children—were ever approached by Dan Reed and HBO.

In other words, HBO’s “documentary” is based solely on the word of two admitted perjurers. HBO and its partner, Dan Reed, never even attempted to explore whether these two men might not be telling the truth. We have read reports that these two men are supposedly “credible” in the documentary because they tell their story so fluidly. Yet they have been practicing their stories and rehearsing their lines (which changed throughout the litigation as discussed below) for years now. Thus, it is no surprise that these two men—who have also both acted professionally—tell their false story well. The bottom line is that any halfway skilled filmmaker could make a “documentary” telling any outrageous story about a dead man if they can just find two people willing to tell that story and then not challenge those two at all. That is particularly the case when one of the men—Wade Robson—is a self-described “master of deception”; and his own mother testified under oath that he should “have had an Oscar” given how good a liar he is (as discussed below).

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 4

In Interviews, Dan Reed Is Using HBO in Order to Bolster the Credibility of the Program Despite Making Blatantly False Statements in Those Same Interviews

Notably, HBO’s reputation is being used as one of the main reasons that the “documentary” should be taken seriously. The producer of this program, Dan Reed, is telling the media that one of the principal reasons the documentary is credible is because of HBO’s reputation. When asked whether an attorney had vetted the film, he responded, “that’s what happens on every single film I make or, to my knowledge, that anyone makes, certainly for HBO.”1 The usual checks on filmmakers are ethical and normative ones, such as fact- checking (e.g., are their stories consistent? see below), investigating the motivations of people (e.g., do they have a financial motivation to say what they are saying?), talking to others with knowledge who may have something different to say, etc. But as is apparent from our discussion below, HBO apparently no longer cares about these ethical and normative checks on documentary filmmaking and journalism anymore. If HBO does care about such things, this documentary will never air on HBO.

In the same interviews where he touts HBO’s involvement as a reason for his “documentary’s” supposed “credibility,” Mr. Reed has also made blatantly false statements about Robson and Safechuck in an effort to bolster their credibility. For example, in the same Huffington Post interview discussed above, Mr. Reed agrees with the interviewer that “one of the most impactful things in the documentary is the way [Robson’s and Safechuck’s] stories align … even though they didn’t know each other until now.” In another interview, Reed “confirms” that “for legal reasons, [Robson and Safechuck] were kept apart, long before you even approached them about making the movie.” Reed expands on that and says that this was done so “they couldn’t exchange stories. Sundance was the first time [as adults] that they’d met. It’s the first time they’ve had any significant time together.”2 This is utterly false. In Robson’s 2016 deposition, he testified that he had spoken to Safechuck in 2014, the year Safechuck filed his lawsuit against the Estate. When asked what the two men had spoken about, Robson refused to answer the question—his attorney instructed him to remain silent because Robson’s and Safechuck’s common attorneys were involved in the conversations between the two men in 2014. Accordingly, we can never know what they talked about and how they aligned their stories with their attorneys’ help. Given that they were both seeking hundreds of millions of dollars against the Estate, they had hundreds of millions of reasons for aligning their stories.

1 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/leaving-neverland-michael-jackson-dan- reed_us_5c500044e4b0d9f9be689ab0

2 https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-features/leaving-neverland-director- dan-reed-michael-jackson-interview-785817/

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 5

In any event, the idea that two men who are represented by the same attorneys for the last six years would have stories that “align” is hardly surprising. You really cannot be so naïve that you would not understand this.

Finally, we must note that we can only assume that the legendary Sheila Nevins had nothing to do with the decision to go forward with this “documentary.” It is a shame that she is no longer involved in these types of decisions for HBO. That HBO, the once iconic network, would fund, produce and distribute this pathetic and untruthful vehicle for these admitted liars to revisit false allegations made as part of their effort to revive their dismissed lawsuits is just plain sad.

Robson and Safechuck Were Repeatedly Caught Lying During Their Failed Lawsuits Against the Jackson Estate

Wade Robson testified in detail as an adult before a jury in 2005 that Michael Jackson never did anything wrong with or to him. He was then subjected to a withering cross- examination by Ron Zonen, one of California’s most-seasoned prosecutors. Yet, despite that, Wade Robson never wavered. Moreover, even after his testimony, there are many videos of him (readily available online) where he praises Michael Jackson as an inspiration and denies that Michael ever molested him.

But even setting that aside, Robson was also caught lying repeatedly in the dismissed litigations with the Estate. For example, in order to try to get around the statute of limitations for monetary claims against the Estate, Robson testified under oath that “[p]rior to March 4, [2013,] I did not understand or was even aware that an Estate [of Michael Jackson] had been opened for administration.” That was a lie. In truth, Robson had personally met with John Branca, one of the Estate’s executors, at Mr. Branca’s office in 2011 in a (failed) effort to solicit work with the Estate on a Michael Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show. Prior to meeting with Mr. Branca, Robson’s talent agent told him that he had to contact “John Branca, the person in charge of MJ’s estate.” Not surprisingly, the trial judge dismissed Robson’s claims against the Estate, finding that no rational person could believe Robson’s declaration that he did not know about Michael Jackson’s Estate until March 4, 2013 when he, in fact, had met with John Branca, the Co-Executor of the Estate. In plain English, the judge found that Robson had lied in his sworn declaration. (The idea that Robson would want to spend years of his life creating and directing a Michael Jackson-themed show, when he was in fact a victim of horrendous abuse by Jackson, is itself hard to take seriously.)

Robson’s meeting with Mr. Branca was hardly the first time that he tried to capitalize on his relationship with Michael Jackson after Michael’s death when he thought it would help him make money. In the days after Michael’s death, Robson released a statement praising Michael as “one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind.” He then tried to solicit work from Kenny Ortega, the director of Michael Jackson’s This Is It, to help work on the movie. Robson was able to secure work with Janet Jackson, in her 2009 MTV Video Music Awards tribute to Janet’s late brother Michael. In videos behind the scenes

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 6

of the tribute show (easily found online), Robson is seen praising Michael Jackson in the most effusive terms.

During the litigation with Jackson’s companies, Robson was also caught trying to hide evidence before his cases were dismissed. For example, Robson lied under oath and stated that, other than one brief email in late 2012, he had had “no written communications” with anyone (other than his attorneys) about his newly-concocted allegations that he was abused by Jackson. This turned out to be a complete and utter lie. Robson had actually shopped a book about his allegations in the year prior to filing his lawsuit—a book he tried to hide from the Estate. That book told a completely different story of how he was first abused by Jackson. When asked about some of these discrepancies at his deposition, Robson explained that his memories had “evolved” since writing the draft of the book in late 2012 and early 2013. He explained that “post disclosing the abuse in 2012 and beginning that healing journey, they’ve evolved as far as I remember more details about scenarios. As it goes along, you know, it evolves, details get added to.”3

Moreover, despite lying under oath in his lawsuit that he had had “no written communications” with anyone about his supposed abuse, he was eventually ordered by the trial court to produce all such documents. Robson produced hundreds (if not thousands) of written communications (emails, texts, etc.) with his family and friends about his false abuse allegations. He never explained why he lied and said he had no such communications.

Most notably, many of these communications were with his mother where he admittedly was trying to reconstruct his own “memories” of the time period when he was supposedly abused—i.e., in his own words, to “add” the “details” that he did not know when he was drafting his book. In one email, he lists over twenty different questions to his mother asking her about the specific details of his interactions with Michael Jackson. Some of these include: “Can you explain all that you remember of that first night at Neverland? What happened when we drove in what did we do? And that first weekend at Neverland?” Notably, in the “documentary,” Robson now recounts “his” supposed “memories” of these events in great detail. But Mr. Reed and Robson never explain that he had to first ask his mother scores of questions before he could tell his story. Indeed, despite telling the story of his first night at Neverland in the documentary as if it is his own memory, at his deposition, he admitted that he “did not know” if his memory of that night “came from [his] own recollection or [if] it was told to [Robson] by someone else.”

