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Dr. Patrick Treacy – Michael Jackson is One of the Greatest Humanitarians of the Century

  On July 2, 2014, Dr. Patrick Treacy recently posted a copy of  his interview with TheSun on his @peege twitter after prudently taping off the offensive British term that Michael Jackson truly detested and felt was a disrespectful term.  That … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson’s Life Mission of Healing the World is Alive –

Michael Jackson’s life mission is ALIVE – Last year, quite randomly, I met a woman on facebook, who was collecting books for inner city Los Angeles school libraries which are seriously deficient in this regard. Her deadlne was at hand, … Continue reading

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Hope for Haiti – Dr. Patrick Treacy

 “A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of.”     ~~~Nelson Mandela  Dr. Patrick Treacy as long been a Vanguard … Continue reading

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Dr. Patrick Treacy – Nov 2011 Ireland AM Interview –

IRELAND AM Interview with Patrick Treacy Interviewer 1: More than two years after Michael Jackson’s death and after a 23 day trial, a Los Angeles jury convicted Dr. Conrad Murray of Involuntary Manslaughter last night. It took the jury of … Continue reading

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Dr. Patrick Treacy w/Aphrodite Jones

IMPORTANT –  Dr. Partick Treacy on Aphrodite Jones    Transcribed in case video disappears: Aphrodite Jones (AJ from here out): There is going to be a smear campaign… Dr. Patrick Treacy (Dr. PT from here out):…mmm hmmm.. AJ: …against Michael … Continue reading

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The Real Michael Jackson is not a Wacko ..Not a Jacko For 20+ years, Michael Jackson has been constantly assaulted by the media. They have labeled him with a multitude of names, none of which, correctly indentified the person that … Continue reading

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