Why do we love Michael Jackson so much?

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Why do we love Michael Jackson so much? March 2011 written by MJacksonTruth Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MichaelJacksonTruth On  August 29, Michael Jackson would turn 57 years old. I was searching to translate something…

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It Really Was A Wonderful Life!


Without Michael Jackson many more people in Africa would have starved – Many children treated in hospital around the world with the equipment HE provided would have not had medical help.. etc.

Originally posted on Stop Global Airwave Abuse:

“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” – Clarence (It’s A Wonderful Life”)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.56.57 PMToday, on what would have been Michael Jackson’s 57th birthday, we would like to celebrate Michael’s life, his achievements, his philanthropic ways, and most of all his love. Michael’s Legacy will live long after all of us are gone and the impact he has left on the music industry and the hearts of so many is life-changing. Therefore let’s, just for a moment and for the purposes of this particular post, pretend that MJ was never born. Yes, a world without Michael Jackson. What a different world it would be.

There would be no baby born on this day in 1958 in Gary Indiana to Katherine and Joe Jackson, no child born with an innate talent/genius for singing and dancing, there would be no little boy…

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“By the Time the Sun Had Shrunk” A Poem for Michael Jackson, by Marian Haddad

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Posted with permission & courtesy of Poet, Marian Haddad, on the special occasion of Michael Jackson’s birthday.

By the Time the Sun Had Shrunk
for Michael Joseph Jackson 1958-2009

by Marian Haddad
From “The Haunted Palace”
In state his glory well befitting,
The ruler of the realm was seen.
A troop of Echoes whose sweet duty
Was but to sing,
In voices of surpassing beauty,
The wit and wisdom of their king.
But evil things, in robes of sorrow,
Assailed the monarch’s high estate;
And, round about his home, the glory
That blushed and bloomed
And travelers now within that valley,
Through the red-litten windows, see
Vast forms that move fantastically.”
Edgar A. Poe

Maybe, Michael, you are dancing your steps circle-wide—
the rhythm of your feet beating out the sound in your percussive
heart—you become rhythm and maybe,

you are circling in joyful footwork, hands raised up,
looking super-skyward, shouting in, around, and to
the universe—music is joy, you Roderick, you lover of visual art and

Tchaikovsky, you in that big house, full of the gilded and the gold
—but darkness inside, all the candelabras, once lit,
have gone out—hearkening to the death watches in the wall—

Michael, now, you—or Roderick—or both—or every character who
makes a life loving art, perhaps finds themselves dancing, finally, out
of these earthly bodies that grow tired as an open eye

that cannot shut, the blue film of exhaustion—now you
are timeless, back into—that perpetual youthful body, the one where
your broad-shoulders count the rhythms out, your wild fantasias,

the easily recognizable beauties, of music science
—the wild improvisations — an atmosphere of their own
and instead of holding vigils for the dead

we hear your high-pitched invitation into
your song, making your way, “mama se” . . . around Saturn
—around and between stars, all the ravens off your tired back,

that perpetual public eye making its way into
your house . . . what they mistake for madness, trying to break
you down—the hellish tattoo of the heart—dark as midnight

—the Universe of Stars . . . a spherical space, interspersed,
unequably—you received more than most—why
we loved you, you borrowed angel—coming down from some sky

to give us electric heart, to show us how music looks as it dances
—is played— in and out of a body, you playing your own body
like that, not an inactive limb stood inert as you counted the rhythms out,

you said you were only a vessel—I say, maybe
you were Mercury, itself . . . the planet nearest the Sun . . .
the wild audacity of your perfect triumph.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.35.29 AM
Recent Notes from Marian Haddad
Written August 25, 2009
10:39 p.m. CST
A juxtaposition between Michael Jackson and Roderick, EAP’s character
Appears in POEtry and PrOsE, a collection of pieces by various author and poets, edited by H. Palmer Hall, Pecan Grove Press, commemorating E.A. Poe’s 200th birthday.