Simply put, Robson is an admitted perjurer who proudly called himself (in his draft book) a “master of deception.” Robson is such a good liar that his own mother testified under

3 We would be happy to provide you with any source documents, such as depositions, documents produced in discovery, etc. It is a shame Mr. Reed and your colleagues at HBO were not interested in such documents when producing their “documentary.”

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 7

oath at her deposition that she could not tell when he was lying; she even volunteered that “he should have had an Oscar” given how convincing his lies were. It may just be that he deserves an Oscar for HBO’s “documentary” as well.

Robson’s fabricated story, of course, is that Jackson’s abuse caused him to have two self-described nervous breakdowns in 2011 and 2012. Those breakdowns, according to Robson, caused him to realize that he had been abused by Jackson decades before. But there is a much more simple explanation for Robson’s breakdowns. He has a family history of suicidal, major depression on his father’s side. Robson’s father committed suicide in 2002. Robson’s first cousin on his father’s side committed suicide in 2012. Unfortunately, major depression is a very heritable disease. Thus, it is no surprise that Robson had these breakdowns. And it is even less surprising that he has continued to have breakdowns given that when Robson saw a psychiatrist in 2011 he was prescribed anti-depressant medication. But he refused to ever take that medication. To be clear, we ascribe no “fault” or “weakness” whatsoever to those who suffer or who have suffered from clinical depression. That said, we must note Robson’s mental illness, and his abject and stubborn refusal to get appropriate medical treatment for it, because Robson’s claim is that his “nervous breakdowns” are strong evidence of his abuse by Jackson. But those breakdowns are much more easily explained by Robson’s family history of major depression and his own (apparent) diagnosis of depression for which he stubbornly and irrationally refused to take the medication prescribed to him by a medical doctor to treat it.

As for Safechuck, by his own admission, he did not “realize” that he had been abused until after he saw Robson on the Today Show in May 2013 being interviewed by Matt Lauer about Robson’s newly-concocted story of abuse. All of a sudden, Safechuck realized that he had been abused. He then contacted Robson’s lawyers and filed copycat lawsuits against the Estate for millions of dollars. And like Robson, he too had testified under oath that Jackson never did anything inappropriate with him. His two cases against the Estate were also dismissed.

Safechuck’s frivolous lawsuits were dismissed so early in the proceedings that significant discovery was never taken in his case, and he was able to avoid having his deposition taken and producing documents. But even in his sworn declarations in the litigations, there are clear signs that he is lying and trying to construct a false story of abuse from his vague memories of his interactions with Jackson. For example, Safechuck claimed in his sworn declaration that he was first abused on the Paris leg of the Bad Tour, which he correctly identifies as taking place in late June 1988 (as a simple Wikipedia search would reveal). He later says that after the Bad tour ended, Michael flew him out to New York “in February 1989” where Michael was performing at the Grammy’s. Safechuck states in his declaration that he was abused on this New York trip for the Grammy’s. However, the Grammy’s were not in New York in 1989; they were in Los Angeles that year (and in 1990). And Michael did not perform at the Grammy’s in 1989. However, Michael did perform at the Grammy’s in New York in February 1988, i.e., before Safechuck claims he was first abused

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 8

in June 1988. Yet he somehow claims that he was abused on a New York trip to the Grammy’s that occurred before he claims he was first abused. Safechuck’s “error” here is obviously reflective of an effort to create a story of abuse out of whole cloth. Or in other words, Safechuck is just making it up as he goes along.

In the “documentary” and in his declaration for the litigation, Safechuck spins a tale about how he refused to testify for Jackson in 2005, despite threats from Jackson and his legal team. Setting aside the absurdity of Jackson and his sophisticated legal team trying to convince an unwilling and unstable witness to testify on such a sensitive issue, Safechuck’s story is demonstrably false. In particular, Safechuck declares that Michael and his legal team called him “towards the end of the criminal trial” trying to pressure him to testify. But this statement cannot be true. Early on in the trial, the Judge precluded the prosecution from allowing evidence regarding alleged molestation of Safechuck and others because the “evidence” of such molestation was unreliable. The exceptions were that the Judge did allow testimony from certain disgruntled workers that they had heard that Michael had molested Wade Robson, Macaulay Culkin and Brett Barnes. That is why those three specifically testified, and all of them denied the molestation (including Robson of course), and were subject to cross-examination by prosecutors but did not waver. And that is why Jackson and his attorneys would not have ever tried to pressure an unwilling and unstable Safechuck to testify, particularly “towards the end of the criminal trial” as Safechuck so falsely claims in the documentary and under oath.

** *

Given all of this, which are facts readily available to anyone doing minimal due diligence, why would HBO produce a documentary based solely on the words of these two liars and director/producer Dan Reed? Why would HBO produce this documentary without even seeking comment and response from the Jackson Estate who spent years successfully litigating these false allegations with Robson and Safechuck? Is there any other artist who HBO would do this to? Is there any other artist who HBO would not even seek comment from when making such serious accusations?

Michael Jackson was subjected to a decade-long investigation by an overly-zealous, ethically-challenged, and ultimately disgraced prosecutor in Santa Barbara County, Tom Sneddon, who looked anywhere and everywhere for supposed “victims” of Jackson’s. Yet, he never found those “victims.” Indeed, the 2005 criminal trial of Jackson was a complete farce, and Michael Jackson was completely exonerated. As anyone who has studied that trial knows, the jury utterly repudiated the prosecution’s case. In both his opening and closing statements, Jackson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, took the unusual step of telling the jury that they should acquit Jackson because Mesereau and his team had proven Jackson innocent. In other words, he did not try the case as a “reasonable doubt” case. Mr. Mesereau tried the case with the purpose and goal of proving Jackson innocent. And he did exactly that. As recently as 2017, several jurors were re-interviewed about the case in light of Robson’s about-face, and they all agreed that they would still acquit Jackson today. The jurors have been interviewed many

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 9

times; they are articulate bright people, not the gullible idiots that Dan Reed tries to paint them as in his “documentary.” Yet HBO is relying on the uncorroborated stories of two admitted perjurers over the weight of the American justice system.

Of course, the tabloid media’s fascination with Michael Jackson and telling more-and- more ridiculous stories about him is nothing new. The great American intellectual, James Baldwin, wrote about “the Michael Jackson cacophony” all the way back in 1985 when the media first began subjecting him to “the jaws of a carnivorous success.” As Baldwin saw it, Michael “will not swiftly be forgiven for having turned so many tables, for he damn sure grabbed the brass ring, and the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo has nothing on Michael.” By 1985, when Baldwin wrote those words, Michael Jackson was a 27-year-old African-American from Gary, Indiana who had “turned the tables” on the entire power structure in the music business. Leveraging his unprecedented success, Michael insisted that MTV and mainstream radio play his music and that of other African-American artists like him. Michael also insisted that his record company assign him ownership of his own master recordings. In other words, Michael Jackson, the young artist, insisted on controlling his own art and not leaving it to the whims of big business. And more still—the 27 year-old Michael did not just own his own music publishing, he had the gall to outbid other more established players in the industry for one of the crown jewels of music publishing, the ATV catalogue (which famously included the Beatles catalogue).

We suspect that even James Baldwin could not have imagined that his words would still ring so true today, over thirty years later. Michael Jackson has yet to “be forgiven for having turned so many tables” even ten years after he left this world forever. Even the once great HBO—who had partnered with Michael to immense success—is subjecting the deceased Michael Jackson to “the jaws of a carnivorous success” in death, devoting four hours of its programming to the words of two serial perjurers, whose sole agenda has been to extract money from Jackson’s rightful heirs and chosen beneficiaries.

That HBO has now joined the tabloid media’s “Michael Jackson cacophony”—ten years after his death—is truly sad. We know that HBO is facing serious competitive pressures from Netflix, Amazon and other more modern content providers, but to stoop to this level to regain an audience is disgraceful. We know HBO and its partners on this documentary will not be successful. We know that this will go down as the most shameful episode in HBO’s history. We know that Michael’s devoted fans, and all good people in the world, will not swiftly forgive HBO for its conduct.

