The King of Music Poll: Sham/Scam/Flim Flam?

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Since June 2009, there have been many voting polls from various music websites trying to determine questions such as  NME’s “Who was best vocalist?” – or Billboard’s “Who had Best Superbowl Show?” etc…   and usually Michael Jackson fans rally to pull their icon to the top. Fact is, the MJGlobal family is the  LARGEST Social Network in the world, bar none.  When we are polarized we get it done- Except of course when polls are rigged –

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.09.11 AMAfter observing suspicious activities on voting site a group of Admins from various Michael Jackson support groups formed a task force to observe, analyze and determine if the site itself was legitimately seeking and tallying votes or a just a shill for some other enterprise.  Our findings are as follows:

Mid February 2015, a mysterious site appeard entitled The King of Music … only thing on it was a Poll … at bottom Nemesis Corporation was listed. The end date of the poll was first listed as March 5th 2015 and after a little investigation it was discovered that Elvis was released from Army on that date. Most of the voters considered this was their way of honoring Elvis on a very important day in his life.

The King of Music had no indentifiable owner – Red Flag Number One

Nemesis Corporation facebook account was contacted to ascertain when the poll may end and the following conversation ensued.

sadie convo with Nemeis

The contact at Nemesis claimed no affliation with The King of Music site and laughed it off as just a simple mistake – didn’t seem concerned that his corporation name was on some random music poll.. “kinda weird mixup. No biggie” But please notice in the conversation where they  state that they haven’t been able to “redirect feed” (last panel)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 11.52.57 AM

“Redirect feed” <– what does this mean exactly ? “The sponsors haven’t gotten back to me”  seems to suggest they have previous contacted the sponsors of the poll – “I don’t mind helping you out. You have been very understanding. When I do get lucky with the sponsors of that event. I will definitely let everybody know where the proper link is”

They said, “I don’t mind helping you out” – but not enough to give out the sponsors contact information.

hm hm

However, soon after that conversaton, the site dropped Nemesis Corp name off the bottom of the poll AND the voting end date changed rather quickly thereafter to January 2016….perhaps to coincide with Elvis Presley birthday?

A poll that goes on for almost a year ?  Red Flag Number TWO

We have nothing against Elvis Presley, he is after all King of Rock and has legions of fans who adore him and he has a long list of impressive stats to his honor during his 20 years performing.  However, Elvis fans have never been able to vote him to the top of any national or worldwide poll for the last 5 years after Michael Jackson’s death. Yet right out of the band box, he has sat in the number one spot and has never once dropped out of it.  Even after a rally by worldwide fans of Michael’s during the evening, by morning, the numbers would reflect only a small gain that would be once again widened as each day progressed. Currently, Elvis holds an almost 6000+ lead over Michael.

To any Michael Jackson fan this is fairly suspicious. Of course, when any commentor questioned the bias of the poll in the site’s comment section, they were told by other commentors that “Michael Jackson fans are sore losers.”  To be a Michael Jackson fan one must be made of strong stuff and losing a poll after all that we have endured alongside Michael during his life and afterward has prepared us for much grief. Losing a poll is hardly a heartbreaking moment but we do expect fairness when participating in anything that pits Michael against another singer. Upon further analysis, there can be no denying the poll is highly favorable to Elvis -and  that’s the questionable issue.

So, the poll is heavily in favor of Elvis – Red Flag Number THREE

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.09.00 AMFourth rather blatant and dubious fact that the poll is not legitmate, is that Freddie Mercury who will generally always be right up there with Michael Jackson at the top, has no foothold at all in this TheKingofMusic poll. This is alarming because Mercury’s fans are a lot like Michael’s ..they love to participate in voting for their icon.  Freddie’s fans and Michael’s fans are often in heated head to head battles for the top of any music poll.  The fact that the poll has Mercury so low in the ranking is another indicator that not all is kosher in the counting of votes department. Or is it that they are not participating because the writing is on the wall and they know it’s a foregone conclusion that Elvis is set to win? Perhaps.

Freddie Mercury not in the running- Red flag Number FOUR

Additionally, as days passed the site seemed to be expanding- A NEW tab for COMMENTS was added March 10th … and of course as soon as that occurred the site was immediately inundated with the usual immature, caustic MJtrolls.  The ones who constantly troll all Michael Jackson videos, articles etc they can spew their baseless venom.

