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Vindicate Michael Jackson – We Thank You – Tom Mesereau-

Michael Jackson –  The Chosen One The voice of divine love…a true messenger of God… Michael’s “prosecution” was a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE AND ONE OF THE MEANEST MEAN-SPIRITED ATTACKS ON AN INNOCENT PERSON IN LEGAL HISTORY…Tom Mesereau Michael Jackson was … Continue reading

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Interview w/Craig James Baxter – MJ’s Body Language

Big thanks to Stop Global Airwave Abuse for allowing us to reprint their interview with author of Behind The Mask: What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World – SGAA: It is my great pleasure to have Craig J. Baxter, … Continue reading

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Transcription of MJ BodyLanguage-CJB Part 2

Michael Jackson Interview On Oprah – My Body Language Analysis. Virgin Question. CJB CJB:  Hello, welcome to another Body language tutorial for you.  Liars, cheats and Happy Feet.  I have another Michael Jackson video for you.  A couple of days … Continue reading

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Martin Bashir Escalated the Molestation Trial of Michael Jackson

Our first “Busting Bashir” Article- Courtesy of popintervention Martin Bashir & the Demise of Michael Jackson Following Michael Jackson’s death, reporter Martin Bashir hailed Michael as a great entertainer, claimed that only a small portion of his “Living with Michael Jackson” … Continue reading

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