Richard Plepler February 7, 2019 Page 10

Mr. Plepler, as you yourself said in late 2017: “A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its boots on.”4 The media coverage alone of this disgraceful “documentary” has proven you right.

We would be happy to meet with HBO to discuss a solution. We have plenty of further information and witnesses that would expose these two for who they are. If HBO wants to maintain its industry position as a valid source of news and fact, it owes an obligation to the public—not to mention the deceased Michael Jackson with whom HBO had previously partnered with during his lifetime—to actually investigate these matters.

Barring that, this “documentary” will say a lot more about HBO than it ever could about Michael Jackson.


cc: Jonathan P. Steinsapir, Esq. Bryan Freedman, Esq.

Eve Konstan, Esq. General Counsel, HBO
Glenn Whitehead, Esq., EVP, Business & Legal Affairs, HBO


Very truly yours, /s/

Howard Weitzman

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Hollywood, Sundance and Makers of Leaving Neverland Blowing Smoke for Harvey Weinstein or Someone Else?


Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.50.54 PM

Media manipulation currently shapes everything read, heard and watched-

Everyday – Everything

It exploits the difference between perception and reality, by playing the volume game and generating enough buzz, public opinion can be molded….  the unreal becomes real.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the minds” Jim Morrison

Who are the Media Manipulators?

OCTOBER 2017, an explosive New York Times expose, broke with startling allegations against Hollywood’s, Harvey Weinstein.  These allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power opened an avenue for women to relate their own private terrors creating the #MeToo Movement on Twitter.  The article revealed that 30 years Weinstein repeatedly paid off many accusers who claimed  he sexually assaulted  them and to make matters worse, it was a well-known “secret”. It is important to note, included in details of this sexual aggression was the Rose McGowan allegation that the influential mogul, had raped her at Sundance Film Festival in 1997. 

DECEMBER 2017 – The breaking of the Harvey Weinstein became a story unto itself, as Variety continued to delve into the allegations and the possibility of the accused “facing criminal investigations and possible jail time.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.03.25 AM

DECEMBER 2017 – New York Times article  detailing  how Harvey Weinstein used media, for years, especially the tabloid variety, like Radar Online, run by Dylan Howard, who in the same month had  his own bit of sexual harassment picadillos at Celebuzz.  Details on how  gossip reporters like AJ Benza supplied salacious smokescreen stories about Michael Jackson and others to cover up Weinstein’s indiscretions and legal wranglings quickly became known. It’s seems that  the good old boys club was always always trading “favors” and taking care of each other.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.39.01 PM



MARCH 2018 The BBC’s –Panorama One —  aired  documentary “Weinstein:The Inside Story” (still available for online viewing) without much fanfare or media buzz.Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.37.52 AM

DECEMBER 2018 CNN reports on Harvey Weinstein legal problems – Trial set for MARCH 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.15.25 AM


JANUARY 10, 2019, BBC  with renewed vigor, stirs the pot, updates  the Harvey Weinstein saga and the plethora of women who have now accused him include big name Hollywood actresses.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.17.44 PM

It seemed that even with Harvey Weinsteim  money and influence in court he couldn’t  get his charges dismissed –

Weinstein could NOT catch break in the media either.

But then, something quite remarkable occurred – as if someone had pulled a switch.

The very same day as the Harvey Weinstein BBC article a Fox article appeared-

JANUARY 10, 2019 FoxNews  reports the Sundance Film Festival announced two last minute entrys for 2019 lineup – one was Leaving Neverland.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 12.30.07 AM

Coincidentally, “Untouchable: The Harvey Weinstein Story” was also to be aired on Jan 25th at Sundance. In fact it had several showing but the media was already in full blitzkreig Michael Jackson mode.

Understandably, the Michael Jackson world-wide fanbase went into  overdrive, each  providing a litany of facts, proving how illogical it is, that these “two accusers” have now suddenly become “victims” – They took to Twitter to challenge the director, Dan Reed, motives and began a #BoycottSundance campaign. They created Youtube videos debunking the lies in the one-sided representation. They tweeted and threatened Boycotts of HBO and Channel 4 and tweeted to Sundance Film Festival with factual history of Robson’s 1993 statements and his under oath statements in 2005 criminal trial,  that Michael Jackson did nothing to him.

Even non-MJ fans podcasted LIVE — Defaming The Dead 

The director Dan Reed deluged by Michael Jackson fans with their encydiopedic facts honed from years of research, panicked and told media he was being “harassed”

Sundance and Utah legal authorities promoted and hyped the DANGER and “violence” factor before the January 25th and January 26th screening of the documentary by feeding information to outlets like Deadline.


“There have been direct threats against The Paedophile Hunter, Dan Reed over the 236-minute Neverland, I hear….

“Tensions are higher for this movie than anything I’ve ever seen at Sundance before,” says a law enforcement source. “No one is going to be prevented from exercising their Constitutional rights, but we are not going to allow this to get out of hand, in any way,” he added, noting that the checks and other security measures already in place for SFF will be heightened inside the venue also.

“We are aware of the possibility of protests and our job will be to monitor any protests that may occur and give people the ability to let their voices be heard safely,” Sergeant Brandon Shearer of the SLC Police says. In fact, law enforcement in the city are planning for a full force turnout with the bomb squad on scene in SLC a possibility.”

In reality, the remote location and inhospitable weather at the Park City, Utah screening made attendance of Leaving Neverland difficult. In addition, tickets for the Q&A screening were impossible to obtain by fans. Seemingly the audience was stacked and packed with media only too willing to swallow the documentary that focused ONLY on these “two accusers” stories. In a photo from  Danny Moloshok/Invision/AP, File-   two women had been able to defeat the sub-zero weather conditions to protest –

So what was all of the media hullabaloo about  “threats” and “aggressive fans” all about, really? 

Then midway through first screening comes  tweets from media who HAD gotten tickets for the Q&A screening. Each one more emotional that the next  — “gut-wrenching” “sickening” “stomach churning” — “will change the way you feel about Michael Jackson” – John Cooper, the festival director, informed that audience that there would be mental health professionals on hand in the lobby during the film’s interval to assist anyone in the audience who might be triggered by the presentation of these detailed sexual child abuse stories.

“devastation” “shellshocked” “sexually explicit”  just the thing to get audiences interest perked up.

Interestingly enough not one person during the Q&A, queried about how “investigative” this documentary could possibly be IF the director ONLY focused on these two men. Dan Reed came into this project with a built-in bias, as he had already been involved in “The Paedophile Hunter” –  It would seem prudent of him to seek another veiwpoint, to investigate these men’s court petitions and repeated changes in their allegations . Roger Friedman, Showbiz411, wondered whether or not they used a fabricated Man/Boy love book by Victor Gutierrez as an outline for their lurid and salacious stories about Michael Jackson.

But instead of  being “investigative” Dan Reed  fell hook, line and sinker into the stories–

“And that’s one of the moments when I really hit the level of belief. Because obviously, as a journalist, I approached the interviews and reserved judgment until I heard more. I was looking for credibility and coherence. Things I could identify as the way people behave, which I already knew in my 30 years of making films. And when Wade, and then James, said, “I loved Michael and Michael loved me and we were going to be together forever,” they spoke the way a loving adult speaks about their partner.” Dan Reed – Rolling Stone interview 

Man/boy LOVE replete with “loving couples” “honymoon” “wedding” “long term commitment”?

Again all the suggestions that come from Victor Guiterrez’s NAMBLA fantasy book.

 — So it seems that we  have the Sundance Film Festival, HBO and Channel 4 supporting and promoting  NAMBLA  propaganda —  

How utterly astonishing and disgusting is this present state of affairs!

