5 Years Missing Michael Jackson- 2014 Ad in LA Daily News from MJGlobal family

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“5 years Missing Michael”   Is a group sending Michael Jackson roses to Holly Terrace on June 25th. Along with these roses to be delivered inside the Holly Terrace mausoleum, fans have the option to also contribute to a full-page tribute to him in the Los Angeles Daily News.  This is the fourth year that Jody La, the organizer,  has striven to create this full-page ad for Michael and we are fully behind the promotion of this most loving endeavor.

As in previous years, a Michael Jackson quote and message from his fans from all over the world adorn the ad. We feel this tribute is yet another display of the reknowned respect, love and dedication of Michael Jackson by his extended global family. What better way to demonstrate how profound the influence of this humble, generous and loving individual has been worldwide.

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Partial enlargement of previous year’s ad.

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Anyone wishing to participate in this year’s roses and the 2014 Ad in the Los Angeles Daily News paper- please do so by the Deadline: June 19, 2014.  Roses are $4.00 – Any extra amount will be put toward the Ad and is greatly appreciatated and at this time the shortfall is only $500 –

Paypal: missingMichael1000days@yahoo.com

Using PayPal is a simple, secure way to send funds –

Simply Sign-up for a paypal account on paypal. com. A credit card or bank account is required and an approval of the account will be sent via email.  After receiving approval, simply log in, click on Send Money and type  missingMichael1000days@yahoo.com in the email box, amount you wish to donate. and submit it. A confirmation from Paypal should be received after the submission/transaction is complete.

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Your love will be part of a beautiful display of roses as in previous years, going into Holly Terrace. Be sure to include any message of love, respect and admiration you wish.



This is a message from Jody La May 19th, 2014  Forever Loving & Missing Michael Jackson facebook page- Translation are available on this page as well.

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If you wish for a copy of the Ad to be sent to you there is an added mailing cost, please see Forever Loving & Missing Michael Jackson facebook link above for cost per country.

Shipping costs for ordering 1 full complete newspaper includes cost of the newspaper
Mexico – $11
Canada – $9
USA – $8
Europe – $12.00
Japan – $12.00
China – $12.00
Hong Kong – $12.00
Australia – $12.00

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7 Responses to 5 Years Missing Michael Jackson- 2014 Ad in LA Daily News from MJGlobal family

  1. TouchedByAnAngel says:

    I am pleased that this is being done in honor of Michael Jackson! I plan to donate to purchase a rose for him, a copy of the paper, and the rest of my donation will be to help towards paying for the ad in the newspaper. I guess I just put this info in when I send my PayPal donation?


    • Yes, along with your funds, please explain how many roses you are wishing to represent you, calculate the mailing amount for you to recieve the paper and then the balance will be applied to cost of ad . – If you still have concerns, prior to sending you may use the same email to contact Jody La to clarify any questions you have to complete the transaction. Love and light – Buds


  2. yes…dear Im a part of it…..since two years now…….Keep Michaeling! love for all time ♥♥♥


  3. mjrocksmyworld8291958 says:

    This is my second year taking part in this wonderful tribute to our angel and I will continue my support for this as long as I still can<3<3<3
    I love you my sweet angel face…for all time<3<3<3


  4. This is one of the finest examples to the world how much Michael is respected and loved all over the globe ….. we will also support it as long as Jody La maintains the campaign. ❤


  5. Elaine Drigo says:

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this beautiful tribute to MJ. A big thank you. We truly miss him every day.


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