We will not post their comments as most of you know how juvenile and vile they can be. It is to be noted that Elvis is not at all denigrated by Michael’s fans . . . it is not our habit to defame another artist, as Michael himself would only speak glowingly of other artist and was greatly hurt when Eminem displayed such disrespect towards him.

There are few true Elvis fans commenting- but when they do they speak sensibly and with respect – even chastising the MJtrolls for their defamation of Michael based on media lies.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.18.48 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.19.24 AM

These few but poignant comments by true Elvis fans demsonstrate clearly  that the majority of hate comments  are originating by the MJtroll in guise of an Elvis fan. In fact, Elvis fans know he deserves better than a rigged poll as his legend is not to be underestimated. His fans clearly adore him, revere and honor him and it is shown in yearly gatherings to celebrate him. 

High number of insulting mjtroll comments  – Red Flag Number FIVE

Who is the originator of the site then?  It would appear to be based in the UK as the date on comments have their standared  day/month/year format instead of the month/day /year format used in United States. And the time MJ fans in America are posting is not reflecting properly. Found this person on Elvis UK site promoting the link: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.30.49 PM

Why keep their identity secret if it’s all above board, honest and being conducted for the right reasons?

The proof as they say is in the pudding – Scrolling back through the comments-  Michael Jackson fans who are allowed to comment have many thumbup votes recorded … in fact in such a larger number than Elvis that one cannot help but see a great discrepancy between these two areas of the site. Screencap after screencap shows MJ fans dominating the comment secion and also with impressive thumb ups- 

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.57.23 AM

How can it be that the commentors are more in favor of Michael Jackson yet that NOT be reflected in the poll?  It defies logic that a person would comment but NOT vote: simply put -the numbers don’t add up.

It it makes no logical sense… ergo Again – we must summize that the poll is rigged for Elvis to win.

But the question then is why, or more importanly- WHO is behind the site?

Is it originated by Elvis fans? It’s doubtful- as demonstrated by the too few comments by real Elvis fans and the two very respectful comments by Elvis fans it would appear not.

Could it be just a way to get the two fan bases in a feudal war while getting a great number of hits for the site?  Again, we must emphasise that it is an unidentified site, unlike NME, Billboard, VHI, MTV or any other site that generally runs legitimate music polls.

Let’s examine the new menu tab added March 17th – entitled “The Kings”  for more analysis. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of order alphabetically or otherwise for the KINGS-  Pictured, are Elvis Presley, FreddieMercury,  Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson,  Jon Bon Jovi, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti and Bob Marley in that order – Each bio shorter than the one before and then five more biographies of other artists without pictures posted.

Let’s begin with Elvis bio since it’s the first

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.46.50 AM

QUOTE “Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8th, 1935 to Vernon and Gladys Presley. Presley was successfully in three popular music genres: country and western, rock ‘n’ roll, and rhythm and blues. Presley became the first-ever inductee into 3 music halls of fame when it was announced that he would be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame on November 27, 2001, in Nashville, Tennessee. He won 3 Grammys, also receiving the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36, and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fame. Forbes named Presley as the 2nd top earning dead celebrity with $55 million as of 2011. Several years of prescription drug abuse severely damaged his health, and he died in 1977 at the age of 42.”

The mention his accolades awards and induction into various Hall of Fames but No mention that Elvis died of an overdose. 

While mentioning Elvis is 2nd top earning dead celebrity in 2011 – they fail to mention it was Michael in 1st with 170Million. Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 9.24.17 AM

In fact, since 2010, Michael has remained 1st in this celebrity earning distinction category  except for one year. In 2012, his dearest friend Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away 2011, bounced him from the first position, but he regained 1st in  2013, 2014 and with great expectation we can assume 2015 will follow suit.

It is also important to note that while Elvis earnings is consistently $55Million every year -Michael’s has varied-2009 90Million,  2010 275Million, 2011 170Million, 2012 145Million, 2013 160Million, 2014-170Million.

