What to do About the Documentary “Leaving Neverland”

Yesterday, January 9th, 2019 the MJGlobal fanbase were taken by surprise by an announcement tweet by Sundance Film Festival to include a last minute entry  called “Leaving Neverland” into their 2019 line up of films. -In it’s brief description it’s directed and produced by Dan Reed, regarding “two accusers” now in their thirties, who claim they along with their families, had long term relationships with Michael Jackson and they are alleging that he sexually abused them when their were minors.

The Tweet from Sundance was accompanied by a photo of Michael Jackson and a young boy, presumably Wade Robson when he first met Michael Jackson. screen shot 2019-01-10 at 10.24.03 am

This led many in the Michael Jackson community to conclude the “two accusers” were Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who both recently lost bids in court claiming sexual misconduct of Michael Jackson AND surprisingly included allegations that his employees and MJJProduction Co were facilitators of these lewd acts  and actual integral parts  of a “child sexual abuse operation” –  Jimmy Safechuck’s case petition was pretty much summarily tossed out of court early on but Wade Robson petition wasn’t denied for LACK of evidence, by the court until after almost a 4 years court process.

Michael Jackson’s fanbase is understandably enraged by this documentary that will allow  these “two accusers” full opportunity to disparage the deceased Michael Jackson without any opposing information that is readily available online. We are also appalled that the Sundance Film Festival and HBO would co-partner in airing such a morally reprehensible project.  This is a rinse and repeat of the sensational and salacious  accusations Robson made before he brought his lawsuit.  The View had an in-depth discussion regarding Wade Robson publicity tour in 2013 when he first brought these allegations.

In that clip of The View, Whoopie Goldberg says at the end  “I’m with the dead guy”

AND  so are We and millions of others all over the world, who are tired of having to repeatedly defend this innocent man for crimes he never committed.  We are weary of hearing them brought up every time an important anniversay of Michael’s life is upon us.  The 10th year commemmoration of Michael Jackson’s death is approaching this  June 25th 2019 and there will most assuredly be many accolades and tributes forthcoming.

The Estate issued the following statement to media reporting the story:

“This is yet another lurid production in an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson. Wade Robson and James Safechuck have both testified under oath that Michael never did anything inappropriate toward them. Safechuck and Robson, the latter a self-proclaimed ‘master of deception’, filed lawsuits against Michael’s Estate, asking for millions of dollars. Both lawsuits were dismissed. This so-called ‘documentary’ is just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations. It’s baffling why any credible filmmaker would involve himself with this project.”

Unfortunately, anyone can release a documentary and they do not have to secure permission to do so. The only time the Estate has any potential recourse is when a documentary or other film uses intellectual property such as music or video that is owned by the Estate and is not protected under “fair use” claims, which of course the Estate is monitoring. You may recall the Estate filed litigation against Disney earlier this year for violating its intellectual property rights.

As the Estate said, the individuals featured in this documentary have had their claims rejected in court.

Furthermore, Michael was declared innocent in the criminal case against him.  No documentary can change that.


MJ Online Team

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

The MJEstate has  NO  legal recourse to bring a lawsuit as there is no statute in the law that protects a deceased person from defamation, libel or slander.  The documentary was filmed in the UK where the deceased are also not protected from allegations such as these.

To the fan community:
First and foremost, Michael Jackson is our friend.   We each have a long history with Michael and are passionate about making sure that the world sees the compassionate, spiritual and extraordinarily talented man that we know.  It is our love for Michael that fuels our efforts to both entertain and educate the world about him as an artist and a human being.

It is also why we, as Michael’s friends and fans, are disgusted by the false accusations that continue to be repeated in an attempt to denigrate the reputation of our friend and to cash in on some small interaction with his life.

As we pointed out in our statement to the media last night and which has now been confirmed by others, this newest so-called ‘documentary’ features Wade Robson and James Safechuck –  two disgruntled individuals who are  admitted liars and who have testified under oath that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to them.   They are  participating in this project only after their veiled attempts to extort monies from the Estate failed and, thanks to the efforts of the Estate’s legal team,  their lawsuits against the Estate were dismissed.  This is one more opportunistic  attack on Michael’s vast legacy and stellar character by people looking to gain attention and benefit financially.  It is pathetic.

Just like you, we want to shut down every single offensive story, documentary, book,  and scurrilous  accusation.  However the Estate has to base its legal actions on what kind of claim it can make in a court of law.  The law offers certain protections for Michael’s right of publicity but unfortunately, those protections do not extend to documentaries or other films about him.  The Estate cannot sue for these libels and slanders of Michael because the law does not provide for civil lawsuits defaming a deceased person, no matter how malicious the lies about him are.

