Tabloid Shmuley

Q- Who is Shmuley Boteach?

A- A nobody with the penchant of hanging out with a well-known somebody to perpetuate and glorify himself in the media.

A quote of his from a 1996 London Independent interview. He said there is an 11th, unwritten Commandment: “Thou shalt do anything for publicity and recognition.”

The Jewish religion says one of a man’s most important possessions is his name. One has to wonder how deviant Shmuley must be to continue to besmirch the name of a man he claims to have been a friend. If this is how he treats friends it would be horrific to imagine what he might do to an enemy. Not only did he use Michael Jackson to pull himself up out of utter obscurity, he broke Judaic law by publishing a book without the consent of Michael Jackson. It’s is our fervent hope that a heavy Divine retribution will be handed out for this continuous abuse of Michael Jackson on this man who dares to call himself a Rabbi. Short of that, we hope the attorney’s of Michael Jackson’s Estate will be looking into this issue, post haste.

Recently, Rabbi Shmuley let loose with yet another article slandering Michael Jackson, the man he claims to have been a spiritual adviser, friend and mentor entitled the Tabloidizaton of Britian, The Jewish Journal, July 8, 2011.

It begins – “Ten years ago I tried to extract Michael Jackson from the hell of a tabloid life. Nothing hurt him more than being referred to as Wacko Jacko, something he always told me originated in the British tabloids. And it is worth mentioning, now that we have commemorated the second anniversary of his death, that the mountain of pills he regularly swallowed and which eventually killed him was an effort, more than anything else, to neuter the pain of being treated as a joke. Michael believed he had a serious message to share, that children were both special and innocent and the world had a responsibility to prioritize them and preserve their goodness.” 

Perhaps this ego driven, media whore wrapped up in Rabbinical clothing needs a refresher course in his Semitic teachings??

“Do not go as a tale-bearer among your people, do not stand idly by the blood of your neighbor…” (Leviticus 19:16) 


Judaic law, considers divulging information about another, particularly harmful or derogatory information, as a breach of Torah law.  This man calls himself a Rabbi, therefore, he should be bound by the Torah law, yet the warmth had not left the body of Michael Jackson, before he published their confidential and privately taped conversations, along with his biting critique and opinions of his flaws and foibles. Now, two full years later this so-called Rabbi is still pimping Michael Jackson’s name out.

The Torah strictly “limits disclosure of private information to a third party, even though the information is true and no malice is intended, regardless of how or where the information is obtained.”*

It is unconscionable for anyone to share private information but even more abhorrent when intimate thoughts and feelings are published when obtained under the guise of a formal counseling session. 

Let’s examined the meaning of Levitcus 19:16 – “First, the spreading of ‘tales’ about one’s acquaintances is equated with shedding their blood, since serious harm may arise from the disclosure of private information.” *

With his first book, Rabbi Shmuley, unnecessarily and maliciously shed Michael’s blood just as if he had taken a knife and gutted him, himself.

In Michael’s song,  Money, some of  the lyrics read :

You say you wouldn’t do it
For all the money in the world
I don’t think so
If you show me the man
Then I will sell him
If you ask me to lie
Then I will tell him
If you’re dealing with God
Then you will hell him
You’ll do anything for money
Anything for money

Michael sings “they do me for the money” ..yes! indeed- that’s it exactly ! Shmuley is screwing Michael over for the money.

It is hard to imagine who would trust this man enough to confide in him after he demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has no honor; as a man, or as a Rabbi.

The explanation of the verse continues –  

“Engagements may be broken, relationships shattered, and business partnerships dissolved, all because of gossip. This is the reason for the almost ABSOLUTE ban on rechilut (tale-bearing)”  And yet, the Rabbi has continued to stab at the corpse of Michael Jackson with his “Opinion:Will Anyone Pay For Michael Jackson’s Death” Huffington Post, Jan.7, 2011, where he basically blames Michael for his own death and with his current July article. In the, January article while he attempts to twist the dagger a little deeper into Michael, he actually slits his own throat – Quote: “The decision to dull deep emotional pain with destructive pills rather than addressing the root cause was Michael’s most tragic mistake.”  

This statement doesn’t reflect very highly on Shmuley’s professional guidance skills because delving into the root cause was exactly why Michael so foolishly confided in Shmuley in the first place. Perhaps one of Michael’s most tragic mistake was putting his trust in this so called man of God because it seems that the scratchy and muted recordings could have been done without his knowledge.

Obviously, the Rabbi was too busy dreaming about his future book sales, rather than addressing the root cause of Michael’s need for “destructive pills”.  At the end of the day, it is unclear if Murray will be made to accept blame for his death in a court of law. It IS clear, however, that Shmuley, has defied the very religious doctrine that he claims to be a adherent and teacher of and in essence sold his soul to the devil.

It is important to note that back in November 2003 this conversation took place: Do you think Michael is in control of his own life?
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach-
I can not tell because I have not spoken to Michael in 2 years.– How is your friendship with Michael nowadays?

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach- We have no real contact any longer. Nothing happened between us. Michael went back to the recording studio and I went back to my own work in teaching, writing, and broadcasting. We are not in a fight. Our interests went in separate directions.

“Our interests went in separate directions”  – eh? what’s that you say  hmmmm?  …  would that include the interest in Michael publishing a book with him???  And also observe – No mention of drugs?  no phrases like  “mountain of pills”, or “destructive pills”  ??!!  Why?

