Our goal is to bring an awareness to the world-wide public that for almost 30 yrs the media has perpetuated a biased and distorted view of Michael Jackson’s life. With this awareness we are hoping that not only Michael Jackson fan’s but other concerned citizens of the world will join us in our endeavors to contact the media and put forth our legitimate concerns. It is apparent, that if left unchecked the media will continue to beat the drum of speculation, distort the facts and reimpose the sordid and malicious allegations that have been proven false.   The most vicious of media talking heads are only a handful of people but unfortunately the public has been duped and bamboozled by these self-proclaimed  “MJ experts”.

None of the people who continue to imply, allege, speculate and name call, have ANY supporting facts, medically, legally or otherwise to substantiate their slanderous statements, yet they keep perpetuating the negative myths. Fact is, they NEVER met Michael Jackson and have NO first hand knowledge whatsoever. The “sources” that these “experts” continually refer to when they make their “opinions” are dubious at best and we shall detail some of the outlandish claims as we work through the muck and mire of their inaccurate and malicious reporting for the sake of fame and profit.  On the flip side of this coin we will be continuing to highlight the Vanguards of Michael.

We want the world to understand how many people actually admire him, fight the continued inaccurate reports of the media regarding him and stand by their own principles in doing so.  These special people, risk ridicule and perhaps attacks on their own character for speaking out for Michael, but their convictions are stronger than the concern of some kind of media retribution. The majority of these Vanguards are people who actually KNEW him, spent time with him, understood his gentle nature, his perspective and how he envisioned improving global issues threatening our world. Others are just “freedom fighters” who have worked diligently to observe, research and uncover the insidious nature of a media that puts corporate bottom line above the sanctity of a man’s character and reputation.

There are millions of Michael Jackson supporters who know his truth and have awakened to the fact that it is up to US as his Global family of sisters and brothers to bond with each other, share our information and unite as a force to reveal his true legacy.  WE want Michael Jackson’s true legacy of unconditional love of mankind, unmatched philanthropic work, concern for the environment and his propagation of universal brotherhood to be FAIRLY represented in the media.

Michael Jackson’s Global family are approximately 70+ million strong and we are not “rabid” “crazy” or “obsessive” nor are we “delusional.”  We are not idol worshippers, nor do we believe he was a saint. He was a man who had many of the same foibles as everyone else, but was forced to live under such keen observation that every gesture, habit or comment was criticized: he was defamed, vilified, derided, ridiculed and slandered with impunity by a media machine bent on capitalizing off sensationalism rather than the truth.

Rev. Al Sharpton gave a beautiful speech at Michael’s Memorial in Staples Center, it is worth another listen to understand just how much this man contributed to our world and how he inspired generations of young people to enter into charitable organizations to try to change the world and live his message.

“Michael made us love each other –  Michael taught us to stand with each other”

WE always state that MJJJusticeProject is YOU –    JOIN US

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24 Responses to About MJJJP

  1. Xandra Colon says:

    I have to say that Rev. Sharpton’s speech on Michael’s Memorial Service was inspirational and in my opinion one of the best speeches I’ve heard in a long time. Let me give you my story. I have been an MJ fan since birth. I grew up with his music and have been inspired by him for as long as I can remember. I have 2 kids, ages 19 and 17, who are also fans. My home has always been a Michael Jackson home, so they grew up knowing MJs songs from Thriller and Beat it to ABC and Ben. But it wasn’t until Michael’s passing that I realized the impact he had on my children. As we sat watching the news and the media talking about Michael, it was more than evident their love for him. During the Memorial Service I went thru emotions that I had never gone thru with my children. As the entire world watched the service, I at home, was trying to deal with my children’s pain and my pain in the best way I could. My children cried and hurt as if Michael was their father. It was very difficult to deal with my own pain and hurt and at the same time provide comfort to them and I worried that Michael’s death would have some kind of emotional stress on them. As Rev. Sharpton took the stage and began explaining what Michael had done for the world, how he never gave up, and how he taught us to love, I finally found the strength to be able to explain to them the importance of Michael’s message and the way that us as a humanity should conduct ourselves so that Michael’s death would not be in vain and his message never forgotten. And I must tell you, after Sharpton said Thank You Michael three times, already there was an evident change in my children. My daughter sobbed and promised that she would spread his message and so she is now a sophmore in college studying Sociology and her goal is to work with the homeless and the poor just like Michael. My son, who had always said that upon graduating high school he would enlist in the military has had a change of heart and is now looking forward to college, plus he is a volunteer in the children’s ward at the local hospital. So it dawned on me that maybe if other children in the world had the same emotional reaction as my kids did when Michael died, then Michael’s message has been delivered. Michael always said that we should take care of our children for they are our future, and let me tell you, if our future as a human race lies on the hands of millions of kids around the world who have somehow been inspired by Michael’s message, just imagine how wonderful their future and their children’s future will be. Maybe we didn’t change the world while Michael graced this Earth, but now that he is gone, thru his message of love, respect and peace, our kids might just teach us what Michael was saying all along. I believe that Michael was used by God so we as a humanity can open our eyes and change all that we have done wrong. A kind of awakening. This way of hoping is what Michael’s message stood for. And so if anything good can come out of Michael’s passing is maybe an awakening of the people to better this world, to heal it and to learn that we should all just love each other the way God wanted it to be. I can just see Michael with his beautiful smile rejoicing next to God!!