In most cases, we do have the ability to stop  the infringement of copyrights in the materials owned by the Estate .  If we find that is the case with this production,  then as we did with the program that recently aired on ABC-TV where we filed a suit against Disney, the Estate will pursue those claims.  If we file a lawsuit that is not  permitted by law and  thus we have no chance of winning, all we would be doing is giving these liars a public forum to repeat the  false claims that have already been dismissed in court.

We will continue to do everything in our power as executors of the Estate.  And fans should too.  Voice your outrage to the people that run the Sundance Film Festival, the director/producer, Dan Reed, and/or HBO and UK Channel 4 who helped create this exploitive film .  Share your thoughts and feelings.  It is a disgrace that they are giving a platform to these to perjurers in a production that calls itself a documentary.

For any fans looking to send emails as suggested by the Estate, here are email addresses for you:

Sundance – programming@sundance.org and Institute@sundance.org
HBO – general@hbo.com
UK Channel 4 – Tweet to director of programming Ian Katz @iankatz1000
Or contact team coordinator Ethel Mercedes: emercedes@channel4.co.uk
Dan Reed – jojo@amospictures.co.uk


The MJ Online Team

We contacted Tom Mesereau and he opined on false allegations thrown at  Michael Jackson thruough the years –

“Yes. These ridiculous claims were summarily rejected by various American courts of law. The allegations are completely false. A conservative, pro-law enforcement jury in Santa Barbara County, California, U.S.A. heard five months of testimony presented by very skilled, aggressive prosecutors. After eight days of deliberations, the jury pronounced Michael Jackson “Not Guilty” on all fourteen charges. Justice was done and these false allegations were completely rejected. Let Michael Jackson Rest In Peace.” –

in the past — Tom Mesereau also discussed how strong a defense witness Wade Robson was during Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial and how “mind-boggling” it is that Wade NOW makes these claims and summises it is all about “money” 

So what are we to do ?

GET ACTIVE and VOCAL  like in the old days

“Theres Nothing that can’t be done, if we raise our voice as one” .

Dan Reed

Email the Director at dan@amospictures.co.uk

Email Production company at  jojo@amospictures.co.uk


Use this contact information available at  Sundance.org

Email  institute@sundance.org


Tweet to them at @Sundancefest 

Please don’t get vulgar just Present FACTS and RECEIPTS —

Here’s information for you the read and share:

The Wade Robson Allegations 

Full thread with video receipts on Wade Robson’s continually changing his story 

If you extra ambitious you can Tweet to Sponsors of the Sundance Film Festival-

WE have hyperlinked some of the sponsors on this Twitlonger to make it easier for you to click and tweet.

Tweet them with your concerns regarding their sponsorship of Dan Reeds, tabloidesque entry “Leaving Neverland” – It allows two disgruntled men who lost their bid to extort money from the Micheal Jackson Estate in court, to spout off scurrilous claims with impunity without benefit of evidence/ or opposing views. This program is a disgrace as they are giving a platform to these two perjurers in a production that calls itself a documentary.


Email HBO – general@hbo.com

Call HBO and Cancel your HBO service – Tell them why –

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 1.46.53 pm

WE are SEEKING Contact information for :

Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller -BOTH EVP of Documentary  & Family Programming

will update


Tweet Channel 4 –  @C4Press 

These are associates that are involved in distribution at Channel 4 in the UK

– Tweet to director of programming Ian Katz @iankatz1000
Or contact team coordinator Ethel Mercedes: emercedes@channel4.co.uk


  • please note — WE will attempt to get some of these Sponsors hyperlinked for easier use as time permits

There is also a  Change petition  “End The Defamation of Michael Jackson” in circulation –  Please sign it and help give it some attention on all of your social media accounts.




WE appreciate any input, contact information or resources we have missed.. Just leave it in the comment box and we will add it in..

May God Bless the MJGlobal family for all your dedication to Michael ♥️



Other Sources:



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21 Responses to What to do About the Documentary “Leaving Neverland”

  1. allthingsmj says:

    Reblogged this on Michael Jackson – Fact or Fiction and commented:
    Wade Robson is at it again!!

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  2. Great work. Thanks for getting all the tools we can use together. As always, you are in the vanguard when it comes to defending Michael. It makes my heart ache that we are going through this yet again! Can’t imagine how his family feels.
    Just a minor editorial note: By ‘such a morally apprehensible project’ I think you mean ‘such a morally reprehensible project’.
    In SOLIDARITY we shall overcome!