I used these excerpts for a long epigraph to start a poem of mine, entitled AFTER THE SUN HAD SHRUNK, the title also taken from Poe via “Eureka”. H. Palmer Hall had asked me to write a piece to contribute to a short anthology he was editing at Pecan Grove Press, to honor Poe. I re-opened my favorites, The Tell-Tale Heart, Fall of the House of Usher, Eureka and others, and I highlighted an inordinate number of lines and jotted down others.

This was shortly after Michael Jackson had died and I was ensconced in research on the trajectory of his art and the essence of his person, juxtaposing the percussive in his work to Ludwig van Beethoven’s. In that confluence, my new and extensive research on Michael and my delving neck-deep again into Poe, the fruit that came—-was an extended metaphor on the ecstatic that Michael gave and the sacrifices he willingly or unwillingly made that ate up his life, the cost of that global and lifelong fame.

I saw Michael in Roderick Usher, who is, I always believed, Poe. Palmer had asked contributors to use or reference Poe imagery or Poe-like imagery. I culled from the three pieces I mentioned above, though I read many, many others and noted lines from them through the week. After having hundreds and hundreds of lines I loved, and not knowing where to begin, so many possibilities, I took all the notes and the fat book with highlighted lines and notes in the margins, and sat with much too much material for one piece, and what happened that night was a mysterious process.

It was late, it was quiet, it was dim-lit, and my deadline was noon the next day. It was rather miraculous what occurred. I felt it, the poem progressing, and it knew, it seemed, precisely where it wanted to go, and it went there, and I watched, though, of course, I was the one who stitched it together and asked which lines of Poe’s wanted to be engaged and what I might build around them. One of the most memorable and singular processes I have ever experienced in writing a poem. The process of art so often surprises.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.29.37 AM

Full biography at Marian Haddad 

Marian Haddad, M.F.A, is a poet, essayist, visiting writer, manuscript and publishing consultant, private writing mentor, creative writing workshop instructor, public speaker, and artistic-event coordinator.

Additional Infor:

Marian Haddad radio interview with KPVL89.1Radio and her in-depth discussion of Michael Jackson immense talent, genius and influence in the world.

Marian’s facebook Honoring the Music, Genius & Art Spirit  of MJ the Beethoven of Our Time

Wildflower. Stone. a poetry page of Marian Haddad

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Astrological Graph for Michael Jackson -Aug 29, 1958 -7:33pm


Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.35.04 PMMJJJP requested an astrolgical  chart using Michael Jackson’s birthdate and time of birth to see how accurate a reading would be given. The interpretation of the astrological chart is depicted on the chart wheel and the details below are quite astounding and many attributes seem right on point.  It represents a unique picture of the  his creative nature, shyness and desire to do everything as perfectly as possible.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 1.11.02 PM

Enjoy the read – Find you MJ Bliss.

Name: Michael Jackson

August 29 1958
7:33 PM Time Zone is CDT
Gary, IN

Rising Sign is in 10 Degrees Pisces
Very sensitive to your surroundings, other people’s feelings become your feelings. Try to avoid negative people because your tendency to empathize with them will make you negative also. An idealist, you must believe in something beyond your normal everyday existence. A dreamer, you like to escape to a world of your own creation. As such, you are known for the vividness of your imagination and should try to share your inner visions with others. Very self-sacrificial by nature, beware of others becoming overly dependent on you or vice versa. Allow yourself to live for yourself once in a while — you deserve it. Don’t be so envious of those who are more aggressive than you — your gentle charity and true humility are indeed wonderful gifts. on the tenth house cusp (MIDHEAVEN).