Because it’s not true. It wasn’t until after Michael died, that Shmuley started to sing this tune. Being so low to the ground, he jumped onto the tabloid bandwagon and it was easy for him to fabricate this reasoning into the interview process of his book tour, since it had become the media soup de jour.

Now in his own words- the Rabbi speaks-

– Part I  His interviews on Larry King – September 29, 2009

We ask you to listen to his ILLOGICAL logic in regards to the publication of his first book based on Michael’s tapes, the youtube video of the LKL interview is posted below.

At 2:30 Excerpt

LarryKing– When? When did he expect for you to make them public ?

Shmuley- ……We taped them over ten months . . . the plan was this book would be published 2003- 2004 … tragically in November 2003, Michael was arrested on allegations of child molestation and it made the publication of the book impossible..because the whole purpose of the book was to portray Michael sympathetically, while the public was NOT ready to hear anything sympathetic about Michael Jackson, and even though he was exonerated, thankfully in 2005, his reputation was tattered and there was just no real sympathy in the public to hear him in his own voice… what change of course, was when he passed away … and I think the public finally began to judge him more charitably… they finally began to understand that there was pain and suffering to this man’s life, that it had always been overlooked and that is why these conversations are so powerful because Michael is so searingly honest ..about his broken childhood, and he’s asking people to understand what he endured….

Let’s analyze briefly the illogical answer of this fast footed, slicked tongued devil in rabbi clothing.

First, a little more background on the oh, not so, squeaky clean Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. He and Michael parted ways in 2001, according to his own words in the interview with MJonline. Roger Friedman intimates in many articles, that the parting of the friendship happened when Michael got wind that something hinky was going on with the way Shmuley mishandled some monies he received from his previous L’Chaim charity dealings and for Heal the Kids. It was also reported that Shmuley was on Michael’s so-called hit list in 2002. If we are to believe, Roger, it would be a stretch to believe that Michael wanted Shmuley to publish those PRIVATE tapes, after they had fallen out and had not spoken since 2001.

Now to his taped Larry King answer- He says that the allegations and trial that ensued was not the RIGHT time to illicit sympathy for Michael thats why he didnt publish the book. Oh really? Wouldn’t that have been the OPPORTUNE time? If you had Michael’s permission – Michael needed the public to understand him better and trial time WOULD have been the most important time of his life that he needed it “charitable” thinking toward him … but okay.. Shmuley next point! After trial, even though he was exonerated his “reputation was tattered’ sooooo…. then THAT would be the time to publish the book, right Rabbi? No… erm? Michael was still alive (and if Shmuley had his permission) it could have thrown some light on his life and the incessant hounding of the media might have been abated if the book had been printed..but No… unh uh.. ….. Shmuley doesn’t publish this book until when? Michael dies….   ‘ah ha’ as Michael would say.

Michael Jackson filed  ‘cease and desist’ petition against Shmuley asking him to stop lying about him, so this alone is proof enough that  Michael did not allow Shmuley to write this book. It is our opinion that this shmuck never had permission to publish those tapes… and we would like some proof of it. Where is the agreement? Michael was an entertainer AND a businessman…he signed many a contract in his lifetime ….WHERE is the release for Shmuley to use those tapes?

ALSO- If it’s true that Michael wanted them published in a book form …and now they have been, only Shmuley is profiting from it? Why? This begs a question. Why aren’t half the profits from this book going to Michael’s Estate OR to a charity that Michael supported? Why?

MJJJusticeProject Inc – Focusing on one Michael Jackson abuser at a time.

MJGlobal family – You wanna boycott something? Boycott this unscrupulous, unethical, immoral and pitiful excuse of a man !

Go to and leave a comment –

If you’d like to see Tabloid Shmuley bobbing, weaving his way through his interview with Larry King.. watch his mannerisms and behavior they are quite telling.


please read this illuminating link –


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3 Responses to Tabloid Shmuley

  1. Suavecita says:

    Wow this is very interesting! Since Mike passing, there have been sum ppl with shady backgrounds that wasnt a “True” Friend of Mike. & now the darkness is coming 2 light! A “True” Friend would have gone through the wire 2 help! These Jackasses stood by & just watched & now want 2 say sumthing! Well 2 late 4 that! I will keep following of this. Thanx 4 the info #MJFAM. 🙂


  2. Chenel says:

    Everything you just said I was thinking. During the trials would have been an ideal time to release the tapes if he was a true friend, but WAIT: Shmuley thought since the public was so anti-Michael the book wouldn’t sell well! Just hopping on the moneytrain “Rabbi.” He probably also didn’t have permission from Michael to do this, that is why I will never buy that book or listen to his filthy lies. Exellent Article!!


  3. monica says:

    If Michael knew he was being taped would he have simply walked away from the “friendship” and just hoped Shumley wouldn’t profit from them at some point? No. I think this proves MJ had no idea he was being taped. What does that say about this “friendship” the rabbi claims? It appears to have been another false friendship all in the name of, “tape MJ and put it in the vault and see what happens later…”
    Another topic of interest regarding the rabbi is his tying Madonna into the tapes…talk about pulling something obscure out of your butt, Rabbi. It appeared Shumley had a desire to smear Madonna, possibly regarding Judaism vs. Kabbalah (?). Unfortunately, he chose Michael as his vehicle. Come on, what spiritual, loving man will use an innocent person to take someone else down? He did not need to include the Madonna portion in those tapes. That was all his own vendetta…Michael would have never said those things to intentionally hurt another artist. He had a well know respect in this regard, as he did in his other dealings with human beings…unlike the rabbi.
    Take a step back rabbi, you’re making yourself look like a real schmuck.


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