Michael Jackson “An Angel Among Us”- Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

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Written by Ms. Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

I wrote this book to show my love, honor, and respect for Michael. I believe we are all ethereal creatures in material bodies, biologically electrical in nature. Michael used the term “divine union” and I love it.


I use many sources such as: the Bible, Egyptian lore, Biblical and Traditional Numerology, Astrology, evolution of spirit in our society, writings on Archangel Michael, and Michael’s life, to outline and prove His true divine nature. Michael was open, unique, curious, fearless, and loving, as children are. He wore His heart on His sleeve, as children do. He was just as easily hurt and mistreated as children can be. He had the ancient soul of an angel with the heart of a child. In order to live a spiritually enlightened, fully enriched life, a person must find meaning, love, and peace. I have always had these in my life because I have always had Michael in my life. What I outline in this book are no coincidences. They all form a pattern; a beat; a rhythm. That rhythm is the music of the spheres, of Heaven, of the universe.

Michael knew this and He tried to bring everyone together to sway as one….. one family under love. With His songs and dances He captured the world’s attention. We let Him into our hearts where He planted the seeds of love. We watched Him channel the white, hot, energy of God’s love. This incredible energy is what we were all driven to love and admire.

Michael was God’s chosen messenger for our modern times and He wanted us to understand we were all sisters and brothers, all children of God. His strong, shining, spirit will live forever within the heart of each of us.

He said, “We were never separate, you and I.” If you read this book with an open heart and open mind, not presuming to know God’s will, I am sure you will feel immense love and brilliant surprise! It’s all for love……. L~O~V~E

Click Here To Purchase: http://www.amazon.com/An-Angel-Among-Us-spiritual/dp/1449996272/ref=sr_1_1/175-2844665-1313759?ie=UTF8&qid=1404861634&sr=8-1&keywords=an+angel+among+us+we+called+him+michael+jackson

Source: Ms. Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux / Mr. Henry Diltz (Photographer) /amazon / MJ-Upbeat.com

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10 Responses to Michael Jackson “An Angel Among Us”- Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

  1. Fardo says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    For my master thesis I will examine Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson pilgrims. I am mostly interested in what it entails to be an ardent MJ fan and what the personal experiences of visiting memorial sites (can) mean for a fan. I came up with the subject because I am a fan of Michael myself and I am fascinated in general by the uniting quality of music. I was wondering if you have ever made a Michael Pilgrimage and if so, what this experience meant for you.
    I am very interested in hearing about your experiences.

    Kind regards,


    • We will do our best to make sure Elizabeth gets this message… Wonderful idea for a master thesis – so proud of you to stand on your love of Michael !! – Buds


    • Greetings Fardo, 2-26-15
      WOW!!! I have thought for years that a professor somewhere should offer a course in MichaeL~O~V~E; His disciples and soldiers of love! How wonderful of you to do this!!! Your thesis will rock! YOU ROCK! Thank-you for doing this.

      This phenomenon is real. I personally have never made a pilgrimage to any sacred place…other than in my mind. 🙂 Please use any and all of my writings and thoughts on the subject of Sweet Michael. There are many people that have made these pilgrimages, so I’m sure you will have lots of information to use!

      Please feel free to check out http://www.michaeljacksonsoulwarrior.com. I have a lot of information there. My second book (“Michael in My Life”) is only in e-format, but it’s coupled with the first one (mentioned above) as a 2-in-one book. In this second book there are many testimonials from fellow disciples and soldiers of love. In this book I chronicle my life long spiritual connection to Him…since I was around 6 &1/2 years old…around 1969. Through my books, I’ve met so many others with spiritual connections to Him. I’d never known this before…I’d never had contact with others fans…I’d never joined a fan site anywhere.

      GREAT LUCK on your project!
      Please stay in touch with me. you can contact me directly through my website http://www.michaeljacksonsoulwarrior.com or http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michelle-billeaudeaux/17/a13/461/en or https://www.facebook.com/e.michellebilleaudeaux
      I am very interested in your project! Really! Stay in touch!
      peace, light & MichaeL~O~V~E, Michelle

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  2. karin Merx says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading that there are more people studying the art of Michael. Together with Elizabeth Amisu, I’m editor of the first Michael Jackson Academic Journal and we are currently looking for people who want to write for our journal, it’s non-profit and you can find us on http://www.michaeljacksonstudies.org

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    • Fardo says:

      Hi Karin, what a great initiative. I will definitely take a look at the website. Right now, I am still at the beginning of my research. So I am afraid that currently I do not have much to contribute. But I will keep your journal in mind for later. Is it possible to read articles from your journal online? Best, Fardo

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  3. How can I get in touch with Fardo???


  4. I will give you Fardo email privately – Buds


  5. Our hearts are elated at the academic pursuits abounding all around us regarding Michael … May God give you all direction, strength and perservance to research and promote the Michael Jackson reality that has been so sadly lacking the past 40 years – Much appreciation to you all.


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