And further along in the conversation Dan Reed talking to Rolling Stone Mag about how he began his interviews with Robson/Safechuck FEBRUARY 2017 and how the #metoo movement which was ignited by the Harvey Weinstein revelation has been interwoven and conflated with this new documentary about Michael Jackson – 

Coincidently – Wade Robson case that he reconfigured with differeing allegations to accuse Michael Jackson’s companies of being a sophisticated child sex ring that facilitated Michael’s molestation of children, was set to begin MARCH 2017.  Vince Finaldi, Robson/Safechuck attorney is quoted in UPI- 

Connecting of  Dots

Let’s examine how the #MeToo hashtag got derailed suddenly.

Alysso Milano used, Tanara Burke’s Me Too movement when asking women to come forward and STARTED the hashtag #MeToo using Harvey Weinstein as the impetus allowing women to freely express their personal horrors.  But it seems as if the #Metoo movement has been hi-jacked to change the face of sexual aggression from White male celebrities, to black male celebrities- with just the right about of Media Magic applied and reapplied.

This interesting redirection of the #MeToo movement  has not been lost on Tariq Nasheed,  American film producer, author and founder of the First Them movement –

“While the white media is trying to make any Black entertainer the face of sexual abuse, they are putting accused serial abusers like Charlie Sheen on magazine covers……There is a wave of corporate sponsored movements that were created under the narrative of addressing sexual misconduct particularly within the entertainment industry. Many organizations behind these movements have racially tailored their agenda and our mission is to counter the racial targeting from these organizations,”  Tariq Nasheed

FEBRUARY 4, 2019, Tariq Nasheed tweets the KUTV article revealing that Co-founder of Sundance Film Festival, Sterling Van Wagenen, admitted to child molestation in 1993 – (curiously same year of the first, Michael Jackson MEDIA BLITZ with accussations of  “child molestation” by Evan Chandler after a failed  20Million dollar business transaction with MJ didn’t pan out.)   Article states Van Wagenen confessed to police, provides copies of police report and gives further details, with transcripts, a conversation he had years later with his victim. Not much media covered this story then and it’s rather surprising that no other media feels like copy-pasting this item ad nauseum either. Good old boys still covering for Good old boys?

Again, Sterling Van Wagenen confessed to police in 1993 and was NOT arrested, nor was he hounded by media or called a pedophile repeatedly for DECADES. Perhaps thats kind of media treatment is reserved only for Black luminaries, like Michael Jackson..

So many Questons .. So few answers —

WHO is controlling the media ?

Is there a broad conspiracy to create smoke and mirrors by media reporting the stories of these “two accusers” of Michael Jackson as nauseum, without even vetting  one allegation they’ve made to a director, who has a biased predisposition to believe them?

What is the truth ?and Who is telling it?  Or should the question be:

Who is SELLING it?

Two men who lost a bid to sue the Michael Jackson Estate for what has been alleged to have been  1.5Billion dollars ?

Who is bankrolling the appeals process  Vinaldi is waging for Wade Robson and James Safechuck in court?

Who bankrolled the “Leaving Neverland” documentary?

Who is derailing the #MeToo movement and deflecting it’s focus from predominantly white sexually deviant men to the most celebrated and beloved BLACK man on earth ?

Who is using the, all too eager media, to once again drag Michael Jackson’s name through the proverbial mud without a scintilla of proof or research?

Questions – Questions and more Questions

Did  Sundance Film Festival reduce itself to becoming the Radar Online for the independent film industry and blow smoke for Harvey Weinstein?

Is this why Robert Redford left this years festival in such haste?

Others were curious as well-  

Yess… or so it seems. Money speaks everywhere, Mr. Redford-

🎶 Money makes the world go around, the world go around 🎶

Money, Greed, Racism <– Powerful combination

Joe Vogel, is a music researcher, teaching at Merrimack College in Massachusettsa, while writing for Forbes, his work has also been featured in The Atlantic, Slate, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, PopMatters, and the Boston Review.  On January 29th, after Sundance screened Leaving Neverland on January 25th, he wrote a Forbes article that details the inherent difficulty in believing the sudden turn around of Wade Robson’s and his side-kick James Safechuck’s NEW voices of victimhood, in the light of their failed money-grab and what  the Michael Jackson Estate called
“a veiled attempt at extortion” —



“As someone who has done an enormous amount of research on the artist, interviewed many people who were close to him, and been granted access to a lot of private information, my assessment is that the evidence simply does not point to Michael Jackson’s guilt. In contrast to Robson and Safechuck’s revised accounts, there is a remarkable consistency to the way people who knew the artist speak of him—whether friends, family members, collaborators, fellow artists, recording engineers, attorneys, business associates, security guards, former spouses, his own children—people who knew him in every capacity imaginable. Michael, they say, was gentle, brilliant, sensitive, sometimes naive, sometimes childish, sometimes oblivious to perceptions. But none believe he was a child molester.”

Two days after his Forbes article, Joe Vogel asked a pertinent question.  

Any guesses  AMERICA  ?

JANUARY 31, 2019 – The Observer reports Oprah Winfrey, one of David Geffen’s “most treasured guests”,  celebrated her 65th birthday upon his 454ft yacht, the Rising Sun, “along with her pal Gayle King”. – Gayle King posted  photograph of the light hearted festivities which included a private viewing of the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Don’t know what makes a birthday more memorable and fun-filled and joyous than watching a 4hour presentation of supposed prolonged  “devastating and  gut wrenching” child sexual abuse -but to each her own, as they say. 

Oprah has been a long time “treasured friend” of David Geffen and we’d assume ditto for Oprah. Afterall, it was David Geffen who was able to finagle, through Sandy Gallin,  Oprah’s, Most Watched Interview of Michael Jackson in 1993. With that interview, Oprah was catapulted to the top tier in Talk Show hierarchy. The Queen of talk shows owes it all  to Geffen.

Oprah is friends with a lot of powerful people in Hollywood – as is her “gal pal Gayle King”

Oprah spoke to Harper’s Bazaar  and had  discussed how Harvey Weinstein had “bullied her”, why she allowed it, and how everyone was readied for the #MeToo movement by years of NOTHING happening.

But did anyone dig into WHY  “nothing” happened?

 “It had been coming with [Bill] Cosby and nothing happened, it had been coming with Bill O’Reilly, even with the President of the United States, where people can hear the Access Hollywood tape and yet, nothing happens. It had been coming and [Weinstein] was the moment was where it all crystallised. In order for a phenomenon to be a phenomenon everything has to line up. It means the culture, the zeitgeist, for a particular moment in time to be ready, available and open to hear that message.”


But WILL WE  be hearing the message of women’s empowerment and control over their own bodies, self-fulfillment  and self-direction of their lives,  without the need to succumb to being “bullied” even when you are THE  Oprah Windrey – and/or forced into sexual acts by powerful men like Rose McGowan alleges?  

When the Good old boys continue to protect their own; it’s not likely –

There are some powerful men in Hollywood, they have not only the money but the influence to control others, the media and deflect attention from the real issues of pedophilia –

Who are the ones who keep “NOTHING” from happening?

The FOUR HOUR salacious smokescreen of baseless, one-sided, machinations of two men who’ve found a way to become “relatable and relevant”  is being utilized to gloss over the real sexual deviants in Hollywood. 

“Whoever controls the media, controls the minds”  Jim Morrison

stay tuned….

***  EDITED ***


BREAKING NEWS  — Jeff Bezos exposed David Pecker, head of AMI – Nat’l Enqurier/Radar Online – Dylan Howard et al in blackmail scheme.