Sun is in 06 Degrees Virgo.
Extremely careful and cautious by nature, you value neatness and order above all else. You rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and you demand the same of everyone with whom you come into contact. At times, you are so supercritical that you are merely nit-picky. You are very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds. You are also greatly concerned with hygiene, cleanliness and personal health problems. Very likely your health is much better than you think it is — don’t worry so much! Extremely methodical and analytical, you are a perfectionist — this makes you the perfect person to carry out highly detailed, precise operations. But, at times, you pay so much attention to details that you lose sight of the larger issues.

Moon is in 14 Degrees Pisces.
You have strong feelings and are extremely sensitive. It would help if you had a thicker skin — you tend to react emotionally to every situation you come across. Kind, gentle and considerate of the feelings of others, you are good at taking care of the sick, wounded and helpless. But you tend to absorb the energy of others — so avoid those who are always negative. You have a rich, creative and lively imagination, but you should be careful not to spend all your time daydreaming. Very intuitive, you have good ESP and may be quite clairvoyant or psychic. Remember that you too have the right to get what you want from life. If you are always defensive and kowtowing to others, people will take advantage of you and exploit you.

Mercury is in 25 Degrees Leo.
You are usually quite convinced that your own ideas are correct and you enjoy persuading others that they are. At times, you are very stubborn and proud of your beliefs and principles, and you get very defensive when they are challenged. You appreciate truth and honesty — you practice it yourself and expect it in others. You have good talent for organizing, directing and planning. You delight in being asked for your advice and counsel.

Venus is in 17 Degrees Leo.
You have a striking, regal appearance and demeanor that attracts others to you. Your friendship is highly sought and you tend to take friendships quite seriously — you remain loyal and true to those to whom you are attached. For you, love is mixed with pride and respect. Relationships are over when you lose respect for your partner. Be careful of a tendency to relate only to those who make you look good — the powerful, important and influential. This can lead to arrogance and selfishness, and neither of these qualities becomes you.

Mars is in 22 Degrees Taurus.
Careful, slow and thorough about all that you do, at times you are also willful and stubborn when others try to alter your course. You are definitely not a quitter — you will work long and hard to get what you want. Your possessions are very important to you. One of your continuing problems is that you tend to regard the significant people in your life much the same way as you do your possessions — you become overly attached and much too jealous. You repress your anger when you get upset and that is not healthy. Try to learn to show your anger immediately in order to avoid painful explosions later.

Jupiter is in 28 Degrees Libra.
You are generally good at balancing opinions and judging issues, but you tend to be indecisive when it comes to making up your own mind. You are objective and quite concerned with fair play and justice. But, when it comes to yourself, you are so aware that whatever you do might upset the apple cart that you often choose to compromise rather than do anything that might make you lonely or vulnerable. Relationships are very important to you — you learn about yourself and grow through observing yourself interacting with others. Your aesthetic tastes are refined, but expansive and expensive.

Saturn is in 19 Degrees Sagittarius.
Basically quite conservative, you respect traditional authority figures and are very thankful and supportive of the laws and institutions which govern your life. You learn and accept new ideas only after having very thoroughly examined them. Ideals and abstract concepts are important to you only if they can be used in some practical fashion. You are so practical and so orderly that you have natural skills in planning, administrating and organizing.

Uranus is in 13 Degrees Leo.
You, and your peers as well, demand complete and total freedom of self- expression. You want to make your mark in the world according to your own lights and will brook no interference from traditional authority figures, especially if they attempt to mold or shape you in any way. You are honest and forthright, but a bit offbeat and eccentric. The lack of self-discipline may hinder you from reaching your goals as quickly as you would like.

Neptune is in 02 Degrees Scorpio.
You, and your entire generation, are extremely interested in anything deep and mysterious. You will explore and idealize the benefits that can accrue from the study of the occult, healing and psychology. You are willing to experiment with substances like drugs in order to push your understanding of your inner being to the extreme.

Pluto is in 02 Degrees Virgo.
For your entire generation, this will be a time when profound changes in society’s attitude toward work, duty and responsibility will be initiated. Radical changes in attitudes toward personal health and general nutrition will be promulgated and gain wide acceptance and practice.