Michael Jackson’s bio on “The Kings” menu tab.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.47.27 AM

QUOTE: “Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, to an African-American working-class family. Jackson’s 1982 album Thriller is the best-selling album of all time. Jackson became the first music artist in history to have a top 10 single in the Billboard Hot 100 in 5 different decades when “Love Never Felt So Good” reached number 9 on May 21, 2014. Jackson travelled the world attending events honouring his humanitarianism and in 2000, the Guinness World Records accepted him for supporting 39 charities, more than any other entertainer. “Scream” (the most expensive music video ever made, costing $7 million to produce) got Michael and Janet a Grammy Award for Best Music Video. Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest.”

Biased & insufficient biographies – Red Flag Number  SIX

No mention of his Jackson5 lead singer role, nor his numerous Hall of Fame inductions or solo awards- Nor his 13 solo Grammy’s, his cross genre musical accolades: Pop, Rock and Rhythm & Blues – and distinguised honor the Only singer to be inducted into Dance Hall of Fame – and the VMA Vanguard Award that was named Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Above and beyond his musical awards- Thriller has been designated and honored  in TWO Library of Congress categories- One for song and one for Thriller short film, National Recording Registry & National Film Registry respectively. It’s important to mention Thriller is the only entry in the National Film Registry that is a music video. 

Michael Jackson has been honored with  music awards and humanitarian award and eight Guinnes Book World records –  more than any other artist.

Again, we find the omission of Michael’s unique awards to be another indication that the site is biased. 

Also curiously absent is any mention that Michael was killed by Conrad Murray who was convicted of manslaughter and recieved a 4yr prison sentence that was later shortened to 2yr due to prison overcrowding.

The last sentence “Michael Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest” is highly misleading and insinuates he died by his own hand.

Again, this reeks of bias and an inability to present Michael Jackson as a man who not only deserves honor and respect for his solo accomplisments in music, dance, or short film and that he should be considered and deserves the desgination -the King of Music.

So we reiterate, is this about HITS? It is to be noted that any website which might later wish to produce income, has to prove it can draw “clicks” or “hits” before adverstisers will allow banners.  The advertising revenue on a website can bring in a pretty nice size chunk of change if enough advertisers commit.

While the site has no visible “counter” widget it can still have a statistics page keeping track of the IP numbers and number of visits to the site per day ..etc…

– Is that the goal of the site? Collectng IP numbers to what end?

Many Michael Jackson fans have already declined to participate in this poll due to its glaring inconsistencies and bias –  A notice was sent out warning that voting on the site might be bringing revenue into a MJhate site. Not only does the bias seem to exist in the poll itself but  the Admin or Webmaster of the site does not admonish those who make totally inaccurate and defaming comments about Michael Jackson who has been totally exonerated in a court of law – Again it is noted in comments.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.16.35 PM

Some have expressed their concern about the legitmacy of the poll and why baseless insults are allowed- Concerns written in English, French, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese indicate the true nature of Michael’s international appeal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.57.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.54.26 AM


There are a plethora of Michael Jackson fans all over the globe visiting this site and posting in their own language and many of them are noticing the trend and they cry “Fraud”.

Comments in support of Michael that are posting urls to site to prove his merit are being deleted- Over 1000 comments have already been removed – deleted comments

and some Michael Jackson fans are warned they will be banned completely – deleting comments

So -Comment section is biasly moderated  – Red Flag Number SEVEN

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.13.48 PM

In fact most of the MJtrolls comments on the polling site, have nothing at all to do with Michael’s music – Instead they speak of Wade Robson’s claims that have yet to be considered believable enough to go to trial.

Why do MJtrolls troll?  Here’s the crux of it in a comment by LoveUSev

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.59.25 AM

“The only black to which the whites have bowed.”

and in reply another commented –

“You have nailed it. This is why the MJtroll comes forward .. .. Michael said it himself.. as soon as multitudes of white women started screaming they wanted to sleep with him.. .. the media suddenly needed to present him as a pedophile… … … as it broke a precedent in white supremacist culture of United States ..

Also the fact that Michael Jackosn bought the “Beatle” Catalog … this also riled up racist sensibilities .. How dare a black man have the nerve to OWN the publishing rights to white rockers music when black artists have been legendarily deprived of their own royalties by Record Companies.. ..

This and his enormous world wide influence is why Michael has been targeted ..”