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“Just The Facts Ma’am” Exposing Leaving Neverland, One FACT At A Time

Leaving Neverland Documentary Exposed — One FACT At A Time 

MJJJP would  like to acknowledge that the research for the Tweet Thread  below by @VP_Advocate are based on the extensive research of  @JuliaBerkowitz1  and in-depth details, links to court documents, testimony, media links etc .can be perused on MJAllegations Blog-

With permission we’re posting the tweets here so that they are keep in a static place for reference. We thank them both for their dedication and advocacy to finding FACTS and exposing the lies in the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 4.59.59 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.00.15 PM

An interview of Wade in July 2011, discussing his role in the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson ONE show. He was later turned down for the role because the Estate of Michael Jackson wanted to hire Jamie King instead. This must have been embarrassing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.00.42 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.01.00 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.01.18 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.01.27 PMHere is an interview of Wade in August 1993 before he was subpoenaed, and therefore, by his own admission, before he was ‘coached’.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.01.46 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.02.02 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.02.14 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.03.00 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.03.10 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.03.24 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.03.37 PM

For more in depth information, please view the most comprehensive research on the Wade allegations I have ever seen. Link https://themichaeljacksonallegations.com

A Rebuttal Video has also been created –

Source: VP_Advocacy Thread  on Twitter Feb 5, 2019


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Wade Robson – Love Note to Michael Jackson – Dec 2009

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 1.08.23 PM

My Mentor

I used to talk to Michael for three hours a day. I never really worked out how he came to find so much time because he seemed so busy, but he would ring me and we would talk and talk and talk. When he got a cell phone he would call and text all the time. It was part of an amazing friendship that lasted for 20 years.

I had first met Michael when he was kicking off his bad tour in 1987. I was five, but Michael’s company was holding a dance competition in every country and I entered the one in Brisbane. I remember being a kid and dancing to his video- the first ever I say was “Thriller” when I was two. It was my mum’s tape and I just went nuts over it. I used to run into the kitchen scared every time the werewolf came on. By the time I was three I had pretty much learned its entire choreography.

I ended up winning the dance competition. We went to see Michael in Brisbane and at a meet and greet i was introduced to him. I remember wearing a custom made outfit from “Bad”- my mum’s belt was wrapped around me, like five times. Michael was impressed and asked me if I had danced. I told him that I did and he said ” Do you want to perform with me in the show tomorrow night?”

I couldn’t believe it. He was due to play Brisbane the next night. His idea was for me to come out for the last song of the show which was “Bad”. He was bringing on some orphaned children so he figured it would be cool to bring me out in the full “Bad” outfit. At the end of the song we were all onstage- Stevie Wonder was there too and Michael came on and said “Come on”. I took it as him meaning “Get into it!”.I moved downstage and threw my hat into the crowd and started going crazy. When i turned around Michael was saying goodbye to the crowd, the other kids were gone and Stevie Wonder was being escorted off. What he meant was “Come on lets go, It’s over”.

When I realized, I ran off. After my mum and I spent two hours with Michael into his hotel and we became friends. He showed us clips from the new Moonwalker he was working on and we talked and talked. We didn’t really stay in contact but i joined a dance company- literally the next day and two years later I was in America to play at Disneyland. I got in touch with Michael through his people, he remembered me. Me and my family went to Record One Studio where he was mixing the Dangerous Album. I showed him some of my dance videos and he said to me. “Do you and your family want to come to Neverland tonight”? We all agreed and ended up staying for two weeks.

Our friendship blossomed. For two weeks he’d take me into his dance studio, put some music on and we’d dance and jam for hours. We’d sit there and watch films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other times we’d just leave Neverland and drive out in a car, blasting music really loud.

He even taught me how to do the moonwalk. We were in his dance studio. He taught me foot by foot. I couldn’t sleep that whole night. The thrill of pushing off the bar and sliding backwards in a moonwalk with the guy that made it famous was so exciting.

Later, me and my mum wanted to move to America to pursue my dreams of becoming a dancer and he helped us out. He gave me a big start by putting me in some of his videos like “Black or White”. The role he took on was one of a mentor.

He told me when I was seven that I’d be a film director and that’s what I became; he created a thirst for knowledge in me. Once, a mini recording studio turned up on my doorstep, but what was cool was that he stopped me from becoming a spoiled brat. He would say “This is for you, but I want to see you do something with it. Don’t take it for granted or I’ll take it back”.

The last time I saw him was in July 2008. I was in Vegas working on a show and he was living there. Me, my wife and him and his three kids had a barbecue. It was the most normal thing in the world. Me and my wife had been to Whole foods and bought stuff to cook. But when we got there he’d provided loads of catering. I said, “Dude, Why did you bring loads of catering? We’ve got regular food here”. I remember cooking outside while Michael sat there under an umbrella.

We had great times because he was such a caring person. Most of all I’ll miss those phone conversations. I still have my mobile phone with his number on it. I just cant bear the thoughts of deleting his messages.

Michael Jackson changed the world and, more personally, my life forever. He is the reason I dance, the reason I make music, and one of the main reasons I believe in the pure goodness of human kind. He was a close friend of mine for 20 years. His music, his movement, his personal words of inspiration and encouragement and his unconditional love will live inside of me forever. I will miss him immeasurably, but I know that he is now at peace and enchanting the heavens with a melody and a moonwalk.

I love you Michael.

– Wade Robson


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An Open Letter To The Michael Jackson Fan Community-

NOTE: We have allowed Sean O’Kane to post this Open Letter to MJGlobal family – We can not take credit for it’s content. If you wish to contact Sean O’Kane directly, please use his contact information at botton, or leave a comment here that he may address   – MJJJP 

An Open Letter To The Michael Jackson Fan Community

Please forgive me for not being as thorough as I would like in the content below. Like many of you, I am having to ‘fight the fight’ during working hours, and time is of the essence. The lengths we will go to for the big man, eh?

Firstly, please note, that I am simply a fan like you, this message comes from a good place and it’s only my advice, please do not mistake it as dictating or trying to lead. I fear some fans will use this as a means to twist it’s content and start bickering, but there really is not any need. It’s all for L.O.V.E.

I know, this is a testing time for all of us. It feels like 1993’ and 2003 combined and on steroids! The huge difference this time however, is that Michael Jackson is not here to defend himself and as his Army, it’s more important now than ever before, for us to come together and protect his legacy. Friends and family may not understand, and work colleagues may think you’re bonkers, but we have been here before and we can win this battle once again. As Michael famously reminded us, ‘You Are Not Alone.’

I know that the fan community is huge and there are lots of difference groups of us. However, I think it is vital that we present a united front to the extent that we can and try to take a unified approach in how we deal with this latest attack. I’m going to break the following down under separate headings, as there are several issues that I feel need addressing.

Responding To Critics/Haters/Misinformed

It’s very easy to get wound up, angry and defensive when faced with those who will believe the lies and fall for the nonsense and want Michael to be guilty. DO NOT STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL.

Let’s not fight fire with fire and instead extinguish it with Truth, Facts and Logic (think TFL, which will be handy for the Londoners amongst us as it refers to our local travel system). We have truth and evidence on our side and ultimately they cannot refute that. It is a fact that Wade Robson ardently defended Michael many times over the years. All the things they have claimed about Michael are simply that: claims. Furthermore, those claims are not supported in any way whatsoever by the evidence available.

If you are struggling to answer questions in a hurry – DON’T. Instead, locate the answers from another fan who you consider to be more knowledgeable, or copy easy-to-understand responses from other Tweets etc – I’ve done it loads of times before. It’s better to do that than come across as a person lacking the correct information as that could just damage our credibility.

Not having the answers is OK.

Why did he settle in 1993?

Why did he allow children to sleep in his room?

What role does Bubbles have in all of this? 🤭

The entire subject matter is a minefield and you’d need a PhD in Michael Jackson to fully grasp the entire backstory. So, spare a thought for the misinformed and uneducated; it’s easier for them to decide MJ was guilty, because having to explore the research and truth is complicated and time-consuming.

So, let’s respond with snappy straightforward facts – this includes Links, here are a couple of good ones:



My other suggestion is to replace photos of Michael from your Social Media (unless it’s a necessity to the name/group). I know some of you will be conflicted with this, but trust me, from being a long-time supporter, you are taken much more seriously from the ‘other side’ when you have a picture of yourself or a neutral image, rather than that of MJ. You’re more likely to viewed as obsessive, blinded or non-objective if they think you’re a big fan. My experience has been that being genuine and using a measured and friendly tone has a lasting impact and encourages people to listen, giving you the chance to explain the truth. Do not forget, there are future Moonwalkers out there waiting to join us, but we MUST be relatable.