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    • Marie says:

      This is a very beautiful story Xandra. I am reading it in the aftermath of learning about Dr. Murray’s crass effort to exploit MJ’s death with his documentary. Your post reminds me that MJ is always about so much more than the battle with the media that we all continue to fight on his behalf.


  2. PATRICIA says:

    I would like to register;
    thank you


  3. Doris Gorgo says:

    I too thought that Reverend Sharpton’s speech at Michael’s Memorial was wonderful. Very inspirational.


  4. marina ivanova says:

    what to say to me Michael is a good man. I hate the paparazzi.


  5. Susan MJ says:

    How can I join and contribute to the efforts to vindicate Michael Jackson’s name among the ignorant and to spread his message of hope, love and justice.

    I am dedicated to his cause and message. I live for MJ.


  6. Bev Nilson says:

    Michael Jackson is a spiritually superior person who offered so much growth to the world,in so many ways.He is a mentor,warrior and guide for goodness for millions of people.The world will lack his goodness now.I love him with all I have and will always do what I can to right wrong thoughts and words against him.MJ4EVER!!


  7. MB says:

    Hi, I just wanted to inform u of the fact that the YT channel account IMissYouAll2009 http://www.youtube.com/user/IMissYouAll2009 (plus other ”IMYA” YT channels http://www.youtube.com/user/ILoveYouAllMore,http://www.youtube.com/user/IMYA09,http://www.youtube.com/user/ILoveYouAllMore,http://www.youtube.com/user/TheJokerMJ,& FB https://www.facebook.com/7oveismymessage & Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/imissyouall09,http://www.zippcast.com/user/IMissYouAll09 is STILL posing as & claiming to be MJ Alive, many Fans believe in this Poser….! PEACE & LOVE, Thnx


  8. prov31wmn says:

    Thank you so much for this statement. In my own circle of family and friends, I get ridiculed, frowned upon and questioned about my admiration of all things Michael Jackson (I’m a new advocate since June 25, 2009).

    When I have the opportunity, I will forward this post to my detractors. It speaks volumes! Thank you!


  9. This blog is a total lifesaver when it comes to legal documents/Jackson lawsuits when you don’t know half of the legal world’s vocab. Thanks for much!

    P.S. Do you have an affiliates program? I’m featuring you on my website, MJJFN, and I was just curious. ^_^

    My website is http://www.mjjfn.wordpress.com


    • Thank you so much for adding us as an Affliate – We have added your MJJFN wordpress to our Blogroll which is similar in comcept. Much love to you.


      • Jude Ling says:

        Thank you for your continued work to present the truth about Michael Jackson. My heart is with you. That is why I started my blog MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES.COM. It is my effort to share the four years of research I have done to enlighten the world and Pay Michael Forward. I pray that all of us together will succeed. It’s all for LOVE.