Michael Jackson said it himself in 2001 – he speaks of racism and media manipulation of facts –    Pls read the subtitles as the audio is a bit sketchy-

A beautiful site  LaCeingaSmiled  offers a whole range of people and their suppportive words to Michael and about Michael.  Some of them knew Michael sometimes for decades should be perused for real testimony of his nature and innocence.

For information regarding how baseless MJtrolls comments regarding Robson’s ridiculous claims can be refuted, please visit Vindicate MJ   -This extortion attempt is no different than the one executed by Evan Chandler in 1993 and similar ruse in 2003/2005 by the Arvizos.

Since the site admin is not moderating the trolls comment it would seem that they are providing and promoting  MJ Hate propaganda –  This is why a task force was organized to promote the vote, commenting so that proof could be gathered. If we are going to suggest Michael Jackson fans ignore this polls we have to show he reasons why and we think we have done so- 

Why is this happening?

Michael Jackson’s popularity has grown NOT diminished in his passing – Not only has the MJEstate been able to make unparalled income generating project for his heirs, they have increased his fanbase by re-igniting old fans and inspiring a whole new generation of Michael Jackson fan, and more are yet to be born.

His fanbase will continue to increase as ongoing academic study has been educating the masses and brilliant posts like “Moonwalk in Academia” which highlights how study of Michael has enlightened the world.

It would appear that PR battle the MJtrolls have waged since June 2009 has failed.  The media at large could not care less about Wade Robson laughable case – only a few tabloids have printed any updates and so far, his attorneys have been unable to prove to the presiding judge that the claim has any merit- Same goes for the pathetic Safechuck.

In the past these MJtrolls have been desperate to attach themselves to any site to spread their false information  and this is no exception.

They gloam onto this kind of site and spew against Micahel Jackson simply because the facts that completely exonerate Michael  are now readily avaiable.  Many sites are easily perused to educate the masses of people who were completely duped by the one sided mischaracterization of not only Michael but the biased trial reporting of the media.

We will be happy to add on any urls to other sites that any reader would like to add –please do so in the comment section.

Please visit sites that include FBI files, court testimony, court transcripts and other evidence that prove Micahel Jackson totally innocent –

All for Love Blog by Raven Woods

MJJR Wade Robson’s Ill Fated Directing Career and Allegations

Complete tagged Wade Robson category.- Vindicate MJ 

Tom Mesereau-..”I will defend Michael Jackson to my last breath. I know he was innocent, I know he was targeted because he was wealthy and famous and perceived as very vulnerable and that made him a target for all kinds of people.People who got anywhere near Michael Jackson thought they could profit in one way or another. People wanted MONEY from him from the earliest times. Even in his darkest hours, people were suing him, even in the most troubling time imaginable, people were after his MONEY. The pressure on this poor soul was just enormous. He was a brilliant genius and a kind, gentle soul who was  tortured, exploied, punished for things he hadn’t done. I will always feel honored  to have defended him” -Thomas Mesereau-

We, as members of Michael Jackson Global family with 100Million + members believe that this poll is not legitimate for all the reasons listed – Because we see that our votes are not being counted fairly. We witness the constant vile manner in which MJtrolls have been allowed to overrun the comment section.  The only thing we don’t know is who is behind it but it really doesn’t matter because we KNOW the facts speak the truth – and we don’t need to participate in polls that will never reflect a fair perspective. 

 Michael Jackson is the King of Music – 

Here are just a few reasons-

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.56.38 AMIt was Pepsi that revived their Marketing Campaign with Michael Jackson in 2012 –

Michael Jackson fans are pleased to note it is Michael ‘s songs that are being used at BlackLivesMatter rallies.. and rallies all across the world that speak of PEACE and healing across the Globe.

It is Michael’s song We Are the World sung for Pope Francis in Vatican City Celebrations of FAMILY by a CHILDREN’S choir.

It is Michael’s artwork displayed in Children’s Hosptial of Los Angeles presented by his children and Mayor of Los Angeles  ..