AND REMEMBER, not everyone can be convinced nor wants to be. It’s easy to spot those keyboard warriors early on. Block them and channel your energies elsewhere. Michael DOES NOT need those people as his fans. It’s definitely a case of picking your battles wisely.

Is There A Larger Force At Work Here?

So I have read on many forums about a ‘conspiracy’ against MJ .We know they exist and the latest one has been in refence to Sundance/Harvey Weinstein/Oprah/David Geffen/HBO etc etc, let’s not go there right now – It’s complicated and can take us down a very deep rabbit hole, distracting from the necessary action that’s required in retaliating against the #LyingAboutNeverland MOCKumentary.

We can deal with the ‘bigger picture’ when the time is right. The general public do not care, or rather have the time to listen about conspiracy theories involving Michael Jackson. On top of that because of the nature of such things, conspiracy theorists are widely viewed as a bit outrageous and those that promote them are often seen as bonkers. We have to deal with being seen as crazy just because we are Michael fans. Let’s not add to that and give them any further ammunition!

Channel 4

The executives at Channel 4 are rubbing their hands with glee at the reaction to Leaving Neverland. From what I gather from the inside, they are loving the attention the fans are giving to the show. Remember, these networks are expected to create controversial subject matters, regardless of the truth, as long as it generates hysteria. You know in the Kanye West and Jay-Z song ‘N*ggers in Paris’, there’s a part where it comes to a crescendo and you can hear the actor Will Ferrell say the words “its provocative it gets people going” – Well that’s what they are hoping for.

For us as fans it poses a complicated dilemma, on one hand do we stay silent and not give it any attention for fear of indirectly promoting it to people? Might that seem as though MJ’s supporters are small due to his declining popularity? Or, do we stand up and beat our drums so loudly in response, and in doing so, cause waves of free promotion for the network?

‘Dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t’ springs to mind. It’s not up to me to tell you what your decision should be; that’s your prerogative. Just don’t forget the silent majority of MJ supporters that do exist amongst us.

Although there is no definite date as to when the show will air, it’s likely to be in two parts at the beginning of March (in the UK). In my opinion, it will be catastrophic, and we must expect the worst outcomes imaginable. I’m sorry, but it will be a difficult time and we will be challenged. I know there are many of you who are divided on this matter, ranging from ‘it will blow over, we have experienced worse’ to ‘this is the end of Michael Jackson.’ Whatever your view, we should all prepare for the worst and formulate a plan of action so we are ready to go once this thing airs. If it turns out that it is not as bad as I fear then great but let’s be prepared for all eventualities.

Peaceful Protest

There is currently a peaceful protest scheduled for outside the Channel 4 headquarters on Wednesday 6th March from 8am onwards.

We need MASSIVE numbers! I’ve already booked the day off work. Please no MJ costumes or anything that they can use to label us as crazy fans blind to the truth.  The protest will be at:

124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX

Please do all you can to attend; it will be shambles if only a couple hundred turn up. Although that is a fairly decent amount, the reality is that just like Michael’s album sales, if the numbers are not record breaking, we are seen as pitiful. Let’s unite in abundance and show these bastards we are not messing.

Social Media Groups

Like many of you, I am part of various social media groups on Facebook and Whatsapp. I struggle to keep up.

This means that some great information can get lost easily and it can become a technological minefield with information overload. My advice is to take a break from it all often! Since the news broke about the MOCKumentary I have not slept properly, I feel angry, my fitness has slipped and I am eating crap – this isn’t me. I have had to take a step back to reflect on my mental health throughout this and recalibrate everything.

We cannot go to war on this if we are out-of-shape (emotionally, mentally, physically), forgetful, angry, vengeful, tired. We need to be refreshed, focused and happy within ourselves that ‘WE HAVE GOT THIS.’

I have written up a specific Tweet that you can copy and paste below. I’ve left just enough characters so that it will give you room to ‘@’ someone at the beginning, or simply just Tweet or Pin to your profile/share on Facebook etc:

*EXCLUSIVE* hidden details from the #MichaelJackson doc!

WATCH: https://youtu.be/9yTTEwBLfUQ

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgSbSotJgUY

READ: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joevogel/2019/01/29/what-you-should-know-about-the-new-michael-jackson-documentary/#72771961640f

RESEARCH: https://www.mjvibe.com/its-time-to-fight-back/



#TheTruthToo #TheRightSideOfHIStory

What Else Can We Do?

Right now, MJ’s legacy is at risk. BUY HIS MUSIC!I personally recommend that we purchase the song ‘SCREAM’ and make it go to number one all over the world. To anyone reading, feel free to set up a group encouraging this. I will strongly back the cause.

I have seen today that the MJ Number Ones album is increasing in the UK charts. Brilliant.

Sadly though, I have seen Michael Jacksons place on Spotify fall sharply. He was 58th in the world last week and has slipped to 63rd as of today (31 Jan 2019).

Get MJ on repeat via Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

More importantly, REQUEST HIS MUSIC on radio – I know this seems like a full-time job, but every little does help. Maybe once a day send in a request via Twitter or radio stations’ Facebook pages. Michael’s music is a powerful entity and the best response to the hate. Remind people why they fell in love with his magic in the first place.

Put Aside Our Differences

I know that rivalry within the MJ community exists and I’ve experienced it myself unfortunately. Whether it’s fans supporting the Estate or believing the Cascio tracks are genuine or having some kind of superiority complex, whatever it is – NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DIVIDED. Put your differences aside and let’s be united; do not underestimate how much strength there is in numbers and that there’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one.

We are dealing with a serious matter here on a global scale. There are talks that Michael’s music and the impact he has had on society will eventually diminish and he will ‘fade away’ – WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

Simply put, we need one another now as much as Michael does.

Let’s Not Forget

Yes, our concern and loyalty are to Michael Jackson and the risk to his legacy, but we CANNOT forget about the genuine victims of childhood sexual trauma – It’s imperative that we drive that message in our retaliation. We must demonstrate that we are compassionate and serious about this matter because Michael did not abuse anyone. Michael was a huge advocate in the fight against child abuse and he dedicated his entire life to helping others. If any one of us thought there was even a tiny bit of truth to any of these allegations, we would not be supporting Michael at all and we need the public and media to understand this. As a father myself, I ensure I drive this message across in every debate and rebuttal.

Of course, in relation to the MOCKumentary involving Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, feel free to also let people know that Michael is the REAL victim in all of this.

Furthermore, don’t forget to mention the impact this is likely to have on his three children and their futures. That too is important.

What Is Happening Behind The Scenes?

I am sure you are all aware that Michael’s nephew Taj is working on a documentary in response to all of this. I’m not privy to the full details. I hope that this write up is provided to him so he is aware of the blanket message that I hope the fans will embrace as we move forward. When the news of this disgusting film was announced, Taj was settling into fatherhood and had planned to start 2019 changing diapers and being the best dad he could be. He should not be denied the joys of fatherhood and caring for his young child, by having to invest in fighting this project by Channel 4 and HBO.

I witnessed Jermaine Jackson on British Television this week. I’ll be honest; I think he could have responded in a more forthright way. Right now, what we need from the Jackson family is a no-nonsense approach and real evidence that they are fighting this. We, the fans, can only do so much. They are the big machine in all of this.

I worry that they do not know the facts in the way that we do and I hope that we see more measured intelligent fans and supporters on radio stations and TV screens in response to the show rather than Jackson family members who might be ill-equipped to deal with the questions.  They are grieving and hurting right now. Placing them in front of TV screens with no deep understanding or energy to FIGHT is suicide. KOWLEDGE IS POWER and I am in awe of the amount of rebuttal information that I read from the fan community. Let’s use our skills to speak up in a way that will make doubters listen.