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  10. do read “private conversations in neverland with michael jackson” , it is a touching and loving portrayal of two friends who shared a bond, friendship for five years…this book has been applauded by MJ fans around the world and is now being translated into Japanese


  11. V. LaVerne Charity says:

    I have been a fan of Michael Jackson for years. His untimely death cut deep. When he was going through the trials, I came to the conclusion that this isn’t about children being sexually abused by Michael Jackson it’s about money. Everyone wanted money. I was so sad for him and prayed it would be over and then he made another album that was awesome. As long as he makes money, they will never leave him alone. In death he’s still making money and people are still trying to damage his good name. Michael Jackson wasn’t strange, just a very talented man in pain. The media killed Michael and they should leave him alone. RIP Michael “King Of Pop” Jackson. We love you and miss you. Gone Too Soon.

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  12. Hello from Greece

    I just logged in my blog to post a new article and I saw that you followed me. Therefore I learnt about your interesting site (shame on me but I don’t know everything). I just want to say hello to the “family” because, having my own blog almost 5 years, I’m happy to see that fans all over the World are activists and make similar blogs with one purpose: to change people’s view of Michael, present his positive and hidden side. I write in Greek but I guess you can take any article you want from my blog and translate it in English. Anyway cheers and keep Michaeling! ♥

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    • Hello – We were just alerted to your blog yesterday and immediately followed -Michael DOES have many Advocates around the world in ALL languages and it is so thrilling to find another one. We will also add your url link to our blog roll on the front page of our WP for others to link to your site. Thank you so much for this loving message and of course it’s right in line with Michael’s principle and precepts of life. We WILL indeed translate your posts and reblog them and of course Cite you as the author- and you have MJJJP permission to do the same.

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  13. mari says:

    My blog is new and a work in progress, but I’d love to be part of this movement.

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  14. Brothawolf says:

    I haven’t published this, but I wrote this as a way of venting. Please read and share if possible. I apologize in advance for being so long.


    First off, I know of the repercussions that will likely come from this message. I am fully aware that we are in the midst of an era of change. Nevertheless, recent events have inspired me to open up. I won’t use any links to any articles or videos to illustrate my point. This is all coming from me and from what I observed.

    Please bare with me as this will be a long one, a very long one. I have a lot to get off of my chest. Consider this personal therapy.

    I’m sure that you have either heard of or watched a certain “documentary” about a certain music legend, or rather two adult men who have accused him of molesting them when they were boys. Of course, I’m referring to Leaving Neverland, directed by British filmmaker Dan Reed whose focus is on interviewing Wade Robson and James Safechuck who accused the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson of having sexual relationships with them when they were young and for several years. The film debuted at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and all reviews for the film would include two words, “devastating” and “horrific”. The film would be shown here in the United States on March 3 and 4 on HBO. Talk show icon Oprah Winfrey dedicated a one-hour program, After Neverland, to interview Robson, Safechuck and Reed on OWN. The film is now being shown in different venues all over the world at different times.

    I put the word “documentary” in quotes, because there has been a debate as to whether or not it should be considered as such.

    I never intended to watch the film, and I still refuse to. That is my right. I also refuse to “cancel” Michael Jackson”. That’s also my right. And I seriously have doubts about these two men, and not without reason. As someone invested in the truth, that’s my instinct, and I hoped to see that kind of instinct in “liberal” news media sources rarely seen in conservative media. I hoped to see some hint of journalistic curiosity into a film oddly focused on two white men, one of whom (Robson) has been known to change his stories under oath, who accused a beloved and deceased black superstar of what can legally be described as statutory rape with almost no evidence.

    Right off the bat, I am not a Michael Jackson fan, and I honestly believe that he wasn’t a bad human being. I just think he’s human like all of us. I will not assume that Robson and Safechuck are after his money. If they were indeed violated, I hope they’ll get help and wish them the best. I will also not assume that they or the director are racists attempting to destroy the legacy of a black luminary in the name of white supremacy. And I plea that those of you who argue against the integrity of the men do not assume that all victims of sex crimes are frauds or that all accused of those crimes are innocent. I will ask you to think with me as I grapple with what is a blazing media firestorm surrounding a pop legend.

    Again, I’m not a Michael Jackson fan. I did like his music and music videos. He could sing, dance and managed to give narratives to his music videos that made them more like movies. I admired his talent, creativity and work ethic. However, during my teenage years – I was around 14 when it started – I heard about his child molestation accusations in 1993. More accusations resurfaced years later in 2005 (I think). He has been declared not guilty in the trials he faced.