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  3. mjmf says:

    Contact the Egyptian Theater in Salt Lake City which is showing the movie as a part of the festival, after only one month since Celebrating MJ New Years Tribute and ASK THEM TO BAN IT! Call:

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  4. Pingback: jackson.ch

  5. louissy says:

    I’m afraid that if they found new liars


    • We believe that Robson and Safechuck’s claims are baseless and were thrown out of court for a valid reason. Now they only had to convince some UK director and his production company to create this fanciful document that doesn’t seek an opposing veiwpoint and cand hardly be considreed “investigative” in any sense of the world. It seems that these two “accusers” have collaborated with the MJfacts troll site and are utilizing the information that site entails- which is mostly bogus – This type of salacious documentary is not a new thing .. in 2007 a flimmaker in the UK did about the same thing and while it was disturbing in content it made no dent in Michael’s popularity all over the world. This will dust up but again.. WE here at MJJJP do not believe it will have any long lasting affects on his legacy .. That DOES NOT mean we shouldnt push back.. We most certainly SHOULD .. with every fiber in our being .. and so should every other member of Michael Jackson’s World Wide community ..


      • Holslag says:

        I think it took little convincing. That is part of the issue. The director already made a documentary re. sexual abuse. In the interview after the showing he stated that he wasnt a fan of Michael. So you have bias on bias. (Without the financial motivation.) He probably believes he is doing the right thing. The whole set up of the documentary already took planning: the psychological councillors present during the break was a great marketing stunt. *Four hours* of filth will brainwash anyone. Its the abundance of nastiness that will cover the fact that there are no forensic facts or counter narratives. The director stated he interviewed the accussers seperatly. I believe that they have coleberated their stories. The old court documents will tell the truth.

        In social and literary science you have a method called “redactic”; you create a narrative not only in what you tell, but also what you leave out. The director has used this in abundonce (sp?). He emphasized the horror (called “thick frames” in social science) and left out other narratives. Your mind plays tricks on you: it will create its own construction/ narrative – which was propegated by the director to begin with. The subtle methods of manipulation however, will make it your “own”. (That is why many felt shell shocked.)

        Fans have to walk a thin line here: come across as counter narrators instead of hysterical fans who are blindsided. The image of the latter is already created by the director and the press after the first showing.

        How to counter this:
        1) do a thorough investigation of the director, his motives and more importantly his biases.

        2) follow the steps of the accussers and examine previous statements. They may not cash in of the documentary (which I do not believe), but they whill cash in indirectly by interviews, bookdeals, appearances etc. My reccomendation to the Estate is: higher two good private investigators and start digging. Come up with hard core facts that cannot be taken as defamation in the court of law.

        3) counter the narrative in the contrary way it is build up: investigate the emphasized drama the director used. Make a time-line and come with counter witnesses to undermine the dramatic narrative. Counter the redactic by filling the void with natratives from other people and facts.

        I can give more recommendations, but these will suffice. I am a social scientist, specialized in narrative-creation.

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  6. Kerry Ward says:

    I have already emailed all those mentioned here, including the corporate and media sponsors. I’ve also sent emails to members of the board of trustees at Sundance. In addition; I have personally reached out to Taj to offer global fan support.

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  7. UPDATE – url https://twitter.com/tajjackson3/status/1084961663378350080 — from Taj Jackson’s Twitter account – Jan 14th 2019
    “Update –
    The last couple of days I have been in contact with the Michael Jackson Estate and I’m working with them in dealing with issues related to the HBO documentary that is being screened at Sundance.”


  8. UPDATE: Taj Jackson has set up a Gofundme account link-> https://www.gofundme.com/untitled-michael-jackson-documentary-series for a Documentary Series on his uncle, Michael Jackson — “The time has come to tell the true side of his story. Join me on my journey to unmask the truth about Michael Jackson. Not the truth certain media is selling you, but the truth as it actually happened. ” Taj Jackson Twitter —


  9. SarahJ says:

    Great article. Thank you. Regarding HBO a recent article about their buy out by AT&T seems like the new bosses don’t feel HBO was pulling in enough revenue to support their ad revenue.
    “Stankey implied that HBO didn’t make a profit. Richard Plepler, who has run HBO since 2013, corrected him — to some applause from staff — according to the Times. Stankey then chimed back, “You do. Just not enough.”
    Might explain HBO’s jump onto the Robson/Safechuck bandwagon. Just a thought. Article link is below.