A few other fans and I have come up with the idea of having adverts placed in the press screenshot2019-01-31at4.30.28pmand on the sides of British buses, both in London and around the country.It will feature an image of Michael, kind of like the one in the flyer here. It was originally created by fan Nastyspaghetti7- To use as leaflet content given out at Sundance. It was very symbolic to the fight, so are going to use it for this too.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please go to:


The Michael Jackson fan community is incredible. The knowledge and dedication we have individually and as a collective is truly spectacular and I am so proud and blessed to be part of this magical and diverse community. The above are just my thoughts on how we can deal with the current crisis effectively and not intended to offend anyone so please don’t take it that way. I truly feel that if we conduct ourselves in a professional, polite and intelligent manner and present a unified front we can really influence others and get the truth out there,

Thank You.


Seány O’Kane (just a regular fan like yourself)


InstaGram: SeanyOkane

Facebook: Seány O’Kane

LinkedIn:  Sean O’Kane





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Leaving Neverland Documentary Notes- Jan 26th 2019 at Sundance

(These are hand-written notes from a MJAdvocate who bore the inhospitable conditons and below freezing weather in Utah to attend the 2nd showing of Leaving Neverland Documentary at Sundance Film Festival Jan 26th 2019 — It is efforts like hers that will give us a look into what false narrative we’ve got to combat in this biased presentation of our beloved Michael Jackson — We salute you AJ — 🙏🏼  MJJJP)

Leaving Neverland Notes

The film begins with the Robson’s early years. Wade’s dad owned fruit shops. Joy states they had goats, dogs. Chantal states that there weren’t many kids to play with. Stresses the amount of years between Wade and his brother, Shane.

Wade states that he saw the Making of Thriller and that everything changed after that. He watched it over and over and over and practiced for hours to emulate Michael in Thriller. (Film shown is when the camera pans in on Michael as the monster with the green face and then moves to dance scenes. An obvious intellectual property illegal act.) It’s this face below but greener:Lscreen shot 2019-01-28 at 10.56.57 pm

Joy states that a friend convinced her to put Wade in an MJ competition in Australia. Wade states he was too young to compete, so they put him in as a special guest and he won. (Somehow MJ’s people are contacted but I can’t remember what she stated) but Joy’s reaction to the contact with MJ’s people was that she felt a “glow throughout her extremities and that something magical was about to happen.”

Safechuck’s mom states that someone convinced her to get Jimmy into commercials. Jimmy’s agent says he’s made for doing ads. Jimmy does the Pepsi commercial with Michael, and his reaction in the ad is real because it was the first time he’d ever seen Michael in person. Safechuck’s mom says Jimmy went into MJ’s trailer with his makeup artist, Karen. (Never mentions the last name but of course, she is referring to Karen Faye.)

Film shows hysteria of Michael getting off a plane in Brisbane, and then shows footage of Heartbreak Hotel in Brisbane. (This could be Joy’s footage so not sure about intellectual property rights on this particular piece of film.). There is a meet and greet, and Michael tells Joy that he wants to put Wade on stage with him. Shows film from the next day, shows Wade and Michael dancing on stage (BAD tour Brisbane) and Michael leaves the stage, but Wade doesn’t notice. Michael is laughing and has to come back out on stage to get Wade to leave the stage. (NOTE: in the film there are MANY kids on that stage, not just Wade. Again, film could have been shot, and this is likely the case, by Joy so I’m not sure what the intellectual property rights are on this short clip.)

Shane Robson (Wade’s much older brother): Wade’s dad felt betrayed and was teary eyed by the relationship between Michael and Wade.

The Way You Make Me Feel shot clip, obvious intellectual property violation

Joy: In a hotel with Michael Jackson, Michael is rubbing the sheets on the bed and Joy says she cannot believe she’s in a hotel with MJ. Wade is there.

Safechuck’s mom: Michael calls to tell her she loves “Jimmy’s commercial”. She’s impressed and endeared that Michael called it Jimmy’s commercial (Pepsi commercial) and thinks that is really sweet.

Michael’s people send over a film crew. Jimmy doesn’t have any Michael posters on his wall in his room, so the film crew puts them up on the wall. Film of Jimmy and another kid dancing in the room. Jimmy feels like it’s an “audition” and this is just my opinion, but it seemed as if the “audition” was a sexual one. As if Michael filmed him to see if he would like to sexually abuse him. Again, my take on it only.

Safechuck mom: Michael expressed how lonely he was. Safechuck’s mom stated she felt that nobody could approach Michael, only he could approach others, so she felt lucky that he wanted to be in their lives. Invited them to Hayvenhurt, met Michael’s brothers. Michael gave Jimmy “a wad full of cash” and let him pick out any jacket he wanted, so Jimmy chose a Thriller jacket. Jimmy states that it was probably $300-$400 and how much that was in that period of time.

The next day, Safechuck parent pick up Michael and said MJ was excited to lose the reporters. Film shows Michael in red pajamas and holding a soccer ball, while he stayed with the Safechucks. Jimmy states that they took walks at night due to the press. Jimmy says it was like hanging out with a friend.

Safechuck mom: I loved him (Michael). When Jimmy first got into commercials, I prayed that it would open doors for him, and when she told Michael that, he told her he prayed that it happened for Jimmy too.

Michael takes the Safechucks to Hawaii. Michael rents out an amusement park, they go on a helicopter ride. Safechuck mom talks about how surreal it is to live in this type of lifestyle of the rich and famous. Safechuck says she stays her distance with Michael and Jimmy, allowing them to spend a lot of time together, but does not let Jimmy stay in the same hotel room with Michael. Michael tells the Safehchucks that he loves Jimmy’s Pepsi commercial the most because it has “heart”. Safechuck mom states that Jimmy and Michael would be on the phone every day for hours.

Jimmy: Infatuation and dedication (but can’t read my notes if Jimmy is describing Michael or vice versa).

BAD tour clip in Japan. Again, the hysteria in Japan, not taken by Safechucks. On youtube, where fans are banging on the windows and in the airport.

Clip of Michael hanging on the wired fence. Not filmed by Safechucks.

Heartbeak Hotel clip.

Jimmy: Through Michael was able to meet Harrison Ford, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg. Harrison Ford gave him something but can’t read the notes. I think it was a sword or something to that effect.

Safechuck mom: Overhears Tina Turner describing Jimmy and stating “that white boy sure can dance.” Proud to see Jimmy on stage. Jimmy and Michael were best buds and spent a lot of time together in rooms by themselves.

Jimmy: He was hurt if Michael was in another room.

Jimmy: When in Paris together, Michael introduced Jimmy to masturbation. Jimmy said he did it so much that his genitals were swollen, and it hurt to urinate. To be clear, Jimmy at this point is stating that once Michael showed him how to masturbate, Jimmy kept doing it until there were physical problems. He said he had to soak his genitalia in water to relieve the swelling. Note: Jimmy is smiling throughout the part where he is describing his swollen genitalia.

Safechuck mom: While traveling with Michael after Paris, the room assignments got further and further away from Michael’s room. The excuse was that there just weren’t any suites that were located close to Michael’s. Then the rooms weren’t even on the same floor. In Germany, they were even further. Jimmy was consistently staying in Michael’s room, while the parents were assigned rooms that were further and further away.

Jimmy: MJ ran drills with Jimmy in case they were caught. If anyone found out their lives would be over.

This is the part where Jimmy graphically describes the abuse. I have purposefully omitted any alleged sexual abuse.

Jimmy: Michael told him that the sexual relations with him were his first sexual experiences. Jimmy says that Michael and Jimmy had a signal system, where they held their hand up and scratched it, was their sign that they were thinking of each other in a sexual way.

Jimmy: Michael tells Jimmy he’s going to buy Neverland for him. He describes that there were several doors at Neverland that had to be gone through in order to access Michael and Jimmy. Alleged sexual abused occurred: in the tee pees, arcade, third floor attic, private rooms, movie theater (room above it), room above train station, and other rooms but I wrote on top of it so I can’t write all the rooms. Imo it was ludicrous how many rooms Jimmy said they had sex in. Note: sex in Jimmy’s description did NOT allege anal penetration.