    Now, I’m highly aware that a “not guilty” verdict doesn’t mean he really is not guilty. I’m also aware of news of supposed pay offs to accusers. I recall all of that and a little bit more. Since then, the media turned his child molestation rumors into jokes. I admit that I thought they were funny at first, but this crime is no laughing matter regardless of who was accused.

    I remember my former college roommates debating on how huge it would be when Jackson passes on. One roommate argued that  the reaction wouldn’t be as big as when former Beatle and rock legend John Lennon died. The other roommate disagreed. This was somewhere between 2002 and 2003. We were totally unaware that his death would come sooner than we thought.

    I remember the documentary Living With Michael Jackson in 2003. I saw it with an open mind. I never thought much of it aside from that scene where he sat touchingly close to a little boy. I thought that was…odd. I heard about Jackson dangling a child out of a hotel window. I thought that was…crazy. I saw his 30 year tribute with co-stars Chris Tucker, Usher and his brothers in 2006 (I think). And I saw him slowly transforming his physical image. He looked less and less like the Michael Jackson that first came on the scene and looked somewhat inhuman due to plastic surgery. Overall, I still considered him to be immensely talented, but also – for lack of a better word – weird.

    There were no talks of “cancelling” him then that were loud enough for the mainstream media and society at large to follow suit. At least none that I recalled since this was before social media was as encompassing as it is today.

    And then in 2009, he died.

    I was shocked and saddened along with the entire world. I watched his televised funeral and started shedding a tear. Funny how his death suddenly made Jackson “great” and “legendary” after all the jokes at his expense. Even his child rape accusations were thrown out the window for a time.

    Now, it’s 2019, and the accusations have resurfaced in a film that was released during the Me Too era, a time where victims of sex crime speak out against those who harmed them. The movement has largely been against powerful men in entertainment, politics, business and even art and science and have brought down a consider number of famous and(or) powerful males such as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein (more on him later), Famed chef Mario Batali, movie director Bryan Singer and revered comedian Louis C.K, to name a few. Almost all of the accused have been white men with a small minority of black men including comedian and actor Bill Cosby, R & B singer R. Kelly, Actor Morgan Freeman and hip hop mogul Russell Simmons for examples.

    From the movement, it seems like the mainstream and liberal media has taken an inflexible stance to adopt the basic stance on Me Too, believe her or believe them, the accusers. At the same time, conservative media have largely been against the movement as they mostly believe that it’s anti-male. They conclude that since the movement is primarily feminist, then it’s out to ruin men based supposedly on misandry alone which they conclude is a bigger threat than misogyny. There’s basically no middle ground and apparently, no room for criticism without being chastised from either side. I leaned more towards the left, but now, I’m beginning to wonder if the left is as shallow as the right when it comes to certain reporting.

    I’m no reporter. I’m just an average guy concerned with the current state of the news, and I know that admission will automatically render this entire message insufficient to some people.

    When Leaving Neverland came into the scene, the mainstream media was all over it, and sided with Reed’s assertion that Jackson was a pedophile apparently from just from believing Robson and Safechuck’s accounts. Their testimonies have been described as “disturbing” and “heartbreaking”. Most critics largely agree that the detail of their accounts (alone) was convincing enough to be believable, as disgusting as they are, and have declared Michael Jackson was indeed a pedophile as well.

    Again, this is based on what I’ve observed, and as expected, members of the Jackson family came out in defense of their late family member and slamming the two-part movie.

    Along with the media’s verdict against Jackson, a massive online protest was born, particularly on Twitter. Individual twitter accounts began their campaign against Neverland, the accusers, the director, Oprah and the media as a whole. Some cited images of court documents, videos, old tweets, anything they could find to refute the claims and prove how untrustworthy the accusers are. While most were passionate yet peaceful, there’s a minority not so calm that went as far as sending death threats, contradicting their hero’s overall message of peace and love and probably and unwittingly giving Reed a stronger reason to maybe direct a sequel. Many of them believe that it was insidious to have the film released on the 10th anniversary of Jackson’s death. They know the star is no longer hear to defend himself, and thought it was callous for the media to jump to conclusions based on a film not just incredibly loathed by fans but is highly questionable and possibly problematic. But the media further fanned the flames by accusing the fans and supporters as being more like “stans”, those who will stick with their idols intensely, and have even likened them to conspiracy theorists without hearing what they’re saying. Instead, they rejected them as people too enamored by star power and not the “truth”. In other words, those who sided with the accusers scolded the fans while the fans argued against anyone associated with and supported Neverland. Although, the word “fan” may be a loaded term here as not all people who believe in Jackson’s innocence are fans.