It is Michael’s TWO Circe du Soleil shows that have been listed as best selling shows-

It is Michael’s Xscape Album that is selling worldwide more than living artists-  According to Sony’s September 2014 YTD analysis Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE is biggest earner —

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.19.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.47.10 AM

Note: According to UkMix  Xscape – France also Platinum Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.47.15 AM

Michael Jackson name still SELLS —  his Brand is strong —Jeep’s endorsement deal with MJ Estate using “Love Never Felt So Good” as their 2014 Song of Summer Sales campaign-

“Mr. Francois said he pounced on the “huge opportunity” to link the Jeep brand to a “priceless” unreleased Jackson song.”

“Jeep is an American icon as much as Michael Jackson is an American icon,” said Mr. Francois, who also serves as head of the Fiat brand. “Jeep is timeless as much as Michael Jackson is timeless.”

Result? –>  “Jeep sold more than 1 million SUVs globally in 2014 for the first time in the brand’s history.”

Yes.. Michael Jackson is the King of Music as he is the MOST known human being on this planet after Jesus.    We may not agree with everything Mr. Comer says in this article but he makes some valid points of Michael’s enduring legacy in this world.

Indeed – Michael Jackson Is King of Music – love his fans Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 8.43.58 AM


Messenger King: Michael Jackson’s  and the Politics of Black Lives Matter

Here is a link that explains They Dont Really Care About Us -

Links for Listing of Top Earning Dead Celebrities 2009-2014

Xscape biggest earner via Sony 2014 YTD analysis

France Platinum –

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26 Responses to The King of Music Poll: Sham/Scam/Flim Flam?

  1. Megaechad MJ says:

    Great job Buds. I agree to withdraw from this worthless battle. Michael deserves. Congrats.

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  2. Gloria says:

    Thank you for bringing clarification to this situation. I was having trouble believing Elvis was that much ahead of Michael Jackson in this poll or even ahead of him at all.

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  3. Shae says:

    I have to be honest, I suspected this thing was rigged for awhile. Thanks for the heads up, have shared.

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  4. Irina Eropolova says:

    Thanks so much for that valuable invistigation. Public in general and especially MJ fans should learn to tell fake and unscrupulous polls. I personally also susspected that poll of something untrue when I saw that much difference between votes. MJ always stays a KING. No matter how hard some try to depict otherwise. with L.O.V.E.

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  5. Here in the US I have noticed an unmistakable increase in Michael mania in recent years from a Kia car commercial with a hamster wearing Michael’s most iconic red sequin jacket from the early 80’s, to the national chain store Party City using Thriller as their theme song for every commercial in the Halloween season for the past 4 years in a row. Jackson 5 music is also used a lot in tv commercials and as segway music on major network talk shows and the like. If you visit any random grocery store, department store or discount variety store on any given day that plays music overhead you’ll hear one of Michael’s songs and that to me is priceless tribute. When Michael’s music comes on I’ll watch shoppers around me and I notice how their demeanor changes and they tap their feet and sway to the tempo and some even sing along and dance with it and they don’t even realize it. Even better is when the most conservative looking people squeal “hee hee” and some will even try to Moonwalk without a care of scrutiny but the absolute best is when little kids become so excited they start imitating Michael in the most compulsive, completely honest way, and the truth is that I don’t ever witness them imitating Elvis. Children inherently know who Michael is and they are drawn to him like children were drawn to Jesus in the Bible and that is the part of Michael’s legacy that is his truth now and ever shall be.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Beautifully stated and so true. We’ve also witnessed the exact scenes that you’ve described over and over – The plethora of videos depicting young children of all nationalities micmicing Michael are numerous on Youtube – This is a prime example of proof that his music is being listened to in homes all across the world. His legacy is indeed etched into the fabric of our world and attached to it a great message of hope, love and compassion that he fashioned and attached to his lyrics, melody and movement. Thank you so much for your comment – Love and Light to you – Buds

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      • Raven says:

        That is interesting when you think about it. Do we ever see kids today imitating Elvis? No, we don’t. By the way, I much appreciate the pingback to my site but you may want to correct the name in the link. It is “Allforlove” not “All for the Love” (just so we don’t confuse anyone) but thanks for bringing this matter to attention.


