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Forget The Facts-We Want The Story! -Howard Rosenberg 1993

How media put Michael Jackson on trial in 1993 Let’s harken back to the day when media began to implode – Forget the Facts–We Want the Story! : Media: Allegations surrounding Michael Jackson set off a whirlwind of tabloidesque reports … Continue reading

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A Sixteen Yr Old Writes About and To her Role Model- Michael Jackson

By Michael-Marie Marley Jackson Even though there are many people in my life the one person who changed my life was Michael Jackson. He was truly a great person and a great influence of the youth of my generation. He … Continue reading

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The Persecution of Michael Jackson by Ishmael Reed

JUNE 29, 2009 The Persecution of Michael Jackson by ISHMAEL REED Last Thursday, while working on some writing deadlines, I was switching channels on cable. On CNN they were promoting “Black In America,” an exercise meant to boost ratings by … Continue reading

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Body Language MJ-CJB Part 7

                                        Michael Jackson Sixty Minutes Interview CJB:  Hello and welcome to another video tutorial on Understanding Body Language:  Liars Cheats and … Continue reading

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MJNO.com Vs. MJNO.net

BE AWARE  the Mjnewsonline individual has purchased the domain name mjjjusticeproject.com and has attached this picture of Michael Jackson in an attempt to FOOL, fans, advocates, activists and the general public into clicking onto his forum full of hateful photoshopped … Continue reading

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