    As a direct result of this film and the media’s reactions, several radio stations around the world have literally cancelled Michael Jackson from their playlists. Some statues of him are removed in a few locations across the globe. Live shows based on him are on the verge of cancellation. And recently, an episode of the long-running animated series The Simpsons where Jackson is the subject has been pulled. However, simultaneously, people everywhere have expressed their support for Jackson, believing his innocence and using the aforementioned documents and videos, among other things, to prove it. Millions of tweets have circulated social media with more still coming. Petitions to keep the shows running have sprung up. There are protests around the world with flyers, posters and even billboards showing support. Downloads for Jackson’s songs have exploded. And at least one radio station has filled the airwaves with nothing but Michael Jackson songs.

    Basically, it became a war for Michael Jackson’s legacy, and I have to say that I side with the fans. I cannot, in good conscious, side with the “liberal” media on this one and I definitely won’t go to the “conservative” media either.

    Given how this documentary is supposedly not about Michael Jackson as claimed by Reed (even though without the accusations against him there wouldn’t have been a need for such a film to begin with), released ten years after the singer’s death, after the fallout from another documentary against R. Kelly and in the middle of the controversy surround star Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime hoax, its seems the mainstream media overall seems to have a vested interest in vilifying black men while trying not to seem that way.

    The R.Kelly case, however, has been long overdue for a retribution as black women are never taken seriously when they’re victims of sexual and physical violence, and as numerous as the accusations have been for almost three decades, it was way past time that some form of punishment is delivered. The Lifetime special Surviving R. Kelly helped bring the case to the forefront and made the nation see how power can corrupt.

    But Neverland is a more suspicious matter.

    As mentioned before, it was released during the Sundance Film Festival. But there was another documentary that highlighted sexual crime accusations against Harvey Weinstein called Untouchable. Weinstein was a well respected figure in Hollywood. He was a movie producer behind many successful films. But in 2017, he was exposed as being a serial predator accused by dozens of women. The film is supposed to focus on Weinstein’s alleged sex crimes helping to give a voice to his victims. However, it got minimal promotion. The mainstream media said little about the film, other than that it existed as part of the festival. There was hardly any criticism of the film let alone how it coincides with Weinstein’s upcoming trial let alone the Me Too movement. It was eclipsed by the hype surrounding Neverland and no one in the left wing media and certainly not in the right wing media noticed.

    It is worth noting that it is said that the documentary about the late actor Paul Walker didn’t acknowledge news about his relationship with an underage teenage girl, if there were other underage teen girls or if any of that is true. It was released on the fifth anniversary of his death (2018). Neverland was released on the tenth anniversary of Jackson’s death and focused on the accusations of two men who knew him and claimed he had relationships with them when they were little. While Walker’s film was about remembering and praising his life and his work, Jackson’s film was about how a superstar used his power to pray on little boys. Both films were directed by two different men, but one cannot ignore the racial undertones given here.

    There is no condemnation against Weinstein, Walker or other white male luminaries accused of sexual assault or rape as loud as there have been for Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and recently Michael Jackson. Please keep in mind that I’m not saying black male celebrities shouldn’t be condemned for the same crimes if they are guilty without a shadow of a doubt. But I am saying that the media seems to suffer from selective outrage when they’re condemned harder than white men. Black male celebrities who are considered predators apparently have specials or films focusing on their alleged crimes while white male celebrities also accused of predatory behavior hardly get the same kind of treatment that scorns them as much as black men.

    The media seems to conclude that victims of sex crimes must be believed without question. They’ve almost unanimously judged Jackson based on the film alone and virtually nothing else. But as history shows, believing victims of black male rape often lead to murdering black men and communities as a whole whether they were true or not, and they were based on the simple cry from white women without a search for evidence. This was common back in the day that lead to the lynching of many black men to send a message to leave white women alone while white men, on the other hand, were free to rape black women or any woman for that matter.