      • Exactly .. I’ve never seen children immitating Elvis …but MANY do imitate Michael and will continue to do so .. I will Edit the post on Monday .. – thenk you for the heads up –


  6. I’m reminded of all the talk stemming from June of 2009 forward that urged Michael’s fans not to log onto tabloid sites because with every hit, the tabloid makes money. Michael himself begged his fans not to make the tabloids rich. I wonder if these voting sites are making money with every click that someone logs on to vote? It doesn’t seem logical that suddenly Elvis’s fan base starts spreading a silly voting link among themselves, and after all, so many of Elvis’ fans are in their 70’s now I doubt that many people would even care about a competition between Michael and Elvis even if it was real. Notice how the voting contests give one or two or three votes to some really obscure artists to make it look like others are actually being nominated and they choose contestants that would never ever be in competition with Michael and Elvis. That’s very transparent.

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    • YESS.. Transparent and great observation regarding the addition of artiists and minor amount of votes for them- They would indeed, never be considered in the same caliber as Michael and Elvis .. Also your point that Michael implored his fans NOT to read tabloids is very important in the scheme of things … that is why we questioned the Year Long Poll.. we feel it is to garner “hits” and “clicks” for a full year from ardent Michael Jackson fans so the site can be utilized for some other purpose.

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  7. ljmissmj says:

    My friend forwarded this link to me because for some reason I haven’t been receiving the with that sI am extremely thankful that she did. My goodness where do I begin, this is one of the most insightful, original, fact based pieces I have ever read. I’m like sitting on the edge of my seat reading this..Wow…Kuddo’s MJJJustice for a job extremely well done. I felt like I was reading a mystery novel resolved with an amazing finale. I have to say though, while I was reading, suddenly I began to cry! I will chalk that emotional outburst to the power of love and Michael’s magic and to his loving fans who keep his name in such a pure and positive light -Thank you #MJFAM Ugh, getting emotional again. I don’t understand why so many “goblins”, er I mean “Trolls” like wallowing in ignorant bliss. Some people need hate to exist and that is so very sad, when the power of love is so beautifu. As the saying goes “you don’t mess with Michael Jackson fans” …havent’ they got the memo yet.. We ARE soldiers! We battle with facts and truth just like Michael. ., It’s a shame that even in death horrible people want to make a profit off of Michael, they did it when he was alive as well. But he ain’t here to defend himself, but we are !!! Love him, and I simply love this piece…Anyway Blessings and I’m out….

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  8. 29mj says:

    Thousand ❤thanks! The vote fraud began yet when ♬❤♬MJ was leader of position with +1000 votes. And one day (it was Sunday 8th March 2015) within one hour EP had 2500 votes more, and I wondered why? At that moment I realized that something wasn’t right? Then I heard from other people that they voted more than once per day. I sent my messages to my friends on FB and I warned everyone to continue their work urging them to vote, do not stop to vote every day, even if EP has lead detached. Some of my close colleagues and friends have stopped from voting telling me that our votes do not help MJ (he passed on second place) because they do not know what actually happened?? and why it is suddenly so much difference – in that day was 4000 difference? I said them to continue to vote for MJ. Thanks for your real and very professional research for truth and justice! Always I have a sign and can feel some wrong things and have felt the same feelings and have put the same questions??? like yours about this poll from the beginning? For me it’s very clear as daylight that this poll is fraudulent, low-down. I’ll shared this truth over all to my friends on my social networks. God bless you all. It’s all for Love, truth, respect to all human beings in the worldwide! Be blessed all of you people of good faith in LOVE, faith, union, understanding! King of Music ♬❤♬Michael J Jackson I truly love, respect you with all my heart and from all my being always! I send my honest love you all ❤MJ’s global family!

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  9. Admin says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    So “The King of Music Poll” is a sham! We would have never guessed.


