Regarding Rose Fine

While on the road as a young child, Michael Jackson and his brothers were tutored by a Jewish woman by the name of Rose Fine. He spoke very highly of Rose and we wanted to share his words.

Caring Michael: Miss Rose Fine who was Michael and his brothers tutor when they were young and on tour. Some of Michaels thoughts on Rose in 2002.
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Rose Fine, who was my beloved childhood tutor and who traveled with me and my brothers when we were all in the Jackson Five. MJ: After the show I would run into [Rose Fine’s] room. We’d read and have warm milk and I needed that so b…adly. She would always say to me, “The door’s open”, and she would leave her door open.

“It was Rose who instilled in me a love of books ,and literature that sustains me today. I read everything I could get my hands on. New cities meant new places to shop. We loved to shop, especially in bookstores and department stores,” “She [Miss Rose Fine] taught me the wonderful world of books and reading and I wouldn’t be the same person if it wasn’t for her.” ~

Q: Rose Fine, although she wasn’t your biological mother, was able to show you a lot of motherly affection?

MJ: And boy did I need it. I was never with my mother when I was little, very seldom, and I had a wonderful mother. I see her as an angel, and I was always gone, always on tour, doing back-to-back concerts, all over America, overseas, clubs, just always gone. [Rose Fine] was with us all the way from the very first professional tour of the Jackson 5 until I was eighteen.

MJ: Rose died this year, Janet and myself, we paid for her nurse and her hospital care, or if her television broke down or the electricity, or there was anything wrong with the house, we would cover the bills. Now her husband is sick, so I am taking care of him, and because we felt she is our mother and you take care of your mother… She was more than a tutor and I was so angry at myself that when she died I was far, far away. I couldn’t get there.

Michael also tells that when they were touring on the planes, the authorities would ask Rose who she was, as she was an older Jewish woman  traveling with them and Rose would always say she was ‘their mother’. — Michael said he “needed her”


Credit for the pictures  UkflovesMJ on Facebook & All Mike Everything

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8 Responses to Regarding Rose Fine

  1. Sharline arce says:

    How sweet this story is very touching michael and janet took care rose fine


  2. christina brooks says:

    Rose was truely a rose and a true angel indeed, she will be truely loved and missed just like all of our true angels from God…:D May God bless her heart and her soul always 😀

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  3. SGAA says:

    Beautiful story. I know Michael and the entire Jackson family had a deep affection for Rose. May her kind soul RIP.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peter Jason Fine jr. says:

    Rose Fine was my grandmother. She loved the whole family and particularly loved michael. This article would make her very happy. Thanks for the pictures too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so very welcome. We hold Rose Fine in the utmost respect and pray for her soul. Your grandmother’s gentle care, open heart and mind did so much and influenced Michael’s formulation of self. During an interview in 2003, he repeated the feeling of being safely put to bed with “warm milk” so it’s clear that her loving behavior towards him was never forgotten,


    • Byron Patterson says:

      Peter, I realize that I am seeing your comment years later, but I would love to be able to talk to you sometime. Your grandmother was a fantastic person and was incredibly kind to my family. My mother was a nurse and she met your grandmother when your father was in her care. Seeing your grandmother talked about so lovingly and seeing your name brings back so many memories of my childhood. I hope all is well with you.

      Byron Patterson

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      • Anežka P. says:

        I think Taj Jackson needs to reach out to Peter Fine to interview him for his documentary, Peter might have some sweet stories that his grandma told him. I would love to hear Rose herself talk about Michael and Jacksons but unfortunatelly that will never happen now. I will tell Taj about Peter.

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  5. Jerome Blue says:

    Rose Fine had earlier been the tutor of Annette Funicello.


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