    In Jackson’s case, he was accused of molesting little white boys, and white males are overly valued, revered and respected in this country no matter what they do. Mostly white liberal media commentators who watched Neverland instantly believed the testimonies of the two men with little to no suspicion or regard to the factor of race. There was no room for questions. Any kind of proof against them hasn’t been considered. They just went with it, and concluded that the King of Pop was also a smooth criminal who used his charm and influence to get what he wanted from vulnerable people, in this case white people. This according, mostly, to white people. So, it’s no surprise why rapper T. I. said what he said.

    I’m not saying the accusers are outright lying, but they could very well have lied, and race may have been an influence in their motive, the director’s decision to make the film against Jackson and the media’s quick agreement with them.

    Whether he was guilty or innocent, and a big part of me thinks he’s innocent, Michael Jackson’s legacy is dragged through the mud once again, and it’s reasonable to assume a racial angle in the selective outrage that’s enough to prompt others to freely destroy his legacy without a second thought or solid argument. The mostly left wing media disappointed me by knowingly avoiding the elephant in the room while lashing out at fans and supporters through reactionary politics. It also illustrated a main flaw in the Me Too movement, that all victims must be believed. The possibility that some victims could be liars and some who are accused may be innocent is avoided despite the reality that there have been innocent men (and women) sent to prison based on false accusations. Are some innocent people to be sacrificed for the greater good?

    It’s hard to tell how this saga will play out in the future. The so-called liberal media has shown that its much like the conservative media than it wants to believe in that it thinks in absolutes with little complexity. In an era of fake news, I expected more from progressive news outlets, but I was very wrong.

    Being black in America and familiar with the history of its treatment towards African Americans that continue to this very day, I can safely assume that none of this would be possible if Michael Jackson was a white man. Since he’s gone from the living, he will not worry about any kind of legal ramifications like the kind Cosby and Kelly are currently dealing with. And white society seems quite fine with that. Most white male figures ousted as sexual harassers and predators will likely not face a trial, and those who have died will not likely have their reputations questioned or polluted.

    It is recorded that blacks are given harsher sentences for the same crimes that whites are suspected or guilty of, and that there are blacks in prison innocent of any crimes but were railroaded into the system. I doubt we will see the same kind of fury against white men and I don’t think we’ll ever see a documentary on someone like rock and roll legend Elvis Presley and his rumored lust for teen girls.

    -James Wolf (not my real name)

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    • LaVerne Charity says:

      Good day, With reference to Leaving Neverland, I watched Part 1 and I’m giving you my opinion. If I had been molested the way these young men are saying, there is no way I could be cool and calm in telling my story. Also there is no way I could smile while telling world what happened. And if that really happened by tell it now. You had quite a few years to tell your story. In the 2005 molestation trial you said nothing happened and you were under oath. If Michael Jackson has touched my child or sexually assaulted him as the day, there’s no way in hell I would be sitting there smiling about the first time I met Michael Jackson nor would I be able to speak about what happened.

      I’m thinking these people want money from the estate to make it go away. With all the hundreds of thousands of kids that were around Michael why these two. There’s too much being said that doesn’t make sense. You were molested for seven years and you can talk about it without be traumatized or scared. There’s something really strange about this documentary. There’s no proof that it’s true and Michael’s not here to defend himself. He’s been gone 10 years and now you have a story. The maid prosecute her because if you saw a child being harmed why didn’t you come forward. These people want money and I hope the estate pays the no mind.

      That’s my take.

      Sent from my IPhone LaVerne Charity



      • Brothawolf says:

        I still don’t plan to watch it. A lot of people pointed out inconsistencies and falsehoods with their on-screen testimonies. But it baffles me how the media immediately believed them without question and slammed the people who criticized the film with important questions, points, and other important things that needed to be mentioned.

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  18. Hi, warm greatings from a group of Michael Jackson’s fans. Recently, we together want to recreate the scene of the Dangerous World Tour on its thirtieth anniversary in the Metaverse. Our slogan is “Heal the World, In the Name of Michael Jackson”.
    Philanthropy and anti-war are causes our idol has fought for throughout his life. However, the continuous coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war have shrouded the world in a haze. Thus, we plan to make efforts towards helping achieve our idol’s unfinished goals.
    We hope you can join us and help to circulate the idea in your community. We are looking forward to hearing back and discussing more details if possible. Thanks!


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