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  11. 29mj says:

    I don’t know why do it and where? Don’t know more about word ‘reblogged’ ? Can you explain me, please?! Thank you


  12. 29mj says:

    This is a new add to page thekingofmusic Poll- This was addition : ‘We want to state that this poll is absolutely independent and honest! Our goal is to find the KING fairly. Please ignore different rumors. All you have to do is to vote for your favorite singer. We guarantee that all your votes will be included.’ Until yesterday there was just that: You can vote every 24 hours.
    Don’t forget that they don’t has put all requirements and conditions necessary for such public postings from the beginning and have them added later day by day, so according as some clever people have discovered the illegality of this poll and called their that those legal conditions, policies to be displayed.
    Read the latest Remarks from page below:

    1. WHO is behind the site? Have you noticed these irregularities says: 22/03/2015 at 9:31 AM – 11:31 my time
    Dear folks, please don’t be fooled by some information that you read in Remarks. This site is not credible because there are some people who try to manipulate our own choice using inappropriate language and false informations. Important messages were deleted and they have left only those with a offensive vocabulary, inappropriate for a site that claims to be recognized as officially and legally. I am a man of good faith and with good intentions. Please, vote using your rational mind and not be fooled by the unofficial information posted by only few (3 or 4) people, ‘so called’ Elvis fans whose vocabulary leaves place of many question marks, legitimacy and accountability about their comments.
    1. rudy says: 22/03/2015 at 9:32 AM
    Strange ?
    or not ???
    (Edited by Admin.. We removed links to thekingofmusic poll AND the the tabloid Inquisitor article- Buds)

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  13. 29mj says:

    03/29/2015 Today I tried many times to post a message starting at 13: oo pm my country and my request was rejected . I received the following message ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email). I tried to log in with my email address of several times, but in vain. You can help me? Can you tell me whar can I do, please? I’m waiting for.. Thank you


    • What site are you trying to post a message?


      • 29mj says:

        on but after post my message hear, I have can my comment. Thank you.


      • I don’t agree.. Michael was ahead and on top during the beginning.. I remember that.. Plus they placed Michael Jackson at the top as peoples first choice… No doubt they would both always be at the top in terms of votes.. They are both the top icons in music history, and it is not likely that will ever be topped.. At least not in our lifetime… You have to also realize the head start Elvis had, and his fan base is organized has developed over many many years.. Elvis left us in 1977 giving him a 33 year head start over Michael, and anything on Elvis spreads globally at a rapid pace.. Whoever is responsible for this crazy poll is not an Elvis fan or a Michael fan… Peace!

        Liked by 1 person

  14. I don’t agree.. Michael was ahead and on top during the beginning.. I remember that.. Plus they placed Michael Jackson at the top as peoples first choice… No doubt they would both always be at the top in terms of votes.. They are both the top icons in music history, and it is not likely that will ever be topped.. At least not in our lifetime… You have to also realize the head start Elvis had, and his fan base is organized has developed over many many years.. Elvis left us in 1977 giving him a 33 year head start over Michael, and anything on Elvis spreads globally at a rapid pace.. Whoever is responsible for this crazy poll is not an Elvis fan or a Michael fan… Peace!


  15. john says:

    look at the end of he day they both were good at music who cares who is king everyone is the their own I don’t mined one or two of Mr Jacksons songs but I also love lots of Elvis songs and I also love lots of other singers as well please they are both legends enjoy them they gave so much to music.just like the beetles did.


  16. Bd70 says:

    The key phrase here in all this is “participate in voting for their icon.”
    Sorry to put a dampener on these kinds of polls, but they are largely meaningless because the vast majority of music fans do not vote. Furthermore, the fans of some of the greatest artists, such as Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, would avoid these kinds of dubious endeavours like the plague. And yet Dylan is rated at #2 behind The Beatles in a Rolling Stone poll (mainly by music critics & musicians) of the greatest artists of alltime.
    Do you see the point being made?
    Regardless, I would contend that the King of Music is none of the above, nor Michael or Elvis (who have musical and songwriting flaws). The real king, in my book, is actually Roy Orbison. He ticks all the boxes of what constitute a great artist. Great musician, and probably the best singer/songwriter/performer ever. He has millions of fans who think simikarly too, but, like I said earlier, they simply can’t be bothered with sites like this.


  17. Beryl Vassilieff says:

    I tried to vote on that poll today and all I get is disgusting porn. I ha e had it. There is decinitely something off on that site


  18. Beryl Vassilieff says:

    I meant to say there is definitely something off. The photos that pop up are disgusting! You are not able to vote! I think they’re worried because Michael leads in 3 categories: Band of Ages, Song of Ages and Album of Ages. He is only 3% down in King of Ages. This pol, supposedly ends 1st January 2017. So it is too close. But I won’t go back to see that filth apoear

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