N. Node is in 23 Degrees Libra.
You find it very difficult to be comfortable being alone — you would much prefer to be in an environment where many people are working together toward common goals. Your charming and sincere approach to others assures your popularity — you have the gift of being able to ease tensions just by your mere presence. You’re the perfect “team player” willing to sacrifice your own importance so that the group goal can be accomplished. Be careful, however, not to become overly dependent on your interactions with others — you have personal private needs that should not be neglected.

Note from the website Astrolabe that created the chart:

You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given. This is to be expected, because the personality of most people is extremely complex. For example, at times we are quite shy and at other times we are very aggressive, and so forth. You will also notice that, at certain points in the reading, certain patterns may be repeated over and over, especially in a longer more detailed report than this one. This is also to be expected. This simply means that the horoscope has an extremely strong focus on this particular pattern and that  extra close attention to what is said about it, should be noted.

Our Tribute to Our Beloved Michael – We loved him then, We love him still, We love him now, We Always Will

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Joe Vogel’s “‘I Ain’t Scared of No Sheets: Rescreening Black Masculinity in Michael Jackson’s Black Or White”


” It’s not about Michael at all. It’s about them and their rage against anyone who doesn’t agree with their POV. Michael wld be sickened by such hate speech/tactics” Corlista

Originally posted on MJ Truth Now:

In recent weeks, Joe Vogel, noted author on works about Michael Jackson, has been cyber stalked and bullied in a blatant effort to censor his work. Dr. Vogel is an Assistant Professor at Merrimack College whose Doctoral thesis was on the work of Michael Jackson. His works in include Man In the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson. Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus” and numerous articles on Michael Jackson and other popular music and literary figures. Dr. Vogel contributed an essay on “Thriller” for the the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress. “Thiller” is the only music short film to be added to the National Registry of the Library of Congress.

Dr. Voge’s essay for the  National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress on Michael Jackson’s Thriller can be found here:


An individual falsely accused Dr. Vogel of plagiarism for his article “‘I…

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Causing Grief in Human Relations


There’s a time when you’re right and you know you must fight” Thank you- Willa from Dancing with the Elephant

Originally posted on dancing with the elephant:

Willa:  In late 2011, the Michael Jackson Academia Project posted two videos to YouTube analyzing Black or White and They Don’t Care about Us. Joie and I both thought they were interesting and well constructed – in fact, we liked them so much we published a quick post promoting them, even though we were both on Christmas vacation at the time. These videos were followed in February 2012 by two videos on the HIStory album, and again Joie and I thought they were thought provoking and well produced, and we encouraged others to watch them.

We also added the Academia Project videos to our Reading Room, providing recommendations and links, and we have kept them there ever since, even after the videos themselves were removed from YouTube for copyright infringement (something I strongly disagree with, by the way – those videos were analyzing Michael Jackson’s work, not pirating it, so…

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“America’s Greatest TV Dad” vs The King of Pop


And there you have it .. …. beautiful analysis of why no one should lump Michael Jackson into “rape” “molestation” stories of other celebrities

Originally posted on It's In Our Nature:

BillRecently, I’ve seen people comparing the late Michael Jackson to the likes of Bill Cosby. You’re probably asking “what do these two have in common?” Well, they were both beloved by America until allegations of abuse surfaced. For Cosby, this has been going on for decades. For Michael Jackson, this happened 10 years ago, in which he was tried and exonerated of all 14 charges with a unanimous jury decision. Also, there are only 2 people who accused Michael Jackson of molesting them. What is confusing to me is, why people are comparing a case in which one man was exonerated and proven to be innocent of these charges (where each accuser was discovered to have created false allegations for money), and the other, a self admitted predator who has evaded the spotlight when it comes to the allegations of having drugged and raped at least 40 women. I went…

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