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    • Holslag says:

      Get them where the money is: hitting the sponsors. But in order to do that, you need to take control of the narrative again. Especially in this era of the me-too movement that is manipulated right now. The director was already hinting of a mute-michEeajacksson movement. (Remove him from Spotify etc. that has direct consequences to the finances of the Estate. That is why he was circumventive n his answer for I think there is some legality here.) What frghtened me was a) the set up of the screening. It was manipulated from a to z. The psychologist walking around iin thhe lobby etc., was a big publicity stunt. But also b) the way the narration was built is. Being bombarded with explicit sexual accounts – that go to the extreme, is another. I read every report from journalists since the screening: from NME to Rolling Stone Magazine. *Not* one was critical. Some already claimed Michael to be a pedeaphile. This is disturbing to me. When even non-tabloids do not use investigating journalists. And if this thing airs, with these opinions/ stories already circulating, expect a shit storm when it airs on TV. Even known celebrities will.dance the dance. That is why getting control of the (cultural) narrative again is so important. I think it is therefore important too not only undermine the accussers (which will be easy), but also attack the credibility of the director. His statenent / reaction yesterday to the Jackson family was interesting (paraphrasing): “They didnt critique anything factual within the documentary .I guess they didnt see it.” What is interesting about that statement is that he takes two narratives and represent them as facts. That is questionable. That is interesting. I am not sure about the legality. I know you cant defame a dead person, but what if this so called documentary can cause severe financial damage to the Estate. Its maybe unprecedented, but is there legality there? Narratives arent facts. He represents them as facts. Like stated before, dig in his past. There is a reason why he is so obsessed with pedaephilia. Cast doubt on his motives. Let expert explain how narrations work and which echniques he used during the documentary. (I mentioned a few in a former post: “thick framing” and “redactic”.) Let a psychologist explain the consequences of four hour of horrific exposure. It would make any objective individual subjective. (For it is no longer a narration on the screen. By applying these narrative techniques, it becomes the narration of the “self”, it feels persona; you sre manipulated without reaizing you are msnupulated- hence the lack of criticism.) Reach out to independent scholars, investigating journalists, communication scientists, specialists in pedeaphilia, comments of credible lawyers – find the discrepancies. The fact that the director already takes a public stand that these two narratives are truth, is frightening for he believes he has enough credibility to do so. Stating that it isnt so, is not enough. You need to come with a counter narrative backed by sppecialists. Attack his credibility. Show to the public how these manipulations work through and by specialists in the field. Counter his stance with facts. His greatest weakness is that he has no evidence, but that he believes he has..


  10. Holslag says:

    If no legal action can be taken this is an uphill battle; especially if you dont control the public narrative The director – known for his controversial documentaries – uses very specific methods. One, he is using (or misusing) the me-too movement. Even though this movement has merrits; it is misused here. One way to counter that is have contact with the movement and show the alternated facts, including the foundation one of the accusers made, but has a specific tax clause that does not monitor the money flow of the foundation. Also make clear that the accussers may not make money on the documentary, they will with interviews in TV programs, book deals etc. Approach the movement with FACTS. The other thing the director does is make use of psychological warfare. A *4 hour* documentary with horrendous stories, having councillors present – it would make any disbeliever shell shocked. I would say, fight fire with fire. Make a documentary, a professional one, that counters this one. Make a documentary about this documentary. Dissect it. There must be contradiction dates mentioned. Witnesses, or lack of, the supposed “wedding”. Show other witnesses. But in the end: take control of the narrative. If you dont, you will loose.

    With kind regards,
    A. Holslag

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  11. anyway we may communicate privately ?


  12. Dani Medina says:

    Im so moved with all the support for many people, we’re close to have enough signs in the petition I’m so glad and bless you for giving us this important help, we can win and defend Michael specially with the anniversary of his death, I pray for this all stop, it’s all about love


    • Shades says:

      I registered myself to the forum, but it still needs to be activated. It has been four days now.

      With kind regards, Richard

      Op ma 25 feb. 2019 14:49 schreef mjjjusticeproject :

      > Dani Medina commented: “Im so moved with all the support for many people, > we’re close to have enough signs in the petition I’m so glad and bless you > for giving us this important help, we can win and defend Michael specially > with the anniversary of his death, I pray for this all ” >


  13. Dee says:

    Thank you so much for you article and email addresses. I have not seen the film, but I can say without reservation if I get a chance to watch it I will NOT be swayed by these 2 losers. I too am so tired of poor MJ being ripped apart again and again.


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