Film of BAD tour meeting Princess Diana
Film of Michael and President Ronald Reagan

Jimmy: Michael continually told him his parents were bad and evil, and that Michael was good.

Switches to the Robsons

Short history of Robson’s early career

Robson’s grandma: Joy calls around looking for MJ, finally finds him. MJ picks them up, drove Wade and Chantal to neverland playing unreleased, never before heard tracks.

Drone footage of the road to Neverland

Short clip of This Is It playing on a TV in the background

Picture of a blueprint of Neverland main house

Wade: Guest house was the same as four hotel rooms. Michael told Wade ad Chantal they could stay with their parents in the guest house or they could stay in his room. They stayed in his room.

Footage of Smooth Criminal

Joy: Michael told her that seeing Wade was like watching himself all over again. Talked about Bubbles.

Wade: Second night with MJ, Wade wakes up in the middle of the night and Michael is crying. Michael says that he doesn’t want them to leave.

Joy: Michael told them they could go anywhere they wanted. Wade wanted to stay at Neverland, the family wanted to go to the Grand Canyon.

Wade: Excited to stay. Before cell phones, so no direct access to his parent or vice versa.

Joy: Tried to call multiple times, couldn’t get through.

Graphic description of abuse. Omitted.

Wade: Westwood hotel. Described how Michael would take them to record stores and tell them they could get anything they wanted, they could fill the basket up if they wanted. Chantal and Joy slept in the living room, Wade slept in the room with Michael. Alleged abuse at the hotel

Jimmy; Jimmy states that Michael and Jimmy had a mock wedding. Jimmy states that he was fully in love with Michael. Jimmy shows rings Michael allegedly bought him. One is the “wedding” ring, a band with diamonds in it. There are two other rings. Jimmy explains that Michael knew Jimmy loved jewelry and that it was given for sexual acts. Jimmy’s hands visibly shake. Jimmy states that they would go to a jewelry store, and pretend that the jewelry was for a woman, using Jimmy’s small hands, but the jewelry really was for Jimmy.

Robson: Claims that he talked on the phone for 6/7 hours every day for 2 years. Claims Michael called him “little one”. Claims Michael sang a song to him: “Has anyone seen my little one?”

Robson: After the LA Gear shoot, Michael calls him “son”. Wade hopes that they will live together as father and son. The Robsons took a 6 week trip to the US for the shoot.

Joy: Michael asked Joy if Wade could live with him for a year. Joy told him she would share him with MJ but that Wade was 7 years old and he could not live with Michael full time.

I can’t remember who begins to talk about Wade’s health declining. Robson father diagnosed with bipolar. Very difficult to watch Joy, Chantal and Wade leave for the US and leave the father behind.

Joy: When the family decided to move to the US permanently, she saw it as an opportunity for Wade and she wanted out of her marriage. When the family arrives, things are different. She has to use a credit card to pay for her apartment (which drone footage shows as looking pretty run down) and she has to rent a car to get to the Black or White shoot. She literally shakes her head and scrunches up her face when talking about renting a car. When they arrive to the shoot, Joy states that “Mac took Wade’s place”.

Jimmy: Describes the Century City condo (the hideout) and states that Michael gave him alcohol, and Jimmy was really drunk. Alleges that Michael introduced Jimmy to pornography.

Image of Michael looking at Adolph Hitler on TV in the background

Jimmy: On ’93 allegations, 2 cops show up at his home. MJ asks him to testify but Jimmy says no. Jimmy hasn’t had any contact with MJ for awhile. Now MJ is contacting Jimmy every day.

Safechuck mom: Asks MJ what happened, MJ says it’s the parents, not Jordan. Safechuck mom asks if MJ blames Jordan and he says no. Safechuck mom thinks how nice that is that MJ doesn’t blame Jordan.

Robson: Wanted to defend Michael.

Images of Blanca Francia and Chandler deposition.

Joy: She believed it was all about money and the allegations weren’t true.

Safechuck mom: MJ bought them a house (and she said something about a $10 million dollar loan but I couldn’t get it all down).

Jimmy: MJ told his parents that Michael told them that Jimmy didn’t need to go to school and to let him drop out. Jimmy says Michael wanted him dependent on him. Safechuck parents let Jimmy drop out of school. Images of Jimmy making films on Neverland property.

Film of HIStory tour Brisbane

Wade: Dad’s health is declining. He is disappearing at night, and sometimes they can’t find him. Wade admits he pushed his dad away.

Joy: Her ex-husband said she did the right thing by taking the 2 kids and moving to the US for Wade’s career.

Shane: Shane decides to leave for the US. Shane says his dad was very stiff at the going away party, and did not hug him back.

Joy: Wade’s dad hung himself the day that Shane left. (or the day after, not sure)

Shane: Angry.

Film of Wade and JC Chavez and Justin Timberlake in rehearsal choreography

Wade: MJ was obsessed with Britney Spears. (Wade states he was working with Britney at the time). Film of Britney in earlier years. Michael also asks about Wade’s sex life with girls.

Jimmy’s wife: Explains how they met.

Film of the Neverland raid

Heal the World footage

Santa Barbara interview with Gavin Arviso film shown. Arviso states that Michael masturbated him. Only that statement is in this short clip.

Robson: Michael called him every day after the arrest. Wade tells MJ he doesn’t want to testify. Michael tells him that we can’t let them do this to us.

Jimmy: After the arrest, Jimmy tells his mom that Michael isn’t a good person. Mom asks him if he wants to get help, Jimmy says no.

Safechuck mom: Jimmy adamantly tells her not to tell anyone. She says she doesn’t due to guilt.

Shows film of MacCauley Culkin at the trial

Wade: Joy encouraged him to testify. Wade had dreams of Michael dying in prison.

Jimmy: Jimmy told Michael he wouldn’t testify, and Michael threatened him with his attorneys and charges of perjury.

Wade: Receives a subpoena to testify. Wade describes being at Neverland and Michael wouldn’t pay attention to Paris.

Shows film of Michael’s children, the film where they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, although it’s just a short film with no talking.

Trial footage

Woman releasing doves

On behalf of humanity, we’re sorry footage

Fans reaction to verdict

Jury foreman footage when he states that he believes Michael was guilty

Wade: Visited Michael in Las Vegas with his kids. Michael specifically asked for a couple of bottles of wine. When Wade and his wife got there, Michael poured a cup of wine to the top and chugged it. Michael continued to drink wine and then said he would be back. Michael was gone for an hour and a half, and Wade said he felt bad for the kid. Wade asks the kids, where is your dad? And they reply, he’s ok, he’s fine. Wade is implying that this happened often. This is the last time Wade sees Michael alive.

On MJ’s death

Shows reaction on news
Outside of UCLA
At the memorial

Jimmy: States he was sad when Michael died.

Safechuck mom: States she danced when Michael died so he couldn’t harm another child.

Joy: Wrapped herself up in a jacket and stayed in bed for a week after Michael died.

Film of Wade talking to the media about MJ’s death
Joe Jackson talking to the media about MJ’s death

Jimmy: States he still loves MJ and struggles with it.

Wade: States he was contacted to attend the memorial.

Wade: He sobbed at the memorial and that was the last time he cried about the death of MJ. Stated that he went back to work immediately.

Wade: Later, wasn’t able to enjoy work and talks about the pressure. Couldn’t sleep for hours. Abuse symptoms intensify. After the birth of his son, thinks about if someone abused his son, and that he would kill anyone who did that to his child.

Wade: Wade and his brother are at a food truck, and his brother tells him that his wife had this weird dream that Michael molested him. Wade tells his brother that Michael did indeed molest him.

Wade: At the end, tries to tearfully state his “truth” but not one tear falls.
Chantal: Tells her “truth” and does cry. Scared that her mom will commit suicide when she finds out.

There was more at the end, but by this time, I had been writing for four hours and frankly, I could barely stomach what had been said.

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